10 Thoughtful Condolence Gift Basket Ideas For Showing Your Support When They Need It Most (2020)

10 Thoughtful Condolence Gift Basket Ideas For Showing Your Support When They Need It Most (2020)

We can't even imagine how hard it is to lose someone until the same happens to us. But apart from showing sympathy and giving our love what else can be done by our side? We can give support by every means we can. Use these condolence gift basket ideas to send a gift that will express our support for the person having a hard time. Obviously we can not fill the empty space but we can show that he/she is not alone.

What are Sympathy Baskets?

Every one of us has faced the loss of our loved ones at some point in our lives. It is a heartbreaking moment where you just need love and support. If any of your friends, neighbours or colleagues have lost a loved one, show them your care and support. Convey your care and sincerity to them by giving them sympathy baskets.

These sympathy baskets are specially designed to express one’s feelings and care without intruding on someone’s place. These baskets can be customized according to one’s preference by including essential things that a person may need during their hard times. There are numerous baskets available online and in this article, we will show you the best ones to buy. 

What can You Put in a Condolence Gift Basket?

Condolence or a sympathy basket is given to someone who has recently lost their loved one. Though there are numerous choices available online, these choices can be costly. You can choose to customize your basket by choosing a range of items that are perfect and can be used by them in need. These items can range from edible items to seed baskets that will be truly appreciated by them.

Here is a list of things that you can add in your condolence gift basket.

  • Seasonal fruits
  • Gourmet snack
  • Relaxing spa kit
  • Wine and cheese
  • Tea and coffee
  • Essential groceries
  • Homemade slices of bread and biscuits
  • Gourmet chocolates
  • Nuts and spices
  • Books
  • Plants and seeds
  • Personal knitted blankets

Ditch Flowers and Show Your Appreciation Via Gifts

Flowers are a great way to show your appreciation and sympathy. But, it is better to provide things that will be of use to them than an ornamental gift. Moreover, a person who has lost their love tends to be flooded with sympathy flowers where the concerned person runs out of space to accommodate all the flowers. Thus, it is a good way to ditch these flowers and choose for DIY condolence baskets that will be used to them during the day to day activities.

A grieving or mourning person or a caregiver tends to be exhausted due to the constant visitors and activities. They will be exhausted to get essential things that might they might need. Thus, you can show your appreciation towards them by getting the essential things that they might need in the long run. Moreover, as a personal touch, you can give them items such as plants or trees that can be nurtured in honour of the loved ones. You can also be given them a personalized memory book so that they can cherish the memories of the loved ones. 

Things that Should Not be Given 

While creating a sympathy basket certain things should be kept in mind. Here is a list of things that should not be done while gifting a condolence gift basket.

  • Keep religious restrictions and ideologies of the concerned person in mind.
  • Enquire if they are allergic to any items that you include in the basket.
  • Do not gift frozen foods.
  • Do not gift alcoholic beverages as they might tend to go overboard due to grief.
  • Do not get fancy gifts or items.

Best Condolence Gift Basket Ideas

Although your can customise your own basket and show your love but someone with better experience can do this work better. And moreover instead of making your own basket save that time and give them time to the person who lost someone. Here we have already suggested some of the best baskets in the market from which you can choose the best one for you easily.

1. Fruit and Gourmet Basket

A fruit basket is a perfect way to ensure that a concerned person can snack healthy during trying times. Choose from a variety of fruit and gourmet food baskets that are available from FruitSmith. They have a wide range of only fruit baskets, gourmet baskets or a combination of both. Here is a list of fruit and gourmet baskets that are variable based on categorization.

Pylos Basket- An assorted basket that comprises of simple fruits such as Gala Apples, Zespri Kiwis, Australian Pears, Smith Apples, Navel Oranges, and fresh Blueberries. The basket weighs 500 grams and comes in a basket for Rs.1,699/-.

Cornix Basket - A basket that contains an assortment of both fruits and gourmet foods. It comprises of apples, pears, kiwis, lychee honey, fruitsmith flake, tomato sauce, sun-dried cranberry jar, sun-dried pomelo jar, Excalibur knife, pink salt, and their signature masala. The basket weighs 3 kgs and can be purchased for Rs.2,899/-.

Hecate Basket - A luxury basket that comprises of avocados from New Zealand, apples from the United States, Thai dragon fruit, oranges, plums from Australia, red grapes, pears from Africa, avocado oil, strawberry jam, lychee honey, sun-dried guava jar, and sun-dried strawberry jam. The box weighs 5.3 kgs and can be purchased for Rs.3,999/-.

Bestowal Basket - It consists of mandarins from Thailand, plums from Australia, dates from Medjoul, sun-dried pomelo jar, organic chocolate coconut cookies, chilli chutney, organic banana oat bar, organic vanilla oat bar, Davidoff coffee, and Doritos. The basket weighs 4.8 kgs and can be purchased for Rs.4,499/-.

2. Comfort Food Gift Basket

An organic and comforting gift for loved ones to show appreciation. The food items are harvested by farmers organically who ensure that they are crafted with the utmost care. The basket and items are handcrafted by rural women which provides livelihood facilities. It comprises of desi cow ghee, mooring powder, organic jaggery chunks, jaggery powder, wheat flour, dried lemon slices, turmeric and peanut butter made with jaggery. These items are indigenous and are eco-certified. Moreover, the food products are free from pesticides and chemicals and the farmers use organic manure for cultivation. All the items are elegantly arranged in a basket made from Sabao grass and bamboo. The comfort food hamper can be purchased for Rs.2,999/- from TwoBrothers

3. Relaxing and Meditative Spa Basket

A relaxing and calm environment is essential for one’s well being. Provide your love ones, families or colleagues with all the love and care they need by giving them a spa kit. While people are grieving or taking care of someone ill they tend to ignore taking care of themselves.

