Settling into Your New Relationship? Celebrate with a Gift for Boyfriend on Your 6 Month Anniversary! 10 Gifts Perfect for Him

Settling into Your New Relationship? Celebrate with a Gift for Boyfriend on Your 6 Month Anniversary! 10 Gifts Perfect for Him

Congratulations on turning half a year old! A 6 month dating anniversary is an important milestone and it probably means you're in it for the long haul. If the one year mark seems too far away and you want to celebrate now, we have just the gift ideas you need. Here are some super nice 6 month anniversary gifts for him as well as ideas on what to do on your big day.

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This Anniversary Surprise Your Boyfriend with Unique Gifts!

Anniversaries are always special and if it is your love relation anniversary then it has a different importance in itself. You always want to give a unique gift to your boyfriend and do a lot of research on that gift idea. Here we have some gift suggestions for you that will help you in the search of the right gift for your boyfriend. This anniversary surprise your boyfriend with a different and useful gift that he will cherish for lifelong.

How to Choose the Right Gift for a Six Month Anniversary

Whenever we think about giving a gift we always have a lot of confusion in mind about what should be given. Many ideas gather in our mind and many times we end up choosing something which may not a very good impact, or even be appropriate. So here are some tips to choose the right gift for your boyfriend which will make him feel special about the occasion.

Think About Things He Needs and Has Been Wanting to Buy

As it's been six months that you have been together, so you know enough about his daily routine to analyze his needs and gift him something that he has been wanting to buy since a long time. Surprise him by giving that one thing as a gift. This will be a lovely moment when you will gift that one thing he wishes to have it for a long time. The advantage of giving him things he needs daily over an overtly romantic gesture is that he will be more comfortable with it. Not every man is going to be thrilled about celebrating anniversaries, at least not the monthly kind so if it's a practical item he may have an easier time getting on board with the whole idea.

Choose Something Unique

Take advantage of the novelty factor; unique items can be small, inexpensive things that happen to have tremendous appeal. Remember you are trying not to make this anniversary into a massive celebration - that can wait for another six month - and understated gifts are the way to go.

Buying any gift is easy but if you want something unique that he will remember for life-long then here is a unique and romantic idea. Collect the pictures from every month from last six months and choose the perfect picture out of that for each month. Make a booklet for six months story and stick each picture on the specific month page. Also, describe your story right from the first meeting to today's date. Write short lines related to the picture. This will refresh all your memories and he will feel very special.

Impress Him with a Branded Gift


Well known brands have a very special appeal and this kind of gift is perfect if your boyfriend is a brand lover. The price range is staggering, so is the choice of products so find something that will fit into your budget and also make him happy. Fastrack, Fossil, and Titan are the brands well known for wrist watches; then there are the more premium brands; wallets and belts that also make great gifts.

This one depends entirely on your spending capacity but we'd advice a note of caution: six months may seem like a very long time but it is still a very young relationship, too early to be exchanging very expensive presents. Unless you know that your boyfriend is comfortable swapping gifts with big price tag, refrain from doing so. If you give him an expensive gift now, will you be able to top it when your one year anniversary comes around? Even if you can, keep gifts low profile and work on strengthening your relationship instead.

Useful Gifts are Always the Best Gifts

Many times people gift things that may not be useful and their whole purpose is of being a showpiece. These kinds of gifts are just an addition to your house and they only have one-day importance but if you give any useful gift to your boyfriend that he can use often is a much more good option. Gifts such as a shirt, a watch, perfume, sunglasses, wallet or even a gift card that he can use as per his choice. In this way, he will also remember you every time when he uses that thing. So always try to give a gift that he can use and remember you.

10 Gift Ideas for Boyfriend on 6 Month Anniversary

The first anniversaries are always special. You have just stepped into the relationship and want to nurture it with love and sweet gestures. And for this, many people celebrate the half-year anniversary as well, that is, the six month anniversary. As the relation is still in the early phase, you may not want to spend much but also want to gift something special which makes your mark on him. So here are some gift ideas that are affordable yet impressive.

