Celebrate Three Incredible Years Together with an Equally Remarkable 3 Year Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend

Celebrate Three Incredible Years Together with an Equally Remarkable 3 Year Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend

If you've made it three years with him, you probably know if he's the one and a third anniversary gift is a great way to show exactly how you feel about him. There aren't many surprises left but Best Present Guide will show you how to surprise him even after this much time together; we also have some fabulous anniversary gifts for him that you'll be dying to give. Read on for ideas on how to have a super 3 year dating anniversary.

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7 Creative and Unique Ways to Celebrate 3 Year Anniversary

Create a New Tradition

Anniversaries are not just celebrations but also a yearly milestone of the journey you started with your partner. After spending a couple of years with him, you might be looking for a unique 3 yr anniversary gift for boyfriend. Instead of going through the long head-hunting process of finding the right gift for him, why not create something on your own.

Here are a few ideas for you to create a new tradition of anniversary celebrations with him that you can follow every year, and inspire others to do the same.

  • Start writing a journal, wherein you can either add the journey of your year spent together or promises, expectations, or targets for the year to be spent together.
  • Recreate your marriage memories by spending the night of the anniversary at the wedding location, recreating the same meal, or anything else.
  • People generally go for pre-wedding and wedding shoots, but you can take the idea a step ahead by getting a photoshoot done every year.
  • While you both might have varied interests, there might be a few that you both think of the same way. You can choose the special day to pursue your common interest, one every year, and make the celebration special.

There are many more ideas that you can explore with a mutual discussion or by exploring the web world, and make the day special.

Choose Romance Over Fancy Gifts

The only thing worse than forgetting your anniversary is buying a gift that fails to impress your better half. Instead of going for any random present, you should opt a gift that puts in the spark of love on your 3 year dating anniversary. Getting him a romantic gift will help you decorate your love nest, and you can get a number of ideas for this online.

You can plan an exceptional date with him on your anniversary. Rather than going to a regular café for drinks or dinner, go to a spot that holds a special meaning for both of you, which could be your first date venue or any other place. Apart from this, you can pursue some activity that you love to do together. A mere look into each other’s interests and favourites will help you collect a number of ideas for a perfect, romantic dating anniversary.

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Anniversaries are meant to celebrate the time that a couple has spent together, and what could be better than going back to relive past memories. So, if you are planning something romantic for him on your 3rd anniversary, you can choose to relish the past phases of your life together. You can either choose to go through the recollection with him in private or choose to celebrate with friends or even with family.

If you are planning for an anniversary party, this could be one of the best anniversary gifts for him. Go for a themed event with a slideshow of your favourite images together with romantic music. Or you can take him by surprise by playing the slideshow at the moment he visits your place and then present him with a beautiful anniversary cake.

Make Something Together

Since you are about to complete another year of togetherness, you might be looking forward to a celebration that you two will remember for long. While a dinner date can be a wonderful idea, but only if you add some twist or special angle to it.

Through all these years you must have gone on several dinner dates, and there might be some make-at-home dinner dates also. But you can make this one special by preparing the dinner together, adding more fun, love, as well as intimacy to the experience. Start with some appetizers, then entrees, side dishes, and then some dessert. If you want to make it more special, you can spend the whole night together, making it one of the best anniversary gifts for him.

Plan a Surprise Trip

Anniversary is a perfect occasion for couples to celebrate the time they have spent together, the bond, and to get closer to each other. Being a special day, you must be looking for something unique to show him how much you love him. This year, take him away from your regular world and daily lifestyle to a place where you can spend quality time with him.

However, the important part of planning a trip is deciding the destination. Considering your specific interests, you can either go for a leisure trip, an adventure trip, or just to explore a new place. The most basic thing that you need to take care of is that the destination and the trip allows you to celebrate and make most of the time you are going to spend together.

Try Something Completely New

Anniversary time is not much different than the Valentine’s Day. While the latter allows you to celebrate your love on a date, the former is a day to recollect the memories of the time spent together and make vows for the future. Make this day special for your lovely partner by choosing an idea that isn’t lame and common, but a unique one that lets you explore a new experience, together.

