Do Not Let Social Distancing Ruin Your Birthday Surprises(2020): Virtual Gifts and Gift Ideas and Our Recipients Don’t Need to Touch Anything.

Do Not Let Social Distancing Ruin Your Birthday Surprises(2020): Virtual Gifts and Gift Ideas and Our Recipients Don’t Need to Touch Anything.

The world of COVID has changed too many things for us. One such thing is how we used to celebrate our friends' birthdays. Now you may not be able to celebrate your birthday with your friend, but you could still make their day special by sending them virtual gifts. Below are some ideas.

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Send a Virtual Gift This Year!

Sending gifts is the best possible way to show love and affection to your friends or family. People love sharing gifts as it adds fun to the celebration or any occasion. Gifts are adored by all and strengthen the relationship, but choosing the right gift is no less than a challenge for some people. This year, go for a virtual gift and send some love to your beloved.

With the increased use of technology, sending virtual gifts has become a fresh trend. You can send virtual gifts to your friends and loved ones. Moreover, in these days of the pandemic, where getting out of the house is not a choice, you can still shower your friends and loved ones with love and gifts. One of the ways to stay connected with your friends and make them feel special during these days is by sending a virtual gift.

Not only for a birthday, but you can opt for gifting options for every occasion, be it anniversary or festivals, you can always buy a present that meets your requirements. There are many options for you to consider before sending one virtual gift including personalised cards and videos with pictures, various Gift cards for foodies, shoppers and travellers' gifts, gifts related to video games and PlayStations, subscription to some of the most popular websites and entertainment applications and many more. All you need to do is to think of the person you want to gift and their favourite activities or interests and buy something that matches their passion. The internet is flooded with so many options, you only need to choose the best product that suits your needs.

Bring smiles to your friends' and family's faces by buying them a gift for every special occasion. Here are some of the best options available to send a virtual gift this year.

For Your Shopaholic Friend: A Shopping Gift Card!

We all have a friend who loves to shop and is always excited about upgrading their wardrobe. So, if you're looking for gift options for your shopaholic friend, a friend who's all about style and trends, and shopping, there's no better gift than a shopping gift card!

Myntra Gift Card

Myntra is the trendiest app for online shopping with millions of options and quality products. Myntra provides the best service and has a variety of options for someone who loves to shop. When you choose a gift, do you have a lot of things in mind, or you feel difficulty in choosing the right product for the receiver? If yes, then the best way is to avail the Myntra Gift Card. Give your friend a choice to choose with Myntra Gift Card. You can browse the gift card on occasions. There are plenty of options from clothing to footwear, and from accessories to gadgets. The procedure to make a gift card purchase is extremely convenient and hassle-free. You can download the Myntra App from Google PlayStore or AppStore and follow the basic steps under the option "Buy Gift Card". Select the occasion, the price, and personalise the message. Buy Myntra Gift Card and Gift a smile!

For Your Outgoing Friend

Who doesn't enjoy travelling or going out to movies and concerts? Everybody does, except your introvert friends. Planning a tour or a trip for your friend is the coolest gift you can send a friend. So, if you're looking for gift options for your outgoing friend, then you might consider the following options :

Sponsor a Trip to Your Friend's Dream Destination (When You Can)

What's better than a gift to travel to your dream destination? Give your friend the best gift possible by booking a trip to his or her favourite place and give them the pleasure of travelling and exploring their dream destination. Getting a gift like that would not be less than a dream, and there's no other gift better than this. There are certain options available where you can buy a complete holiday package. Some of the best travel package sites are Expedia and Priceline.

If you're looking for a place to visit in India, then Kerala, Himachal, Goa, and North-East are some of the best places to explore.

Book My Show Gift Card

Book My Show is a platform where you can book a ticket to various events across the globe, in the comfort of your home. Here is another fantastic option to gift to your outgoing friend, BookMyShow Gift Card, whatever the occasion, this particular gift card is all that you need to send someone, a gift of fun and entertainment. You can choose from a variety of events: Movies, Concerts, Sports and Plays, depending upon the choice of your friend. To purchase the gift card, visit, or Book My Show Mobile App. You can also buy the gift card from Amazon for Rs. 500. The gift card is valid for 12 months and is an ideal way to give your friend experience like never before!

For Your Gamer Friend

The graphics, legit virtual reality, video games are the ultimate source of happiness for any gamer. Do you happen to have someone in your life who loves to save the world from zombies, or loves his/her Xbox more than they love you, then you can go with the following gifting options:

PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up

Add funds to your friend's PlayStation network wallet and purchase exclusive games, movies, music, and more through the PlayStation store. You can go to and choose from Rs. 500 - Rs. 3000, or you can purchase network wallet TopUp from Amazon at various prices. The voucher expires 12 months from purchase.

Buy Them Their Favourite Games Virtually

Buy your friend their favourite games virtually, a game that connects you online, and gift them a lot of and entertainment. There are many virtual games that you might choose from as per your requirements, or you can casually ask your friend which game they have been looking forward to but can't afford at the moment, and you can purchase the game as a gift for your loving friend!

