Mix Tradition With Modern Gifts: 15 Special Diwali Gift Baskets Ideas That Go Beyond Sweets or Dry Fruits! (2020)

Mix Tradition With Modern Gifts: 15 Special Diwali Gift Baskets Ideas That Go Beyond Sweets or Dry Fruits! (2020)

Make your Diwali gift basket stand out this year. Give the sweets and dry fruits a break and try creative gift hampers that will stand out for all the right reasons. Gourmet gift baskets, spa products, Diwali gift hampers for corporate gifting, and even Indian gift baskets, BP-Guide India has it all, find a gift basket you like!

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Diwali Gift Baskets Can be of Three Main Categories

Diwali is one of the major festivals celebrated around the world. Like most other popular festivals gifting is an important part of the celebration of Diwali. A large volume of gifts that are sent out during Diwali consist of gift baskets or hampers. Gift baskets are an easy, go to gift choice because of the variety of options that is available in the market and online. There is something for everyone and for every budget. All you need to do is take your pick and order it.

Edible Gift Baskets

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The edible gifts baskets as the name suggests are the ones which contain edible items and beverages, like fruits, chocolates, gourmet food and snacks, flavored teas, juices, coffee, cookies, cheeses etc, apart from the more traditional baskets of fruit, sweets and nuts. You can buy edible gift baskets online or even create your own. What you have to do is pick out a couple of delectable food items and place them in a pretty cane basket or hamper, maybe tie a ribbon around it and you’re done! If you want a ready-made option then go to gourmetcompany.in. They have a wide selection of delectable gift baskets for you to choose from.

Customised Gift Baskets

Customised Gift baskets are unique and make great gifts for people who deserve something special. You can customise a gift basket according to your preference. So along with fruits and chocolates, you can pack in a personal gift item like a mug, wine glasses or a cuddly soft toy. It’s not difficult to create a personalised hamper for someone if you put a little thought into it. For ideas you can visit hamper.com. They don’t deliver to India, but you can get an idea about what to put inside a gift basket. For example if you are putting together a gift basket for someone who loves wine, then along with a bottle of his or her favorite wine, you can add some gourmet crackers and some good cheese to go with the wine; maybe a jar of pate or fruit spread, olives, crusty baguette, a box of chocolate truffles and a pair of beautiful wine glasses.

Unique Gift Baskets

A unique person deserves an equally unique gift. If you want to add a bit of fun and quirkiness to your festivities then gift your loved ones with a unique gift basket. All you have to do is apply your creativity. If you need a few pointers visit pinterest.com. You can get a ton of ideas from there. Gift baskets don’t have to be boring or expensive. Put together an innovative gift basket without spending an insane amount of money. For example, get a Chinese food themed basket for your friend who lives on the stuff. Add some good sauces like soy, sweet chilli, oyster and hoisin, add a few packets of flavored ramen noodles, a bottle of Chinese Rice Wine, a Chinese bowl and a pair of chopsticks, maybe add a beautiful Chinese paper lantern. Your friend will love your creativity.

Edible Gift Baskets to Give this Diwali (2019)

Delicious Chocolate Box

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Chocolates are the superstars amongst sweets and candies. There are very few people who hate chocolates and thankfully we don’t know any of them. For all the chocolate lovers out there a chocolate gift hamper would be a perfect gift on the joyous occasion of Diwali. The SFU ECom Chocolate Hamper Combo available on amazon.in costs Rs.1,299 and contains 2 bars of Dairy Milk Silk, 1 Cadbury Fruit & Nut, a bar of Cadbury Bournville, 1 Cadbury Temptation, a pack of Dark Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookies, and a 5 piece pack of Ferrero Rocher.

You can also give a box of exotic or artisanal chocolates which though more expensive will be more exclusive and special. Consider sites like Smoor or Fabelle or Choko La.

Extravagant Dry Fruit Basket

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Gifting dry fruits is a Diwali tradition and who are we to argue with a ritual as delicious as that? The VSD Special Dry fruits Gift basket from Amazon India costs around Rs.2,500 and contains a 100 gm pack of roasted almonds, a cone of 100 gm roasted cashews, a 50 gm pack of peri peri cashews, a 50 gm pack of roasted pistachios, a 100 gm tube of black current almonds, a 100 gm pack of dehydrated dried fruits like kiwi and pineapple. In addition to this there are also 3 packs of 100 gm each of flavoured mishris, a 25 gm bottle of silver mishri and a 20 gm pack of pinenuts. All these are packed into a beautiful cane basket decorated with artificial flowers and ribbons.

Special Diwali Sweets Basket

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Diwali is the time for feasting and taking it easy. Sweets like laddoos and barfis are predominant on the Diwali snack list. Get your loved ones a hamper full of some delectable sweets on the occasion of Diwali. If you want to keep it simple and traditional get this hamper from fnp.com which comes with a box of 500 gm of delicious besan laddos and a Lucky Bamboo to express you best wishes. It will cost you Rs.1,599.

Tea Gift Packs

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A cup of tea would go great with all the delicious fried snacks that are served on Diwali. Therefore tea hampers are a great chice for Diwali gift. Buy the Goodwyn Tea Alluring Chest 90 Tea Bags from amazon.in. It comes in a beautiful wooden gift box and has a range of flavored teas from earl grey and Assam tea to Kashmiri kahwa and many more. It will cost you around Rs.1,899. Tea hampers are also great alternatives to sweet boxes for people with diet restrictions or people who are conscious about their health.

