11 Cool Gift Ideas that are Just Right for a 7 Month Anniversary Gift for My Boyfriend + Why It's Fine to Celebrate a 7 Monthsary

11 Cool Gift Ideas that are Just Right for a 7 Month Anniversary Gift for My Boyfriend + Why It's Fine to Celebrate a 7 Monthsary

Looking for gift ideas to celebrate 7 month anniversary that won't be too much yet charm your boyfriend? You at the right place.Find sweet, quirky, romantic low key gifts to celebrate your togetherness. If you are wondering, do people even celebrate a seven month anniversary, and should you get your boyfriend a gift? Find here answers to all these questions along with some brilliant, un-cheesy and totally affordable 7 month anniversary gifts for your boyfriend.

Celebrating Seven Months of Joy

Anniversaries are a joyous occasion always because not only is it a sweet remembrance of all the time we have spent with someone we love but it also a promise of moving forward together to a beautiful forever. The occasion is also significant proof that the two of you have stuck together despite everything and anything; hence, why not celebrate this achievement?

Celebrating Monthsaries Is Not Silly

To some, a 7 month anniversary might seem a small thing and some might even laugh off the fact that someone would like to celebrate when its not even one year of togetherness!

However, the fact is that for the two people involved in the relationship, 7 months (or any number of days, for that matter) means a lot. And if you two are going rock solid post for a good 7 months then it also means that either consciously or subconsciously you two are surely thinking of a future together. You might have started making plans that almost always include the two of you; for the near term and far future too. All these milestones are significant and must be acknowledged! So don't worry about others and plan out your anniversary celebration.

It Marks the Journey So Far and the Future Ahead

Whether it is one month of dating or 5 years of wedding, anniversaries are a way of celebrating and commemorating your relationship. It is totally up to you and your beloved how and when you celebrate it. A romantic meal, a day trip or just a casual date to just spend time and get nostalgic about funny, romantic, and emotional moments experienced by both of you. You can also take the opportunity to talk about how you both feel about the relationship and what you think comes next. Whatever way you both wish to celebrate it, what matters is that the day is special and means a lot to the two of you.

Should I Get Him a Gift or Not?

One of the things that girls worry a lot about is whether they should get anniversary gifts for their boyfriend when it is for an unconventional occasion like a 7 month anniversary. You may worry about coming off as being too ‘into’ the relationship or you might not want to be seen as being too cheesy or clingy.

You may even wonder if a 7 month anniversary gift might put-off the boyfriend and make him withdraw, scared off by the over lovey-doveyness of it. The answer to this dilemma, fortunately or unfortunately, can only be determined by you alone.

If you feel that your boyfriend is comfortable with how the relationship is progressing, and you have talked things over and both agree that it's going somewhere then don’t hesitate in getting a good (and expensive) anniversary gift for boyfriend. But there is another aspect to consider - some guys hate the idea of over the top romantic gestures and celebrations. If your man's personality is similar, then tread carefully.

However, if you feel that there is still much ground to cover on how the relationship is going and commitments from either side then getting a small token gift might be a better idea.

10 Best Gift Ideas for 7 Month Anniversary for Your Boyfriend

We have compiled a list of some of the best gift ideas for a 7 month anniversary gift that your boyfriend would love. The gift ideas vary from being a small gesture of love to sometime more special and intimate. You would surely find something that would be apt to gift your boyfriend for your 7 month anniversary gift.

#1 Chocolate and Rose Bouquet

Source www.fnp.com

This is the quintessential gift that will surely strike the right chord with your boyfriend. Available on Ferns and Petals at a cost of Rs.499 only, this is a beautifully packed bouquet of 6 red roses and 6 Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates. The packing is done with bold red colour and has added seasonal leaves as well for decoration, the gift is sure to make your man smile and then who doesn’t like a few delicious chocolates to nibble on? This is also a romantic yet subtle gift that you could gift him if you don’t want to do anything grand. Order it here.

#2 Cool RayBan Wayfarer Sunglasses

This is something that you could your boyfriend if you don’t want to seem too cheesy but want to make a grand gesture. Available from Smart Buy Glasses, these original Ray-Ban RB4105 Wayfarer Folding 601S4K are probably the ting that most men dream of owning at some point of time. A stylish, bold black frame with grey crystal lens, this is a beautiful pair; however, it does come at a cost, considering it is an original RayBan. You will need to pay a whopping Rs.10,531, however, if you want to gift him something grand and something that he won’t forget anytime soon, then this is your best bet.

You can of course make it low key as well by getting him something more budget such as this Mirrored Wayfarer Sunglasses from UCB on myntra.com for Rs. 1,880.

#3 Insulated Suction Coffee Mug

Source www.amazon.in

If your boyfriend is a regular tea or coffee drinker, then this insulated suction mug from Amazon India would be one of the most ideal gifts ever. Made of superior grade stainless steel on the inside and superior grade plastic ABS and PP on the outside, the mug reduces spillage occurrences and keeps content hot for a long time. It can easily be used to drink coffee or tea while at work, home or even while travelling. It also comes with a silicone seal lid so that you can save your mug contents from dust and all. With 470 ml capacity, the mug comes at a reasonable cost of Rs.799 only. Buy the Primeway Insulated Suction 470 ml Coffee Mug (White) here.

