Cakes are Already a Piece of Art and Need a Box that Compliments the Cake(2020): 10 Best Cake Box Plus Guide to Make Your Box That Will Enhance the Look of Your Cake.

Cakes are Already a Piece of Art and Need a Box that Compliments the Cake(2020): 10 Best Cake Box Plus Guide to Make Your Box That Will Enhance the Look of Your Cake.


A person who can make a cake at home can make a cake box at home too. Know your need, take measurements, get a template, cut and voila. If you are unable to find the perfect box for your cake no need to worry. We have your back with the ideas on how to make or design amazing cake boxes at home that will be up to the standards of food packaging. Read on to find online the best box for your cake.

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Making a Cake Box Is an Art in Itself

As customers, we do not usually give much thought about packaging. To us, the packaging is necessary coverage to protect products as they are being transported and changing hands. But what we do not realize is that the packaging of products has another objective, that is to attract the customers. Hence, the packaging is essentially a marketing gimmick and the more elevated the product, the better the packaging.

Cakes have evolved massively over the years. From bland and boring cubical and circular cakes, we have progressed to designer cakes that look and taste however you want it. Your imagination is the limit. From tit-bits that complement your tea or coffee, cakes have involved in being a star of an event itself. As cake grew into a coveted product, it is packaging too evolved into attractive and unique boxes. Nowadays cake boxes are at par with the cakes themselves in terms of beauty and style. We have vertical boxes for tiered cakes, cake boxes with handles, windowed boxes that display the cake within and many more. Some of the boxes have beautiful prints on them and some even can be customised to have a name or a message written on them.

Make Your Own Cake Box

Since cake boxes have become as important as the cake itself, it is better to invest some thought on making them. The next time you are gifting a cake for a near and dear one, add some extra love to the gesture by making a cake box. The advantage of making your own cake box is that you can personalise it and design it according to your taste. Like gift wrappers, you can have drawings on it pertaining to a theme or give the box a fun shape, like a house. Or if that is too much for you, make a simple cake box and write messages on it. Follow this BP Guide to do so.

Materials Required

The materials required to make a cake box are as a follows:

  • A cardboard sheet( Here 20 in x 20 in)
  • A cutter
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Eraser


Making a cake box might seem very complicated in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, there is nothing easier. What you have to realise is that the basic template remains the same across boxes of all sizes, only the measurement differs. Here, we are making a cake box of the dimensions 10 in x 10 in x 5 in. It means the cake box is square-shaped with the bottom and lid measuring 10 inches in length and breadth and the height of the box is 5 inches.

  • Step 1: Dividing the cardboard sheet
    The very first step is to divide the cardboard sheet into the lid, bottom and sidewalls of the cake box. To do so, place the cardboard sheet and find the midpoint of it. Draw a line vertically through the middle of the cardboard. Measure 2.5 inches from either side of this line and mark the spots with dots. Draw two vertical lines through these dots. Erase the line drawn through the midpoint. Draw a vertical straight line 5 inches away from the left edge of the cardboard and parallel to the edge. Do the same thing on the right side as well. Draw a horizontal line 5 inches away from the top edge of the cardboard and parallel to the top edge. Do so along the bottom edge as well. Now you have a cardboard sheet that is divided into the lid, bottom and sidewalls of the cake box.

  • Step 2: Determining the cut lines and the fold lines
    After the division, you have to determine which of the drawn lines will be cut and fold lines of the box. Cut lines are the lines you have cut through while fold lines are the lines that you have a score so that it is easy to fold. The cut lines are the ones extending from the top and bottom edges of the cardboard to the drawn lines running parallel to them. That would make a total of 4 cut lines on the top edge and 4 cut lines on the bottom edge; two in the middle, one of the left and right sides respectively. Cut through along these lines with the cutter and lightly score along the rest of the lines. (Refer diagram for this step)

  • Step 3: Putting glue and folding
    After drawing and cutting, you will see that there are six distinct squares on your cardboard sheet; three along the top edge and three along the bottom edge. Put the required amount of glue in these squares and outside the right margins ( left margins in case of the squares on the right edge of the cardboard sheet). Fold along the fold lines and stick the glued portions together. Let the glue dry and the result is a 10-inch x 10-inch x 5-inch box.

  • Step 4:Decorating
    Give the box a base colour of your choice. Make sure to run your paintbrush on every nook and cranny of the box so as to ensure that all visible surfaces are covered with paint. After the paint has dried, draw some objects on it or write some messages, whatever you prefer.