Here are a few ideas that you can consider for a unique 3 year anniversary gift for boyfriend:

  • Since you have now spent 3 years together, there need to be a lot of ups & downs in your love story. Get together to frame your journey in the beauty of words and create a keepsake for life.

  • If you two love dancing but haven’t yet learned a few steps, get together for a dance session at home. Just log in to youtube, find a tutorial video, and start learning some steps.

  • Light up the evening with some delicious food and a champagne on a table with 2 chairs for both of you and some scented candles surrounding the area.

  • Escape from this world’s hustle and bustle into a romantic night-out. Go out on a bonfire camping with just you two under the twinkling stars.

Treat Yourselves!

Anniversaries are special days that mark year-on-year milestones of a relationship or bond shared by a couple. However, with time, couples start getting lesser time to spend with each other. Now, after 3 years of your relationship, if you too aren’t able to make much time for each other, you can give him your time as a gift on your 3 year dating anniversary.

Here are a few tips to spend quality time together:

  • Relive the moments when you started your relationship and recreate your first date on your 3rd anniversary.
  • Spend a tech-free evening with only you two enjoying a quality time together and reviving the sweet memories of your relationship.
  • Create a spa at home experience for each other. Go dim on lights and light on some romantic music, get your massage oils and pamper each other under a candle-light sensual spa.

There are many more ideas that you can use to treat yourself and the bond you share with him while the only goal is to stay together for the whole day and make it a memorable anniversary.

10 Perfect 3rd Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

Cheers to Us Shot Glass

Another year completed means another milestone that deserves a celebration. And, if you two are open to hard drinks, the celebration must contain your favourite brand of whiskey, scotch, or even shots. However, you can make this celebration memorable by gifting him a shot glass that he can keep, flaunt off in front of his friends or colleagues, or use it for all the happy moments with you.

Cheers to Us Shot Glass is a prefect option of anniversary gift for him as it serves both the purposes, celebrate with shots and deliver your message of happiness for the milestone achieved. You can get a set of 2 shot glasses of 2 x 2.5 inch each from Happily Unmarried for ₹350.

Cologne Spray

While the fragrance of your love has taken over any other in these 3 years of your relationship, give him something that will make him smell delicious to the outer world as well. Here’s a chance to show him that you not only care for him when he is with you but also when he’s away.

Cologne Spray – Base Camp is a nice way to make him deliver a good aroma in his surroundings, wherever he goes. Not only this, the fragrance of this 125 ml cologne spray from Ustra will also keep reminding him of you all the time. Get him this sweet anniversary gift from HappilyUnmarried for ₹499, and make him not only smell good but also feel good and act confident.

Legendary Jeeps of India Coasters

The raw power and strong road presence of a jeep is what appeals men the most. Anyone who loves jeep would love to have a collection of items related to the theme. If your boyfriend is also one of those jeep lovers and has got a set of his own collections, you can add more to it, or let him start collecting now.

Legendary Jeeps of India Coasters is a perfect 3 yr anniversary gift for boyfriend to let him relive the rich history of Indian jeeps. Made of PU material, a set of 4 3.5-inch coasters is available on happilyunmarried.com for ₹899. Get him one and show him that you care not only for him but for his desires as well.

Bhayankar Beer Mug

Source www.amazon.in

Remember all the good times, support, and love that you have got from your boyfriend in those 3 years. On this anniversary, you have an opportunity to reciprocate the love and affection by giving him a gift that adds to his enjoyment. Since men love to enjoy with drinks, a not-so-common beer mug can be your go-to choice this year.

Khakee Bhyankar Thandi Beer Theme Glass Beer Mug is something you must consider. Made of glass, this white coloured, 500 ml mug measures 13 cm x 7 cm x 10 cm. Get him this amazing mug from Amazon for ₹545 and let him share his good times with friends and chilled beer.

