10 Saree Guards for the Most Popular Bikes in India & Interesting Facts About Them

10 Saree Guards for the Most Popular Bikes in India & Interesting Facts About Them

Saree guards are not only important but also mandatory by the law. Don't panic if you don't have a saree guard for your bike yet, or aren't sure why you need it in the first place. We have curated a list with the most secure and fashionable saree guards for your bike. We also have listed a few key points to coerce you to get a saree guard.

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What is a Saree Guard?

A saree guard is such an important accessory which is fixed on the wheels of a motorbike to avoid any possibility of an accident.

Saree is one of the most common female garment in India but it can be quite tricky for ladies to handle a saree while sitting one-sided on a bike, which is a common mode of transportation across the country. Due to winds, the saree can fly and get caught in the rear wheel which is one of the most common reasons for accidents in India. The same goes for the flying dupattas too.

A saree guard is a steel grill-type part fixed on the rear wheel of the two-wheelers. This grill protects the saree from getting caught in the wheel and also provides a space for a footrest for the pillion rider. So, with a saree guard installed, it ensures complete support to the women’s feet and also protects their garments from getting caught in the wheel.

You can find various options for saree guards and several bikes today come with pre-installed saree guards too.

10 Best Saree Guard Options for Various Bikes

Saree Guard for Bicycle

Did you even know that bicycles are also supposed to be equipped with a saree guard? Sometimes it is not just about the saree but any flowing garment can get caught in the wheels and can result in a serious accident especially when you are riding your bicycle in heavy traffic areas.

This bicycle saree guard is made of mild steel and you get two of them in this set for each tire, front and back. A very simple accessory for your bikes but very effective to avoid the possible chances of accidents. You can install the saree guard on your own or can ask any professional to do so for you. It gives great coverage on both the tires and keeps the person protected from any possible issues. This bicycle saree guard is available to be bought from Indiamart for Rs.70 per set.

Yamaha FZ Saree Guard with Footrest

There is no doubt in the fact that Yamaha FZ is one of the most popular bikes in India and that is why you must know about the saree guard used for this bike. However, it is not about the bike here but about the different kind of saree guards available in the market. This one is entirely different from the other types of saree guard and also available with footrest attached to it.

It is curved in design and fits well on the bike. The guard is made of steel with a black finish for long-lasting and rust-free results. The additional footrest provides complete support to the person sitting on this bike. You can buy this saree guard for Yamaha FZ from Indiamart for Rs.2652.

Hero Splendor OE Saree Guard

With different kinds of bike, you get to see different types of saree guard too. As India is one of the largest countries to use two-wheelers, there are plethora of model of motorbikes.

Our next selection of saree guard belongs to the Hero Splendor. You must have known that Splendor is one of the most loved and economic ranges of bikes in India manufactured by Hero. This saree guard weighs about 2000 gms and can be fixed and removed easily. Just like the other ones it is also made of steel with a black finish. It also comes with footrest and has perfect design to fit the all Splendor bike models. You can buy this saree guard for Splendor bikes from Safexbikes for Rs.456.

Pulsar Saree Guard

There was a time when Pulsar actually ruled the Indian Automobile market and that was when saree guard was made mandatory for all bikes. Nowadays it comes equipped with saree guards. However, you can get a saree guard with footrest for all the different models of Pulsar. Of course, they are available in various shapes and sizes but we really recommend this one which is simple and also provides support to your feet. Made of steel, this saree guard can be fixed easily on the rear wheel.

This guard keeps up with the International standard quality and does not disappoint. The fences of steel used within the guard have a wider gap between them as compared to the other saree guards. So, make sure it does not affect the clothes. This pulsar saree guard supports all models and can be bought from Indiamart for Rs.280.

Saree Guard for Bullet

One just cannot compare the fame of Royal Enfield in India with any other bikes. But with great powers come great responsibilities and that is why you should know about the saree guard that goes with the ever popular bullet bikes. Made completely of stainless steel, this guard works as the universal accessory for all Royal Enfield original as well as modified bike versions.

Having an arch-like structure, it is accompanied by a footrest too. Unlike other saree guards, it has a glossy, silver finish which complements well with the overall finish of the bike. However, one big issue is that you may encounter with this saree guard is that it can be clamped through only two points which is kind of troubling in terms of stability. Anyway, you can buy this bullet saree guard from thesparescompany.com for Rs.1,090.

