Cool 18 Trending Dragon Ball Z Gift Ideas for Boyfriend in 2020

Cool 18 Trending Dragon Ball Z Gift Ideas for Boyfriend in 2020

Fans will be thrilled to receive Dragon Ball Z gifts featuring their favourite characters from the show, whether for their birthday or Valentine's Day or just about any other day. If this sounds like your boyfriend then look no further. BP Guide India helps you understand what Dragon Ball Z is all about, and the hottest merchandise from the series so you can find the perfect Dragon Ball Z gift idea for your boyfriend.

Decoding Dragon Ball Z to Find the Right Gift for Your Boyfriend

Find His Favourite Dragon Ball Z Character and Get Related Merchandise

Valentine's day is the most special day when you are in love with someone, so are the birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and every other festival. With this comes the hardest part, choosing the gift for your loved one. Don't worry, Dragon Ball Z is here to save you. If your boyfriend is a die-hard geek then, your search ends here and if he is not, there are many geeky gift ideas that you can choose from.

The first step is to figure out which character, chapter or fight scene your boyfriend likes best. There are 14 main characters beside a whole bunch of antagonists and supporting characters, so get this right and your biggest hurdles are behind you.

As far as merchandise is concerned, there are a ton of options. You can get him a Dragon Ball Z's Vegeta Armour T-shirt and 'Goku' out of pocket t-shirt. The later one is the perfect gift if your boyfriend loves more of a minimalist style. The two are priced at Rs.1,330 and Rs.1,000 respectively on The website also has caps from the Dragon Ball Z squad such as the Goku cap retails at Rs.1,000. There are also cool lamps, apparel, figurines and a whole lot more.

On the other end of the spectrum, if your boyfriend is into anime, try to find his favourite Dragon Ball Z character and gift him the customised gifts from You would not believe the kind of reaction you will get when he unwraps it.

Make Sure You Understand Dragon Ball Z When Choosing a Gift

You should grasp the Dragon Ball Z storyline and concept enough to hold a surface conversation with your boyfriend. This will add the icing to the cake and surely will help you choose a better gift for him from the anime giant. So, let's get to know about the show a little.

Dragon Ball Z follows the adventures of Goku who, along with the Z Warriors, defends the Earth against evil. The action adventures are entertaining and reinforce the concept of good versus evil. Dragon Ball Z teaches valuable character virtues such as teamwork, loyalty, and trustworthiness. Vegeta is one of the main characters of the show and his saiyan armor is iconic. The other main character is Goku which is also widely popular among anime enthusiasts. One interesting fact is that Goku's fighting style is based on the choreography of Whitney Houston’s ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ music video.

Check What He Already Has so You Don't Repeat

No one likes the gifts on repeat especially if he is getting it from his beloved one.Think or check before buying a gift if he owns it already. It feels very limited if you get what you already have. Fans of this series tend to collect comic books, apparel and other merchandise quite frequently themselves, so for example, if he already has plenty of books, buy him an action figure or a a laptop skin instead.

You can be creative and buy multiple gifts from the Dragon Ball Z empire. This way it will be ensured that you are not repeating anything. Also, you can always buy the clothing as this section doesn't come under repeat but make sure you alter the style of clothing just to make sure.

10 Most Popular Dragon Ball Z Themed Gifts Ideas to Give Boyfriend

Dragon Ball Z Phone Case or Laptop Skin

If your boyfriend already has a lot of Dragon Ball Z merchandise, you can gift him the phone case cover and the laptop skin. There are cases and skins available of all the phones and laptops at at reasonable prices, you can pick one for your boyfriend.

The Goku Migate skin is an excellent choice to gift to him for his laptop. It has been custom cut to fit almost all the models of laptops on the market. This decal sticker offers easy, bubble-free installation and will fit both 14 inches laptop and 15 inches laptop. Thin and tough, it is resistant to minor scratches and will also protect his laptop. The gloss finish provides intense, vibrant colors and sharp line detail and it is also easy to remove and leaves behind no sticky residue. The skin is available at for just Rs.175. Another option is this Dragon Z laptop skin for 15.6 inch laptops available on Amazon for Rs. 225.

