10 Amazing Birthday Gift Ideas for the Rich Boyfriend Who Has Everything: Shop Smart Instead of Competing with His Money (2019)

10 Amazing Birthday Gift Ideas for the Rich Boyfriend Who Has Everything: Shop Smart Instead of Competing with His Money (2019)

What do you buy for a man who has everything that he will ever want? Dating a rich guy may seem like a dream come true but comes with it's share of problems. Buying a gift for someone who has everything is not an easy task. But our expert tips can help you in this difficult situation. Just read on and find out.

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Tips for Buying Gifts for Rich Boyfriend

Get an Unusual but Useful Gift

Your rich boyfriend might have everything that he needs but you being the thoughtful and nice girlfriend that you are, must always think about his needs. Pick useful gifts to show your love and affection to him. As his girlfriend, you are the closest to him and are well aware of his interests. Therefore you know exactly the kind of things that would come useful to him in his daily life. There are a lot of materialistic gifts available in the market, but it would be wise to go for a practical gift that serves a useful purpose.

Buy a Quality Product

Your boyfriend has everything he needs but if you want to gift him something that could keep the spark in your relationship forever then focus on the quality of the gift. Remember, buying more and more gifts for him would reduce the value of each gift you give to him, hence concentrate on quality over quantity.

You don't need to spend a lot on getting a gift for your rich boyfriend. There is no need to be exorbitant for expensive gifts like Premium watches or any luxury item. Small items like a docking station, a keychain, a wallet, or a good quality cologne can be better options rather than those extremely expensive gift items.

Cater to His Passions

Another parameter to choose a perfect gift for your boyfriend is to observe his hobbies and giving him gifts accordingly. Such gifts can motivate and help him to do better in achieving his goals. He will always remember you whenever he will use or glance upon that precious gift. Giving gifts related to his hobbies shows that you pay attention to him and care about his happiness.

Know his hobbies to find the perfect gift for him. Does he love sports, does he like fishing, swimming, singing, or cooking? Give him something related to his hobbies, and it will help him be more productive and keep him satisfied both mentally and spiritually.

10 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Rich Boyfriend

Coffee Grinder

Coffee is most people's favourite beverage. If your boyfriend is one of them, then giving him a coffee grinder is the most thoughtful thing that you can do for him. The Baratza Virtuoso Burr Coffee Grinder is the best coffee grinder available on the market. This grinder is fitted with advanced 40 mm carbon-steel made conical burrs for fine grinding. This grinder is powered by a DC motor which keeps the coffee beans cool during the grinding process, thus retaining their flavour. It runs smoothly on 180W. You can buy this amazing grinder for Rs.17,499 on amazon.in.

The Indestructible Phone Case

Smartphones have nowadays become an essential part of people's lives. Therefore it's very likely that your rich boyfriend is the possessor of an expensive smartphone or two, as well. A smartphone cover therefore is the perfect gift choice for him. It will not only protect his smartphone from damage but also be a reminder of you.

While picking a smartphone case for your boyfriend, try to pick one which is hard and strong, so that it's capable of protecting his phone from all serious damages. The Mokka Two-Toned Wood Finish iPhone Cover from beyondordinary.in is a great pick. This strong case has a premium wood finish that gives it a classy look.

Get it for Rs.1,286.

Neck Tie Storage Holder

Source www.amazon.in

If your boyfriend is a part of the corporate world, then his daily attire must comprise of a beautiful necktie which gives him a complete professional look. Wouldn't it be a thoughtful idea to get him something to help him organise his ties? Part of being a caring girlfriend is looking after the well being of his possessions. So gift him a good quality cylindrical necktie holder that will keep his neckties safe and clean. He will appreciate your gift-giving skills and also how much you care about him. Buy this amazing Neck Tie Storage Holder for Rs.2,265 on amazon.in.

Whiskey Decanter

Source www.amazon.in

If your boyfriend is fond of his liquor collection, then you can get him a classy looking vessel which will not only be a great home decor piece but can also be used to store liquor like whiskey, rum bourbon etc. A whiskey decanter is a perfect choice to give to your boyfriend on his birthday. This Whiskey Decanter from amazon.in can hold up to 850 ml of liquor.

The decanter is quirkily shaped like a globe, supported on a wooden stand. It has a metal funnel and a glass stopper, which makes pouring the liquor in and keeping it fresh easier than ever. This creation is an artisan's handblown masterpiece, which includes a glass ship inside the decanter, enhancing it's looks and making it all the more classy. Buy this masterpiece for your boyfriend for Rs.6,879.

Remote Control HD Camera Drone

If your rich boyfriend is fond of gadgets, then you can give him something fun which he can use to create his own masterpiece. If your boyfriend loves photography and making home videos, then the perfect gift for him would be this Remote control Camera Drone which he can use to click photos and record mesmerizing videos from an aerial view.

This Remote Control Camera Drone records videos in high-quality 720p graphics and its 6-axis gyro enable it to fly and stay aerial at a particular altitude which makes it the best quadrocopter. Its powered by three batteries which help it stay in the air for about 18 minutes, and by using an external power bank, batteries can be charged again. Buy this awesome drone for about Rs.15,166 on amazon.com.

