10 Wonderful Gifts for Meeting Boyfriend After a Long Time + How to Deal with the Emotions of Having Him Back in Your Life

10 Wonderful Gifts for Meeting Boyfriend After a Long Time + How to Deal with the Emotions of Having Him Back in Your Life

Finally meeting your boyfriend after a long time away and wondering how make your reunion special? A gift will make it sweeter still, and mark the momentous day. Give him something romantic, something unique or something personal to show him you love him as much as you did the day he left and just how glad you are to have him back. Browse through our carefully selected items to find the perfect gift for him. Or get inspired by our ideas to make your reunion memorable.

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How to Buy a Gift for a Boyfriend You've Not Seen in a Long Time

Show Him You Still Remember What He Likes

The feeling of meeting one’s lover after a long time is one which is incomparable to any other. You are nervous and at the same time excited to see him. The sight of you alone is sure to drive him crazy but you know what would be even better? A welcoming gift for him of course! Your boyfriend is eager to see you, but he is also anxious to know what you have been up to all these while. Surprise him with a gift that you know he would love, to ensure that him that nothing has changed between you two. You need to show him that you still remember exactly what he likes. That alone will assure him of your love for him nothing else. A gift chosen with love has the power to make that reunion even sweeter.

A Sentimental Gift to Capture the Joy of Being Reunited

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We always try to hold back our emotions and in the process end up coming across indifferent and cold. If you have problem showing your boyfriend how you feel, then let him know through your gift instead. Pick a gift which speaks out to you and perfectly expresses how you feel for him. You may or may not be a sentimental person, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t show your softer side to your boyfriend once in a while. Words are overrated, do it with a thoughtfully selected present. Some of the things that you could give him are a card, a handwritten note, a photo key chain or locket or a book of romantic poetry.

Save the Big Bucks for Other Things

Your boyfriend is back after a long time. So you will probably spend some time with each other. We would advise you to save your money for important things like dinner dates and getaways. Pick a gift which is friendly on the pocket. Overspending on a welcome gift would leave you with no money to spend with him later on and you wouldn’t like him paying for everything would you now? So plan wisely and stick to your initial budget. Do not get carried away by your emotions. Pick a gift which you can afford. Remember that the price is not always the main indicator of value.

7 Best Gifts for Boyfriend You're Meeting After a Long Time

Smart Watch or Fitness Tracker

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It’s no secret that men love gadgets. Most men save up their money until there is some new gizmo on the market. After that there is no stopping them. They love to splurge on electronics and getting a new and cool gadget as a gift can send them over the moon. Smart watches are the latest things to hit the market that has gained immense popularity. Buy a Smartwatch for your boyfriend. The Mi Band - 3 (Black) is a great pocket-friendly option. It is a light weight, water, oil and sweat proof watch made of an environmentally friendly material which is gentle on the skin and lets it breathe freely. It has a built in pedometer which measures your daily activity, and connects to apps in your phone to send you call and message notifications. This watch is very reasonably priced at ₹1,999. You can buy it from amazon.in.

Trendy Sunglasses

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If you and your beau are planning on having some fun in the sun then the perfect gift to give him would be a pair of goggles or sunglasses. Sunglasses are not only functional but also stylish everyday accessories. Buy Fastrack UV protected Sport Men's Sunglasses. These sunglasses made of good quality plastic are black in colour, have black lenses and are completely UV protected. Buy them for ₹824 from amazon.in.

Metal Jewellery

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Pampering your man with some jewellery is the perfect way to make him feel loved and special. Buy the Moneekar Jewels Men's Metal Curb Cuban Link Stainless Steel Bracelet. This stylish bracelet is crafted from anti-tarnishing, scratch-resistant stainless steel and has a secure clasp closure which keeps it from slipping off the wrist. This Cuban style chain men's bracelet looks classic and timeless. The bracelet has a width of 12 mm and a length of 8.5 inch. Buy it from amazon.in for ₹749.

Gift Card

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If you’re not sure about what gift t get for your boyfriend then go with a safe choice. Get him a gift card. With a gift card, he can pick out any gift that he likes sparing you from the tension or hassle of finding a gift for him that would be to his liking. All you have to do is visit a website like Amazon, fill out the information like his name and email ID, choose a gift card value and you are done. The gift card will reach him on his email. You can pick a gift card worth anything from ₹10 to ₹10,000. The best thing about gifting a gift card is you know that they will like their gift because they get to pick it out themselves. Buy the Amazon gift card here.

Laptop Bag

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Don’t ever shy away from giving a gift which is practical and can be used on a daily basis. A laptop bag is one such article. It can not only be used to carry a laptop but also hold several other daily essentials. The Clownfish Vegan Leather Laptop Briefcase is a great choice. It’s made from high quality artificial leather, has a stylish design and is a perfect fit for 14 inch laptops. It comes with 3 compartments, 1 zipper pocket, an adjustable shoulder strap and twin grab handles. It comes in three colour options; brown, chocolate brown and black. Buy it from amazon.in for ₹1,490.


Gifting perfume is an intimate gesture and one that is perfectly suited for a lover. Get him something that he can use daily like the Davidoff Cool Water Eau De Toilette for Men. This is the perfume that perfectly complements masculinity with the power to refresh and invigorate. This perfume has under notes of mossy wood and citrus, top notes of fresh peppermint and lavender, with spicy coriander, jasmine, oak moss and geranium at the heart. The base notes comprise of amber and musk. Buy this refreshing and sensual gift for ₹2,875 from nykaa.com.