Honda Twister Saree Guard

The next option of saree guard that we have, is for Twister manufactured by Honda. The Twister model that it belongs is from 2009-2012 and has a really good designing and wonderful installation liberty.
The best part about this saree guard is that it has three points for the clamping giving great stability to the saree guard when installing on the bike. Moreover, the material used for making is steel and it is protected by a black finish. For additional support, the saree guard has footrest too. The guard weighs somewhere near 2Kg which is good enough for the balance. This accessory for bikes is offered by Zadon which is a premium brand for such parts. You can buy this Twister saree guard from Safexbikes for Rs.400.

CD100 OE Saree Guard

Looking for the simplest kind of saree guard designs for India’s one of the most popular bike brand? Look nowhere else and try out this saree guard for CD100.

A minimalistic rectangular saree guard is for those people who want fuss-free functioning saree guards of their bikes. However, much to your dismay, the footrest is not included in this saree guard and for clamping only one point is available. This can be an issue for the stability so you would have to use additional clamps for the support. You can buy this Saree Guard CD100 from Safexbikes for Rs.396.

Honda Shine Saree Guard

Shine by Honda which is hands down one of the most popular two wheelers in India in the current times. When you have a bike like this, it is important to take care of all the safety measures related to it. If your bike is not ready with a pre-installed saree guard then you can buy a new one. Interestingly, the design and saree guard price for Honda Shine is quite unique.

The design is divided into two sections where one part is bigger and a little one is attached right below to it. For the clamping, two points are provided on the upper side. However, no footrest space is provided along with the guard. The weight remains the same as the other saree guards and so is the material used. The black finish adds further rust protection. You can buy this saree guard for Honda Shine from Safexbikes for Rs.478.

Hero CD Dawn Saree Guard

CD Dawn is an old but popular model of bikes offered by Hero in India. The fact that it belongs to old times, the likelihood of it having a saree guard is next to impossible. But you can always buy additional accessories to take adequate protection methods. The unique structure and design of this bike have this really huge gap between the seat and the rear wheel. It results in a lot of space to be covered and hence the design of the saree guard used for it is unique as well.

A rectangular saree guard is used for this bike but in a vertical way which is actually quite surprising. The fences of steel used within the guard are quite unique as well. This saree guard is accompanied by a footrest too but it is not attached to the guard and has to be installed separately. You can buy this saree guard from Safexbikes for Rs.456.

Yamaha Crux Saree Guard

Yamaha Crux once ruled the Indian roads but now has been replaced by other popular bikes. However, if you are into old bikes then you would love to drive the crux but not without a saree guard for sure. And that is why you need to check out this saree guard for Yamaha Crux which is quite large in size as compared to the other options out here.

It is also attached with a footrest too. For the clamping, two points are provided both in the left upper and bottom side of the guard. Stainless steel has been used in the making and you can buy it from Safexbikes for Rs.453.

Important Points to Note about Saree Guard

As the topic of saree guards in India is a path less travelled for many, there are a few important points about it that everyone must know about. These little things can bring a huge change in the current conditions and can also reduce the accidents rates too.

Supreme Court Has Made It Mandatory to Have Saree Guard on Bikes

As we have already talked about a number of options for saree guard online; Let’s talk about why you must use them. The Supreme Court of India passed a rule in 2008 that vehicles having proper safety measures like saree guard and hand grips would be qualified for registration. This historic move was quite important seeing the rate of accidents in India. However, the rule does not apply to the bikes which are not manufactured in India. And this is why you would have to purchase a saree guard separately for them. But great thing is that now you have the 10 best options of saree guards to choose from.

Lack of Saree Guard Can Lead to Death Too

Did you even know that the lack of a simple saree guard in a bike can even cause the death of the riders too? It might seem like a really small accessory for a bike but in reality, these are the safety measures taken to prevent any accidents. When the saree starts getting caught initially in the wheel, the one wearing it might not even come to know about it. But there comes a time when the grip tightens and it can pull the person off the vehicle resulting in the rider losing the balance too. This can even cause the death of the person immediately. So, make sure to install saree guards in bikes.

Anyone Can Fix or Remove the Saree Guard

There is literally no rocket science involved in the process of installing and removing a saree guard. You don't need to make a big deal out of its installation. You can watch the videos available on YouTube and can do it on your own too. You just need some tools and you are good to go. Do not forget to fix it tightly and check twice after its installation is done.

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Fix a Saree Guard! No Excuses!

While we spend tens of thousands of rupees on bikes, we skip caring for the most important of all safeguards for our loved ones. The saree guard is a very important accessory which helps you to safeguard your wife or mother or sister from potential fatalities. It only takes an edge to get caught in the rear wheel before your loved one is dragged behind you, Buying and fitting a saree guard is an easy task. If it baffles you, it is always easy to locate a mechanic who can fix it for you. So, ideally, you really have no reasons not to have a saree guard in your bike.