Express Your Sympathy in the Face of Loss With These 10 Thoughtful Grieving Gift Box Ideas (2020)

Express Your Sympathy in the Face of Loss With These 10 Thoughtful Grieving Gift Box Ideas (2020)

The death of a loved one is an extremely difficult time for the bereaved family. You need to provide steadfast support going through this turbulence. Giving a grieving gift box may be a good idea as way to show your concern. We have curated this list of thoughtful grieving gift boxes which you can consider.

Show Support to the Bereaved Family with a Condolence Gift

Sending sympathy gifts to the mourning family is considered to be a kind gesture and an appropriate way to express your condolence. Whether you pick a gift that helps the family go through the grieving period or one that pays tribute to the memory of the deceased person, a condolence gift is symbolic of your support and love. This is one way for the family to know that you are with them in this time of grief. It is not easy to pick the best gift for people dealing with such a loss.

Remember that, more than the gift, it’s the sentiments attached to it is what counts the most. Include a note with the condolence gift to make it more meaningful like recounting a joyful memory related to the deceased person or ‘I am going to miss him/her too’, etc. Probably, the gift you give may be forgotten, but they will not forget the note. The appropriate bereavement gifts may vary with religion and culture, but choose something that lets them know that you really care about their loss. Friends and family will never forget your compassion and kind gestures during a difficult time.

4 Types of Condolence Gifts

1. Edible


Comfort food was made for a reason. Edible sympathy gifts can include – gift baskets filled with baked goods, nuts, fruits, chocolates, etc. Freezer-ready meals are another idea wherein the family can just heat the meal in a microwave and use, as no one would be in the mood to cook during the grieving period.

2. Charitable Contributions


If you are not sure as to the kind of gift to send to the family, then you can think of making a charitable contribution. You can pick an NGO that reflects the interests and liking of the deceased. If he/she had a soft corner for kids then contribute to a children’s hospital or an orphanage or if he/she was a supporter of women’s right then you could contribute to an organization working towards the empowerment of women.

3. Horticultural

Plants and flowers are always a wonderful sympathy gift. They are not only an expression of love but also a symbol of honour. Hindu mourners adorn the deceased body with flowers prior to the funeral. Orchids, carnations, roses and lilies symbolise peace.

4. Therapeutic Gifts

These kinds of gifts are both practical and thoughtful. You can gift a sapling to the family that they can plant in honour of the deceased or sign-up the widower/widow for gentle yoga or a meditation class or choose other such mindful activities.

10 Grieving Gifts


1. Bath Bombs Gift Set


Coping with the loss of a dear one is overwhelming and painful. Unfortunately, they have to face the situation until the time would heal their grief. To deal with the loss, the grieving family needs support from their acquaintances and friends. Sympathy gifts that can relax and calm them during these moments of grief mean a lot to them. Although there are various ways to relax, one effective way is bath bombs. The colourful Seychelles Incense Bath Bombs Set from Nykaa are a unique way to relax. Your grieving friend or acquaintance will love the soothing fragrance of these cute little balls. The bath bombs also contain Epsom salt that is soothing for the muscles. This handmade product contains 9 different aromatic variants crafted exclusively for relaxation. The price of the package is ₹ 1,499.00.

2. Ceramic Memorial Picture Frame


Photographs are the best way to remember the loved ones who have moved on. Placing the picture in the memorial frame and displaying it in an ideal place will bring back memories of happier times. Grief experts believe that when you look at the photos of a lost loved one without regret or pain, it is a sign that you have moved on. Framed gifts are the best sympathy gifts. There is no better way to express your sympathy to the grieving family than a memorial picture frame. Framed gifts are also a great option if you are looking for something that is easy to buy. As they evoke and retain memories, photos are the vital element of our everyday life. Young members of the family will also know the lost loved one. This Heart Shaped Ceramic Memorial Photo Frame available on Amazon is a thoughtful bereavement gift. The unique frame with the picture of the loved one is the best way to honour their memory. The words on the frame are touching and offer a beautiful tribute to the person. The cost of the memorial photo frame is ₹ 3,025.00.

3. Ceramic Soy Wax Candle


A little illumination goes a long way in remembering a loved one. During the darkest grieving time, lighting a candle can bring hope and light. It offers immense comfort. Candles have fresh fragrance and emit pleasant tranquillity that is calming during the time of grief. Candles are a comforting grieving gift for someone who has experienced a loss. The Ceramic Soy Wax Candle is available on Amazon for ₹ 2,620.00. The candle can be lighted at the family gathering to remember the lost ones. After burning the candle, the ceramic container can be used to store small knick-knacks or small desk items.

4. Sympathy Angel Holding Star


Psalm 91:11 – “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways”. Angels are comforting, especially during the period of pain and suffering. The compassionate, powerful angels attend to those who have lost their loved ones and are grieving. These angels are a great source of love, strength, grace and patience. They give abundantly to those in deep despair.

The angels of grief will hold those grieving and coddle them until they can stand on their own. They are calming, soothing and present with the grieving one, all the time, never leaving their side. So, angel sympathy gifts ranging from figurines, angel ornaments, wind chimes, garden stones or angel garden memorial accents are perfect to gift the grieving family. The bereavement angel available on Kiron is a lovely figurine. The angel stares lovingly at the star she is holding in her hand. This is a beautiful sympathy angel gift that offers reassurance and comfort to the grieving family. A comforting message is inscribed on her dress – ‘Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our Loved Ones shine down to let us know they are happy’. The figurine is 9-inch high and the price is ₹ 6,980.00.