Dragon Ball Z Snapback Hat Cap

A variety of Dragon Ball z snapback hats are available at Gift him the trending Dragon Ball Master Roshi Kanji Kame Symbol hat from the website for just Rs.1,335. The hip-hop hat is made of cotton; it is unisex and fits all the sizes. This is a dream come true for the anime lovers who loves to wear hats. Gift your Mr. Love his dream if he falls into this category, otherwise also it is a pretty chill present.

Complete Dragon Crystal Ball Collection

Your boyfriend could be a collector. In which case, gift him all the 7 Dragon Crystal Balls and help his collection grow. The complete set can be bought from the for Rs.4,471.

The new Dragonball Z Stars Crystal Balls are large sized measuring 76 mm and are of high quality. They make for a cool and interesting gift to any Dragon Ball Z fan in your life! But before you do give it to him, take a moment to understand what they represent. Each of the crystal balls have five-pointed stars on them, ranging from 1 to 7 stars and also vary in sizes. On their own, they are quite harmless, but together they have the power to call upon the Eternal Dragon who can grant a single wish. And that's why you must give your boyfriend all seven.

Dragon Ball Z Heat Reactive Coffee Mug


The amazing Dragon Ball Z mug is all he needs to sip his favourite beverage in the morning. It will remind him of you every time he would sip from it. Imagine when he wakes up in the morning to get his coffee or tea and takes out the very mug to drink it from, it will instantly bring a smile on his face. The cool thing about this black ceramic mug is how it reacts to a hot liquid being poured inside. The mug features Goku powering up and when a hot liquid is poured inside his figure is outlined by a brilliant flash. You will be gifting more than a mug as it will be an experience for him each morning. You can buy this from Amazon for Rs.225. Since there are a number of options available on the site you can choose as per his favourite character.

Dragon Ball Z Print Clothing


It's a great idea to gift him the complete Dragon Ball Z clothing from cap and shirt to shorts and hoodie. Gifting your boyfriend clothes will never get old. You can buy the Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Brolly Kamehameha Printed Cotton T-Shirt from Amazon for just Rs.429. The t-shirt is printed using the highest quality inks and fabric, which lays down soft, durable, full color spectrum prints that last long even after several washes.

Dragon Ball Z Character Masks and Wigs

If your boyfriend is a geek he probably likes to collects costumes and other memorabilia from his favourite films, comics and books.

Depending on just how big a fan your man is of this series, costumes, wigs and masks based on Dragon Ball Z characters can be a great gifting idea. You are never too old to fool around and have fun with masks and costumes. Or perhaps your guy will love to go to a ComicCon dressed as Goku! Imagine the amount of fun you two will have together with the Dragon Ball Z props. You can get this fun Dragon Ball Z full costume from for Rs.2,384

Alternatively, gift him the Goku Saiyan Mask. This high quality mask is made of natural latex and is one size fits so will suit him well without any worry! Order it on Amazon for Rs. 4,045.

Dragon Ball Z Action Figures

If your boyfriend is a sucker for anime, then the Dragon Ball Z figures would be a perfect gift for him. Dragon Ball Z fans enjoy collecting character figures from different eras. Whether he likes a silly Dragon Ball Z collectible that shows the series' theme, Cha-La Head-Cha-La when it is picked up, or a serious Banpresto figurine of Super Saiyan Vegeta, there's sure to be an aspect of the hobby that he will like. Akira Toriyama created enough interesting warriors in his manga to keep you busy collecting action figures for a long time.

The character figure set from Dragon Ball featuring Goku & Vegeta SSJ4, Bardock Chibi - can the right choice for your beloved. He can display it at his room or even workdesk as his companions through the day. Order it on for Rs. 900

Angry Prince Vegeta Decal Skin for Sony Playstation 4

Boys do form an emotional connection with their PS consoles, you may have felt it too. Who thought decal skin for a console could be a great emotional support for your boyfriend and boost his gaming experience to a large extent. Gifting him the Angry Prince Vegeta Decal Skin for Sony Playstation 4 will make you more special in his eyes, yes you will earn some of his gamer respect. If your boyfriend owns a PS4, this is the most relevant gift you can present him. This skin will turn his console into a beast and make you more special in his eyes. It is available on for just Rs.1,330.

