12 Creative, Romantic and Totally Unclichéd Gifts Your Gay Boyfriend Will Love (2019)

12 Creative, Romantic and Totally Unclichéd Gifts Your Gay Boyfriend Will Love (2019)

There aren't enough nice gift options for a gay partner that don't resort to annoying clichés. Right? Think again. Best Present Guide has put together a list of some great gifts and ideas that will appeal to your gay boyfriend. Choose from home-baked goods and couple's massages to cool tees, cashmere coats and quirky alarm clocks; you are sure to find a perfect gift for your boyfriend, gay or otherwise.

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Is There a Difference From Buying a Gift for a Straight Partner?

The simple answer here is no. There is absolutely no difference at all. In reality the only difference that exists is the same one that exist with everyone, and that is tastes. Every man likes a gift that is practical, that can be used in everyday life. Everyone also enjoys a good joke gift, but that is for you to know your partner’s sense of humour, just think about what he finds funny. Don’t buying him something as a joke that you know annoys him! It is easy to that stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason, and whilst some are true, it would be wrong of me to fall in them for this article.

That being said, it doesn’t hurt to splash the cash on your loved one. Especially if it is something useful that can be appreciated each time he uses or wears it. Never go over budget. The love he had for the gift will soon be lost when he is worrying about your money troubles, or you can’t pay your share of the bills because you spent it all on his amazing gift. But if you can afford it, then why not buy something a little bit more expensive? The old saying ‘you can’t buy love’ is very true, but you can show your love with a nice coat.

A Gift for Him, Can Also Be a Gift for You

A practical idea for him is a great idea, there is no question about that. But what if you get him a gift you can use too? A couples escape for example? If you know he will love it, then there is no harm in including yourself in the gift process. Sometimes, spending a day with the person he loves most can be the best gift you can give him. So don’t be afraid to spend a bit on a couple’s day out or adventure, or if your budget is limited, then plan a cheap day together doing something he loves. Picnics, movie nights, or a nice long hike together are all inexpensive gifts that can be exactly what he needs on his special day. Or buying him something you would love to see him in!

There are also practical gifts for him that you can enjoy too, stylish kitchen appliances for example. But be careful with that route, don’t buy him a new microwave because you need a new microwave! Buy him something he hasn’t got, that looks awesome and that you know he will love. Be sensible when buying for him, nobody knows him better than you.

If You Love Him, He Will Love These Gift Ideas!

There is no better way to show you love someone than with a thoughtful gift, not matter what the occasion. And something different is always more appreciated. Here are some gift ideas that will have your boyfriend jumping for joy. Some quirky ideas, something different and always guaranteed smiles.

Couples Cartoon Portrait

If you are looking for something fun to give your boyfriend, for any occasion, a caricature portrait is a guaranteed winner. To see you both smiling as cartoons is both funny and a great piece to hang off your wall with pride. There are many out there, but we have this custom caricature portrait where you can pick out a style and talented artists will create it for you. Priced at a suitable Rs.1,300.00 it is the ideal gift to show your eternal love. There are other options on the website, so if the style we've showcased is not your thing, we am sure you will find something that is!

Gay Pride Lightsabre T-Shirt

This is an essential gift for any gay Star Wars fan! In this case the design was chosen from an independent artist, adding a slight touch of uniqueness to the tee. Made from polyester and spandex for a snug fit, this all black with lightsabres lined up to form the gay pride flag is a stylish addition to his wardrobe. The colours are bright and stand out, showcasing how proud you both are, and catching every Star Wars fan’s eye. One slight issue may be the fact that this particular one comes from America, so get it soon in order to have time for shipping. The price of $41.92, or about Rs.2,250, on redbubble.com does also include shipping, but allow two weeks for it to arrive. Well worth the wait we think.

A Case of Wine

Wine is a great gift idea, it is a symbol of elegance and style, but also extremely tasty. With a variety of red, white or roses available, it is hard to go wrong with wine. It is also perfect for any occasion or a just because gift. Both thoughtful and tasteful it would be a gift your boyfriend will love. Plus, he will probably share a glass or two with the beloved person who gifted it to him. We have chosen a combination gift of orchids and red wine because orchids are a beautiful flower to mark any occasion, unlike say a romantic red rose, which is more identified with Valentine’s day. Red wine is a perfect sipping wine to drink with those close to you. For Rs.2,695 you can have this delivered to your door the next day. Perfect!

A Quirky Alarm Clock

Source www.igp.com

A perfect gift for a quirky boyfriend, this alarm clock is shaped like a green little robot. It has white spring legs and two clips as hands where you can request your favourite photo to be clipped on to. The glowing eyes add cuteness to this little green chap. He stands at 6.5 inches, and his the perfect addition for any quirky bedside table. With free shipping included, you can’t argue the price of Rs.1,050 for this perfect green man, who will make your boyfriend’s mornings a breeze. Order it on IGP.com He will wake up smiling because of you.

Bar Tools Set

Does your man like to host cocktail parties? Or maybe just enjoys a cocktail with you on a Friday night? Then this gift is perfect for the drink connoisseur of today. This 12-Piece Stainless Steel Bar Set is the best there is. Made from smooth stainless steel, it looks the part of belonging in any high class drinks establishment. It comes with an assortment of 12 items: 1 wine pourer, 1 wine cooler, 1 opener, 1 strainer, 1 ice bucket, 1 pair of tongs, 1 corkscrew, 1 cocktail shaker, 1 tray 1 ice bucket, 2 peg measure plus accessories like spoons. That is the essential kit for any home bar! There is nothing better you can buy for Rs.1,599 on Pepperfry to help your partner create his perfect bar at home.

