Turn Your Next Party Memorable: 10 Unusual Party Favour Ideas for Adults (2020)

Turn Your Next Party Memorable: 10 Unusual Party Favour Ideas for Adults (2020)

Are you planning to throw an awesome party once this lockdown is over? We all are bored to death and can't wait to meet our friends and relatives, and what better way to get back in touch with them than to throw an amazing party! Here are some unusual party favour ideas for adults.

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Checklist for Planning the Perfect Party

  • Selecting a date and time: The first thing that you need to consider before planning the things for your party is the date and time of the party. It will not be appropriate to plan your party a couple of days or a week away. Not every one of your guests might be able to make it in such short notice. So, be considerate and decide the date and time of the party at first. Make sure that you let all your guests know regarding the time. Contact the venue management whether the place is available to hire on a selected date 2-3 months before the selected date.

  • Deciding on the venue: You have choices of booking a place for a party or organise the party at your home. Both have their benefits. If you give a party at home, it saves your money, and if you hire a place, this makes it easy for you to handle the things and can alleviate the pleasures. Make sure that you contact the venue regarding the availability of the place on the date you plan to organise the party.

  • Determine your budget: It's up to you to decide the kind of party you want. Also, it's your choice whether you are going to splurge on the party or organise the party on a fixed budget. But if you plan the party under a limited budget, plan accordingly. You can keep the alcohol to the minimum and use homemade foods without cutting fun and entertainment.

  • Deciding on theme: Invitation, food, decoration, games all come under the theme of the party. You can decide a theme based on your budget, your guest's age, season as per your wish. There are several themes you can find according to your need, such as summer, spring, bachelorette, wedding, birthday, among others.

  • Planning your guest list: Make a list of your guests whom you are going to invite. Determine the number of guests in consideration of your budget. Provide the guest list to the venue or the other organisers so that they can manage the foods and party favours keeping the guests in their mind.

  • Arranging entertainment and other supplies: To entertain the guests, you need DJs, bands, and photo booths at the party. Inform your needs to your venue managers beforehand. Also, try to incorporate all your guests' considerations for the party if they have any. If you have hired external caterers, inform them all important details before they propose the menu.

10 Awesome Party Favours for Adults

Hair Bow Party Favours

Source desertcart.in

Get your female guests the best hair bows to tie in their favourite colours. It will surely increase your party grandiose. You can set combinations of pink and blue with a gold ribbon to really glam them up. Or you can let them choose a hair bow in their favourite colours. Girls in hair bows look beautiful with their attires, and it will add to the environment of the party. If there is enough time before the party starts, you can make the hair bows by yourself. Otherwise, you can always buy them. You can buy the hair bows from desertcart.in, where a set of 6 hair of multicoloured bows is priced at Rs. 1,399.

Paper Fans Party Favours

Paper fans are a great way to enliven your party, especially in the summer. Paper fans look beautiful and fashionable in hands; after all, they belong to the famous culture of Asia and Europe. Hand these pleasant fans to guests at the beginning of the party so that they can cool off the summer. Not only can your guests feel the cool breeze of air coming from the fans, but it will also create a real charm in the party environment. You can also organise a dance with the guests holding their respective fans in their hands and waving the fans to show their dance moves. You can buy this party favour from Ali Express for Rs. 64 per piece.

Chocolate Bars Party Favours

Source amazon.in

No party is organised without sweets and chocolate, and people never resist taking many sweets during parties. In any kind of party, taking sweets has been the culture for since long. At weddings, baby showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays, and everywhere, people generally decide to walk in with sweets or chocolates. So, why not select chocolate as your party favours. You can decorate these chocolates in the medium-sized baskets or jars and can label them over the containers. So, make your guest delightful with a range of delicious chocolates that they can pick from. One of such chocolate that you can use is Ferrero Rocher. Twenty-four pieces of these Rochers cost Rs. 829 on Amazon.

Champagne Bottle Party Favours

Pop up champagnes; it's celebration time. Pour champagne in glasses and make your guests happy. Especially if the party is meant for adults, then you can organise champagne bottle party favour. These days, a party generally includes drinking alcohol together. So. why not style your party in this regard? You can dress the bottles of champagne in a ribbon and patterned straw to make it look attractive. A Champagne along with mixed flowers is available on Gifts N Flowers for Rs. 2,449.

Wine Bottle Party Favours

Source 99blooms.com

When it comes to anniversary, wedding, or thanksgiving, nobody can miss those moments in which guests handle the sparkling glasses of wine and have fun. You can channel an inner designer and theme your party on wine labels. Print your texts and attach them to bottles with double-stick tape. You can start with around 10 inches bottles to larger ones. Also, you can design the bottles with party favours such as wine cork keychains. Be the best host with wine bottle party favour, and Get 20 Red Roses, a Wine Hamper, and 1/2 kg chocolate cake on 99 Blooms for Rs. 3,249.

