12 Adorable 6th Month Anniversary Gift Ideas for Boyfriend and How to Turn it Into a Magical Celebration for Both of You (2019)

12 Adorable 6th Month Anniversary Gift Ideas for Boyfriend and How to Turn it Into a Magical Celebration for Both of You (2019)

When you love someone, no occasion is too small to celebrate, and reaching the mid year mark is a good enough reason to show your boyfriend how crazy you are about him! Here are some mind-blowing gift ideas you can present to your boyfriend on your sixth month anniversary or monthsary and spice up your relationship. We all like surprises, don't we?

Looking for the Perfect Gift for Your Partner on Your Monthsary? Tips To Ease the Confusion

Have you ever loved someone so much that you want to celebrate each and every day of your togetherness? You feel so lucky that you want to give him all the happiness in the world. For people who love deeply, a six-month anniversary is a major milestone. You certainly want to give them the best gift. Don’t be confused if your loved one already has everything or doesn't want anything. He deserves all your love and a special gift, which this article will help you choose.

Gift Him What He Was Looking For

Being a girlfriend means being his best friend and his confidant. This means that you are the closest person to him and this would come handy in choosing a perfect 6th monthsary gift for your boyfriend. You are the only person who truly knows him inside out, so you must have noticed the things that he looks out for or the things that naturally intrigue him the most. It might be as small as he going gaga over a sport or chocolate that he loves, but these small things can be your gateway to a permanent place in his heart. If he is someone who loves football, you might want to gift him one or you can get him his favourite team’s T-shirt.

Gift Him What You Know He Wants But He Does Not Have

I’m sure you know being a girlfriend is a tough job, and this task will add up to it. Now there must be times when your partner has told you directly that he is going to buy those concert tickets or his favourite novel one day, but that one day never comes! If this is the case, you definitely know what to buy, but if it isn’t, then you have to dig in your memory. Think of the times when he almost bought something but refrained. Or dig in deeper and think of the places he wanted to go but never did. This will help you find out what he is secretly vouching for.

Gift Him Something Personal and Sentimental

If you are someone who wants everything her way and your boyfriend always agrees, then shouldn’t you be returning the favour by doing things his way? Imagine giving your undivided attention as a 6th monthsary gift to your boyfriend. Funny as it may sound, it can be as romantic as you want it to be. All you have to do is to spend quality time together. Maybe, watch a movie of his choice or go to a game that is happening that day or it can be as simple and small as listening to his favourite songs while going on a long drive. Show him you care about his feelings too, just like he cares about yours.

Celebrate the 6th Month Anniversary Milestone with 6 Romantic Gifts for Him

Name a Star

How about announcing your love for him out loud? Or making the stars show your love for him? Sounds straight out of heaven, right? Well, it's indeed possible!

All you have to do is to choose a star, the one which can make your love shine brighter than the moon at nights, and then pick a name and give it to that star. And trust me, it is not at all difficult or expensive to do. Sixth Monthsary gift for boyfriend needs to be out of this world, in the literal sense. You can do the same on Oye Happy which is a facilitator between the naming service and the customer. You can get it done for only Rs.1,950 by visiting their website.

Love Tracker

Moments pass by but memories live forever. So why not do something which can be romantic as well as something you can always look at and re-live. Isn’t love tracker as a 6th monthsary gift a great idea? With this calendar, you can remind each other of the number of days you have been in love. The love tracker comes in 13 x 9 inches with red frame and it including 5 sets of single digit tokens, one set for every slot. You can visit Oye Happy and get this for Rs.1,290.


Want something very unusual yet fascinating as a 6th monthsary gift for your boyfriend? How about Brainstrings? A man usually likes to unravel the knots, doesn’t he? So you might gift him something which he might find interesting and is a brain teaser. Gift this to your puzzle-enthusiast boyfriend. It makes for a very unconventional gift which will keep him intrigued for hours. He can use it in his leisure time. You can shop for this epic gift from Uncommon Goods for Rs.1,192.

Personalised Cushion Gift

Everyone loves a gift which has a personal touch in it, and what could be better than a gift which you can hold and even lean on, right? A personalised cushion is one such thing that your boyfriend can hug when he is missing you. This is a gift which is both cute and attractive. A cushion which either has your picture in it or both of yours can make his heart melt each time he sees it. Get this 6th Monthsary gift for boyfriend from bookmyflowers.com only for Rs. 699.

Beverage Dispenser

If your boyfriend loves to party and frequently throws house parties, then you can gift him Beverage Dispenser, it would look classy and it is also very useful to get any party started. He can add it to his bar or if he is not a regular drinker, even then it can be used as a water dispenser. Which will help your man in keeping his body well hydrated and we all know how important it is. You can get this at Rs.2,325 from Pepperfry. The dispenser has a cool look and makes for a unique gift for a 6 month anniversary.

Football Superstars Bobblehead

As mentioned in the article earlier, pay attention to your boyfriend’s choices which also include his favourite team in Football or Cricket or any other sport. If he goes gaga over any one player in particular then why not get inspired from it and gift him a 6th Monthsary gift.

You can get him Bobblehead of any superstar he wants, Ronaldo and Messi being one of the favourites of everyone. Bobblehead, also known as Nodder or wobbler is a type of collectable doll. He can keep it on his work desk or use it as a table top at home. This gift will make him feel as if you truly know him! You can buy the same from Bigsmall for Rs.599.

