Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special this Friendship Day (2019) with These 10 Unique Gift Ideas!

Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special this Friendship Day (2019) with These 10 Unique Gift Ideas!

This article gives you 10 unique gift ideas that you can consider while looking for gifts for your boyfriend on the eve of Friendship Day. It also suggests you tips for giving him the perfect gift.

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How to Pick a Gift for Your Boyfriend?

Gifts are used to express your love and tell someone how special and important they are in your life. However, buying gifts for men is a difficult task because they are usually very reserved about their likes and dislikes. So it takes a great deal of consideration and careful choosing to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend.

Friendship Day is one of the most important days apart from other romantic dates when you can tell your boyfriend how much you value his presence in your life, and that he is your best friend first, and your boyfriend after that.

Tips to Remember While Selecting a Gift for Your Boyfriend

It is a daunting task to select gifts for men. Their options are limited and settling down with one perfect gift takes a lot of time. There is much bewilderment about what to settle down with. Hence, through this article we give you a list of factors which will be useful while selecting a gift for your boyfriend:

Buy Something That He Can Use

Try to track your boyfriend's day-to-day activity to understand what are the things he uses regularly. Many times, when you gift something, it is just kept in a corner and goes unnoticed. Therefore, there is no point of gifting something that cannot be used. Utility gifts such as wallets, books to read, organisers, and shaving kits are few common gift ideas. It is better to gift something which is useful than letting it collect dust in some corner.

Buy Something Which Is Based on His Interest

Since you have known your boyfriend for some time, you must be aware of his interest and hobbies and that will help you select a gift that will be useful and something that he always wanted. For instance, if he loves football, then you can shop for football-related accessories for him like a football kit or merchandise of his favourite football team. Even if he isn't interested in writing, and you gift him a diary with the cover page of his favourite football team, he might actually start writing. If you want to give him that kind of a nudge, this is one gift you must consider.

Gift Something Unpredictable

Always try to maintain some suspense about your gifts because the surprise element is one of the best things about gifting anyone. If your boyfriend can easily guess what you're about to give him, it kills the surprise element and makes it just another gift. You need to think something out of the box because unexpected gifts make one's day and add an instant smile on the receiver's face, making the day memorable. Gift him something that he has always wanted but hasn't yet thought of buying it. Take recommendations from his friends who are close to him. You can also throw a surprise experience for him.

Friendship Day Gifts for Boyfriends

You and your boyfriend have come a long way from being strangers to best friends and then finally a romantic relationship. No matter how your relationship status kept changing from friend to committed, you will always have a best friend in him whenever you need. Friendship Day is a time to tell your boyfriend what place he holds in your life. Here, we have listed some gifts that your boyfriend might love.

Armaf Tag Him Personalised Perfume


Every man has his own signature smell. For any fragrance to be a signature, it needs to be the best of all. You can gift your boyfriend a perfume and to make it unique, you can order a personalised perfume from The perfume is priced at Rs.1,410 and comes with three products - Tag Him Pour Homme Edition Perfume Bottle, Truffle Chocolates of 100 grams and a Black Goodie Bag.

Forest Essential Kit for Him


Like women's skin, men's skin also is sensitive and needs protection from the harmful effects of UV rays. Even they need a skin routine to keep their skin fresh and clear. You can gift your boyfriend a Forest Essential Kit that is curated for men's skin. The product is for Rs.1,450 and includes a Face Wash, an After Shave and a Facial Moisturizer. The Facewash in the kit is said to be a purest natural moisturizer as it is made from rich tender coconut. It keeps the face fresh and supplies essential mineral to repair your skin issues. This kit is available for purchase on Amazon.

Reversible Jacket


When it comes to Men's fashion most of them like shortcuts or like wearing the same shirts or jacket twice or thrice a week. You can gift them apparel, which will help them add a different style to their fashion. You can order a reversible jacket from Ajio for Rs.1,759. One side of the jacket is black while the other side is grey. You can also adjust the pockets of the jacket according to the colour that you plan to wear. It is a high neck jacket in a regular fit and not only adds style but also is a comfortable outfit.

Beardo - The Ultimate Beard Combo


If your boyfriend is fond of keeping a beard like most men, why not gift him a beard grooming set to maintain his beard and moustache? You can order Beardo - The Ultimate Beard Combo set from Beardo for Rs.999. The set contains a beard wash, beard oil, and beard-moustache wax. It cleanses excess dirt and grime. It softens the beard and keeps it strong. The kit can also be used to style different types of beard and moustache look.

Reflex 2.0 Smart Band

You can gift your boyfriend a fitness band if he is someone who is working towards adopting a healthy lifestyle or is already a fitness freak. You can gift him the Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Fitness Band that is priced at Rs.1,995. The band is perfect for tracking your health habits. It has features like steps, calorie, distance, sleep tracker along with SMS and Calls Alerts. The battery of the band works for up to 10 days. One can also add a security pin to the band to keep personal messages private. It is water resistant and can be synced with your smartphone (Android or iOS software) as well. You can adjust your phone camera as this smart band can also act as a remote to your phone’s camera.


