An Accessory which is a Must-Have for Bike-Riders in Today's Times: 8 Best Mobile Holders for Bike (2020)

An Accessory which is a Must-Have for Bike-Riders in Today's Times: 8 Best Mobile Holders for Bike (2020)

There a few factors to be considered before you buy the perfect mobile holder of your bike. Below, we tell you what these factors are and bring you a curated list of the best mobile holders for a bike that you can order right away.

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Why Using a Mobile Holder for Bike is a Smart Choice!

If you are a biker and love to seek adventures in new places, you should have a mobile holder for your bike. It makes life a lot easier and won't let you get lost while you venture on new roads. It is a convenient gadget which is gaining popularity recently.

These mobile holders let you navigate unknown territories with ease and help you keep your focus on the road. It is also a useful tool for city riders, especially in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc., where it can get really tough to find places. You can always carry your phone in your pocket, but it is difficult to check the navigation while driving; therefore, a mobile holder is always a better choice.

The best part about these mobile holders for the bike is that they are compact and are specially designed for your bike. They are made with sturdy materials and are quite durable. They keep you connected to the world while both your hands are busy driving. Most of them are waterproof, shockproof, and vibration-free to keep them safe and prevent them from falling off your bike. A couple of other benefits of these are:

  • They keep your phone charged while you are driving on long routes
  • They prevent accidents as your hands are free and you can focus on the road.

Different Types of Mobile Holders for Bikes and How to Install Them

If you are looking for a mobile holder, you need to know the kinds of holders available. You can find many different kinds of holders, but the four major kinds are as follows:

  • Ram mounts hold your phone in an X shaped grip.
  • There are mounts with a case in which you can attach your smartphone into.
  • You can also find mounts that come with a waterproof cover.
  • Then there are the universal brackets that have two grips on the side and can accommodate both large or smaller phones with ease.

Installing these mobile holders is quite easy. You can either have a professional do it or check out these videos mentioned below and learn to do it yourself.

Being biker is a good channel that has several videos for bike lovers. The video mentioned below teaches you how to install your mobile bike holder easily. Check out the video on Youtube.

Another good video to learn installing your holder in place is from Rev Explorers. The channel has several videos that give good reviews on bikes and installing different accessories. You can check out the video and learn how to make your own waterproof mobile holder for the bike with a simple hack. Check out the video on Youtube.

8 Mobile Holders for Bike You Can Order Online

Here are 8 top bike mobile holders you can find online or in the market. They have great features and will make your ride comfortable and fun.

AutoSun Spider Bike Mobile Holder with USB Charger

The AutoSun spider bike mobile holder has a USB charger that will keep your phone juiced up during your drive. It is made with high-quality metal and holds on to your bike, avoiding it from falling on bumpy roads. You can adjust your phone from different angles, and the frosted rubber feet will help to keep it in place. The holder is compatible with 3.5 - 6.5 inches phone. It also looks stunning and is quite stylish. You can find it on for Rs. 1,299.

Grand Pitstop Universal Bike Mobile Holder with Charger

If you are looking for an affordable and compact mobile holder for your bike, then you can check out the Grand Pitstop universal holder. This X grip holder fits almost all the phones perfectly and makes all the buttons on the phone accessible. The 5v 2a output keeps your phone charged as long as you are driving. The sleek design of the holder makes it look very trendy. Simply fix the clamp on the handlebar and adjust the holder on the angle you want. Connect the charging wire to the battery and connect the mobile with the holder, and you are all set to ride. You can order this mobile bike holder for Rs. 549 from

Chevik Get Addicted X-Grip Bike Mobile Holder With Charger

Another suitable bike mobile holder for you is the Chevik X grip holder, which perfectly fits your bike and holds the phone securely. It is made with high strength composite and stainless steel with silicone rubber tips to keep your phone safe. It is also shockproof and waterproof, so don't let the rain stop you from having fun. The holder comes with a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects and has great lifetime customer support. You can buy it for Rs. 999 from

Autofy A-12 X-Grip Bike Mobile Holder with Phone Charger

The Autofy A 12 x grip bike mobile holder comes with a one-year unconditional warranty and lifetime customer support. It is a universally suitable holder with an eagle claw design that can be expanded up to 100mm + in wideness and holds your phone from all four corners. It also comes with an anti-slip soft-touch rubber padding to prevent scratches on bumpy roads. The holder is 360-degree rotation free as it comes with a pivot ball design. It is made with a high-quality alloy rugged CNC aluminum body which makes it corrosion free and durable. You can keep your phone charged throughout your ride with its 5V USB port operating at 12V - 24V. You can buy this cool bike mobile holder for Rs. 1,608 from

OAHU® Bike Phone Mount, Universal Mobile Holder

Next, you can check out the OAHU bike phone holder. It is made with four non-slip corners to prevent it from falling. You can easily adjust the angle with its rotatable 360 degree design, making it easier for you to comfortably check out navigation. It also has foam pads to prevent your phone from being scratched. The 5v 2a output keeps your phone charged as long as the engine is running. This is a cool mobile holder for riders, and it also very affordable. You can buy it for Rs. 479 from

UDee Waterproof Bike/Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder

Riders love to ride in the rain, but if you use a mobile phone holder, it may prevent you from doing so unless it is waterproof, of course; if not, you can by the UDee waterproof phone holder for your bike. This is a great holder that comes with a waterproof pouch as well. You can easily use the touch screen on the phone while having it inside the cover. It has 360-degree rotation for you to adjust it to any angle you want. You can order it from for Rs. 550 only and ride with your sweetheart in the rain again.

Strauss Bike Mobile Holder

The Strauss bike mobile holder is yet another good holder you can buy for your bike. You can use it for different mobile phones and install it easily on our motorcycle or bicycle. It is made to fit tubular handlebar sizes up to 30mm or 1.2 inches. It locks your phone safely and protects from scratches with its protection pads. It is effortless to install or remove this holder, and you can do it at home itself. The mobile holder is available for Rs. 245 only on

Bobo Claw-Grip Aluminium Bike Phone Holder

Lastly comes the Bobo claw grip bike phone holder. This compact holder with a claw grip expands to fit phones from 4.0 - 6.5-inch screen without hiding any buttons on it. The claw grip keeps the phone in place all the time, and the foam pads and silicone bands keep it safe. You can rotate the phone to any angle by using the rotating knob. The holder comes with the tools and spare parts you'll need to install it at home. It also comes with a 6-month warranty, and a money back guarantee on manufacturing defects. You can buy it for Rs. 1,799 from

What to Look for in a Mobile Holder for a Bike

Here is a list of things you should look for when buying a mobile holder for bike.

  • Look for a universal holder so that you can use it even if you change your phone.
  • Your mobile holder should also be waterproof, shockproof, and vibration-free so that it stays safe on the bike.
  • Try to buy a holder with a 360 rotation feature to make navigation easy for you.
  • You can buy mobile holders without charging option too, but it is better to buy one which charges your phone to keep your phone working on long routes.
  • Look for one with a compact design which sits firmly on your bike.
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The simplest of disturbance can prove to be disastrous while riding bikes at high speeds. When you're buying an accessory such as this mobile holder for bike, always consider buying branded products that have positive reviews from many customers so that you can know that the product is reliable and you can enjoy your ride hassle-free!