5. Glow Your Memory Personalised Lamp


The eye-catching lamp from Ferns N Petals is an exclusive alternative to traditional sympathy gifts. The comfort and warmth of this uniquely designed lamp with a perfect picture of the loved one on it provides a lasting memory of a lost dear one. It is very different from any perishable gift. The memories of a loved one will remain in our hearts and this memory lamp serves as a reminder. These lamps are sure to have an incredible impact on the receiver. Gifting the grieving family with a beautiful memory is also the best way to celebrate life. The picture on the personalised bottle does not fade away with time and is visible during the daytime too. The price of this unique lamp is ₹ 799.00.

6. Wind Chime


The soothing effect of music can reduce anxiety and stress. Music also allows the person to relax and unwind. Sympathy wind chimes are perfect memorials that provide a measure of relaxation and peace. They are a special way to honour the memory of a loved one. Moreover, they are a beautiful addition to the backyard patio, a balcony or a memorial garden. With each gentle breeze, the soothing tones create a conducive atmosphere that calms the mind, thereby uplifting the spirits and reducing anxiety. Serenity Prayer Wind Chime available on Desertcart is a special and affordable way to express your sympathy to the grieving family. Flowers are perishable, sending this antique style sympathy wind chime with the serenity prayer ‘I Have You in My Heart’ would be a thoughtful keepsake. The price of the wind chime with a serenity prayer engraved on a wooden sail is ₹ 6,849.00.

7. A Book of Solace – ‘I Wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye’ by Brook Noel


Every year, millions of people around the world suffer the unforeseen death of a dear one. The classic ‘I Wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye’ by Brook Noel and Pamela Blair help face the challenges of unexpected death and offers a reassuring and supportive hand to hold. Acting as a hallmark of rationality while going through difficult times, the book touches upon topics such as – The Initial Few Weeks, Death of a Child, Funerals and Rituals, Depression, Physical Effects, etc. The book has successfully offered solace to several thousands of people who have recently lost their loved ones or have lost someone dear years ago. The book is practical and edifying yet sincere and personal at the same time. It is a great book to read on how to cope, survive and heal after the death of a dear one. The book is available on Amazon and costs ₹ 988.00.

8. Memorial Garden Stepping Stone


Garden memorial stones are placed near a headstone or outside the home in memory of the lost loved one. Often these stepping stones feature a poem or a verse. These thoughtful keepsakes are weatherproof and are long-lasting gifts. The garden stones are not only a physical reminder but a lasting tribute of your love to the person you adored. A special place can be devoted to the garden decorated with plants, statuary and the stepping stones and wind-chimes. Such memorial gardens provide respite to the grieving heart. You can decorate this healing and sacred space of the garden with special items as a reminder of your lost loved one. Picking objects that provide bliss rather than sadness will make this memorial space a place that provides hope and peace. ‘My Mother Kept a Garden Memorial Stone’ is a unique garden stone available on Kiron for ₹ 16,745.00.

9. Mini Cremation Urn

Share memories of the lost loved one in this mini keepsake urn. Designed to hold a small number of ashes, this stunning keepsake is a beautiful memorial for human beings who have touched your heart. The ash can be shared with family and friends. The urn is made from solid metal that can last for generations with proper care. The soothing blue hue of the urn with silver engravings shines beautifully in the light. The durable handcrafted piece of art is made using old-world techniques. The urn is 3 inches in height and holds about three cubic inches of ash. The urn is available on Ubuy for ₹ 2,078.00.

10. Cremation Ashes Jewellery

The most difficult part of losing a loved one is the fact that you would be no longer able to see them, hug them or hold them. However, the delightful news is that you can be close to them maybe not in physical form, but in the form of jewellery. Memorial or cremation jewellery is made from the remains of a lost loved one. The departed soul's ashes can be made into specific jewellery typically in the form of a pendant, bracelet, locket, necklace or a ring. While some types of such remembrance jewellery are moulded together along with the ashes, some are just filled with the remains.

The Beloved Mother Heart Urn Pendant from Desertcart is a beautiful heart shaped pendant with ‘Beloved Mother’ engraved on it. The stainless-steel pendant is designed to hold a small number of ashes and measures 2 cm in height and 2 cm in width. The chain is 20 inches long. Imported from the UK, the price of this beautiful piece of jewellery is ₹ 6,759.00.

Related Topic: Who, When and What Kind of Condolence Gift to Send?

The different traditions and customs followed by various religions regarding paying respect to the deceased person makes the process of offering a bereavement gift in someone’s memory a difficult task. Here are some pointers:

  • Who – You can send the gift to any family member of the deceased or the immediate family.

  • When – Ideally, the sympathy gift must be sent as soon as possible. However, healing takes time, so the gift is relevant even after the funeral. If for some reason you are not able to attend the funeral then try sending it soon after the funeral.

  • What – The type of condolence gift to be sent often depends on the relationship shared with the bereaved family. A sympathy gift should be something that offers comfort to the family. Food, flowers and fruits are always appreciated, but avoid alcohol or meat. Offer something comforting to the family, it could be food, flowers, photo album, etc. The best gift would be to give your time. Right after the hubbub of the funeral is done, the bereaved will feel alone. So, stop by for a conversation or help them to run errands, etc. Just your presence will make them feel better and mean a world to them.
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