Awesome 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Boyfriend to Celebrate the Love and Togetherness (2018)

Awesome 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Boyfriend to Celebrate the Love and Togetherness (2018)

Spending five years together as a couple is no less an achievement than getting married. While that may or may not be the next big step, you can always celebrate your journey together till now. The best way to do that is through some carefully selected gifts. Read our guide to find out more.

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Why the 5 Year Anniversary is So Significant?

It Depicts that Your Love Has Managed to Pass the Test of Time

Modern relationships are so fragile and it takes nothing but a little doubt to break them apart. But even in these days and times, if you have managed to pass the test of time and still going strong then your 5 year anniversary as a couple is worth celebrating. In fact, 5 years is a huge time span and you must not let go of this opportunity to celebrate your relationship.

5 Years is a Mini Lifetime Especially in this Modern World

The most common reason for breaking up in a relationship is cheating. You must be glad that none of you is into hurting each other. This is what makes it super special to plan 5-year anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend. In this world, where guys are double dating, you must be glad to find the one for you.

It Heralds the Start of a New Phase in Your Relationship

As we have already emphasised, 5 years indeed is a really huge time span, it also indicates that both of you might be ready to take the plunge together. There is no doubt that you two are on the same page so you might also expect him to pop the question any time soon now. But till the time, celebrate your anniversary and gift him something amazing by the ideas given in this section below.

10 Perfect Gifts for Your Boyfriend on Your 5 Year Anniversary

Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

The Instax Mini 8 Instant Point and Shoot Camera is a mid-range gift item which makes the perfect pick for a guy who just loves clicking pictures. Available in multiple colours like white, pink, blue and black, this camera looks good too. The lightweight body provides easy handling while various automatic features like exposure and aperture settings help in taking the perfect shot in no time. Some other features of this superb camera are flashing LED, a high-key mode for brighter pictures, viewfinder features and more. This mini-camera is not going to disappoint you in terms of looks as well as performance. You can buy this Instax Mini 8 from Amazon for Rs.3,690.

Fitness Band

Nothing is as precious as the gift of life itself so why don’t you think about the same for your guy? A fitness band makes the perfect gift for your 5 year anniversary to take care of the health of your boyfriend. For this, we recommend the Mi Band 3, latest in technology and performance. A product having an economical price range and provides 20 days of battery life. The band is available in navy blue, brick red and black colours (all suitable for unisex). Talking about the features, it has bigger OLED screen to display all sorts of messages, sports tracking in real time, sleep quality and step count and even more. If your guy is a bit careless then you need not worry, as the band is water resistant for up to 50 meters. You can also monitor heart rate in real time but that reduces the battery life. Buy this Mi Band 3 from for Rs. 1,999.

Chronograph Leather Watch

A watch is a perfect gift to give your man. For a special occasion like your 5th year anniversary, we have this Revogue Watch FL-5-M. Functionalized with Quartz movement and features with analogue display, this is perfect for formal outings, parties, dinners or any occasion. This chronograph watch with a black leather wristband is durable and suitable for everyday use. The waterproof feature makes it even more desirable and the fact that it comes with 1-year warranty makes it almost irresistible. A timeless piece to mark the 5 years of togetherness and to remind you of the beautiful time you two have spent together till now. This chronograph leather watch is available for purchase from for Rs.2.490.

First Dance Lyrics Frame

We know pretty well that first dance is referred to as the one that couples perform just after the wedding. But why not celebrate the very first dance that you two did in your relationship? It can also be the very first song you two dedicated to each other. Memories are meant to be cherished, aren't they? And this is why you should consider framing the lyrics of the first dance song and gift it to your guy on your 5 years anniversary. The idea is pretty simple, you just need to upload a picture of the lyrics and it will be printed on a canvas exclusively for you. You can also pick from a variety of templates on your own. Seeing all the memories and being able to cherish them as an existing object is really thrilling. So, thrill your boyfriend on this anniversary with a thoughtful gift from your side. You can buy this frame from for Rs.448.


Windchimes are actually quite underrated but the amazing melodies that they produce really leave a positive environment. Hence, we recommend you a beautiful Red Love windchime as the 5-year anniversary gift for boyfriend. A simple and minimalistic gift for your guy, to fill his life with twinkling sounds and positive vibes. And of course, the red hearts design depicts your love and affection for him perfectly. If you are into mushy presents, then this one is not going to disappoint at all. After all, it is all about the love between you two. If you want to do something by going out of the way for him then you can customise it on your own. Try sticking some pictures of you two on each heart for that additional personalization. Anyway, you can buy this Windchime from for Rs.397.