Thus, with the help of this spa basket, it can help them to take care of themselves in the comfort go their home. The Pure Indulgence Gift Basket is a perfect curation of essential items that can be used for pampering oneself. The kit consists of Ayurvedic items that are made with the utmost care. The spa basket comprises of the following items - Shea lotus body butter, natural rose soap, pure rose water, foot cream, and foot scrub. The luxury body butter helps in nourishing the dull skin while the firm the skin. The soap helps to cleanse the skin without stripping the essential oils from the skin. Pure rose water is used for hydrating the skin while providing a cooling effect. A foot scrub is used for exfoliating the dead skin while removing dirt. Finally, the foot cream soothes the feet and keeps it moisturized.

The items come in an elegant kit that is easy to carry and can be purchased for Rs.1,200/- from KamaAyurveda.

4. Soothing Wine Basket

Wine is considered to be a mildly alcoholic drink that is made from the choicest of grapes. There are four types of wine and they are as follows - white wine, red wine, rose wine, sweet wine, and sparkling wine.

Consumption of wine occasionally is good for one’s health by providing essential antioxidants and relaxes the mind as well. Gift a choice of wine in your condolence basket. The Vintage Wine Trio comprises of an assorted choice of expensive and tasteful wines from all over the world. It consists of Australian Yellow Tail Shiraz, Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi, a Cabernet Sauvignon and Cupcake Vineyards Merlot. The fruity wines provide a well-balanced taste and are shipped internationally to the desired location. Moreover, you can upgrade to the wine of your choice by mix and matching your favourite wines. The trio can be purchased for Rs.7,029/- from Hazeltons.

5. Comfort Book Basket

Source www.amazon.in

Books are a great way to keep their mind off anxious thoughts. However, it is difficult to determine the type of books that they might prefer. To tackle this issue, you can get them a subscription for a digital library that comprises of an assortment of books ranging from fiction to self-help books.

A Kindle is a perfect addition to the condolence basket. The device has a 6-inch display with a built-in light that has 4GB of storage capacity and wi-fi. It provides a distraction-free reading experience with a selection of millions of books and a battery life that lasts for a week with a single charge. The Kindle device can be purchased for Rs.7,999/- from Amazon.

Moreover, you can throw in a few healthy snacks that consist of Ragi chips, Buckwheat chips, watermelon seeds, muskmelon seeds, and crunchy almond papad for Rs.550/- from Amazon.

6. Tea and Coffee Basket

Coffee and tea are considered to be great stress busters and refreshes a tired soul. Choose a carefully curated Brew Lovers Hamper from The Gourmet Box that comprises of an assorted collection. The box is a collection of Tea from North, Coffee from South, and Snacks from the East and West of India. The hamper comprises of artisan flavoured coffee blend, flavoured green tea bags, black tea leaves, mini cookies, honey twigs, coffee-flavoured chocolate, and a French press. The items come in a hand-crafted box that is comforting for the soul and the mind. Include a handwritten note to express your condolences and support. The basket can be availed for Rs.3,725.

7. Assorted Chocolates and Nuts Basket

Chocolates and nuts are perfect additions to your condolence basket. These chocolates are made from pure Belgian chocolate. This assorted set is handcrafted with love and care. It comprises of a large box of assorted chocolates in 16 flavours. A medium box that consists of assorted chocolate bonbons and a pack of three artisanal chocolates in milk and dark chocolate. The combo pack can be purchased for Rs.1,990/- from RoyalBeans.

You can provide a healthy breakfast choice that consists of a variety of trail mixes. The trail mix is a combination of walnuts, raisins, chiroli seeds, sunflower seeds, and choco-chips for a sweet touch. The mix is perfect for summers and is easily digestible, it can be purchased for Rs.63/- from Rs.525/- from GoingNuts.

8. Long Living Plant and Seed Basket

Plants and seeds are living things and can be nurtured with love and care. Give a garden kit that will help to nurture these plants in the memory of their loved ones. The vegetable seed kit consists of sixteen native seeds such as tomatoes, chillies, okra, four types of gourds, radish, carrot, brinjal green and purple, moringa, onion and cluster beans that can be purchased for Rs.399/-. Additionally, you can give a home garden kit that consists of non-hybrid seeds with grow bags. The bag consists of green leafy vegetables, spices, and herbs for Rs.650/- from Seed Basket.

Do-It-Yourself Baskets - Show Your Love

Create your bereavement baskets that are comprised of an assortment of things that are specified in the above list.  

Steps to create a personalized basket

  • Choose a basket that has a neutral color. Avoid choosing baskets that are brightly colored.
  • Choose the size of the basket based on the number of items that have to be included in it.
  • Start by filling in things that the person would appreciate such as foods, homemade treats, candies and much more.
  • You add a self-help book or a comfort book that can be used for them to keep them busy.
  • Add scented candles or aromatic diffusers with a soothing aroma that will comfort the person and help them relax.
  • You can also go ahead and add gift certificates that can be used by them to buy things that they might need.
  • As a special touch, show your appreciation by knitting a scarf or blanket to them to keep them safe and warm.
  • Finally, place a handwritten note, photos or a card to let them know that you are there for them.
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Be consistent in your support

Although gifts and flowers baskets is a wonderful idea for a person who has suffered a loss, there is something even more precious you can give. And that's your time. A person who lost their loved one should not left alone for too long. Try to check in with the person regularly even if it is just a text message or a short call. If you visit then that too is a great idea. These gestures of support will let the grieving person know you are there for them.