NSOP Ashtrays

Apart from drinks, smoking is another part of a man’s life that he does when in stress or enjoying with friends. If your boyfriend also smokes, there might be many things that you could be worried about, in addition to his health. The ash from cigarettes around the place or butts under the furniture are a few of them.

Help him keep his place clean from butts and ash lying here and there with a specifically designed ashtray. The barrel-shaped NSOP ashtray is a perfect choice for him as it holds the butts along with the ash, while preventing any of them from falling out even under a full-speed fan. Even if he doesn’t smoke, get him this piece as a decorative object that doubles as an ashtray for his smoking friends. It measures of 4.75 x 4.75 x 3.25 inch and the barrel is made of iron. Buy it for ₹399 from happilyunmarried.com.

Personalised Leather Keychain

Still looking for something that can be useful to him and also delivers a message about your emotions? How about a keychain with a love message from you? Gifting him something like this on your 3 year dating anniversary can help meet your purpose, reminding him of your love every time he takes the keychain out of his pocket.

Speak out your heart with the premium metallic Kara Black Leather Key Chain – Dawn that comes with a black leather strap. You can get a specific short message like ‘Love You 4 Ever’ laser engraved on the metallic part which measures 20 mm x 5 mm. The full keychain is 114 mm x 25 mm. Order a personalised symbol of your love for your boyfriend for ₹499 from Printvenue.

7 Promises

During marriage, couples make certain promises to each other before starting their new life together. Though you are not married yet, you might be looking forward to tying the knot together, sooner or later. However, you can still make him feel loved and valued by making some promises on your 3rd dating anniversary.

7 Promises is a unique option to present him as a gift this year, which comprises of 7 promises for couples contained in a 6.5 inch x 6.5 inch square wooden box. You can add a special message to be printed on the scroll, when you order the same from OyeHappy for ₹1,310.

Dice & Spice

Are you bored of gifting him materialistic things to him on every occasion, or are things in the bedroom not as exciting as before? This anniversary, get him something that you both can use, or you can use to spice up your relationship. Stay up all night, make love, and create a memorable night in a special, not-done-before way.

Dice & Spice is a kinky board game with 4 sets of cards with different instructions on each under categories, viz. redeemable coupons, 7-second challenges, truths, and dares. With 27 Truth cards, 25 Dare cards, and 10 each of 7-second challenge and redeemable coupons in a 12 inch x 10 inch box, the ultimate option to add more intimacy to your relationship is available for ₹1,990 from oyehappy.com.

All About You

After all those years together, there is likely to be no-one else that knows both of you better than each other. Haven’t thought of this before? He might also haven’t landed on such a thought before. Surprise him with something that talks about all things that you know about him and makes him feel special, and you can find many options of anniversary gifts for him online.

All About You is an A4-sized frame made of 1-inch glass-less wooden black frame. In the frame is a sheet that contains a set of questions that you can answer about him & get them framed before ordering. There are questions like his hobbies, nick name, birthplace, favourite food, the most used dialogue, and others. Get him this unique special gift from oyehappy.com for ₹1,390.

A Piece of the Moon

Still not excited with the gift options given above? Why not get an out of this world 3 yr anniversary gift for boyfriend. You might have said many times that you love him to the moon and back, and now you can book him a plot on the moon.

Land on the Moon is a wonderful choice to book a piece of land on the natural satellite for him. Available on oyehappy.com, you can get him a package including a personalized certificate containing his name along with an image of the piece of land with exact coordinates. The land is booked from the company Moon Dedications and you can add a personalized message to be written on the certificate when you order from Oye Happy for ₹2,240.

Use this Day to Plan for the Future

While romantic holidays and dinners are a common way of celebrating anniversaries for couples, you should add some special idea to make the day more special. Create an all-in-one traditional 3rd anniversary gift package with traditional items like a leather bag, wallet, a jacket, an accessory, or anything else alongside planning a special night-out, starting midnight when the anniversary just kicks in. Spending quality time together will allow you to create valuable memories, recall the time spent together, and plan for the future.

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