A High-Quality Fast Charging Cable is Important to Charge Your Smart Device Quickly: Check out the Best USB Fast Charging Cables and Important Factors to Consider While Buying One (2021)

A High-Quality Fast Charging Cable is Important to Charge Your Smart Device Quickly: Check out the Best USB Fast Charging Cables and Important Factors to Consider While Buying One (2021)

Your smartphone or tablet with its multiple energy-sapping apps drains a lot of battery fast. You need a high-quality fast-charging USB cable to charge up your smart devices quickly, whether you are at home or outside, and remain connected. This BP Guide will help you understand which factors to keep in mind when buying a USB fast charging cable and the best ones currently available in India.

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Fast Charging USB Cables are Helpful

Like everyone else, you too would have had occasions when you find yourself waiting impatiently for your phone to charge. It does not require you to be a technology geek to want your devices charge faster. Most devices come with chargers, but they usually take a long time to charge the device. At times, you may also find yourself needing a charge while travelling in your car. Several options are available, but not all of them ensure that the device will be charged faster.

Fast charging is a new technology that can vastly improve the usability of a device you carry. This newer technology can charge your smartphones up to 75% faster than the earlier processes. It is also more convenient for you as it takes lesser time to charge your device fully. These cables can also be used to transfer data at lightning speeds too.

The market is flooded with similar products, and it becomes difficult for you to select the best USB fast charging cable. We will discuss the factors to consider when choosing the best fast charging cables that are currently available.

Factors to Consider When Buying a USB Charging Cable

The Cable Length

When you are buying a charging cable, many of you may prefer a longer cable. It helps in charging devices wherever they are kept in the room. You may wish to use the device while it is getting charged. The cable must also not get tangled while you are using it. If you want to use it for your computer terminal, you must be selective when choosing the cable. You must remember why you will need the charging cable, what all devices are to be charged and where you will charge them. If you wish to charge them in your car, the length must be such that it should not disturb the driver. Always keep in mind that the longer cables could affect the charging speed and get tangled up too.

The Thickness of the Cord

One of the essential factors that you must consider when buying a fast-charging USB cable is the product's durability. The ones with thin cables tend to wear out faster. The thickness matters more for the longer cables; else, you may have to replace it within a few weeks. As a thumb rule, you can select a product that has a thick wire on the outside. They usually have bigger wires within them that can carry more power to charge the device.

The slimmer cables can also get warm quickly and can lead to issues in the long run. They will also lead to lower charging speeds and create problems in data transfer. It is also suggested that you buy a certified cable. There are several USB-IF cables available online.


One of the several reasons that affect the durability of these cables is their coiling when packing into your purses, bags, etc. You must ensure that only the best quality materials are used to make the product. There are several unbranded products that you can get for less, but they are not made to ensure durability. The durable products may cost more but can nullify the cost by lasting longer.

You must research the materials that are used to produce these cables. You can go through the product descriptions of the product before deciding. It is suggested that the product is adequately strengthened at the stress points. Always check the material that is used to make the cable. It should be made from strong yet light materials that can provide the needed durability to the cable. Also, the braided cables are known to last longer than the standard ones.

Technology Involved

It is necessary to buy products that cater to the latest technology. The charging cable must be compatible with the newer devices while ensuring that they can charge fast. The cables are also being used for fast data transfer. Most of the new devices support Type-C USB ports, and the cable must also support it.


You must also consider the functionalities of the charging cable. It is better to use a cable with multiple tips, and you can use it as a micro-USB and for fast charging. Also, consider the capacity of the cable, and it must support at least 3–5 Amps to allow fast charging of the devices.

Best USB Charging Cables Available in India in 2021

It is necessary to charge your devices and to transfer data that is sensitive. These activities must be carried out carefully, and specialised USB charging cables are needed. The emerging technologies require you to use Type-C cables as the newer devices are moving to this technology. We have put forward some of the best USB fast charging cables for you.

AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB-A 2.0 Male Cable

Source www.amazon.in

If you are looking for a Type-C charging cable, this model from AmazonBasics could be the answer. Apart from fast charging, you can also sync other files and music using the cable. It is a 3 feet long cable that can help you to charge further from the device. It can also help you to connect any Type-C device with any standard USB Type-A device.

The charger has a reversible design, and you can insert the charger through any side. It is certified by USB-IF for compliance with USB 2.0. It supports a data transfer rate of 480 Mbps and offers a 3A fast charging mechanism. It is durable and is made from high-quality material. One of the critical features is that the Type-C port is around one-third the height and half the width of any standard USB-A connector. The 3 feet cable is priced at ₹ 329.00 on Amazon.

RSC Power+ Compatible Dash/Warp Data Sync Fast Charging Cable

Source www.amazon.in

This charging cable has a Type-C USB port and supports any Type-C device. This 5V/3.5A round cable and car charger can charge around 50% within half an hour. It is made from anodised aluminium and has a smooth black finish. There is a solid joint between the connector and the cable to reduce pressure during turns and twists. It is durable and has a 5,000 bending lifespan. It comes with an auto-detect technology that automatically detects the device and charges it at the fastest speed. It is priced at ₹ 439.00 on Amazon.

Mivi Tough Micro USB Cable

This brand is known for high-speed data transmission apart from its fast charging. It also ensures the safety of the connected device. The product is sleek and durable due to the nylon braiding that makes it last much longer than the standard cables. The cable is made from thick copper wire that helps to charge devices faster.