Men's Beard Care Grooming and Trimming kit

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If your boyfriend flaunts a beard then he will surely love a grooming kit as a gift. Pamper your boyfriend on his birthday by giving him a grooming and trimming kit which he can use to keep his beard spick and span. The Xikezan grooming and trimming set will be very useful to your boyfriend as it is something which he can use on daily basis. Giving him things that he needs will make him happier, and he will appreciate you thinking about his everyday needs. In this kit, you get an Unscented Beard Conditioner Oil, Mustache & Beard Comb, Balm Wax, Brush, and Mustache Scissors. You can buy it for Rs.3,518 on amazon.in.

Unique Lion Gear Clock

If your guy is a science and technology freak, you should consider giving him a unique gift which will amuse him and cater to his scientific mind. A normal watch or clock is well and fine but for your science-loving boyfriend, we have got something special up our sleeves.

Presenting the Lion Gear Table Clock from bigsmall. This uniquely designed clock provides the profile of a lion where all the cogs of the timepiece are on display symbolising the working of a lion. This device is made of non-toxic ABS resin material plates. The quartz movement of the clock is accurate. Your boyfriend can use this clock in the study or the bedroom. This gadget runs on 1 type c battery so make sure to buy the perfect size battery for it as there are no batteries included in the pack. Buy this clock for Rs.2,999.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo Parfum

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Who doesn't love the rich aroma of a good quality perfume? Make your boyfriend's birthday a fragrant affair by gifting him a luxury perfume. Pick a scent which is classy and elegant and present him on the occasion of his birthday. A great pick would be the Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo Parfum for Men from Amazon. The perfume has top notes of bergamot and scents of the sea while the heart notes comprise of rosemary, geranium, sage. The base is rounded up by incense, patchouli and amber. You can get the 75 ml bottle for Rs.7,789.

Wooden Docking Station

Source www.amazon.in

If your boyfriend is a busy working professional something as useful as a docking station can come in quite helpful. This small gadget will save his time, energy and space by letting him connect all his electrical accessories in one place. Using this electrical docking station, he can complete his work with ease without facing any difficulty.

Another gadget we have brought for you is non-electrical kind of docking station where he can place all his important valuables like mobile phone, wallet, watch, keys and many more at exactly one place. This would induce the quality of being organised in him. This wooden Barva Device Dock Organizer has a rustic wood finish. This product is handcrafted which provides a smooth and fine surface and complete safety for your valuables. The docking station is polished with a special kind of protective agent which protects the wood from moisture or dryness, therefore making it perfect for long-term use.

The station can be disassembled for easy carrying during travel and easily assembled again. The main features of this device are easy portability and a long life. Buy this quality station for Rs.6,029 on Amazon.

DIY Cards for Him

You don't necessarily need to go to a store to buy a present for your boyfriend. Store-bought gifts lack uniqueness. Whatever amount you spend on a gift, it would never be truly unique or one of a kind if it has been bought from a store. If you really want to make your man feel special, then the best way would be to DIY. That way you are limited only by your imagination.

Try to make something that he would love and appreciate. Think of his favourite sport or favourite moments and create a handmade photo collage with pictures of those special moments. Know his strengths and weakness and then combine your creativity with that and come up with something which could inspire him to get closer to his goals in life.

Read books and explore the internet to find inspirational ideas and then create a card with those motivational quotes. Decorate it as you like and then present it to him on his birthday. This would be the best gift he could ever receive and he would definitely appreciate it over an expensive store-bought gift. This would help strengthen the bond between you, making your already great relationship even better.

Things You Must Know About When Giving Him Gifts

Would Your Gift Appeal to Him?

Understand the value of your relationship, know the feeling of being together and that way you would be able to understand each other properly. There are moments when you feel like you want to show your love, care, and affection to him in a unique way. At these moments gifts act as a means to shower your love and respect on him. But in between everything else you need to keep some important things in mind, to keep the relationship strong forever.

He belongs to a financially strong family, therefore, he can do anything for you to be happy irrespective of expenditures. He could bring you an expensive piece of jewellery, take you to restaurants for dinner, make you feel special by taking you to your favourite place. He can do it because he can afford it. If your boyfriend is doing these things for you, it doesn't mean that he expects something in return always. He does it to show his love for you and to keep you happy.

If you want to give him something in return then give him your love and affection; that's what he needs from you. You don't need to spend too much to buy him a present. Whatever you give him, he will accept it and appreciate you for that special gift. Remember, in his life, you are more important than any expensive product.

Money is Not a Parameter to Weigh Love

Your boyfriend loves you for what you are not for your money. He already has a lot of that in his life. Money can never buy love. Love is like a religion, it is eternal and supposed to give meaning to life. Being in love means always being together to overcome all the difficult situations.

You must understand that you are with him just because you love him, and avoid getting into a competition by giving lavish gifts and presents. He gives you all the luxury because he can afford it, and you must respond positively towards this thing. Love is something that connects two people which requires an investment of some time, faith, goodwill, and trust.

If you observe carefully, then you will get to know that money can't actually buy the most crucial things in life. You buy commodities to show your love and respect towards him, to show that you care about his happiness. Therefore, present him something which induces such romantic emotions rather than buying expensive gifts that are no less than waste.

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Do not be intimidated by your rich boyfriend

Money often causes people to revere and respect an individual. But at the same time, it can create barriers between people. To make sure that boyfriend's monetary status doesn't come between you two, set aside some time to do things which are simple and down to earth. Go for camping trips, eat some street food, leave the car behind and take a ride on public transportation like buses. Money is important, of course, but don't let it rule your life. Be free spirited, independent and self-reliant.