Always Listen to the Latest and the Most Popular Tunes Through These 10 Great Music Apps (2020)

Always Listen to the Latest and the Most Popular Tunes Through These 10 Great Music Apps (2020)

In this article, we have recommended the best music apps available for iOS as well as android phones. We have detailed out their subscription fee as have also provided details regarding the content they provide. In addition to that, there are some bonus tips for you too!

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Benefits of Listening to Music

Music Makes You Happier

Philip Ball put it right, “the brain is a pattern-seeking organ, so it looks for patterns in music to make sense of what we hear”. If you want to expand your music options, stop judging the song on its first impression. Studies prove that we sometimes do not get comfortable with the new things, but grow fond of them with a little more time and repeated exposure. How many times did you have to listen to your favourite song again and again just to find out that you can’t stop grooving to it now? That’s precise because part of your brain likes knowing what is coming next. Listening to a song more than once enables your brain to adapt to it. It also allows you to understand the song better.

Music Increases Memory and Learning

“Music is the language of memory.” – Jodi Picoult

This quote perfectly underlines the next benefit of music. It has been identified in numerous researches that music allows you to learn and have a better memory. However, this also depends on whether you’re a musician or not. A group of participants were made to learn Japanese characters with music. Two types of music were played; the first that seemed neutral to the participants and the second that seemed pleasurable. A study showed that musicians learnt well with neutral music but showed even better results with pleasurable music. However, non-musicians learnt well with pleasurable music but learnt even better with neutral music. Now you know the trick to get better grades in your next exams.

Music Increases Verbal Intelligence

“Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.” – Modest Mouse

This is as true as it gets. York University managed one month of music lessons for children aged between four to six years, for research, that concluded that 90% of children had a significant increase in verbal intelligence. Another study performed on adult women resulted in the same outcomes that the musically trained women outperformed (on verbal tests) those women who received no music training. Other studies suggest that music training has a 'transfer' effect, which enhances the children’s capability to understand words better and express themselves creatively.

10 Best Music Apps for Everyone

Apple Music


No matter where you are, Apple music allows you to access any song in the library of Apple Music. It is a very well-designed app with numerous features, and it is available in both iOS and Android. It is only one of the “big four” that has a digital locker to store your library of songs. One most significant draw is that it has a service catalogue which has about 50 million songs. There are many other key features as well, which include documentaries about various concerts, bands and artists, and other music-related content. If you have an android phone, fret not. On Android, you have the service to stream directly to a Chromecast device, which not only makes it powerful but also very flexible.

Apple Music’s subscription is now offered for Rs.99 (1.43 USD) a month in India. Get ready, the app is about to take you on a musical roller coaster ride!

YouTube Music

YouTube music used to be very underrated in the past decade, but ever since then, it has only gained popularity. YouTube Music is now the most popular free music app around the globe, allowing you to find almost anything you’ve heard of virtually. Every artist has a presence on YouTube. You can get access to live shows, music videos, and every band performance from time to time. You can also make your own playlist.

The basic model of YouTube allows you to access most of your requirements. However, it is an ad-supported platform that can be taken care of by the premium subscription of YouTube. In India, the ad-supported version of YouTube Music is free. However, YouTube Music Premium will cost Rs.99 (1.43 USD) per month.



Spotify is one of the massive platforms in the music industry. It is known as one of the best music players allowing access to more than 40 million tracks and possessing around 80 million subscribers. The mobile app has the same features and characteristics and the desktop counter-part, offering you to stream entire albums or single songs with additional options to create your custom playlist. The interfacing of the app has Chromecast support. It has numerous features like it allows you to listen to the kind of songs you have considered in your past music history.

The free version of Spotify is not as robust as the premium one. A free account gives you access to all songs, but you can only use the shuffle play option after having premium access to everything for the first few days. In India, a Spotify subscription costs Rs.129 (1.7 USD) per month.



This splendid app started off as Saavn in 2007. Then, it merged with Jio Music and is now famous as JioSaavn. It has a plethora of great qualities. To begin with, its interface is great, it is clean and you won’t find yourself trapped between ads after every song. You’ll find music as well as the lyrics of these songs. As far as the track availability is concerned, tracks are available in multiple languages and there are podcasts as well. In terms of music quality, the app is pretty decent. Even though HD is paid, the sound output with earplugs is amazing.

When it comes to pricing, it is very affordable. You get a one-week free trial. However, to proceed further you can either opt for an Rs.99 per month plan or Rs.299 per year plan.