Steele from Skinn by Titan, Perfume for Men


Perfumes are an evergreen gift for boyfriend. They enhances the aroma for the special occasions and add value to his looks. You can gift a branded perfume whose fragrance is long-lasting and mesmerizing. Titan has many perfume variants for men and their unique and noticeable fragrance is becoming popular among men. Skinn by Titan Steele Perfume for Men is a good option to gift your boyfriend. You can get it in and authorized Titan store or a perfume store. You can also shop it online on Amazon for Rs.1,640.

Park Avenue Grooming Kit


A good grooming kit is always the best gift for men as it helps and encourages them in being particular about their looks and personal grooming. This gift option can be for two kinds of people, first to those who like to keep themselves clean and tidy and by gifting a grooming kit you are making them happy as they will get another set of accessories for grooming. And secondly, to those people who are don't believe in a clean and tidy look and very casual kind of person.

Park Avenue Grooming kit is the best option for gifting. It has Park Avenue deo, shaving cream, talc, soap, aftershave lotion in a travel sized pack, and shave brush. So this is a complete package for grooming that he can also carry while traveling. The price of this product is Rs.530 but, on Amazon it is available for Rs.396 and gift wrap is also offered by the retailer.

Camera Shaped Coffee Mug


If your boyfriend is fond of photography then this camera lens shaped coffee mug is the best gift for him. This unique and attractive piece is a real looking lens coffee mug. The mug size is 350 ml and it comes in black color. This is a replica of the the camera lens model EF 24-105 mm f/4LIS USM. This is a thermos technique coffee mug that helps the drink to stay hot or cold. It also comes with an airtight cap with a small open and close lid for small sips. The product is made of food-grade abs plastic material from outside and extra fine stainless steel from inside. You can buy this unique coffee mug on Amazon at the price of Rs.162.

Branded Wristwatch


A wristwatch is an evergreen gift option as it can add to your boyfriend's collection of wristwatches. This is also a gift in which you don't have to think about the size and whether it will be of use to him. Branded wristwatches always make boys happy. You may find various brands for men wrist watches. Timex is one of the best known and oldest brands of wristwatches with many attractive and stylish models. You can find many options online but we recommend the Timex Analog White Dial Men's Watch on Amazon. It is a different model than usual. This is a round shaped white dial wristwatch with a brown colored leather band. It also shows date and day along with time. It comes with one year warranty. You can get this online from Amazon website which is listed at a discounted price of Rs.2,095.

Sleek Leather Wallet


The good wallet is always the right gift for men. Women have their purses and handbags, men like to have a collection of nice wallets. It is a very special accessory for men as it is the only thing they like to carry with them anywhere they go. A wallet has many varieties if you start looking for the right piece. The Woodland leather wallet is also one of the best pieces with a number of slots and sections for all his belongings which makes it a great wallet. It is dark brown in color and made of leather. It comes with multiple pockets, with a pocket for coins and a sim card pouch as well. The slim and compact piece easily slides unobtrusively into the pocket. This wallet is available to shop on Amazon for Rs.749.

Golden Rose


A rose is the symbol of love and gold is the symbol of purity, and here you get the combination of rose and gold that represents your pure love towards him. So, if you are not getting any idea you can gift this golden rose with a love note to your boyfriend. This is a 24K gold rose measuring 12 inches in length. As this is a fragile item so it comes with a very secure packaging to make sure it remains protected. You can shop this golden rose online on Amazon on a discounted price of Rs.499. The retailer of this product is MSA Jewels. If you buy it from the gold store it will cost around Rs.1,500. Gift wrapping is also available when you buy this online.

Men Golden Gift Set


Aqeeq Golden Gift Set is a combination of an apple shaped clock, a crystal pen, a business card holder and it comes beautifully packed in a magnetic leather jewellery box. It is sold by Crownlit and gift warping is also available when you buy this online. The price of this product is Rs.999 but if you shop online on it is at a discounted price of Rs.589.