Beverages Hamper

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Need a healthy and refreshing gift this Diwali? With more and more people becoming conscious of their health of late, the traditional boxes of sweets and chocolate are not always received enthusiastically. If you know someone like that go for the Auric Skin Radiance, Body Defence & Mind Rejuvenating Ready to Drink Juice set which is a pack of 6 bottled juices.These are Ayurvedic beverages that are beneficial for detoxing, restoring and revitalising the mind, body and skin. The drinks use Ayurvedic Herbs brewed to a concoction and then added to fruit juice, water or coconut water, making them 100% natural and lo-cal beverage. Order it on Amazon for Rs. 300.

Fresh Fruit Basket

Gift your family members a basket full of health this Diwali. A fruit basket is a gift that the whole family can enjoy together. Order these beautiful looking fruit baskets from myfloralcart.com. They are available in various sizes and are priced accordingly. Prices start from Rs.999.

6 Ideas for Customised Diwali Gift Hampers

Customised hampers are the best gifts because they have that personal touch. Each one is unique and therefore the receiver feels loved and special. We have put together a list of great customised hamper ideas for you. Take a look!

Crunchy Fashion Box

Source getbojo.com

The Crunchy Fashion Box from Getbojo.com is a monthly fashion subscription service that delivers a box full of cute fashion jewelry to your doorstep. It’s the perfect Diwali gift for young girls who love trendy trinkets. A month’s subscription costs Rs.999. Each box contains a statement neckpiece, a pair of earrings and a ring or a bracelet. If you have a higher budget opt for the Premium Surprise Jewellery Box that comes with 5 pieces of designer jewellery pieces in a box at a price of Rs.1,499 per month.

Ganesha Frame with 24 Cube Roseberry Gift Hamper

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This elegant gift which would make anyone happy on Diwali. Gift this to your office colleague, your boss or your neighbor. The gift set contains one white metal Ganesha frame along iwth a box of of figberry from chappan bhog, You can buy it for Rs.1,850 from igp.com.

Personalised Accessories Set

Need a cute but a gift that's different this Diwali? Personalised accessories are a good option. Buy them from themessycorner.infor Rs.2,200. You can personalise these with the name of the recipient and an appropriate charm. Just upload the file in the desired format at the time of ordering. This gift is perfect for family and loved ones.

Most Wanted Men Gift Hamper

If you are buying a gift for a man who is hard to please then the Most Wanted Men’s Hamper is something that you can pick without worry. It contains a 50 ml Harvard roll on along with 200 ml Autograph deodarant spray, Autograph hand and body wash and 100 grams Lindt dark chocolate packet into a little cane hamper. You can buy it for Rs.4,349 from bookmyflowers.com.

Diwali Special Gift Hamper

On Diwali, gift the ultimate gift hamper with this option. Available on MyPoojaBox, this gift box contains a lovely antique finish urlis, Led candle set and a small diya. This is an ideal gift to greet friends and acquaintances on the occasion of Diwali. Order it here for Rs. 3,255.

Spa Day Kit

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Bring the spa home this Diwali, with the BodyHerbals Lavender Essentials Gift Set . This set available on Amazon contains a bottle of lavender shower gel, skin toner, natural lavender and vanilla body massage oil, wooden massager, bath puff,plus 2 aromatic tea lights. We can bet that any woman would love to lay her hands on this. Get it on the site for Rs. 1,199

Out of the Box Diwali Gift Baskets for Those Near and Dear

Buying Diwali gifts for close relatives and friends is the most difficult task of all. They know you so well and for so long that it’s hard to find a gift that will surprise them. But we have a few gift ideas that are special and unique enough to surprise even the people closest to you.

Potpourri in Cane Basket

Source www.cycle.in

The IRIS Potpourri with Cane basket from cycle.in is a beautiful gift to give to someone you care about. Unlike fresh flowers potpourri stays for a long time and keeps the surroundings smelling fragrant and fresh. Not everyone is fond of candles and may even be unable to stand smokeless candles, you can give them this gift to add fragrance to their house for days to come. It is available in cinnamon, apple cinnamon, rose, jasmine and lavender. Buy it for Rs.200 on this site

Classic Wine Glasses With Ice Bucket Set

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If you know someone who loves their wine then gift them the wine set from igp.com. It comes with 6 wine glasses set, an ice bucket, as well as a bar tools box. Buy it for Rs.2,730 on igp.com.

Popcorn Gift Set

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Give a friend or a cousin the unique popcorn gift set. This gift hamper contains gourmet popcorn in three unusual flavours - Chocolate, Caramel & Pizza. The popcorn comes packed in airtight tins that can be reused. Order it on Amazon for Rs. 399.

The Entertainment Box

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Card Games are a fun Diwali tradition. So get the party started with gift set that comes with a professional poker chip set of 300 ct. with dealer button. There is also a Imported Golden colour card deck. Available on Amazon for Rs. 999.

Add a Personal Touch by Customising Diwali Basket

Spending a lot of money on a gift doesn’t always assure popularity. So, before you set out to do your Diwali shopping make sure that you take note of each individual preference. A thoughtful gift is always appreciated more than a gift which is expensive but not well thought out. Respect everyone’s personal choice and taste while selecting a gift for them. A little personal touch is all that is required to elevate a gift from ordinary to exceptional.

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Get Creative With Diwali Gifts

There's no reason you need to stick to the traditional gifts or things normally associated with Diwali. It is the festive season but if you can come with ideas other than a box of sweets, chocolate, diyas, lights and boxes of dry fruit, your gift will be a whole lot more memorable. The old fashioned gifts continue to have their place but people want to try out new things and have new experiences, so if you must give a gift, give something unique. Remember, each household already has a stack of boxes of sweets already piled up.