It Takes a Moment to Say I Love You but a Lifetime to Show It: Celebrate with 5 Month Anniversary Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (2019)

It Takes a Moment to Say I Love You but a Lifetime to Show It: Celebrate with 5 Month Anniversary Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (2019)

No matter if you’ve been together for two months or twenty years, love is always something worth celebrating! Treat your significant other to a special anniversary gift when you browse our huge selection of presents. When a relationship is new, every day together seems like a major milestone. Why not grab a 5-month anniversary gift for your sweetie to mark this special moment?

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What is So Special About the 5 Month Anniversary?

Month anniversaries are the best ways to keep the spark ignited between the two of you. It’s like a fresh breath of air in your otherwise hectic lifestyle and basic relationship. Celebrating an anniversary together gives both of you a slideshow of memories that you have made throughout this time. When you plan surprises for each other or search for presents to give, the bond between you two intensifies.

The fifth month of your relationship has a greater significance. It is the time when you’ve started understanding him more, and the emotional closeness has certainly deepened. You’ve walked past the initial phase where appearance and impression making was all that you had to rely on. Your bond is slightly more than what the surface looks like. It’s a milestone on its own that should be celebrated. The 5 months anniversary is also not about the grandeur or show-off, it’s more about celebrating the little things and emotions that you two share at present.

How to Make the Day the Best He Has Ever Had?

Take the Routes of Adventure

It’s no secret that guys absolutely love adventure. They crave for challenging and powerful roles to play and gather praise on how amazing they are at all of them. Making this the foundation of your date plan, call him up to go to some adventurous activities with you. You could choose to go trekking, playing a sport you’re comfortable with or even inviting him for long walks. Try to encapsulate any of the adventure activity that he’s really passionate about. There’s nothing more attractive about a girl who supports her partner in what he likes by actually participating in it sometimes.

Plan a Dinner Date with His Ideal Benchmarks in Mind


In the past five months, there must have casual discussions between the two of you, describing what kind of date will qualify as being the ideal one for you. If not then, by now, you must be well aware of some of the peculiar details your man is completely into. Like, your boyfriend could have a desire to have a date near the ocean or go to a club and dance like no one’s watching. Cash on that useful minute details and plan a date just as he had always dreamt of. Plan in advance, the venue, the time and how to make sure it will remain a surprise for your man. You can take help from your friends to give some valuable suggestions while ask his friends to tell you more about his preferences and plan a date perfect to the tee!

A Netflix And Chill Night with His Favourite Watchlist

The generation of the millennial has absolutely fallen in love with the idea of a Netflix and chill kind of date night. It is a simple, fun and exciting date idea for you to watch shows or movies based on completely what he likes or dislikes. It is like giving him the right over the entertainment remote, which rarely ever happens!

You can plan a cosy, candlelit Netflix night where you pass on the choice of the movie solely to his preferences. Add to the glory of the night by making a special dinner with his favourite dishes placed beautifully on the dinner table. Hide his gifts in the house and let him play a short treasure hunt! Put on some soothing music and let time take the wheels of the future. Make the date the best by letting him feel ridiculously pampered and loved.

9 Absolutely Mesmerising Gifts for Your 5 Month Anniversary Which Will Make Him Believe You're the Best Girlfriend Ever!

A Set of 5 Message in a Bottle, Each Telling the Story of a Month


Throughout the first five months of your relationship, there must have been instances where he actually moved you to tears with his gestures or words or, made you fall in love with him as a person. Situations where he had been the rock for you, pushing you to fight your fears or gotten jealous because you were talking to a guy and you felt it was really cute; write down one such incident where you felt a connection developing and deepening with him. Try to choose one such occasion from each of the five months and gift him these memories with the set of 5 individual Message in Bottle items. A set of these tiny bottles costs just Rs. 349 on

Dual Layer Lucky Bamboo in Smiley Mug to Give Him All the Luck


Quite literally as it is named, the lucky bamboo house plant is believed to be a good luck charm which spreads positivity and good vibes according to the Feng Shui. It further says that the number of lucky bamboo stalks bound together means different kinds of things. For example, two bamboo stalks bound together to signify the abundance of love and bring in twice the amount of luck to the recipient.

With such a beautiful and thoughtful wish behind the gift, grab on the dual-layered lucky bamboo and wish your boyfriends all the luck, love and opportunities in life. On the website of, you can get these small lucky bamboo plants placed in cute smiley mugs for just Rs. 599! They have to be stored away from direct sunlight and can grow up to a maximum height of 5 inches.

