Click Even More Stunning Pictures with Your Phone with this Basic Accessory: Best Mobile Holders for Tripods You Can Buy in India (2021)

Click Even More Stunning Pictures with Your Phone with this Basic Accessory: Best Mobile Holders for Tripods You Can Buy in India (2021)


No matter what you do, it is almost impossible to click those wallpaper-like still shots with our hands, which is where a tripod stand comes t our rescue, but what if you could click those fantastic photos from your phone as well? If you happen to have a tripod stand, then here's one accessory you cannot miss to have - find below the best mobile holders for tripods you can buy online.

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Understanding Tripods and Their Importance

Most of you have seen tripods and must have a fair idea about this three-legged instrument, and as the name suggests, a tripod is a stand with three legs that are generally used for photography and engineering purposes. You may have seen photographers, press reporters, and engineers involved in road projects, using large and heavy tripods. But the continually improving cameras of smartphones have encouraged the masses to have more interest in photography than ever before as there is no cost involved while you click terrific photos from your phone.

This trend, however, has created a new market for small tripods, which are meant especially for mobile phones and are generally shorter in length than the traditional tripods used by professionals. Most of these small tripods are of lesser quality and strength as compared to the big tripods to keep the cost-optimal, but they do the job perfectly by keeping your mobile intact while you are recording a video selfie or shooting at a party. Apart from the three legs, the tripod has an attachment on the top where you can fit a mobile or camera, and the ball head allows easy and 360-degree rotation of the device attached. Tripods can be made of fibre, plastic, steel, aluminum, etc. One can choose the tripod as per their usability and requirements.

Benefits of a Mobile Tripod: A Useful Accessory for Great Mobile Phone Photography

Using a tripod for mobile comes with multiple benefits. You would be surprised to see the difference between a photograph that is shot using bare hands and the same shot being captured with the help of a tripod as stability matters a lot in photography. People who are not professional photographers may have a problem keeping their smartphones steady while taking a photograph. A standard device's shutter speed is 1/60th of a second, so you may have to hold your breath to avoid blur photographs or video footage while shooting from your smartphone if you are not using a tripod. But using a tripod takes care of the stability issue.

Moreover, a tripod is also a useful tool while taking long-exposure photographs like shooting the stars or photos in dim light where you need to expose the scene for a longer time to the light to get natural-looking photos instead of bombing the photo with a flash and ruining it. Also, while taking panoramas, you need a steady shot that a tripod can easily get to get a full view portrait. If you are obsessed with selfies and want a full portrait of yourself where you aren't visible holding a phone, then you can use the timer function of the camera or a wireless remote, keep the mobile on a tripod and get amazing self photos.

Why Using a Mobile Holder for Tripod Can Improve Your Photographs

A mobile holder for a tripod is a small accessory that is either available with a tripod or one has to purchase it separately. In both cases, it's a detachable part of a tripod, which is necessary to mount a camera or mobile phone over a tripod. A mobile holder for a tripod helps keep your mobile intact, safe, and sturdy while you are capturing a picture or shooting a video. Few mobile holders for a tripod are available with a complete set which includes a handle through which you can easily rotate the smartphone in accordance with your convenience.

These mobile holder attachments come in different designs and a material like hardened plastic and metal, etc., and there is one available for everyone and in every budget. Few of these accessories also come with a wireless remote through which you can rotate them and use it as a remote for clicking pics or shooting videos.

Best Mobile Holders for Tripod Available in India

While we discuss the best mobile holder for a tripod, this is an accessory minus where a tripod is of no use, and mobile photography enthusiasts may find this a useful tool for capturing pics. However, different people may have different requirements and budget for a mobile holder for a tripod; thus, we have chosen the ten best mobile holders for tripods and segregated them into two categories, which are – below Rs. 2000 and over Rs. 2000. So, let's check a few models of this essential accessory for your mobile tripod.

Best Mobile Holder for Tripod under 2000

ULANZI ST-06 Camera Hot Shoe Phone Tripod Mount

This tripod mount by Ulanzi is made of superior quality aluminum, manufactured by the ULANZI Select, thus quite strong and durable. It's easy to install on a tripod, and you don't need any tools for the fitting, while the cold shoe mount allows you to attach multiple devices with the phone like a microphone or a small light. The wide grip can easily clutch any modern phone with 11.68 x 4.57 x 3.56 cm dimension. You can easily fit the latest models of Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony, and One Plus, etc., along with the phone case in this tripod mount. The accessory supports portrait as well as landscape mode to click selfies, vlogging, panoramic shots, Facebook live, and even for those work from home meetings. The item weighs 45 gm and can be ordered from for Rs. 979.

Phone Tripod Mount with Remote 360 Rotation

This phone tripod mount by Jansite is a smart accessory that can be controlled via a Bluetooth remote with a lanyard. The 360-degree rotation gives you the freedom to keep the phone in a horizontal, vertical, and even diagonal position while you click pictures or record videos. The Bluetooth remote is small and can be easily fitted in a keychain; you can click perfect selfies and photos easily with the help of this remote. The mounting locations on the mount help you use it with a monopod or selfie stick as well, and the durable and robust body of the accessory makes it long-lasting and usable in any weather. You can buy this mobile holder for a tripod for Rs. 1,409 from

Life Music Tripod 3388, Smart Foldable Tripod Kit

This is a complete set of the tripod and an adapter for mobile holders by Life Music, which can hold mobile phones and a video camera, point, and shoot camera, film camera, DSLR camera, and a medium format camera. This camera's load capacity is 3000 gm, and the height range of the aluminum alloy legs is between 350 mm to 1100 mm. The best part is that you get a Bluetooth remote control, which can be used to click photos without even touching your mobile. The flip-lock at the legs can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease the tripod's height, and the legs have a folding angle of 50 degrees while the tilt angle of the tripod is 135 degrees. This useful tripod kit can be ordered from for Rs. 899.