Mobile Phone

If your gift budget is on the higher side then a great gift would be a brand new mobile phone. The latest model from Redmi is a good choice for a smart phone and one that is quite budget friendly as well. This phone worth ₹5,999 comes with a 16 GB internal storage, front and back camera with front flash, 3300 mAh large battery, and fingerprint lock. It’s an android device with 14 nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 octa-core processor which makes it super fast and smooth to operate. The best one available in this price range, buy it from Amazon.

Personalised Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Just because you can’t spend an enormous amount of money doesn’t mean that your gift has to be ordinary. There are plenty of gifts that you can give your lover that will make him feel loved and wanted. These gifts are personalised which makes them extra special.

A Home Cooked Meal or His Favourite Food

As the old saying goes, the way to a man’s hear is through his stomach. You know what he likes eat, so put on your chef’s hat and apron and cook up his favourite meal. If you are not confident about your cooking skills then watch a few video tutorials and go through recipes for preparation. There is something immensely comforting about a home cooked meal, and the simplest of foods when prepared with love can taste awesome. Pick something that is doable; don’t choose complicated recipes unless you are a pro and stick to the recipe. You could bake him something as well like a cake, brownies or cookies. Whatever you make, make sure it’s one of your boyfriend’s favourites.

Personalised Shirt

Wearing the heart on your sleeve gets a literal meaning with personalised shirts. To make your boyfriend feel special and unique reward him with a gift that’s equally exclusive. A shirt personalised with a unique message, a photo or a graphic, makes a personal and sweet gift. Visit vistaprint.com to order your own personalised t-shirt, polo, shirt or sweatshirt. Pick a style of clothing according to your boyfriend’s personal taste. Printed cotton round necked t-shirts comes for around ₹325, polyester ones for ₹225 and long sleeved cotton ones for ₹399. Embroidered shirts cost around ₹750, polos ₹450 and sweatshirts are ₹900.

Coffee Mugs

If you are looking for a gift which he can use every day and yet has a personal touch to it then go for a personalised mug. It’s an inexpensive gift option which he will remind him of your first thing in the morning as he starts the day with his morning cup of coffee, tea or milk. Order your personalised mug from vistaprint.com. These mugs are made of ceramic and are microwave and dishwasher safe. They can be imprinted with your favourite text or image. Pick a photo of yourself, or you two as couple for maximum impact. The mugs are available in assorted colours, so pick one in his favourite hue. A normal print costs around ₹225 and a wraparound one ₹300.

Where Do Things Stand After All This While?

Whether your boyfriend was away for his studies, job or something else, physical distance can create a rift in the relationship. Now that he is back it’s time to reconsider various things about your relationship. You should both know your stand on it and let each other know about your actual feelings. Let him know of you still feel the same way about him and ask him if he does as well. You shouldn’t force anything; your feelings for him should come naturally. Knowing where you each stand can help you start to rebuild your relationship with him.

How Often Did You Keep in Touch While Apart?

Did you keep in touch with him while he was away and did he do the same? Modern technology enables us to overcome the physical distance, but only if one wants to. Nowadays the channel of communication may be many but ultimately all that matters is a person’s personal will. If you both have made the effort to keep in touch then your reunion should be nothing less than a joyous event. But if your efforts have been limited and the excuses plentiful, then this meeting could be nothing less than awkward.

Have You Grown Apart While He Was Away?

Now that he is back, it’s time for you to rethink your feelings. Do you still love him like you did earlier? Has he changed or is he acting different? Ask yourself these questions to truly evaluate your relationship. Relationships can be fragile. The most you can do to keep them alive is be true to your own feelings. If you force it then ultimately it will deteriorate and end some day. Don’t waste time making your decision. Have that discussion with him.

How Long Do You Have With Him?

If your boyfriend is back for good then you two have plenty of time to reconnect and work on your relationship. But if he is leaving again, then plan accordingly. If you both are planning to continue and are willing to take a chance on a long term long relationship, then talk about how you plan to do it. It’s not easy maintaining a long-term relationship therefore you should know exactly what you’re getting into. Once you have had these necessary conversations, spend as much time as you can in each other’s company. Go for a getaway if you can or just spend valuable time together. Talk, have your meals together, go for movie dates, be intimate and do everything that you wouldn’t be able to when he is away.

Have the 'Relationship Talk' but Choose the Right Time

Having the ‘talk’ is important but don’t do it right away. Let him settle down a bit, rest and then invite him over for a dinner at home. Get your points straight, and be clear about what you want to say to him. Let him know whether you want to continue with the relationship or not, but be kind and gentle with your words. You do not want it to turn into a fight. Avoid raising your voice or blaming him. Just let him know your feelings and listen to what he has to say as well. Let him know about your future plans and let him know about yours. If your goals and viewpoints match then nothing in the world can keep you apart.

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Be prepared to expect the unexpected

Being apart for a length of time can do strange things to a relationship; you may find yourself valuing him more or you may start drifting apart. It's important you stay in touch with your own feelings and be honest about them. Don't put undue pressure on him or even expect specific things from yourself. You could have missed him terribly for months but now that he's coming back and your feelings change, acknowledge it and give yourself time to process them. A loved one going away, or even coming back, is a big change and things may take time to settle.