Celebrate Your New Love with a 4-Month Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend: 10 Ideas That Nod to What First Sparked Love + Tips to Reach His Heart Quicker Than Cupid's Arrow

Celebrate Your New Love with a 4-Month Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend: 10 Ideas That Nod to What First Sparked Love + Tips to Reach His Heart Quicker Than Cupid's Arrow

Getting in relation is wonderful, but staying in the relationship? That’s cause for celebration! (And a chance to shower your other half in love, affection and thoughtful anniversary gifts.) Every relationship milestone deserves to be acknowledged in a special and meaningful way. If you’re worried that you’re all out of anniversary gift ideas, don’t sweat it – that’s where we come in! Our curated collection is packed with thoughtful, personalised anniversary presents that are pretty much guaranteed to get you named ‘World’s Best Spouse’.

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Making Memories with Your Beloved

Fourth Month Is a Milestone to Celebrate - Know How to Do It!

An anniversary with your beloved, whether it is a ‘Month-anniversary’ or 25th year of togetherness, is always worth celebrating. Although just a four-month-old anniversary may not mean much for a couple who are together for years, it has a representation of a milestone for the teens or people who have recently begun dating and taking the relationship seriously. The month-anniversaries may not seem like something of significance, but they should be celebrated creating cherished memories.

Plan a Date

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It is not always necessary to travel far to enjoy an intimate and relaxing date. You can choose your local park for a romantic date, and of course, it’s nearly free. Just pack some snacks and beverages and you have a fun date idea. Or you can squeeze out some quality time at the spa where a couple of treatment like massages or mani-pedis is done. Just sit back, talk and relax together for the special day. Another romantic option is to revisit the place of your first date for your anniversary, drive there in solo and meet up just like good old days.

Make a Homemade Playlist and Get Cosy Indoors

Create an ultimate playlist compiling the list of songs that represent your feelings. Also, use it as an opportunity to show how much you understand him by adding songs from his favourite artists. Imagine the fancy night outs on the town, strolling around the park, watching movies can be made little more special with the playlists. A playlist of songs can be a surefire way to create a romantic mood as music always connects heart faster than anything else.

Have a Romantic Photo Shoot

Love has just begun to bloom at your fourth month of dating and to celebrate this togetherness with your special someone is quite an exciting moment in a relationship. You can surprise him by booking a photography service for a creative couple photo shoot on the very day. Photos allow to preserve beautiful moments, and it can make your fourth month anniversary unique and memorable. Book in advance for a professional photography service and creative ideas of your anniversary photo shoot theme.

Stunning Gifts for Him in the New Relationship

Engraved Wooden Watch

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Time is priceless in a relationship, and you can show your eternal love through this timepiece as a gift for your boyfriend. A Handmade Wooden Clock is a different way to be in touch with him always. This beautiful, high-quality wooden watch is very much comfortable to wear, and it is a unique gift too. It has a minimal design which is combined with natural wood that is perfectly integrated modern and rustic functions. Every watch has different textures due to the variation of the wood grain. The clock has a heart, two initials and a date of your own choice inside a wreath.

It is a large or medium size watch with 1.77 inches (4.5 cm) face diameter, and 9.4 inches (24 cm) strap diameter and 1.4 inches (3.5 cm) watch face size and 9 inches (23 cm) strap size. Watch face accent colour is walnut, sandalwood or bamboo. The wood watch is crafted from real wood, and it has a Japanese quartz movement. It has a soft leather band, and it is durable and lightweight. This wrist watch can be customised with any images or personal message which can be engraved up to 10 words, something simple like name or date can also be engraved. The price of this eco-friendly wrist watch is Rs. 4,005 approx.

Fingerprint Ring

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The most emotional jewellery in a relationship is a ‘ring’. It does not matter if it is made of gold, diamond or even an ordinary metal. The ring is connected with the heart, and it is a treasure for life. Gifting a Ring as a fourth-month anniversary send a message of being connected through the heart from the very beginning of the relationship.

A unique way to gift a ring is the ’fingerprint ring’ by Caitlyn Minimalist brand. They have a set of two fingerprint rings which will have the actual fingerprints of the couple exclusively made for them. It is a high-quality solid sterling silver ring with 18K rose gold finishing. Its dimension is 4 mm. You will need to send a picture or scan of the fingerprint before or after you purchase. There are more ways to personalise your ring with your like signature or handwriting. The price of this item is approximately Rs.7,965.

Matching Couple T-Shirt

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Dating is fun and full of excitement. Celebrating monthly anniversary especially the fourth month is unique as this will continue towards the first anniversary year. BonOrganik is such a cute and fun brand which makes matching clothes in regular t-shirts. A different way to gift an exclusive collection to the person whom you love most. BonOrganik brand has a wide range of collection with the matching t-shirts for couples such as ‘U’ ‘S’ for him and her. You can wear these t-shirts together and walk down the street, it will be a sure hit among your friends.

The couple’s t-shirt package comes with fashionable and matching clothes, one t-shirt for men and one crop top for a woman. The t-shirts are 100% cotton with round neck half sleeve, and they are best for your anniversary gift which you can wear and enjoy the day in a unique way. The price for this garments at amazon.com is Rs.1,199.

