Awesome Gift Ideas for Boyfriend on 1st Anniversary: The Perfect Gifts to Make the Occasion Memorable

Awesome Gift Ideas for Boyfriend on 1st Anniversary: The Perfect Gifts to Make the Occasion Memorable

Celebrate the completion of the first year of your relationship with the best gifts by browsing through our comprehensive gift guide. Our researchers have scouted markets to bring to you some of the newest and the best products available right now. So take a look!

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Importance of 1st Relationship Anniversary

Your 1st anniversary is a milestone in your relationship, therefore, you both need to honour and celebrate it. Celebrating your anniversary will only prove your commitment towards your partner and the relationship. Reminiscing and admiration for each other are some of the key factors in a happy relationship. Celebrating anniversaries also helps you create many more new memories to be cherished in future. You can start a yearly tradition by giving your guy gifts which symbolise your relationship on this day. You got a full day to express your gratification towards him and to show him that you put him as the first priority in your life. Don't underestimate the value of celebrating the 1st anniversary as it is important for the future of your relationship.

Tips for Buying Perfect Gift for Boyfriend on Anniversary

Something that Helps Recall a Shared Memory

Your anniversary is all about celebrating the journey of love with him till now. On this day, you recall all your past memories and things you have done together. You have lived some moments together which are unforgettable, and you always want to remember them as they are the most special memories of your life. On this day, you must present him something which is related to one of your favourites memories.

Such gifts will make your bond even stronger. You can make your gift based on the first date, birthday celebration, any trip together, or the day you first met. The gifts which have sentimental value are most appreciated by men on the occasion of the anniversary. Photo frame with memorable photographs, handmade photo memory collage, heart engraved keychain, couple bracelets are the good options to select from. Express your deeper emotions and thanks to him for being in your life with any of these gifts options.

Get Him Something According to His Interest

You have happily completed one year in your relationship and now you should do something to make this journey special and memorable.This is your first step towards a beautiful future with him where you have a chance to know and understand him better, and you never want to let this opportunity go out of your hand. Gifting is the basic rule to make any occasion special and memorable one.

While making a choice for a perfect gift, you must consider his interests and hobbies. Maybe he loves to listen to music, playing sports, or just obsessed with reading books. You have spent 1 year with him, and it's most likely you have deep knowledge about his hobbies and interests. Take the advantage of it, and it will guide you towards the appropriate gift for him. If he is inclined towards sports, then giving sports accessories is a perfect choice.

Consider the Importance of the Occasion

Before picking a gift for him, you must think about the occasion. Every occasion is different from each other and you must understand that you can't give same gift on every occasion. You must think about the importance of this celebrating anniversariy before selecting a gift so that you can come up with something special which is well-suited with this lovely occasion. You are celebrating your one-year milestone, therefore, select something which could boost the beauty of this occasion.

This anniversary is related to your personal life, and hence you must give him something which has sentimental values in them. Gifts like personalised wall clock, love book, love notes, handmade card, memory journal, or personalised bracelets well suits with this occasion. Your gifts must be able to impart a personal message to him. He will appreciate your efforts to make him feel special.

Unique Gift Ideas for Him on Your 1st Anniversary

Why I Love You Journal

On your first anniversary, get your lover something which can express your love, care, and affection for him. If you want to make him feel special and loved, then this journal is the best method to showcase what you think about him and the things you love the most in him. He will definitely love your efforts in getting something precious to make him happy.

This journal is presented in red and gold colour along with little embossed glossy hearts and gilded highlights. Archival ivory paper of this journal will keep your messages pristine for years. There are a total of 96 pages in this journal where you would get ample space for writing and pasting photographs. You will also get a Ribbon bookmark with an elastic band closure. A pocket is also given inside back cover in case you need to put a small love note for him. Gold ivory papers best matches with the Red cover of the journal. Details what things you love the most in him and outline them to make it look attractive and impressive. Gift him on a romantic date in the evening of your anniversary and provide him with a lot of reasons to smile. You can order this journal for Rs.728 on

Bathroom Luxury

Men are obsessed with their beard and moustache. A neat and clean beard in proper shape looks good and enhance the looks of an individual. Being a responsible girlfriend, you always want him to look smart, handsome, and confident all the time. To achieve this goal, you should give him this grooming kit to him on your 1st anniversary.

In this kit, you will get a weighty die-casts zinc with chrome finished handle, three blade cartridges fitted with hinge and a lubricating strip, and a shaving gel packed in a strong thick box. You can get this box personalised with his name or any message in case you want to make it look more personal. Gift him this kit for a close and comfortable shave like never before. You can order this for Rs.1,840 on

Personalised Magazine Cover


You both have completed one year in your relationship, and this is the time when you must celebrate this moment together to make this day worth remembering. As we know that you never want to miss any chance to make him feel special, therefore, we have brought something really special that you can give him on your 1st anniversary. Surprise him with this stylish personalised Magazine cover with his classy photograph. Just watch his smile while handling it to him. It will make this moment special and worth cherishing forever.

This magazine cover measures about 11.5 inches in breadth and 8 inches in length. If you are willing to get one for him, then visit and order it from there. You need to upload a photo that you want to appear on the cover page. You will also get an option to write a short message you want on the page. Upload each detail carefully and submit. This may be the best gift he can ever get in his life. Express your love and care to your boyfriend with this thrilling magazine cover. You can get it for Rs.349 on

Sound Wave Keychain

It's not always possible to be together all the time if you are in a relationship. There are certain times in a day when we badly miss our loved ones. If your boyfriend is a working professional, then he might miss you when he is at the office. Sometimes he might want to hear those 3 magical words in your voice. It's not possible to be with him all the time as you also have your life. If you want to eradicate such situations, then you can do it in a beautiful way with this sound wave keychain which can make him feel your voice in his ears.