#4 Astronaut Mobile Stand

If your man appreciates quirky things with a sprinkled of humour, then this astronaut mobile stand, available on Big Small, is just the thing he would love. Made of poly resin, the mobile stand is creatively designed in the shape of an astronaut who is communicating with someone (probably with aliens on the other planets, or something). Even when the phone is placed on the stand, on the back of the figure, it creatively looks as if the phone is the oxygen cylinder for the astronaut. With shock-resistance and non-slip base, this mobile stand is available at a reasonable price of Rs.1,099 only.

#5 Quirky Mobile Cover

For the phone mad boyfriend, what could be a better gift than a phone cover with a cool message? This black mobile cover with the message ' How's the Josh' is sure to be a hit with your boyfriend. If this is not your boyfriend's style, then worry not! By now you know your boyfriend's style and sense of humour. You can pick from a whole range of themes - whether you are looking for super hero characters, or motivational message or quirky one- liners, you will find in one of the online sites.

This particular cover is made of high quality PU material, and design for perfect fit and full protection and has precise cuts for speakers, ports and buttons. You can buy this at a price of Rs.299 only on bewakoof.com.

#6 Superhero Apron

For the men who like to spend time in the kitchen, experiment with new dishes and their love for cooking can only be matched by their love for superhero characters, you should definitely consider gifting a superhero apron, like, this one from Big Small (priced at Rs.599 only). With a batman themed design and in a bold black base colour, this one is made of high quality cotton material and is a really good bargain considering the price at which it is available. If not superhero characters, then you can also find some other character and themed inspired aprons that could make the ideal gift for the occasion.

#7 Decision Maker Paper Weight

Available on Big Small for Rs.899 only, this decision maker paper weight is one of the quirkiest things on the block currently. It is like a solid iron paper weight and roulette rolled into one beautiful piece. Choices, such as yes, no, no chance and others are listed on the base and when you spin it, a red ball decides your fate. It is a fun thing and also a nice desk-top which your man can keep on his work table or anywhere at home also. Made of high quality, strong material it will last for ages and will not break or chip-off from the sides if it falls down often, which is, often the case with desk-top figures.

#8 You & I Personalised Valentine Heart Shaped Keychain

Source www.igp.com

If you are looking for a gift that will not burn a hole in your pocket and yet be personal and romantic then set your eyes on this beautiful You & I Personalised Valentine Heart Shaped Keychain from IGP, priced at Rs.250 only. You can customise the keychain with a picture of the two of you or of anything that is close to both of you. It is also a very useful thing which he can use for a long time with his set of home keys, office keys or even vehicle keys and would be reminded of you every time he looks at it. If you are not a photo person, then you can even add a picture with some kind of romantic quote or line.

#9 Game of Thrones Book Series

Source www.amazon.in

If your boyfriend is a book-worm then, trust us, there is nothing in this world that he would appreciate as much as a book. Go ahead and buy him a complete book set of Game of Thrones from Flipkart (priced at Rs.2,100 only) in high quality paperback binding. The book set will come in a box and would prove to be an amazing gift for your book-lover man. It is also a nice gift for people who are looking to pick a book after a long time or want to turn to reading for a hobby or a de-stress activity. The box also comes with the facility of free returns so if he doesn’t like it, you needn’t worry. You can also find other book series and titles to suit his reading preference from romance to thrillers to even non-fiction.

#10 Hey Dude Gift Box

If you are looking for something trendy, cool and yet something that tells him just how you are into him then go for this Love Bug gift box from thestylesalad.in. This carefully curated gift box contains a whole set of romantic goodies - a set of 3 charming lapel pins, a pair of socks that say 'Netflix and Chill' and a tasty hot cocoa mix. The box will leave no doubt in him mind just how happy you are that he is in your life! Order it for Rs. 3,350 on the site. Add a personal note if you want!

#11 Glow in Dark T-Shirt

Low key and not over the top, t-shirts are perfect ideas for anniversaries. Look for t-shirts that are themed around his favourite movies, characters or sportsperson. This will show him that you have understood him and his preferences which will surely give him a thrill! This particular Avenger T-shirt is from redwolf.in where it can be ordered for Rs. 499.

Things to Remember While Selecting Gifts for 7 Month Anniversary

Though selecting gifts is always something that needs a lot of thought and care, however, when it comes to selecting gifts for your boyfriend for an unconventional occasion such as a 7 month anniversary gift then you certainly need to keep a few things in mind.

  • Don't overdo anything: the key to keeping things cool and fun is that you don’t overdo anything. Don’t appear too cheesy while trying to not seem too unbothered as well. Either of them could send a wrong message to your boyfriend or put him off.

  • Try keeping things less cheesy: it is always a good idea to keep things less cheesy. Sure, you need a bit of romance in life but there is no need to cross the line and make things extremely uncomfortable for your boyfriend. Try to ensure that whatever you two do, the two of you are both in it.

  • Lastly, just enjoy being together: the most important thing is that you enjoy yourselves and make this occasion special so that the two of you remember it through the years to come. It also marks a solid ground on how the two of you have stuck together despite everything and could also be a good time to assess whether you both see this turning into something serious. All these discussions can only be done when the two of you are relaxed and are just enjoying each other’s company.

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Every relationship is unique

No two relationships are exactly the same so you need to read the signs and decide for yourself whether it's alright to make a big deal about a seven month anniversary or not. Using other relationships as reference, going by guidelines and discussion forums on the internet and what your friends think is okay only till a certain point. What you need to remember is that none of those opinions and situations can be compared to the unique dynamic you and your boyfriend share and you need to take a call on what will work for you.