Amazon Music

Amazon showed their interest in the music industry quite late. However, their app is a very convenient platform for music lovers. It allows you access to a bunch of free songs and consists of our entire cloud player library, which includes uploaded songs and the purchased songs from Amazon. It has recommended radio stations and playlists that are gathered around your favourite artists. Amazon Music collects this information from your music history.

Amazon Music unlimited allows you access to millions of songs. In contrast, Amazon Prime offers you 2 million songs; however, this is relatively less than what Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music provide you. In India, an Amazon Prime subscription costs Rs.129 (1.7 USD) per month.


If you are a fanatic of classic music, Idagio is the ultimate music app for you. It delivers you a platform to stream a variety of classical music. You can also filter out the content you want to hear on the basis of soloist, composer, orchestra, and more. It enables you to track down music, accesses it quickly and compares music by various performers. You can also make your custom playlists, adding your favourite songs. In this way, this app provides you with a personalized experience when it comes to music.

The free version of Idagio allows you access to limited music, but don’t worry. The premium subscription has a lot to offer! If it enables you on-demand yet prompt access to songs without any ads. It also allows you access to music offline. IDAGIO Premium costs 9.99 USD (Rs.758) worldwide.


It is one of the best free music apps available right now, which allows you access to the songs even when you are offline. When you sign up, you will be asked to select your favourite artists around which Audiomack will recommend radio stations and playlists. It offers you access to a variety of songs, playlists, and mixtapes from various genres. You can also add comments to the songs; this feature allows the users to read the reviews and evaluate the song even before listening to it.

You can also pay an extra 5$ (Rs.379) for the premium subscription, which allows you to have the experience of music without any interruption of ads. The premium also allows you access to around 4 million tracks on Audiomack.

TuneIn Radio

There was a time when people were very interested in internet pirate radio. Well, some are still interested; and for them, TuneIn grants the most significant access to several live radio stations from all around the globe. TuneIn offers you to stream not only music but sports, TV shows, talk shows, and even news. It boasts of over 100,000 stations that cover all genres of music and provides access to other essential data as well.

You don’t need to opt for the premium version for merely the music. However, it does offer audiobooks, live sports broadcasting, and so much more. TuneIn’s premium service provides radio access to live NFL, NBA, and NHL games, and listening to ad-free music for 9.99 USD (Rs.759) a month. But if you’re not interested in that, you can still access the live radio stations for free.



There is a wide range of community of artists, bands, musicians, and podcasters on the next app. SoundCloud contains the ultimate content of the full site, offering you to listen to songs, search new artists, and even post your content on the website. That is how SoundCloud became the perfect platform for artists to reveal their talents from all across the globe. Right now, it boosts around 125 million tracks with an option to change and play anytime you like. You also have the perk of switching apps and listening to background music.

The free version of SoundCloud mostly offers access to independent artists. However, premium subscription delivers you the opportunity to listen to the BIG names of the music industry. People who intend to upload their songs on SoundCloud can get extra space on the platform for 6$ a month while the listeners can get a subscription for 5$ (Rs.379) per month.

Wynk Music by Airtel

Wynk Music is an amazing app for users in India. Even though the interface isn’t very exceptional in that it entails features that are provided in other apps as well, you get one amazing feature. This amazing feature is the app consists of an update icon where you are notified about the latest releases. Also, the search button allows you to check the trending tracks. In terms of voice search, it inculcates Google Voice Search and the results are pretty accurate. In terms of track availability, multi-language tracks are easily accessible.

Now comes the pricing. You don’t have to pay for HD quality playback; however, for downloads and an ad-free experience, you need a premium package which is available at Rs.49 per month or Rs.349 per year.

Tips to Enjoy Music

Use Headphones Over Earphones

Headphones are the compressed forms of the speakers, while earphones are even more compressed than headphones. However, earphones usually have a higher pitch output that headphones, which can affect your hearing sense in an adverse way as they are very close to your eardrums. Headphones are also more effective in blocking out the background noise. This means they let you have a better experience with the details of the music you listen to.

Try Something New

If you’re a music-lover, you must have your go-to artists, and you prefer listening to their tracks. However, you should keep trying the new artists to gain a much broader experience. New music inspires creativity within you. You develop your personality with the change in music, like people who listen to rap music are always energetic. However, they could explore the country music to gain soothing feelings for a break.

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Music is the Song of the Soul

Music is very effective in changing your mood. In trying times, when you feel anxious or restless, you can listen to some soothing music to help you calm down. While working out, peppy beats help you get into a rhythm and keep going. Sometimes, music also helps you learn things faster and some people prefer listening to music while they are reading. Have a good time listening to your favourite music from one of these apps!