This beautiful keychain is made of wood polished with ecologically clean oil. Your message has been engraved to one side of keychain and the transmission of these words to waves on another side. Whenever he wants to hear your voice, he can feel it with the help of this sound wave keychain. You can get this amazing gift for Rs.956 on

Wood Watch Tower Organiser

A working man is always in need of something which could help him to save his time and energy so that he can work efficiently. This docking station will be a perfect organiser for his belongings at the office. He can keep his mobile phone, wallet, wallet, keys, business cards, and many more at an exact place so that he can easily find anything when he needs it thus saves time and energy.

This wood watch tower organiser is made of rubberwood and measures 11.5 inches in length, 7 inches in width, and 4 inches in height. He will get a slot to keep his devices like mobile phones, tablets etc. You will get the opportunity to personalise it with a personal message up to 60 characters. It will cost you around Rs.3,678 on Make your first anniversary even greater with this super awesome gift.

Never Forget the Days Canvas

You have completed one year in your relationship, and the chances are that you both might have lived some unforgettable moments together. It may be your first date, first trip together, Christmas, or birthday celebration. Those moments with your lover are really special and gives you an immense happiness whenever you remember them.

On your 1st anniversary, let's remember those dates which are really special for both of you. You can make this happen by giving him this Never forget the days' Canvas which will have all the memorable dates printed of your relationship till now. He will definitely be impressed by this idea and feel proud to have you in his life. You can personalise it according to your desired dates. This canvas is attached to a wooden frame fixed with a sawtooth hanger so that he can easily hang it in his room's wall. You can get this deal for Rs.2,207 on

A Luxury Watch

Giving gifts on anniversaries is all about showing your love and care for your partner. It's not always necessary to give gifts which have emotional values in them you can also go for materialistic gifts which he can use on a daily basis. Wallets, watches, and neckties are some of the things which make appropriate gifts for a partner. A Watch may look like an unromantic gift, but the right one has the potential to be a treasured keepsake. It's also an elegant fashion accessory and a keepsake.

This watch is lightweight and comfortably rests on the wrist of a person. The thickness of this watch is comparatively low than other watches so it doesn't look heavy on the wrist of an individual. Simple display design with leather strap provides it with a royal look. The watch is made of alloy and is completely scratch-resistant which keeps it looking new for years. You can choose from 9 different variants. Get this exclusive watch only for Rs.3,246 on

Camera Drone

Finding a special gift for your boyfriend is always a bit of a challenge, but not to worry, we will help you make your anniversary memorable and special one. If you have noticed your boyfriend keeps interest in exploring new technology, and loves to store different tech devices at his home? Whether he is a tech lover or not, this camera drone will definitely make him a fan of technology. He can use it to capture different views of any scenic beauty. Aerial photography is the most mesmerizing feature of this drone, and he will love to explore new things with the help of this gadget.

This drone has foldable arms which makes it easy to carry anywhere he is travelling. Adopted with 2.4gHz technology, you will also get 6 axis gyro which provides stable and controlled flying. There are 4 channels in this drone to fly it in any direction you want. The fuselage of this gadget is completely made of high strength material so that you can use it in extreme conditions too. You will also get a camera attached to the base of the drone to capture the aerial view of the destination. It will cost you around Rs.7,889 on

Couple Pillowcases

On your first anniversary, why don't you indulge him in something which is non-perishable? There are some moments in a relationship where you both might miss each other badly, but don't worry we brought something special for both of you which could help you to feel like that you both are lying next to each other. This way he will be able to feel your love and affection towards him. We know that you are still not married, but these married couple pillowcases define your love correctly.

These Mr And Mrs Couple pillowcases are an ideal gift for your boyfriend. These cases are white in colour and measures 30 inches in length and 20 inches in width. He can use them with any standard and queen sized pillows. Pillowcases are prepared from cotton and polyester mix fabric. Red and black coloured engraving on white covers is extremely beautiful. You can gift him pillowcase engraved with Mr and keep the Mrs part with yourself. Such a sweet and cute gesture will be loved and appreciated. You can order these for Rs.2,209 on


One's personality looks incomplete without cologne. It is something which ignites the charm and looks of an individual. Colognes not only help to destroy the odour but also provides a cool and elegant smell to the body which attracts the attention of people. If you also want your boyfriend to smell best all day long, then this Calvin Klein colognes gift pack is the best for this occasion.

There are 2 bottles in the pack he can use in his daily lifestyle. One is big and holds about 100 ml of liquid spray, and another one which is small and holds about 20 ml of liquid cologne. He can take the small one with him in his travelling and can use the bigger one when he is at home. This cologne is prepared from the extracts of Pineapple, nutmeg, sandalwood mixed with amber, musk, green notes, musk, orris roots, orange, and violet. It will boost his confidence and make him look a complete man. Handover this small cute gift to him on the eve of your anniversary, it will make the moment romantic and memorable. You can purchase this combo for Rs.3,075 on

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Don't get too worried about the future

Just because you have spent a year together doesn't mean that you have to get married at once. Take it slow and steady; get to know each other a bit better, figure out your priorities and just be there for each other. Always remember, fights are a natural part of every relationship. Don't let one disagreement decide the fate of your relationship.