Want to Gift Something in a Jar? 10 Party Favor Jars and Ideas to Make Your Party Memorable by Creating Innovative Party Favour Jars for Your Guests (2020)!

Want to Gift Something in a Jar? 10 Party Favor Jars and Ideas to Make Your Party Memorable by Creating Innovative Party Favour Jars for Your Guests (2020)!

As a guest, the thing most of us look forward to in a party is no doubt the party favours! Kids and adults both look forward to receive this memoir at the end of the party. People usually make a lot of effort in planning the party favours for their guests. Our guide to making the best party favour jars will surely help you in making your party favour jars memorable for your guests.

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How To Give A Perfect Party Favor To Your Guests?

Personalise it

Is there a hobby or a craft that you are really interested in? Incorporating something that is handmade can add that little special touch, which would otherwise be missing from your party favour. Adding something with their name will make the guests remember your event/ party for a longer time, because they could feel the effort that you have put in making the party favour for them.


With the help of Youtube, you can find numerous DIY videos on how to create a perfect party favour. There are tons of ways in which you can create a party favour which your guests will actually like. Also, in the process of making a DIY party favor, you will also be saving a lot of money. This will also help in your budget along with helping you discover your own creative juices.

Season Appropriate

Consider the time of the year in which your event/ party is being held. This way, you can give season appropriate gifts. If it is winter season, you can gift something like coffee or chocolates along with something christmassy. Whereas in the summer season, you can gift something which is airy and light like marshmallows or jellybeans.

Something Edible

Everyone loves to munch on a little snack sometimes. Regardless of the kind of the event/ party you are hosting and also the reason of hosting the event, you can give your guests an edible food party favour to take back home and they will love to receive it. You can give food party favours like chocolates, cookies etc

Top 7 Options For Mason Jars To Give As Party Favours

Mason Jar With Handle And Lid

Do you wish to give your friends a useful party favour this time? Well, we've got you covered. Just purchase the Mason Jar with Handle and Lid also including a Straw. You can see your friends and family members faces light up with joy! These mason jars, brought to you by Amazon.in, is actually bought as a single piece. They are available in multicolours. The mason jars have a handle to hold them with and the lid of the mason jar has a hole through which you can pass the straw. This mason jar is dishwasher, freezer and refrigerator safe. It is priced at Rs 249 for a set of two. You can purchase this amazing mason jar from here.

Gracious Mart - Mason Jar with Handle Frosty Mason Jar with Strew and Lid for Beverage

Do you want to find a party favour jar which will allow your guests to carry their liquids and juices in a sophisticated manner? Well, if you answered yes to this question then this is the very thing that you've been searching for! It is the Peroni- Cuba Printed Glass Mason Jar With Straw. These mason jars come in a pack of two and they are round in shape. The capacity of each mason jar is 450 ml. They are made of glass and are transparent. The lid is in blue color and the straw, which comes along with the mason jar, is also in blue color. These mason jars are not microwave safe. You can purchase these mason jars from Amazon.in for just Rs 299. Buy yours now!

IVY Cylindrical Printed Mason Jar With Lid And Straw

Are you throwing a party and you want to give some memorable as well as useful party favours to your guests? If you answered yes to this particular question, this might be an ideal option for you, because it is not only going to be useful but it will be a memorable one as well. It is the IVY Cylindrical Printed Mason Jar with a Lid and Straw. The jar is cylindrical in shape and it has an attractive and colourful print all over it. The lid has an orange coloured print on it. There is a straw included with the jar. The capacity of this particular jar is 450 ml and you can carry any type of beverage in it-- right from chilled coffee to vegetable juice, and the jar will make it look appealing to the eyes. Purchase this jar from ShopperStop.com for Rs 129 now!

Good Stuff Mason Jar

Do you want to purchase and gift a party favour which your guests would love to use and carry along with them at all times? You should look into this ideal gift jar for you to use. It is the Good Stuff Mason Jar brought to you by archiesonline.com. This mason jar has "That's Good Stuff" written on both sides and it also has a purple coloured handle. It also comes with a straw, which again, is in purple colour. The lid of this mason jar is also purple in colour. The dimensions of this mason jar are 5x 4x 2.5 inches. This mason jar is made of glass material. The price of this is just Rs 499 and you can purchase it from here.