Snack Attack Hamper

Imagine your boyfriend getting a box of goodies of snack! Is it not an exciting gifting idea? Snack hamper are awesome concepts where one receives a new box of items. This snack hamper from the gourmet box is a perfect gift for snack lover. The box contains Flavored Popcorn, Roasted Peanuts, Energy Nutty Bars, Popped Chips and Veggie Chips. You can get it on thegourmetbox.in for Rs.1,220.

Game of Thrones Glow in The Dark T-Shirt

Is your boyfriend a GoT fan? Then get him something that's themed around it - he will love flaunting it. We have chosen this cool glow in the dark t-shirt that's made of 100% cotton. Available on redwolf.in, this regular fit tee features the sigil of House Stark. Order it for Rs. 499.

If your boyfriend is not a fan of GoT, think of the TV series or movie he loves and buy him something that's related. This shows him that you know him and care for his preferences!

Four Awesome Tech Monthsary Gift Options Plus A Bonus Idea!

If your boyfriend is a gadget lover then have you ever thought of all the possible gifts you can gift him? Even if he has everything that is there in the market, you won’t have to worry because, in this era of Gadgets and technology, everything gets updated very quickly. So even if your boyfriend has a playstation, you can get him the latest version. There are so many options here, from Smart watches to Bose’s sleep including earplugs, you can choose anything. The GQ Magazine website has a lot to offer if you are looking for inspiration. You can choose the perfect 6th monthsary gift for your boyfriend.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Joy Box

The feeling of wanting to get the picture out of your phone and straight to the wall is very real. Honestly confess it in your heart that a lot of times you just want to snatch a picture or a memory and place it in front of your face. You can make your guy feel pampered by gifting him this amazing Fujifilm Instax mini 9 Joy Box. Using this he can instantly capture a moment and get pictures at the same time. This camera is adorably cute and compact, the picture size 625 x 46 mm, and the focus is 0.6 m. You get what you want and only at Rs.5,905 from Flipkart.

Amazon Echo

Haven’t we all heard “Alexa” quite often now? The device does everything we ask it to do. So why not celebrate your anniversary by giving your boyfriend Alexa to whom he can simply command. Alexa is already in its 2nd generation now and it is truly in demand more than ever. There are some offers available if you go through the websites. Amazon always gives you the best offers and you can go through it. You can get the Amazon echo in just Rs.7,999. A great companion that makes life simpler.

Boat Rockerz 250 Waterproof Wireless Earphones With Mic

If your boyfriend is into music and likes to listen to it most of the time, then you can gift him these awesome earphones. Now you must know that there are a lot of earphones available in the market, but you need to choose the right ones. This is because you need a six monthsary gift for your boyfriend that is a little bit special in order for him to remember it and make him feel loved.

The Boat Rocker 250 Waterproof Wireless Earphones, with the mic, should be a must in your list if you are planning a gift for him. You can get this for Rs.3,990 on Myntra. It is a waterproof earphone which means that it is completely functional even when it is raining. Gift it to your guy and let him know how much he means to you.

Mi Band 3

If your boyfriend is a sports freak, or his planning to join the gym, then Mi Band is a must have for him and; who's better than his girlfriend to gift him one. It is a watch cum fitness tracker that he can always wear, be it going to the office or hanging out with his friends or, perhaps, he wants to look dapper in a black suit, it goes with everything.

Mi Band also enables one to synchronise this watch in accordance with their needs. It can be connected to the phone and helps in enhancing workouts. The best part, it also monitors sleep time, so it easily helps in ensuring that one takes a good night sleep. You can buy this at Amazon for Rs.1,998 with delivery as soon as possible.

An Outdoor Adventure Package

The sixth monthsary has to be special! It is a milestone in its own. So why don’t you plan an outing for the two of you? But remember, it is your gift to him, then it has to be something that he likes or something you both like. If your boyfriend loves sports and is into adventures, you can go to a hill station or someplace that offers sports. You can even go for River rafting if both of you love water.

But remember to plan it beforehand, because gifts are meant to be special and you don’t want any last moment inconveniences. There are so many sites that will offer you different things with different ranges. This one night, 2 day Rafting and Camping at Phool Chatti, Rishikesh could be your amazing getaway. It costs only Rs.1,680 per person. You can book it from adventurenation.com.

It's Your 6th Month Anniversary, Make the Celebration Magical

Six months of togetherness is truly magical and sometimes when you look back, it feels like it was only yesterday that you started your relationship. The way you bond in the first 6 months is truly amazing. It is all about falling in love and getting to know each other and experience selfless love. And, hence, the 6th month should be celebrated in a special way, with innocence in heart and all the love that you have to offer. Make the most of it and do not leave any stone unturned while you are planning for your perfect gift, after all, this is also just a start to many more beautiful memories yet a milestone.

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A memorable watershed

The first six months of any relationship is significant and should be made memorable. We all have that someone who makes us tick and adds more sparkle to our lives; such people deserve to be cherished everyday of our lives, and much more, on a special date that marks a milestone in our relationship. For your boyfriend, he means a lot to you and you must stop at nothing to prove your unwavering love and support to him. And what better way to show him love than getting him a sweet monthsary gift