The product is AWG twisted, which helps in anti-interference and delivers the maximum signalling rate. It also has a USB IF compliant chip compatible with Android phones, computer peripherals, etc. The 6 feet long cable allows you to reach the devices that are away. The brand has excellent customer service and comes with a 1-year manufacturer guarantee. It is priced at ₹ 399.00 on Flipkart.

URBN Micro USB 3 Amp Fast Charging Data and Sync Cable

Source www.amazon.in

The micro USB cable supports 480 Mbps data transmission speeds apart from 3A fast charging. It is made from dual-coated TPE materials and has reinforced tips. It can withstand 15,000 bends and has been tested accordingly and can ensure the product's durability. It is tangle-proof too and compatible with Quick Charge adaptors. The cable is compatible with Android smartphones, tablets and various other devices. The 4 feet cable is priced at ₹ 199.00 on Amazon.

Mi 2-in-1 USB Cable (Micro USB to Type-C) 100cm

Source www.amazon.in

This cable comes with 16 conductors and has high-quality copper braids. The copper wire is reinforced with 250D nylon, making it more durable and making it last longer than the regular cables. It supports high data transfer speeds of 480 Mbps and a 2.4A charging capacity. The product can also be used to charge micro USB and Type-C devices. It comes with a 6-month limited warranty. It is priced at ₹ 269.00 on Amazon.

WeCool Nylon Braided Unbreakable Charging Cable

Source www.amazon.in

This product is known for its great quality and is made from thick copper wire and multi-layer shielding. It supports all smartphones that support USB interfaces, and you also get 3A charging speed. It can withstand rough usage due to the nylon braiding. It is 1 metre long that allows you to charge devices anywhere. It can also support data transfer speeds of 480 Mbps.

The cable prevents excessive currents from passing and is known to be safe. It is compatible with all micro-USB enabled devices apart from tablets and Android smartphones. It ensures durability and stretch resistance too. It is priced at ₹ 199.00 on Amazon.

boAt Indestructible USB Type-C to USB-A 2.0 Male Cable

Source www.amazon.in

This product looks elegant and is aesthetically designed with nylon braiding all over it. It is a reversible Type-C cable compatible with almost all devices that support a Type-C port. This 2-metre-long cable is tangle-free. It helps in faster data sync and supports several devices. The aluminium ends and the high-density nylon braiding ensures that it is sturdy.

It's user-friendly design allows you to insert the connector correctly, every time. It supports 3A fast charging and ensures 480 Mbps speed data transfer. It is a multi-purpose cable and has a USB Type-A at one end and a USB Type-C at the other. It has a lifespan of 10,000+ bends and has tangle-free resilience. The 1 metre long is priced at ₹ 429.00 on Amazon.

Belkin 3.1 USB-A Male to USB-C Cable

Source www.amazon.in

This cable from Belkin allows charging USB-C devices. It is more efficient than USB 3.0 products and can ensure up to 10 Gbps data transfer rates. It is so fast that you can transfer entire HD movies within minutes. You can easily sync your data, videos and photos on your laptop. The product also helps to connect standard USB-C devices with USB-A devices like your hard drive, computer terminal, etc.

The product can support 3A charging power output and can also support all future USB-C built-in devices. It is the optimal structure with a crimp lock metal shield. There is also a flexible cable TPE jacket along with sideband lines for alternate mode A/V applications. It reduces radiation emitted, and the metal shield provides additional strength. The polycarbonate connector housing is durable and ensures USB-IF compliance. The 3.3 feet cable is priced at ₹ 999.00 on Amazon.

pTron Solero Swing 3-in-1 Fast Charging 2A Cable for Type-C, Micro and iOS

Source www.amazon.in

This cable from pTron is the one of choice when you are travelling. You can quickly charge several devices simultaneously. The Type-C connector can support charging speeds up to 3A, while the others can support charging speeds until 2A. The product is made from a durable core along with a robust exterior jacket with aluminium. It can charge any smartphone as it has iPhone USB, Type-C and micro USB ports.

You need not carry several charging cables. The nylon braided USB-A to Type-C cable has quickly passed the 10,000-bend test. It is made from high-quality wires and can outlast your devices too. It can support data transfer speeds of 480 Mbps and measures 3.9 feet. It is priced at ₹ 349.00 on Amazon.

Priefy Fast Data Sync Fast Charging Cable

Source www.amazon.in

The irregular resistance in a charging cable can damage the ports very soon. You must use the best quality products to prevent damage to your devices. This fast data sync and charging cable from Priefy has 56K ohm resistance and ensures that your devices remain unharmed. It is also compatible with all OnePlus 6T/6/5T/5/3T/3 enabled devices.

It is a certified USB-IF product that ensures the safety of the device port and the charging cable. There is a clip that allows you to pack it easily. The cable supports 5V 4.0A charging speeds and ensures that your device gets charged faster. It can also switch to the protected mode automatically once the device gets fully charged. The cable is priced at ₹ 399.00 on Amazon.

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Evaluate Fast Charging Cables Carefully Before Buying

Once you have decided to buy a USB fast charging cable it is important to carefully evaluate the cables available in the market before deciding the best one which meets your requirements perfectly. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you understand the important factors to keep in mind for this evaluation and also the best products currently available in India. Stay connected with us for more engaging content.