If your boyfriend is a working professional and his workplace demands a formal dress code or business class formals then you can gift him an accessory that will give his dress code a classy look. The cufflink is a perfect accessory to gift your boyfriend. Though it a small accessory, it adds details to formal outfits. You can order an elegant cufflink pair from Elitify for Rs.1,352. The cufflink is in the shape of a ball and has a pearl, which enhances its beauty. A cufflink with a pearl will always suit a white shirt making it look classy and elegant. The material used to make this cufflink is metal. The best part is that you can even customise the cufflink.

Pencil Portrait

Art is always an amazing gift to fill any empty wall in your house. To make his day special, you can gift him a Pencil Portrait of your favourite picture from Oye Happy. The price of this pencil portrait is Rs.2,950. You can even select any of your pictures together, but be mindful that this will levy some additional charges. The portrait is done on a wooden plank of A4 size. Once you settle down with the picture, all you need to do is share your picture with them and wait until it is delivered at your doorstep.

Adidas Wallet

Wallets are always a safe choice to go for when in doubt as a wallet is a very useful object. Help your boyfriend keep his money and cards organised by gifting him a wallet from It is priced at Rs.479 and has three compartments to keep your money and has a Velcro Pocket to keep coins. The material is made up of recycled polyester. The wallet has an elastic closure so money spilling out will be a thing of the past.

Travel Wallet

Everyone loves to travel to take a break from their routine, but it always gets messy when it comes to packing because there are so many things to pack! The best thing to do is to keep all your things at one place rather than keeping your essentials in different places. The most important things on your checklist while travelling are passport, money, and tickets. A travel wallet is a resourceful gift for anyone who loves to travel. This organised wallet will help your boyfriend keep all his important travel essentials such as documents and money in one place. You can gift him a customised travel wallet from The Messy Corner for Rs.775. You can customise the wallet according to the charms that your boyfriend likes. The wallet includes pockets for passport, airlines tickets or boarding passes, card, cash, and coins. The dimension of the wallet is 8.3 inches x 4 inches. The maximum number of characters you can have printed on the wallet is 12.

Designer Men's Bracelet

Fashion accessories add a style statement to your personality. You can gift a bracelet to your boyfriend from Voylla for Rs.569. The bracelet is available in various sizes. It is perfect to wear in all occasion as it has excellent finishing and gorgeous silver plating. The weight of the bracelet is 28.66 grams. The bracelet is 7.6 mm thick, and the gold weight is 28.66 grams.

How to Make your Gift Special?

There are many other ways to make your gifts special. You need to just put in a bit of effort from your side to make the gift worthwhile. Read below to find out how you can do that.

Red Roses

Different colours of roses express different emotions. For a romantic partner, red roses are perfect as an add-on to your gift. They are symbolic of the purest form of love. The red colour of rose signifies a passionate relationship. If you choose to buy a bouquet of roses, remember to add a small note with it.

Letter Or Note

Letters or notes act as a romantic element in your gift. You can write a letter expressing the importance he holds in your life. You can write about your first date or about the best memory you had with him. There are so many things you can write in the letter because there are so many things that cannot be verbally said. But when written down, they seem like poignant tales.


Chocolates can be gifted on any occasion. You can get your chocolates customised as well from the shops. To make your gift even more special, you can prepare handmade chocolates if you're a good cook. No matter what the size or shape your chocolate turns out to be but trying to make chocolates for someone is always adorable.

Greeting Card

The type of greeting card you gift conveys most of your feelings. You will find many beautiful greeting cards in Archies and in several online stores. You can also try making your own greeting card just by using paper, crayons or pens and other stationery items. You can draw, doodle, scribble, or write in the greeting card, as you want. You can also explore some videos on YouTube and try making a card by yourself. Handmade stuff is always appreciated!


Do-It-Yourself gifts are always considered special because you put a lot of effort and spend a lot of time to make it, taking time out of your schedule. You can order DIY sets as well and create many kinds of things. You can make an explosion box or a photo collage poster. You can also make a memory journal by sticking all your best pictures on the scrapbook. You can do research and take guidelines from videos online. These are the things, which are totally unexpected and will make your boyfriend's day special.

Photos Collage

You can collect all the good pictures of your memorable moments and stick it on a chart paper or card stock paper. You can also use mount boards to stick pictures and draw or doodle some related things around it. You can also think of a photo explosion box. You can play around with pictures and the way you want to stick it. Roll the photo collage and tie it with a red ribbon to give at an attractive and appealing look to increase his curiosity.

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Boyfriend or Best Friend? It Is All The Same!

Make your boyfriend feel special on Friendship Day with a unique gift that tells him that you treasure him and think of him as your best friend and not just a romantic partner. Before gifting, make sure you are well aware of his likes and dislikes, otherwise, the gift may not serve the right purpose. Happy gifting!