A Personalised Love Contract to Seal the Deal Forever


With 5 months in the relationship and a few disagreements here and there, you are qualified to make a funny but impressive ‘love contract’ for him to sign onto. With your witty one-liner terms and conditions, get him chuckling to the lines written on the contract paper. To add to the excitement, make sure you seal the deal only with a kiss when he finally agrees to all your conditions. You can get a personalised love contract from the website of ferns and petals at the nominal cost of just Rs. 199!

A Mug Acknowledging Him As the King of Your World


If the king of your world has managed to keep you happy for 5 straight months, then reciprocate his love by gifting him the queen’s special mug saying ‘King’, with a beautiful golden crown printed above it. Let his mind wander to your thoughts whenever he pours-in some of his tea or coffee with a gorgeous ceramic mug specially gifted by you. You can purchase the ‘king’ mug from the website of ferns and petals at a nominal cost of Rs. 259.

Handcrafted Almond Chocolates to Pleasure His Sweet Tooth

There’s nothing better than a box of chocolates for a person inflicted with a sweet tooth. If your boyfriend is a fan of both sweets and chocolates, then look no further. On the eve of your fifth month anniversary gift him some exclusively made handmade almond chocolates from Floweraura at just Rs. 399. The chocolate box contains handmade pieces of chocolates which are both flavoursome and deliverable to any place you like. Surprise him with some of these rich in flavour and absolutely appealing choco balls on his door!

A Mail Box to Surprise Your Long Distance Boyfriend

Long distance relationships are hard to keep but totally worth it. The distance allows you to catch a breath while also having a person to share your inner thoughts with. Month-anniversaries might be the best ways for you to keep the spark ignited and conquer the cons of the distance between the two of you. Surprise him on the 5th anniversary by gifting him the You’ve Got Mail package containing a tiny heart in a small transparent bottle, 6 miniature postcards with different heart-touching messages printed on it, along with a packet of delicate milk chocolates called ‘cupid’s crunch’. The postcards have beautiful one-liners like ‘I love you to the sun and back (moon’s too close)’ and ‘If you were a Calendar model, you’d make January the hottest month of the year’. You can purchase all of this from the website at just Rs. 490.

Amp Up the Heat with the Naughty to-do List

If you think that your relationship hasn’t been able to amp up its level and go to another stage then, get yourself a pack of the naughty to-do list which contains 13 unique and hilarious naughty messages printed over them. Leave one of these under the pillow by his side or in his bag where it is easily visible. Let him read and get the hints which you are literally dropping all over the place. Make the 5th anniversary spicier with these notes left with a rose or a chocolate. You can buy a pack of these wild cards from at just Rs. 299.

7 Promises from You to Him

A successful relationship is all about the promises that you made and kept no matter what happened. It becomes the foundation of trust and respect for each other like nothing else can. To celebrate that undying spirit of love, gift your boyfriend a set of 7 promises that you make from your heart to his. A set of these seven promises can be bought from the website of at Rs. 1,310. These come in a wooden box crafted using fine pinewood and have heartwarming promises with elaborate messages which cannot be edited but you can add a personal message along with these 7 promises to reach your man. The printed promises are presented in a scroll each, to add to their authenticity.

The 5 Month Milestone Collage

The 5th month anniversary is a milestone of achieving love, support, and encouragement in the form of a complete person. You now understand his moods better, know how he absolutely hates to have capsicum on his pizza and know how he silently understands that you’re in a bad mood. Photographs which have such emotionally powerful background can help you build a collage of beautiful memories. Create a captivating collage with all of these milestones at Rs. 1,740 with the 6 slot frame offered by and see his face turn red with the remembrance!

Bonus Tip: Go Creative And Complete the Gift with a Tiny Handmade Card

A gift can never be complete without a piece of you in it. Searching and getting your hands on what you find will be useful for your man is all good but, adding a beautiful handmade card containing your raw feelings is what he really needs. It is the bond of emotions that is holding both of you stuck together so why not show what your heart wants to say? Howsoever tiny it may be, make a handmade card with your own designs on top of it and words straight from your heart dipped in ink. Don’t think about the dos and don’ts of creative technicality; just bring out the feelings hiding in the corner of your mind and exhibit what you’ve learned through this blissful time spent with him.

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