Quirky Monkey Flamingo Ceramic Mason Jar

Are you giving party favours for a girl? Is your party a flamingo themed one? If yes, then this is an apt party favour to give. It is the Quirky Monkey Flamingo Ceramic Mason Jar. This tumbler comes in an attractive design and will be a perfect addition to collection of mugs and sippers. It is easy to carry and also easy to wash. This tumbler is in white and pink colour and it has a pink lid. It also comes with a straw, which has a flamingo and pink in colour, too. The capacity of this tumbler is 400 ml. This glass is made of ceramic material and you can purchase it from firstcry.com for Rs 746.

Vibgyor-Cuba Textured Glass Mason Jar With Straw

Planning to present a party favor to your friends or family? Do you want it to be unique and not something common? Well, this jar, i.e. the Vibgyor- Cuba Textured Glass Mason Jar With Straw is the ideal one for you! The best part about these mason jars is that they are not cylindrical in shape, like the other jars available in the market. They are round in shape, in stead, and textured, too. These mason jars are made of glass material and have a handle to hold them with, which makes carrying them around very easy. They are available in colours green, blue, red and yellow and also come with a straw. These unique mason jars are brought to you by amazon.in and can be purchased for just Rs 399. Buy your pack of 4 mason jars now!

IVY Printed Transparent Mason Jar

One can never have enough mason jars at home. So, this time, why not gift a pretty mason jar as a party favour? This way, you are not only gifting a useful party favour but are also gifting a memorable one. The perfect mason jar to give as a party favor is the IVY Printed Transparent Mason Jar. This mason jar is a cylindrical one with a sturdy handle to hold it. It is transparent and has bicycles of different colors printed all over it. There are also random quote written on them like " Enjoy the little steps". The lid of this mason jar is in blue colour and the straw, which comes along with this mason jar, is also in blue colour. The dimensions of this mason jar are 13.3 X 9 X 2.7 cms. You can purchase this mason jar for Rs 129 from ShopperStop.com.

Ideas To Fill The Jars With!

Snow Globe In A Jar

To make snow globe in a jar, stick any ornament you want to the lid using a glue gun. Now add some hot water and a little amount of glue into the jar. You can also add some glitter, if you wish to make it look more visually appealing. Now, stir the contents of the jar and close the lid tightly. Shake and enjoy!

Organic Mason Jar Terrarium

The first step to make an Organic Mason Jar Terrarium is to choose a plant. Mosses and succulents work especially well in these types of projects. The next step to do is to take the mason jar and fill it with a few pebbles so that it looks attractive. Next, fill in some potting soil and then you can place the succulent or the moss plant. Tie a ribbon around the mason jar. Your perfect party favour is ready!

DIY Gel Air Freshener

To make a DIY gel air freshener, all you need to do is to boil a cup of distilled water with 4 packets of unflavoured gelatin and stir. You can add some food color to the mixture along with some essential oil and voila! Your DIY gel air freshener is ready! Put the gel into a jar to give away as a party favour to your friends and family.

Drawing Kit In A Jar

To make this party favour, all you need to do is to add some colour pencils, some washi tape and some markers inside a jar. You can also add any kind of stationery you like. This is a party favour which is suitable for children of ages 3 to 14.

Manicure Set In A Jar

This is an ideal party favour to give to girls. To make this party favour, first you need to put in some cotton balls inside the jar and then place the nail polish, nail file, nail clippers, travel size nail polish remover and a hand lotion. Then, fill up the remaining space using some more cotton balls, so that all the things inside the jar remain upright.

How To Gift Wrap Party Favor Jars?

Using A Fan- Fold

In this method, all you need is a sheet of wrapping paper and a glue stick, along with the jar you want to wrap. Place the jar on a table and then create fan-folds with the wrapping paper sheet. Then, with the help of a glue stick, paste a round cut- out of the wrapping paper, where the ends meet and voila! Your perfect gift is ready!

By Twisting The Ends

The requirements for this method are just a rectangular sheet of wrapping paper and some tape. Place the rectangular sheet on a hard surface and then place the party favour jar on top of it. Fold the sheet, so that both the ends meet and then twist the excess sheet on the sides. Keep the twist intact by securing it with a tape. If you want to make it look a little more pretty, you can also add ribbons on both sides.

Creating A Sack

In this method, all you need is a sheet of wrapping paper and a ribbon. Place the wrapping sheet on a hard surface and put your gift on it. Later, bunch up the excess sheet in a neat manner and tie a ribbon from the bottom to the top, securing all the bunched up wrapping sheet.

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When Should You Make The Favour Jars?

It depends on the filling you have planned to put inside the jars. If you are thinking of filling the jars with some edibles, then obviously you will have to fill them up right before the event, so as not to let them spoil. That is why most people use a non-edible filling, as it can be prepared much before-hand, leaving them little to do right before the party itself.