Still Not Decided the Party Favours for Your One Year Old Kid's Birthday Party? Checkout the Best Party Favours for One Year Olds and Spread Happiness and Excitement All Around! (2020)

Still Not Decided the Party Favours for Your One Year Old Kid's Birthday Party? Checkout the Best Party Favours for One Year Olds and Spread Happiness and Excitement All Around! (2020)

Party favours are a way to extend the happiness and excitement of a party after it is long over. The smaller the age of the children in the party, the greater is the anticipation and excitement about the party favour. If you are looking for party favours for your kid's upcoming 1st birthday, you have come to the right place! We have curated the best party favours for one-year-old kids, just for you.

Looking for Party Favour Ideas for One Year Old's Birthday Party?

So, your little one is turning one? Congrats on that first! It does take a whole lot of effort in bringing up a little one, let alone planning an eventful birthday for them! Now getting to the crux of the matter, it is indeed hectic planning a party and getting things right from all perspectives. Nevertheless, here we give you some amazing tips and recommendations to get over the hurdle of at least one aspect - the party favours! If you are thinking of giving party favours to the invited little ones at the party, then there are certainly some things that you need to look into first.

Tips to Select Party Favours for One Year Old's Party

If it’s a mommy get-together that you are planning with the little toddlers, to add to the fun, then it’s important that you choose the right party favours for the one-year-olds. Though there may not be any complaints from the gift receivers themselves (of course, they are too young to complain!), it is, however, most crucial to get age-appropriate gifts for them. Here are the top tips that you need to consider before selecting 1-year old party favours:

  • Avoid Anything too Small (Choking Hazard!):
    Always, (always!) make sure to think twice about the size of any tangible item before giving it to a one-year old. This is a critical timeline in their age when they get the most curious and try to explore more. Almost anything at hand goes directly into the mouth of a one-year old, and hence, poses a choking hazard.

  • Nothing Overly Sweet:
    Today's parents are very apprehensive about the food that they give to young children. In fact, some parents refrain from even giving anything containing sugar to small toddlers of age one. So, if you are choosing an edible gift as one-year old party favours, then make sure to keep away from anything overly sweet like candies and sugary stuff.

  • Think Fun and Creative:
    A one-year old’s birthday party may not be the most fun and memorable event for grown-up guests. And of course, they cannot choose to leave their one-year olds by themselves at the party as well. So, try to make the party as much fun as possible. Also, think different and creative while selecting party favours, as this could also add up to the entertainment!

  • Ensure Quality of the Goodies:
    It goes without saying that all items chosen for the little ones must be utmost hygienic and of the best quality possible within your budget. On the contrary, you also don’t have to be too fidgety of finding something that is unduly expensive as well. The objective being - never compromise on the quality, whatever be the price!

Top 10 Ideas for One Year Old Party Favours

Having said that, we think it’s time that you get those thinking hats on and think of the best suitable party favours for one-year-olds. To help you with the task, we have listed out our top 10 one-year-old birthday party favour ideas. These should help you draw some inspiration for deciding on the best one-year-old birthday party favours.

Animal Crackers


One-year-olds are always delighted when they getting something to eat. So, why not include an edible gift as a party favour? That takes us back to the point where we have to ensure to not choose anything overly sweet or unhealthy!

These animal-shaped crackers from Stauffer’s, available on Amazon, are just right for one-year-olds as they are very low in sugar and contain no trans-fat. The crispy vanilla flavoured animal crackers are a true treat for the one-year-olds. Watch the little ones enjoy these yummy crackers while their parents give you a grateful gesture just because you chose to get something healthy! These imported crackers are of the best quality, and hence, may seem a bit over priced at ₹ 2,907.00 for a bear-shaped jug weighing 680 gm. However, you can get a jar and divide it into small batches to be gifted with other goodies as a party favour!

Spiral Rubber Ring Toy

As mentioned earlier, one-year-olds are most eager to explore at this age. Give them something interesting and different to play with and see them engrossed for a long time! This spiral rubber ring toy is one such thing that will definitely capture the attention of a one-year-old.

Since it is made from high-quality plastic, this toy is very durable and safe for use by younger children. The spiral rings and the smooth surfaces of the toy are sure to please the inquisitive instincts of a one-year-old. The attractive colours are yet another added advantage of the toy. Though its essential purpose is to be used as an outdoor play accessory, a quick glance at the toy will clearly say why it is chosen as a one-year-old party favour! The spiral toy comes in a pack of 12 (perfect as a party favour as well, isn’t it?). You can find this product on Flipkart for ₹ 1,299.00.

Sipper Cup

Here is a practical and useful gift as one-year old party favour, that the mommies are going to love! When it comes to hassle-free feeding and busy schedules, a sipper cup is the saviour! These cups are easy to handle and allow the child to develop independent drinking habits. Moreover, it makes switching from a feeding bottle, trouble-free and easy.

This cute sipper cup from Small Wonder adheres to the best international standards. Also, being made from the highest quality food-grade material that is also BPA free, it is completely safe to be used by one-year-olds. The sports style sipper favours larger feeds and longer intervals. The sipper comes in a very attractive blue colour (and also other beautiful colours). It is lightweight and has a twin handle for easy use. This sipper cup of 300 ml capacity from Small Wonder is available on First Cry for ₹ 106.32.