Tea Kit Party Favours

Source teatrunk.in

If your expected guests are not alcohol drinkers, then theming your party on a tea kit can be an excellent idea. Buy loose-leaf tea which is packed in an individual hot tea bag and get it inserted in decorative twine in the centre of the opening of a teabag. Seal the bag's edge with iron and write your message on the small tags. Then, glue the tea bag to the end of twines and push the tea bags inside the cup with pieces of honey sticks. It's a gentle party favour that creates a good atmosphere for the party. You can buy Matcha Brewing Kit for Rs. 2,749 on Tea Trunk.

Flavoured Butter Party Favours

Source flipkart.com

A piece of butter on their plates is a taste of delight to food lovers. So, having a variety of butter in your party can give a unique feel to the event. You can serve flavoured butter to them at dinner or send it to them after a party. Guests should have a choice of butter, so serve them with a variety of flavoured butter. Put the colourful handmade label on the top of the jar so that guests can choose per their preferences. To start with, you can buy Amul Garlic and Herbs Salted Butter, the 100 gram of which costs Rs. 49 on Flipkart.

Chilli Sauce Party Favours

Source amazon.in

For spice lovers, Chilli Sauce Party Favours can be a great treat. Serve the guests with different kinds of spicy sauces and make conversations about the nature and spiciness of the sauce. Or you can also send home the bottles of condiments with your guests. Make a large batch of chilli sauces and fill it inside the bottles or the gars. Then, print your words (for example, "Thank You for Spice") for your guests and label them on the bottles carefully. And your chilli sauce party favour is ready now. If you can't manage the chilli sauces yourself, you can buy Pursuit Industries Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce from Amazon for Rs. 310 per 500 grams.

Teacup Candle Party Favours

Source indiamart.com

Light up your hearts with the beautiful flame of candles. You might have noticed that parties that include lamps or candles have a different vibe to them. For this, take out a beautiful cup from the kitchen shelf and centre the candles, fitting the depth of it. Then, pour some ghee in the cup, and your party favour is ready. If you cannot manage time to make all these things, you can order all this stuff from India Mart for Rs. 20 apiece.

Cookies Party Favours

Source snapdeal.com

If you are planning for the tea party favour, indeed, you need cookies also. You can serve this DIY party favour in your way, containing in the open basket, filling in the jars, or making a pile of cookies on the paper bags. Put your texts on the label of jars or stitch them at the end of the twines hanging down. You can make an order a 250 g Deetofy chocolate cookies on Snapdeal for Rs. 399.

5 Best Party Themes for Adults

Tourist Trap Party Theme

Parties are thrown for sharing joy and happiness among friends and build good relations. When you organise the party, how about making your guests feel like they are having a carefree time. For this, there is nothing better than a beach where you can enjoy the party like a holiday with your friends. You can ask your friends to dress like summer holiday tourists. Also, you can add selfie-sticks, Hawaiian shirts, palm tree printed dress, tropical hats, coconut juices, and other kinds of stuff of your choice at the party.

Tequila Tasting Party Theme

Tequila can be a great way to bring your friends together who have never met for years and to get them to talk. You can invest in a few premium bottles such as Patron, Jose Cuervo, Herradura, Porfidio and serve your guests each of these tequila varieties separately. Also, get some slightly salty nibbles, sea salt, and pepper to taste for your guest as they need it while sipping tequila. Or you can also supply halved limes to them.

Casino Night Party Theme

If you are up to gambling among your friends, you can choose the casino night party theme. In this party, you provide multiple games in casino-like events such as roulette, blackjack, craps and baccarat, where guests can play games and bet. And the person who wins can donate all the money to the charity, and all guests will be happy. The important part of this party is that guests must learn the rules of the games because of which friends can come closer and enjoy the party a lot. You can select classical casino themed parties such as in the style of James Bond, Great Gatsby, and Mardi Gras.

Zombie Apocalypse Party Theme

If your friends like horror adventure, you can host a zombie apocalypse party to present your friends with scary thrills. For such themed events, decorate the place like old jails or cemeteries and provide your guests with zombie costumes. To create a wrecked version of your venue, you can spray paint the wall with mysterious figures, bloodied hands and provide hunting prompts such as plastic skeleton and hunting music to make the party more exciting and thrilling. Lastly, ask your friends to act like zombies. Don't forget to enjoy the party amid the zombie apocalypse, though.

Bollywood Party Theme

Bollywood, Hindi cinema is known for its luxurious lifestyle, and you can share it with your friends. Supply the famous Bollywood dresses such as Krish's mask and outfit, Shahrukh's hat and leather jacket from DDLJ to your guests. You can add lighting and colourful decoration to the venue because Bollywood is all about decorations and partying. It adds extra fun to party when guests act like their idols in their role-costumes. With the soundbox booming Hindi songs all along, it will make the party very lively. At dinner, you can provide typical Indian cuisines and foods.

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Don't Forget to Add Some Delicious Food!

Food is that thing in a party that can take any type of party up a notch. So, while you decide on the best theme for your party, don't forget to make some delicious food for your guests. If you're too busy to prepare it yourself, you can always order from a number of options available. Also, try to bring in a variety of foods for your various guests as you never can guess the preferences of all the guests.