For Your Foodie Friend

We all have a friend to loves to eat and who is all about eating and the best part about his/ her life is food. If your friend is a big Foodie and you want to make him/ her happy, then simply treat them with their favorite foods for a week, or you can consider following options to make your friend feel happy and loved.

KFC Gift Card

KFC is the world's no. 1 chicken QSR, it's signature dishes include the "crispy outside, juicy inside" hot, and flavourful chicken. For vegetarians, KFC also has great vegetarian offerings. KFC gift card is the best choice for someone who's a foodie. KFC is known for the absolutely delicious fast food and is loved by all. For a food lover, there's no gift better than a card which allows them to eat their favourite food at KFC without paying anything. Purchase the card for someone special and let them enjoy the great taste at the nearest KFC restaurant. You can buy a KFC gift card from Amazon for Rs. 1000. The gift card is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. However, It can only be used for purchases in offline stores only.

Pizza Hut Gift Card

Gift pizza hut card to your friend and let them enjoy the tastiest pizza at pizza hut. Pizza hut is known for its Italian American cuisine menu, including pizza and pasta. Foodies love pizza hut for the deliciousness of the food they provide. Purchase a pizza hut gift card for a food lover, and they'll love you even more. You can buy the gift card from Amazon. The gift card can be used only once and is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.

Chocolate Box Subscription

Chocolates are loved and adored by all of us. Choose the unique handpicked goodies subscription for your friend. Choose the chocolates as per their taste, and let them enjoy a great mix of flavours and fall in love with freshly made chocolates all over again. They'll receive the box of fresh chocolates every month with a personalised gift note. You can buy chocolate box subscription at for various types of chocolates with different prices.

For Your Health-Freak Friend

And, we all have a friend who takes this way too seriously. If you're looking for gifting options for the friend who is a health freak, then the best gifts for that particular friend who are mentioned below :

Gold's Gym Membership Card or Voucher

Gold's Gym has over 50 years of fitness programming development experience. This is the best gift you can choose for a fitness freak. The gym trainers offer the best body exercises and women training programs. The price of the monthly membership is based on how old it is and the location of the gym. The gym is known for providing high-quality service and expertise training. Send the gift of fitness to your fitness freak friend in the form of a Gold's Gym membership.

Nutribox Subscription

Nutribox is a healthy snack box full of deliciously nutritious, gluten-free, MSG-free, and vegan products. Nutribox cookies focus on healthy snacking, cookies are made of grains and jaggery, and the ingredients used are natural vegetarian products. Purchase the Nutribox subscription for your friends and send them the gift of health and nutrition. The product can be bought from Amazon or directly from

For the Friend Who Loves Their Virtual Life More Than their Physical Life!

Chilling at home while having snacks is the favourite thing to do these days because of the lockdowns. So, for the friend who's all about virtual life and loves spending time with their laptops or mobile phones, you can consider the following virtual gifts:

Subscription to OTT Platforms

Over the Top (OTT) services allow you to stream media directly through the internet. It provides access to movies or TV shows or web series, anytime, anywhere. In India, Disney+ Hotstar is the most loved OTT platform, with over 400 million monthly active users. Other popular platforms include Amazon PrimeVideo, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, SonyLiv, Zee5 entertainment, Voot, and many more. So, give your friend the gift of total entertainment and access to the popular content available on the internet, and let them stream TV and movies live and online, and they'll love you for this! All the platforms have different content and different charges depending upon various plans. Choose the one as per your or your friend's choice.

Subscription to Music Services

What's better than a platform that gives you personalised experience as per your music taste, Bollywood, Indie Pop, Rock, Classical, Pop, etc. If your friend eats, lives and breathes music, then consider giving them a subscription to music service online. There are many applications that are popular for providing personalised experience. One of the most used platforms is Spotify, a digital music service that gives access to millions of songs. Other platforms include Wynk Music,, JioSaavan, etc. So, buy your friend a monthly or yearly subscription to one of the music services and give them the gift of music, where they can listen to their favourite artists, albums, and songs all day long, ad-free.

PlayStore or Appstore Gift Card

Google Play gives you access to all your favourite entertainment, including movies, android apps, games, and ebooks. Buy your friend a PlayStore Gift Card and give them the liberty to choose their favourite games like Clash Royale, Pokemon Go, and the best of movies and books. You can buy the gift card directly from PlayStore or from for a price ranging between Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000.

In the same way, AppStore Gift Card allows you to enjoy it in millions of ways. You can use the card to get apps, games, music, movies and TV shows, and access to iTunes. The card is compatible with Mac or windows. You can buy the card from or Amazon, the gift card is available in a multipack for different prices and services.

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Things to Keep in Mind

Just like actual gifts, your friend might want to exchange your virtual gift. So make sure that whatever you are buying, either comes with a long expiration date or a return and exchange policy. You should also see that whichever gift card you are getting them, gives them a diverse range of things to pick from, especially if you are not a hundred percent sure of the gift. This will allow your friend to be flexible with what they want to do with their virtual gifts, or if they want to save it and use it later for a future need.