Our Story Plush Blanket

Our Story blanket is a plain throw blanket for a full sized bed which comes with a customisable feature. You have two options, you can either personalise it with some pictures or just print the significant dates of your relationship on it. As the photo gift trend has taken over the internet completely, we believe that it would be lovely to portray the story of you two in terms of some dates. All you have to do is, just shortlist 5 or 6 significant dates from the relationship of you two. This can be about the time he proposed to you for the first time, or when you two kissed for the first time or something else. Just get them printed and it is going to be one of the most touching gifts for your boyfriend. Every single time that he will use this blanket, he is going to think about you for sure. You can buy this blanket from for Rs.699.

Duffle Bag

You must not have thought about a duffle bag as a 5-year anniversary gift idea for your boyfriend, haven’t you? So, we are here to tell you that how amazing a gift it is for any guy. First of all, a duffle bag looks really trendy and super stylish. Secondly, the rugged feature of this bag will help your guy make a subtle yet stylish statement. This black duffle bag with detachable sling strap from Bad Habit is just perfect. Made of faux leather, it is spacious enough for a guy to carry his important items in it. Or it can be used as a gym bag too. With 1 month of warranty, it becomes totally irresistible to buy it and the design is just another bonus on it. You can buy this duffle bag from for Rs.2,699.

Matching Rings

It is the time to buy something which has something for the each of you two. So, a set of the matching ring is going to do justice for such kind of gifts. Designed specifically for a couple, these titanium stainless steel couple bracelet rings looks super stylish and has specific engraving on it. The ring for the guy has “Her King” engraved inside it and the ring for the girl has “His Queen” engraved inside it.
Along with it, the rings have crowns engraved on it too. It comes in black metal design and very light and comfortable to wear. But most importantly out of all, it will connect you two with each other.
Ideal for all sorts of occasion but gifting it on anniversary will make it even more special for your guy. However, it is advisable to store it in a pouch to maintain the durability. You can buy these rings from Amazon for Rs.299.

Best Boyfriend Ever Cap

If you want to consider gifting your boyfriend something simple but fun then a customized cap would do the work for you. A cap with the text “best boyfriend ever” is literally the cutest gift for him. You can customise the font, font size, colour etc. The cap is made of cotton fabric and available in black colour. The cap comes in free size with Velcro strap so it is easily adjustable. The final results look really cool and you can also check whether they deliver to your location or not. This is going to be such an amazing gift for your guy especially when the two of you believe in simpler yet significant things in life. You can buy this customisable cap from for Rs.149.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Looking for last minute 5-year anniversary gift ideas? You should probably consider this one, as going down the memory lane never fails. The idea is pretty simple but you need to do a bit of homework for it.
You need to remember all the amazing moments that you two have spent throughout these 5 years. Now, simply mark all the important places that you two have been too or the activities you two have done in these years. You need to simply plan a day based on all these activities and simply visit all the important places together. It will not only refresh all the memories for you two but will also refresh your love for each other as well. You can easily plan this entire thing by yourself so basically just a perfect last minute idea to carry out easily. But at the end of the day, you will be able to bring the real smile on his face which will be priceless for sure.

Go Traditional with These Wooden Gift Ideas

For a married couple, 5 year anniversary symbolizes the gift of wood. Although you are in the dating phase right now, you still can enjoy the perks especially when you want to go by the tradition. And this is why we have come up with those 5-year anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend which are entirely made up of wood and turn out to be quite useful too.

Customised Wooden Box

A customised wooden box always turns out to be just perfect to keep all the significant belongings safely. The size of the box is adequate enough to keep important items in it. Also, you can get it personalised by your choice in which a name will be engraved on top of the box. Made from fine quality wood and beautiful engraving on top, this will definitely make a perfect 5-year anniversary wood gift. Buy this one from Amazon.

Wooden Docking Station


The next item in the category of 5-year anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend is actually quite thoughtful. It is called a docking station entirely made up of wood. The station provides enough space and settings to keep the cell phone, goggles, watch, pen, and other items safely on it. Now, your guy won’t have to keep on looking for his belongings here and there as he can keep them safe and organized on one single station. This has become a popular gift item of late so you will find plenty of options to choose from ranging from expensive pieces made in exotic woods to the low budget ones designed for simplicity. A decent mid-range docking station is this Craftsman Wooden Contemporary Docking Station priced at Rs.898 pick it up from Amazon.

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