10 Readymade Cake Boxes You Can Buy Online

If making a cake box from scratch becomes too much of a hassle for you then buying a readymade one is the best option. There might be many reasons, you are not artistic enough, you do not have the time or you simply don’t want to get artsy with a cake box. But don’t worry, there are a variety of cake boxes out there that are pretty. Some even gives scope for you to add your own art on top it while another can be customisable to be made as you want it to look. Here are 10 readymade cake boxes you can choose from:

Emoji Cake Box

Emojis are very popular and there is no doubt that an emoji printed cake box will be highly attractive. This Box is of the dimensions 10 in x 10 in x 5 in and can accommodate a cake of 1 kg. It is yellow in colour, the same yellow colour characteristic of the emoji face. The top surface of the box is printed with the kissing emoji. This box is made of quality food grade paper and can carry either one large cake or 8 to 10 pastries. The print on the box makes it ideal for a marriage anniversary or birthday cake. 5 of these quirky printed boxes come at a price of Rs. 249.

Plain White Tier Cake Box

This is a tiered cake box with a handle. It is made of 3 ply corrugated sheets thus it is sturdy and not likely to get dismantled under rough circumstances. Hence, this Box is perfect when you want your cake to be transported. It has a dimension of 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm and can be easily opened for hassle-free access. The white coloured exterior gives you all the liberty to paint and design it as you want. Two of these boxes come at a price of Rs. 299.

Zig Zag Pattern Designer Cake Box

This is a designer Cake Box that has zigzag patterns on it in yellow and white. It is square-shaped and made from Kraft paper. It can accommodate a cake of either square or circular shape provided they are between 500 gm and 1 kg in weight. The zigzag pattern along with the colour combination makes it a pretty packaging perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, commemorations and the likes. If you happen to bake a cake for your loved one, add to that expression of love by giving it in this designer cake box. A box costs Rs. 1,000.

Telescopic Cup Cake Box

A Telescopic Cake Box is a partitioned box where each partition has a window through which you can see the content of that particular partition. A window in a cake box is a cut out of any shape on any surface of the box which is then covered with plastic to create a viewing window. Such boxes are perfect when you have a visually stunning cake whose appeal lies as much in its looks as in its taste. This is a rectangular telescopic cake box that has 4 compartments. It is made of Kraft paper and can carry cakes up to 450 gm. It is ideal of cup cakes especially those with elaborate toppings. Each box comes at a price of Rs. 30.

Butterfly Shape Cake Box

This box takes the prize when it comes to the most attractive cake box. It has an unconventional shape; it does not have flat surfaces, rather its 4 walls are curved. It has a handle for a wash of carrying. The box is red and white stripped in colourthat adds to its attractiveness. This cake box is perfect as a Gift Box for your cake. Accompany this box with a bunch of roses and let your Valentine’s date be impressed. Each pack of these 100 boxes comes at a price of Rs. 2000.

Extended Window Cake Box

This is a cake box with an extended window that covers two surfaces of the box. It is ideal for tiered cakes belonging to the artisan genre. Artisan Cakes are heavily decorated cakes that have become all the rage in parties. There is no repetition of design on the cake so every inch is different from the next. Such a cake box will do justice to artisan cakes because not only can you see the visually stunning top but also lay your eyes on the immaculately designed tiers. Each set consist of 10 box costs Rs. 449.

Plum Cake Box

Plum cakes have become highly popular especially during present times of health consciousness. People still love to enjoy a baked goodie but not at the cost of their bodily well being. Plum cakes are traditionally a very popular cake to savour during Christmas in India. Though they can be made in any shape yet the classic shape of a plum cake is rectangular. This Cake Box is ideal for such a cake. It is rectangular in shape and is windowed at the top surface enabling all to see the perfectly baked plum cake within. Each box comes at a price of Rs. 12.

Customizable Logo Cake Box

We live in the 21st century and nothing is like how it used to be. Earlier names and messages were written on the cake itself with icing but nowadays you can also have them written right on the Cake Box. Like on this customisable cake box. It is of the dimensions 9 in x 9 in x 4.5 in and can accommodate a cake of 1 kg maximum. It is made of biodegradable paper. The top surface of the box is white and blank and your personalised messages will be printed on them while the sides are dark blue in colour and designed with circular patterns on them. Each box costs Rs. 11.

Plain White Large Cake Box

Even with all the variety in readymade cake boxes, it is still possible you won’t find a cake box with the design that appeals to your aesthetics. At such times, it is best to buy a plain white cake box and paint your own preferred design on it. Get a Cake Box like this and let your imagination give it an attractive look. This box is large and is of the dimensions 12-inch x 12-inch x 4 inch. It is made of recycled paper. Each box comes at a price of Rs. 13.

BIG BOX White Box

This is a large-sized cake box that comes in white colours. The Box is made from a paper board and hence is sturdy.This square-shaped box has dimensions of 8 in x 8 in x 5 in. Thus it is a pretty large box to carry your tiered cake. Each of set of five boxes come at a price of Rs. 249.

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Know Your Product

Every product is different one way or the other and needs packaging according to that. The cake is a product that needs to be kept fresh and protected until it is delivered to the customer. To make a box at home understand the type of cake as dry cakes do not as much care as the soft ones. The box has to be made a size large for soft cakes to keep the walls of the box away from the cake. Length, height, or width are to be measured according to the size if you are designing a box at home or going to DIY for yourself, understanding of the product is essential.