Ailun Phone Holder, Tripod Mount Adapter

This easy to install tripod mount adapter is easy to install on a tripod and can be screwed directly with the pivoting arm's help. This allows a 360-degree rotation of the mobile phone. The inner padding on the adapter ensures that your mobile is well clasped and avoids any accidental falls. The standard ¼ inch screw fits almost all the tripods, monopods, and selfie sticks, thus help to shoot steady videos and click excellent pictures. The compact size of the adapter makes it portable and can be easily carried even in your pocket. Ailun Phone holder has a retractable and detachable holder that easily fits most of the smartphones, which are 56 mm to 105 mm wide, and this product is available on for Rs. 1,499.

Yantralay Mobile Bracket Tripod Mount Adapter

A simple and cheap mobile holder for tripod yet effective and a good quality product by Yantralay, this mobile bracket adapter has a ¼ inch – 20 standard screws through which it can be easily mounted on any tripod or selfie stick. A useful tool for quick mount and shoot for smartphones, the adapter can be mounted in both horizontal as well as vertical angles and is compatible with Samsung, Apple, One Plus, Redmi, and most of the latest smartphones.

The adapter dimensions are 7 cm x 5 cm x 2 cm, and it weighs only 15 gms. The adapter has a size adjustment knob, protective non-slip grip for the safety of your smartphone, and you can order the Yantralay Mobile Bracket Tripod Mount Adapter from for Rs. 179.

Best Mobile Holder for Tripod Over 2000

Adonit Photogrip Bluetooth Shutter Remote Selfie Stick Stand

This premium mobile holder for tripod comes with a selfie stick stand and transforms your phone into a camera with the look and feel of a real point and shoot camera. The mini tripod allows you to take impressive selfies and attend video calls uninterruptedly. No matter whether you are a student taking online classes or a professional attending an online meeting, it will never disappoint you.

Moreover, the ergonomic design makes it easy to hold with a comfortable grip, and you can shoot non-stop. You can take photos from as far as 10 meters away with the help of the Bluetooth shutter remote and never run out of power with the inbuilt 3000 mAh power battery, which provides wireless charging to your phone. The self-standing base can also be used as a phone stand for taking pictures even without the tripod. You get a carrying pouch and neck strap along with the tripod and the photo grip QI. The Adonit photo grid is listed on for Rs. 4,201.

Manfrotto PIXI with Universal Smartphone Clamp

This is a small but quality product by Manfrotto, which comes with a small tripod and a clamp to hold your mobile phone while capturing moments or making videos. The product dimensions are 26.01 x 7.62 x 7.62 cm, and it weighs just 215 gm while the stand has a weight-bearing capacity of 1000 gm. This accessory can be used as a handheld selfie grip and a tabletop tripod, thanks to the clamp's ergonomic design. The Manfrotto PIXI with Universal Smartphone Clamp comes with a push-button locking mechanism, and you can order it from Amazon for Rs. 8,234 with a 2–year warranty.

Generic 360 Rotatable Mini Stand Tripod Mount Phone Holder

This universal bracket by Generic can hold your smartphone as well as tablets and e-readers of up to 10 inches. Made from eco-friendly materials such as ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PVC and dimensions 102 mm x 85 mm x 20 mm, this tripod mount mobile holder is lightweight and easy to carry. The Generic 360 Rotatable Mini Stand Tripod Mount Phone Holder is easy to set up and use and is perfect for video blogging, self-portrait, etc, and you can own this unique mobile holder for a tripod for Rs. 2,509 from

DORESshop 10" Ring Light With Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder and Remote Control

This unique tripod stand by DORESshop is quite different in appearance than the regular tripod holders for mobile due to the ring light, which has a touchpad in the front, and you can turn on/off the light, switch the color mode and also adjust the brightness with the settings on this touchpad. The 10 inch light has 3 different modes to capture the perfect selfie, and a small tripod is also provided in this set, which can be ordered from

Ulanzi Mini Flexible Octopus Mobile Tripod with Phone Holder

Another masterpiece mobile holder for tripod by Ulanzi which is so flexible that you can use it anywhere; on mountains, in the jungle, while trekking or hiking as the octopus legs of the tripod can be twisted to fit the tripod on a tree, sit on a rock and can be even wrapped around the handle of a bike. This mobile holder and the tripod set is available on for Rs. 2,617.

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Do Consider Your Needs & Preferences Before Blindly Buying any Camera Accessory

Just because you say an ad on Youtube or read somewhere that you require that 50k tripod stand for your camera means it's an absolute requirement for you to take breathtaking photos! Most times, these ads are misleading, and all you require are some basic accessories which you can get without having to put a dent in your pocket; one example of which is this mobile holder for a tripod, which is not only budget-friendly but will make you appreciate how amazing this small accessory turned out to be. Hence, always be wary before buying any expensive accessories!