A Book for Babies

The toddler stage is the best time to inculcate good values and instil reading habits in a child. And, that is exactly why we think gifting a book as a one-year-old party favour is simply a great idea. Reading a good book to a little one is equivalent to investing in their bright future, even at this small age!

The My First Words Board Book published by Dorling Kindersley is great to introduce everyday words to a toddler. The book is packed with colourful images and clear word labels to encourage learning at an early stage itself. Little kids will find it fun to identify and recognize common words used in everyday life. This book is perfect as one-year-old party favours as it is a highly accepted gift by the parents. Besides, kids will find it interesting to turn the chunky pages of this tactile board book while the parents read it to them. Great bonding time for the parents too! Find this book on Sapna Online for ₹ 261.00.

Wooden Photo Frame

Thinking of a return gift that is simple and generic? Why not a photo frame then! These tabletop photo frames from Silly Me are perfect as party favours for one-year-olds. The colourful photo frames come in vibrant colours and animal designs. The frames are made of wood and hence, very durable and stand for a long time. This one-year-old party favour gift comes in a set of 5, and hence is extremely economical and a steal!

The frames are lightweight and easy to handle. They are of the perfect small size of 14 cm x 14 cm. The highlight of these wooden frames is that the finishing of the product looks just like its homemade! This simply adds charm to the lovely one-year old party favour! Available on Ideakart for ₹ 300.00 for a set of 5 pieces.

Cartoon Characters LED Light Bands


Want to grab a one-year old’s attention in seconds? Simple, give them something that shines or lights up! This cute LED light band is definitely going to do the trick. Moreover, the bands come in the shape of cartoon characters making it even more attractive.

The bands are made from high-quality rubber and hence are safe to be given to little toddlers. The band is easy to operate at the press of a button. The button is placed at the bottom of the band/bracelet. The speed of the light can also be adjusted using the button. The band is available in an assortment of colours and designs. Check out Paytm Mall to find a set of 2 bands for ₹ 149.00.

Funny Jump Toys


These funny jump elf toys are going to be one hit of a party favour gift! The jump toys are available in a set of 12 and come in vibrant colours. These toys are made of good quality plastic. When you apply force on top of the toy, it jumps forward upon release. Something that is going to amuse a one-year-old, isn’t it? These funny toys from Kids Fashion is one of the best options for toys for gifting purposes. Find this toy on Desert Cart for ₹ 979.00 for a pack of 12.

Foldable Sunglasses

Colourful sunglasses could be what you are searching for in one-year-old party favour! They are genuinely attractive and practically useful as well! A pack of 12 sunglasses comes in vibrant and random colours that are sure to grab a toddler’s attention.

These sunglasses are also foldable, and hence, easy to carry in mommy’s purse! The sunglasses come in mix designs that are suitable for both boys and girls. These colourful and foldable sunglasses are perfect as a return gift for a one-year old’s birthday party. Check out this product on Ideakart for ₹ 285.00 for a set of 12. Totally worth it!

Sponge Balls

These yellow sponge balls should keep toddlers engaged for a long time! To add to the attractiveness, the sponge balls have different emojis printed on each one of them. The balls bounce to a height of 1 meter and are great as play toys for small kids.

The balls are ideally used as stress balls by grown-ups and also, as decor pieces. However, in our opinion, these balls also find scope as one-year-old party favours too! Little ones will find it interesting to hold these soft spongy balls in their tiny hands and play with them. One word of caution though - the balls are made from foam, hence, it could be tempting for the little ones to bite into them! Find a set of 12 of these balls on Birthday Popper for ₹ 300.00.

Healthy Snacks


The last party favour on the list will take you back to the first point of an edible gift! If you are searching for something yummy, yet healthy for the little ones, then these snack-sized party packs could be the one you are looking for! Slurp Farm is a brand that specialises in making healthy snacks using organic and natural ingredients. These healthy anytime snacks contain no trans-fat or preservatives.

This food item claims to be honest and genuine since it is made by the combined efforts of two mothers. This gift pack is a specially curated box containing cookies, puffs and munch snacks, all made from nutritious ingredients like ragi, millets and herbs. These goodies are ideal for people of all age groups, include toddlers. Hence, one of our favourite one-year-old party favour gifts! The box even contains healthy dosa and pancake mixes. This pack of goodness is available on Amazon for ₹ 525.00.



Return gifts or party favours are best appreciated when given in attractive bags or pouches. Check out these cartoon animal pouches from GoAppuGo available on Amazon. These soft pouches come in a set of 12, and each set is priced at ₹ 1,690.00.

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Party Favours are an Important Part of Birthday Party Preparations

Planning for party favours is an integral part of birthday party preparations. They bring a lot of excitement and happiness for children, particularly when they are very small. If the party is intended for one-year old kids, you need to be extra careful about what you are proposing to give out as party favours so that they fulfil their intended purpose of bringing even more happiness to the children after the party is over. We hope this guide would have helped you in deciding which party favours you would be giving out on you kid's upcoming first birthday.