Dragon Ball Z Key Chain or Car Hanging


What could be better if your boyfriend remembers your gift every time he starts his car or simply hops in the car. Yes, it can be possible by gifting him the coolest Dragon Ball Z car hanging or a key chain. The figure of Goku hanging above the dashboard will generate enough power to energize the relationship and sustain him through the horrendous traffic jams. You can get this one from for just Rs.280.

If your budget allows it, check out this Crystal Glass Collectible Key Ring which gives out a multicolour effect. Order it on Amazon for Rs. 499.


Bandai Hobby Figure-Rise Mechanics Saiyan Space Pod Dragon Ball Z Building Kit


You have free time where you just lie down on the couch and you have nothing to do. You both are staring at each other. Yes, it is for moments like these that you should gift him this space pod. Building something from scratch even if it is a toy is way more fun with your boyfriend. It will engage both of you for a better bonding.

The space pod has a Super impressive size of approximately 6 inches in height and even comes with Vegeta at the time of attack! The pod has the same scale as figure-rise standard so please enjoy and create the DBZ world with other figure-rise characters. It's interior mecha structure is faithfully recreated with highly a detailed structure of the hatch door's movement and functionality and scale reproduction of the meters and seat. The set includes a spaceship body, a Vegeta figure in a seated position, and a display base. delivers it for Rs.6,928.

8 Bonus Dragon Ball Z Gift Ideas

We understand your dilemma. So, here are 10 more Dragon Ball Z gift ideas for the love of your life:

  • Goku pillow: This vibrant 3D print cushion is comforting as well as a striking decorative piece for his room/couch. It will remind him of you every time he sees it or puts under his head.
  • Scarf: keep your boyfriend warm with this anime scarf featuring his favourite character from Alixpress.
  • Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 2: You may have some divided attention but gift this PlayStation game and feel the positive difference in your relationship. This game is perfect for gamers, players create their own custom fighter and pull styles techniques from the show to use in battle.Trust us, he would love it.
  • Birthday cake topper: what better gift than an entire cake with Dragon Ball Z decoration and toppers like this one on Amazon. Don't forget to accessorise it with 7 Dragon Balls, Goku, Vegeta, Buu and Piccolo.
  • Dragon Ball Goku Weed T-shirt: If your guy is someone who loves the weed print on his t-shirt, then consider this cool tee on SaiyanStuff. Gift him the powerful goku shirt and witness the glow in the eyes the moment you gift it.
  • Broly Legend Saiyan Phone Back Cover: Dropping the smartphone is one of the heart-breaking moments in someone's life. Protect your boyfriend's phone and his heart from breaking with this cool Dragon Z phone cover that's available on SainyanStuff.
  • Dragon Ball King Kai backpack: Waterproof, durable and spacious, this backpack totally will catch the eyes of any Dragon Ball fan and your boyfriend is no exception. But it this cool shorts will be perfect for your man. Comfy and durable, no matter what he does.

Pair Your Dragon Ball Z Gifts with Regular Gifts

Do not forget to express your love with addition of flowers, cakes or chocolates along with the Dragon Ball Z gift. A gift with a box of his favourite chocolates will always be preferred than without those. You can present him his favourite cologne with the Dragon Ball Z t-shirt, shorts or more items from the clothing line. Also, you can gift him a combination of three gifts at the same time, one serious, one funny present and the last, homemade; it could be his favourite delicacy if you can cook or make him a cake. The bottom line is to be creative and practical as well.

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Gifts That He will Get Excited About

The whole point of giving your boyfriend gifts based on his hobbies and interests is to get him excited about the presents he receives and he feels happy and loved. If you feel there is already a big enough presence of Dragon Ball Z in his life, give him something else. Each collector is different and after a point he would feel satiated with the things he already has and may not be able to muster enthusiasm for yet another piece of merchandise. So before you set out to buy anything, check to see whether he is still a huge fan or most of his collection was bought a while ago and he has moved on to newer interests.