Nothing Could Be As Special As the Bond Between a Brother and a Sister! Choose a Gift for Your Brother Just As Special to Express Your Love!

Nothing Could Be As Special As the Bond Between a Brother and a Sister! Choose a Gift for Your Brother Just As Special to Express Your Love!


No other relationship is as pure and as full of love as that of a brother and a sister. So, whatever gift you choose for your dear brothers, it must reflect how much you know them and how much you care about them. For you, we have gathered a few ideas so you can choose according to the likes and dislikes of your elder or younger brother.

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Importance of Gifts

Gifts are a way to show your love towards someone. Giving gifts should not be a chore but it should come from the heart and gifts should be given without expecting anything in return. Gifts are a way to make your loved ones feel special and it shows that you have been thinking about the person and care about them.. Although receiving gifts is great but it brings a lot of satisfaction when you are the giver. When you see a smile on your loved once face, the effort of finding the best gift for them feels worth all the effort. Though you don't need an excuse to buy a gift for someone, some common occasions for buying gifts include birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or wedding.

One such valuable relationship is that of a brother and a sister. A brother and sister share a special bond with each other. You may find them fighting over every little thing but the love between them cannot be measured. If you are a sister and looking for a great gift for your elder or little brother, you should check out the list of things we have complied for you to choose from. These are some cool and useful gifts for brothers from sisters.

Perfect Gifts for Big Brothers

CrazyCrafts Metal Handmade Vintage Motor Bike Miniature


You have been watching your big brother drooling crazy over bikes all your life thus you might want to give him something related to bikes. Buying a bike is expensive and not all sisters can afford it but what a sister sure can buy is this Metal Handmade Vintage Miniature Bike for her brother. Your brother will love to keep it on his table or beside his bed and smile each time he looks at it. He will appreciate your thoughtfulness in buying something which he loves.

You can buy this beautiful bike for Rs. 669 from It is a miniature model of 19cm and is made of 100% metal. It is designed beautifully and has a great finish, giving it an original effect. Your brother will fall in love with it and would love to show it off to his friends with pride.

Gopro Hero 7 CHDHB-601-RW 10 MP Full HD Sports & Action Camera

If your brother is the kind of person who loves to pack his bag and travel, then you can give him this great Gopro Hero Action Camera. This Full HD sports and action camera will help him capture his memories and share them with everyone. He will absolutely love this useful gift and will be thankful for it. The camera comes with a CMOS sensor and is waterproof as well, therefore he can use it indoors or outdoors to capture the natural beauty. This camera is great in capturing every little detail of moving objects.

The coolest part of the camera is that it sends the pictures to the GoPro app, where you can add great music and effects to the pictures and share them with everyone. It also records great videos. The camera lets you shoot time-lapse videos that can transform longer clips into shorter ones thus making them easy to share. You can take 15 photos in a second with the burst mode. It also has voice control which lets you shoot videos or take pics on voice command. You can buy this wonderful gift for your traveller brother for Rs. 13,990 from

VR Entertainment Real Feel Virtual Reality Car Racing Gaming System

Wouldn't it be so much fun to walk in a dream world with your elder brother and have a blast while sitting in your living room? It's his birthday and you know that your brother can do anything to make you happy! Well now is the time to return his favour and get him something that he will absolutely love. Men or boys, in general, are competitive and love to play video games.

This VR Real Feel Car Racing Gaming System can be a great gift for a fun-loving brother. This gaming system comes with a 3D high definition graphics and has a patented Bluetooth steering wheel to give the feel of sitting in a real car and racing away. You can steer it and even control the brakes and accelerator. You won't even have to move your head to change your position in the game. The headset is made of foam and has adjustable straps for a proper fit; it also has a phone cradle so that you can position your phone in it without any problems. You can use the headset with your Smartphone as well as use tons of free VR apps in Google Play etc.

It is a cool game in which you can choose from four different cars and decide on 8 different tracks. It is easy to set it up. All your brother will have to do to enjoy a great afternoon is to put his smartphone or iPhone in the headset and start playing. He will thank you for this wonderful game and might let you try it out too. You can buy this game for Rs. 4,399 from

TRANIAC - Train Like A Maniac Gym Water Bottle


Your elder brother just graduated from college and his heart is set on keeping himself fit. There are hundreds of things to choose from but getting him a Gym water bottle would be a great idea as a gift. He will need to carry water with him to the gym and if you get him this Traniac Gym water bottle, he will appreciate it a lot. You should not think twice if you are looking for a gift for a fitness freak brother. He will love this gift and think of you each time he hydrates himself. You can buy this bottle for Rs. 849 from

There are many different types of bottles in the market but most of them are made of bad quality plastic and emit bad odor after a few months. Now, you don't have to worry about it. The Traniac gym water bottle is a 2.2ltr bottle. It is ultra strong and can be kept in 20 degree C to 120 degree C without breaking. He can throw it in the dishwasher or wash it with warm water without the fear of the bottle losing its shape or cracking. This water bottle is leak proof, therefore he will not have to worry about leaking water in the backpack. It is made of high quality tritan and does not have bpa or dehp. Your brother will always have safe and natural water to drink while he works out in the gym.