The beautiful apple clock has a nice base by that you can keep it on the table to enhance the look of the table. The clock is a quartz analog clock. The cardholder comes with a magnetic button. The main box has a crocodile print so you can gift it as is. The unique design of an apple shape is really overshadowing the other part of the gift set. If your boyfriend is an antique lover then this would be the best gift for him.

All-Weather Jacket

This zipper men casual jacket is a comfortable piece of clothing and can be used anytime. This modern look jacket is a perfect gift if your boyfriend loves wearing casuals for outings. If you are confident about the size then you can go ahead with this gift. You can shop this online on the Club Factory website. It is a useful and a reasonably priced gift. You can get this product online for the price of Rs.1,205. It is available in two colors, dark blue and black. It is a polyester material slim fit jacket. The thickness of the jacket is also regular. There are two pockets outside and one inside pocket. Internal checks design enhances its look.

Personalised Picture Cushion


This Personalised Stylish Picture Cushion is a special gift that can be a way to remember some special moments and keep your love fresh in each other’s mind. You can cherish those lovely moments anytime and the cushion would be a symbol of your love. You may get this cushion done in a store that has this technique or you can visit and order the same for Rs.349. This is also very reasonable in cost. So if you have a memory that you want to cherish and keep in front of your eye all time then this is the best way to do it.

Attractive Caricature


This caricature is a very unique gift for your boyfriend. You can choose any special picture of your boyfriend and create a caricature of him as a gift. This is also one of the modern and trendy gifts that you can think of. This caricature is made of acrylic and you can visit the website to place your order. It is generally 7.5 inch in size and you can order it online by uploading your digital image through the personalised button. The uploaded image must have an about resolution of 300 dpi for best printing results. The cost is not much you can get it done within Rs.1,000.

Sturdy Helmet for the Biker

Make your bike lover boyfriend wear a helmet and gift him one. This is the best gift and a way to show your love and care towards him. This will also encourage him to take care of himself and remind him about the relationship responsibility. Choose the popular brand like VEGA. Vega Crux motorbike helmet is best as per all the need that we look for in the perfect helmet. This is a flip-up type helmet with a quick release buckle. This model offers the best ventilation by channeling a continuous supply of fresh air that allows you to have a comfortable ride. It comes in two sizes, large and medium. You can check the correct size as per the size chart. Shop for this helmet online on Flipkart at a price of Rs.1,096.

Tips for Making Wise Gifting Choices in a New Relationship

Relationships are always beautiful at the start and everything seems to be smooth sailing in the relationship. But being wise is also important for everyone. So for gifting in a new relationship, we have some points that you may want to keep in mind.

  • Always gift something which is connected to your important memories to remind him that you still miss those lovely moments and would like to have many more ahead.

  • As your relationship is new you can explore some new things which he may not be using but you want him to try. Yes, new relations start this way, unknowing or knowingly we start to take on each other’s habits. But remember, wanting him to try something you like, and pushing him towards a thing he isn't keen on, are entirely different things.

  • Don’t spend too much on the gift as a costly gift is not always the way to express your love. Be wise while gifting in a new relationship. Keep a balance between love and money.

  • In a new relationship it is important to ensure that you and your partner are on the same page. There should not be any assumptions over even trivial things as these can build up into something bigger. So always have a clear line of communication and if he isn't keen on celebrating a six month anniversary, don't push him into it.
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Savour the newness of your relationship

At the beginning everything is magical; you may not know much about each other but the pleasure lies in discovering new things about your partner. After six months you know your boyfriend fairly well, enough to know where he stands on the whole 'celebrating our six month anniversary.' No matter what he thinks, if you want to go ahead and get him a sweet present, do so. But there are many things you both still have to learn about each other, so enjoy being with each other in the present.