A Gift Worth Every Penny for Your Boyfriend

Sometimes, for that special occasion, you have to go all out for your favourite person. Here are some ideas that whilst on the higher end of the price range, are worth it for your man.

Couples Spa Day

There is nothing better than getting away from it all and unwinding together for a day. Relax the mind, body and soul with a luxurious spa day for you both. The perfect way to do this is a Couples Aroma Jacuzzi Spa, where just the name of it makes you feel relaxed already. This amazing treatment lasts 120 minutes in the Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa in South Delhi, where you will get the best treatment there is. This great treatment includes: a specials couple room with a two person Jacuzzi, a wonderful aromatic massage for you both, the Jacuzzi can be either floral or honey and milk scented, and a steam and shower. Relaxing does come at a price of Rs.8,900, but we guess you can’t put a price on an amazing time together. Book it on ExcitingLives

Espresso Machine

Source myvero.in

Every coffee lover needs one. It is the essential piece of equipment for the modern couple who have no time to prepare good coffee, but want good coffee in the morning. What better gift is there than an espresso machine? Now, the market is stocked full of amazing machines making amazing coffee, but the Vero Infuso-Red stands out above the rest. It looks stylish, elegant and poses like the super model of all espresso machines. It produces the highest quality barista style coffee, and automatically ejects the used capsules. It is energy saving, has a one litre water tank, it is everything you could ever want and more from a machine. For Rs.12,999 it can be in your house, making you both excellent coffee. You can check it out on myvero.in.

Designer Sunglasses

A pair of designer sunglasses are a sure way to guarantee he always looks his best! But it is always difficult to choose the right pair, for this reason we are suggesting two pairs that look similar and are in fashion, but have their little differences. The first pair are the Sundrive Sunglasses GKB Sundrive SD S1816D CO2 Polarized. This stylish pair of sunglasses may be from a less know brand, but they are of the highest quality. They come in a selection of bold colours to suit any man’s taste, and for Rs.1,680 they are a great price.

The other pair we have chosen are the RayRay-Ban 3025 Golden Blue Mirror Unisex because Ray-Ban is the all-time leader in eye-wear. A wide variety of colours are available, and the status that owning a pair of Ray-Bans brings. However, this status comes for Rs.4,893 . Chose according to your budget, but whichever you chose, he will look great! See the collection on lenskart.com.

A Unique Cologne

Saying unique cologne does bring a challenge of which one to buy, but, taken from a list of the best perfumes for men in India for 2018, Gucci Guilty Per Homme is the winner in this category. Described as a ‘woody aromatic fragrance for men’ it is a smell you and him are both guaranteed to fall in love with. He will stand out in gatherings of any occasion for his smell, and he will say with pride that you bought it for him. It is said that the nose memorises more smells than any other sense, so make your boyfriend smell like something you will never forget, for Rs.2,250. Available on Flipkart

Cashmere Coat

Source www.amazon.in

This is the ultimate gift of style. A cashmere coat will give him a look of elegance brought straight from the movie screen itself. A great complement to any man’s wardrobe, he will soon become the envy of every party when he shows up wearing such a beautiful coat and you by his side.

A very well-known brand in men’s fashion that is Tommy Hilfiger are a great choice. Their Barnes Single Breasted Walker Coat is the best one they have to offer from a value for money and style perspective. Priced around Rs. 18,000 on Amazon, this product is shipped from America and is of the highest quality. The three buttons are classy and yet practical, two side entry pockets to keep his belongings safe and vent on the back hem to stay cool make this jacket the ideal apparel for the modern day man.

Simple and Effective Gift Ideas

If you are on a limited budget, but still want him to feel special, here are a couple of ways you can do it. You can make these suggestions personal, romantic or just because as you want. They are yours to create in whichever way you want. Show him you know him, and add a bit of yourself into the mix too.

His Favourite Baked Goods, Homemade By You

This is a guaranteed winner of a gift when you have a low budget. Baking is a great way to show someone you care and love them. Not only is it delicious and some may remind them of childhood memories, it also fills the kitchen with sweet and beautiful smells of cakes or buns and other heavenly scents. Use his favourite ingredients to make him is most desired sweet or savoury. He will love to bite into something made by you, with your own hands and time. You don’t have to be an expert baker to pick up a cook book and give it your best shot, no matter what the outcome, it will be a gesture he is bound to appreciate and remember forever.

His Favourite Film, Meal and Bottle of Wine or Drink

Plan a cosy night in around him. Pick his all-time favourite movie, or a selection of three if you have a bit more time, cook him a meal, or order in from his favourite takeaway, sit down and relax in each other’s company sipping from his favourite drink of choice. No matter how you do and prepare this magical day or evening, always remember that it is about him, he has to feel spoilt and appreciated. It is your time to shine however, by showing how well you know him and giving him the perfect gift anyone could ever give him.

Remember, it is the Thought That Counts!

This is as true as it gets, but use common sense and make sure it is a good thought. Think of gifts you would like to receive, think about what annoys your boyfriend and avoid that, think about what he likes and what he hasn’t got. Think practical, and remember who it is for.

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Surprise gifts are so much more enjoyable than the regular birthday and anniversary gifts. Make no mistake about it, a gift is a gift, and it is always nice to get one, but the pleasure that comes from an unexpected treat is unmatched. As his partner you know when your boyfriend is low and needs a pick me up, or when a gift can help bring you even closer; read these signs and spring a surprise when the moment is right.