Jewel Fuel Playing Cards In 24 Karat Gold with Wooden Gift Box


If you are looking for a cool and unique gift for your big brother then you can buy these Jewel playing cards. The cards are 24 karat gold coated and come packed in a beautiful wooden gift box. This can be a great Diwali gift for your brother. It will make him the talk of the town between his friends when he takes these out for a game of cards.

The set of cards look rich and royal and he would love to flaunt it. The card set includes 52 cards with 2 jokers and a certificate of authenticity with it. Buy this great gift for Rs. 612 from snapdeal and surprise your brother on Diwali.

Gifts for Younger Brothers

You can't forget your younger brothers. They are your greatest companions. They love to play with you, bug you, respect you and they also take you as an idol. Here are a few gift ideas for those little brothers who are always around.

Table Football Game

It's the summer vacations and your brother is getting bored at home, this is the best time to give him a great gift which he can play for hours and you and your family members can join in to turn it into a family affair. Getting him a table football game will make him happy. Younger boys love to play games and getting him a table football game will make his jump.

This is a great game because it does not take up too much space and your brother can play at any time without having to go outside in the scorching summer heat. It will help him learn the rules of football and become a star between his friends. This game is made of 5/8 chrome plated rods and players. It is hand-painted with eco-friendly colours and is very attractive. You can buy this cool game for Rs. 2,390 from

Mickey Mouse Clock

Looking for a cute gift for your kid brother on his birthday? Get him this Mickey Mouse Clock for his room. Your mom will also be happy with the gift because she won't have to wake him up each morning for school, the alarm in the clock will do her work. This cute clock is very stylish and can be kept either on a table or can be mounted on the wall. It is made of medium density fiberboard. You can even personalize it and have his name or a cute message printed on it to make it even more special. Go ahead and buy this Mickey Mouse Clock for Rs. 599 from

Iron Man Gloves

Iron Man is one of the most famous superheroes among young boys. His looks and his cool suit amazes the kids and they love him for everything he can do. Your brother will love to have something related to Iron man. Get him this cool Iron Man Gloves with LED lights for his birthday and watch him go crazy with joy. You might have to buy some painkillers for the rest of the family as he will be jumping all over the house with the gloves and pretend to be Iron Man. You can buy this great gift for your naughty little brother for Rs. 4,480 from

Kindle Paperwhite (10th gen)


Are you tired of watching your little brother spending most of his days in front of the TV? You can buy him this amazing Kindle Paperwhite 10th gen for his next birthday and encourage him to develop some reading habits. This is a great gift for young kids and opens up a whole new world for them. This Kindle Paperwhite is the thinnest and lightest of all, therefore he can carry it with him during travel or picnics and enjoy reading his favourite books.

It has a glare-free display that will protect his eyes from harmful rays. It comes with 8GB storage therefore he can store tons of books in it and keep reading them for as long as he wants. It is waterproof and has a great battery backup which lasts for weeks with just one time charging. Go ahead and give him this great gift and start a new chapter in his life for just Rs. 12,999 from

Personalized Wooden Notebook

If you are looking for a unique gift for your little brother, look no further. Go ahead and buy him a personalized wooden notebook. It is a great gift which gives him an opportunity to start writing his own journal, you never know he might turn out to be a writer later on. Younger brothers are as precious as a gem. They bring an instant smile on your face and being an older sister you always want him to be happy and learn new skills.

You can get him this cool wooden notebook for Rs. 899 and teach him a new skill. He will love to note down the little things he does during the day and will love to read it when he gets older. The notebook has 70 pages and comes with a pen. It also has an elastic band which keeps the notebook closed and he can keep his secrets in it. You can buy this cute notebook for him from

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If You Want to Do Something Different....

The most unique gift for your sibling can be the memories of your childhood! Make a goody box of all the things which remind you of your childhood. It can contain things like candies, juice box and other edible items which are almost extinct now or you can try adding some photographs to bring a smile to their face. You can even add their old toys to remind them what they used to do as a child. They can cherish these memories or even share them with their future kids.