Wallet Insert Card

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A cute gift idea for your fourth month anniversary can be a wallet insert card which is the same size as a credit card so that it can perfectly fit inside a wallet. The wallet card is around 20 gauge thick and cannot be easily manipulated. You can stamp a message which can fit in the size of the card, and the message can be customised. The orders are sealed to keep the shine of the copper colour intact and not tarnish. Your man can keep this thing in his wallet which will remind him about your love and affection all the time he will be away from you. The price of the item is around Rs. 2,096 at etsy.com.

Bamboo Wood Notebook

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Love is forever, and there is nothing better and traditional than expressing your new love with a Personalised Notebook. Journaling your love life is something that both of you will cherish forever. Let your loved one know that your heart cares and always belong to him. This can be a fantastic personalised gift for your boyfriend on your monthly anniversary.

The journal has a wooden cover with a spiral binding, and the paper is of a matte finish. It has a real bamboo, and the dimension is 18 x 13.5 cm. The notebook has 70 unlined brown pages, and it comes with a free bamboo pen with it. The price for this little notebook is Rs. 799, and the delivery is free of cost.

100 Reasons Love Notes

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There can be a hundred reasons for you to love your boyfriend but can you ever tell them all to him? Well, these cute love cards will do the job correctly. The gift box is ideal for your fourth month anniversary, and it will bring a million dollar smile on the face of your special person. The pack has a hundred reasons defining why you love him, and that will make his day more special. This is a very memorable gift packed in a beautiful box.

The dimension of the box is 10.5 x 2.5 x 7 cm approximately, and the price is Rs. 499 with prime shipping at amazon.com.

Personalised Clock

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Time never stands for anyone; it flies as the days pass. However, you can make the time special in your relationship by gifting your boyfriend, a personalised clock on the very beginning time like your fourth month anniversary. The timer can be a perfect gift for your beloved to say how much complete you fell in his presence. This table clock has a heart-shaped design which is adorable and romantic too. It is not only a showpiece but also a utility gift. You can personalise this clock before giving to him with a candid picture of a moment that you have spent together or some note that is memorable and handwritten.

The theme of the timepiece is cool and modern, and the dimension is 7.75 in x 7.75 in x 0.1 inches. Make your beautiful memory count with the ticking of the time - every day. The table is priced at Rs. 600 at igp.com.

Cute Picture Pillow Covers

Nothing is cosier than the sophisticated and comfortable pillow that you can share with your boyfriend, and if you choose a personalised pillow cover for it as a gift, then it will surely become an instant hit for the moment. canvaschamp.in has a range of customised photo pillows that will give you vast options to design the photo pillowcase of your choice. It will enhance the bliss of your living room as the soft and plump customised pillowcases will make that feeling of elegance. You can also try the photo collage section of their website for more exciting options.

They guarantee the lowest price, super-fast delivery at your doorstep and best craftsmanship for their items. The cost for this pillow cover starts from Rs. 399 and increases according to the size of the pillowcase.

DIY Photo Book

Handmade gifts are the best you can do to show your love. Make this beautiful photo book with your own idea and make an exclusive fourth-anniversary gift for him.

DIY Photo Book

What you need:
  • Cutter
  • mGlue
  • pen and ruler
  • Coloured card
  • Designer card
  • Pictures

How to make it:
  • Make some measurements by drawing lines as shown in the video and cut the coloured and design cards.
  • Mark and cut the unwanted parts and fold them on both lines.
  • Do the same on other side.
  • Cut the small line and fold it.
  • Glue the parts and over the folded parts glue the designer paper cuts.
  • Decorate the top par with a button and add photos and messages inside the handmade album to gift your boyfriend.

Watch the video to find the exact method of making a mini photo book for your love.

Bonus Tips to Make a Memorable Anniversary

  • You always get a compliment for your smart and hot look or your wonderful cooking but do you compliment your man for little things? Well, you should do that often because sometimes they get confused that whether the person he loved thought he was attractive or not. Right complement builds up the relationship stronger and deletes negativity from life. Such small things will make your boyfriend happy no matter if it’s your anniversary or just a date with him.

  • Open communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Talk face to face, and do not attack while talking. Choose your word wisely, honestly and politely. If you are angry stop, step back and breathe or ask a few moments before you start talking. Listen a lot and express how you feel after he completes his conversation. There are many to give suggestions but very fewer people listen to your words and understand your emotions. Be an attentive listener by being the best friend ever for your partner.

  • Always compliment and encourage the failure of each other. No matter how worse the situation is, take charge to make him confident by showing your gratitude and love towards him. Let him believe he is the best person in the whole universe who is essential for you too. Blaming makes relation worse, but when you compliment and celebrate failure, you get to know one another more closely. Strength is always appreciable, but weakness must be the thing that you should eliminate from the life of each other and make your relationship work beautifully not for just four months but your whole life. Trust your heart and love your special person.

  • Take out time while you are dating as afterwards you will crave for these moments! That is why celebrating special days are so important. There are several ways to make your boyfriend your priority and take out quality time to spend with him. Go on a weekend getaway, travel together, try an adventure game or even cook together, it will bring and maintain a spark in your relationship and make new memories.
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Gift Him On your 4-Month Anniversary

The anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate your relationship and the love you have for each other. The anniversary gifts that you can give each other are plenty. You need to put in some thought into it and make it precious. Remember, romance doesn’t have to break the bank. Instead, gift him unique wedding anniversary gifts to rekindle the enchantment of being in a relationship. Any relationship milestone demands to be celebrated, so make it special with anniversary gift. The personal touch can be given to store-bought gifts by engraving, stamping or printing on them.