Turn Up the Heat with Intimate and Sensual 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Husband (2018)

Turn Up the Heat with Intimate and Sensual 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Husband (2018)

Give the sweet and sentimental gifts a break or save them for another time. On your fifth anniversary turn your attention towards reviving the passion in your marriage and seduce your man with passionate and intimate 5th wedding anniversary gifts. Find here a mix of sensual anniversary gifts for husband, saucy ideas to usher in your 5th anniversary and delicious ways to wind it up.

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7 Intimate and Passionate Things to Try on Your 5th Anniversary

Well, you are about to celebrate your five glorious years of togetherness and love with your husband. This all must seem unreal that you have shared so much in the last five years. You and your husband has grown so much on each other both emotionally and physically that now there is nothing present to separate you both. So, to make your 5th wedding anniversary memorable, let’s add the flavor of passion and intimacy into your relationship. Make some intimate 5th wedding anniversary plans for your husband to ignite the spark in your relationship.

Savor Your Wedding Anniversary Morning

So, let’s began the journey of temptation and passion with the first ray of sunshine. To give a passionate start to your wedding anniversary to your husband, you have to start your anniversary surprises early in the morning. Like, before your husband wakes up in the morning, cook him a delightful breakfast in bed or setup breakfast in outdoors. Start your fifth-anniversary wedding celebration by basking in the rays of morning sun while feeding each other an intimate breakfast.

For a more sensual experience, you should cook a breakfast of heart shaped items - heart-shaped waffles, heart shaped fried egg, toast cut out in heart shape; also, fruit dipped in chocolate or some special food item which has a specific significance in your life. So, the first plan in intimate 5th wedding anniversary idea is to enjoy the morning together and savor the morning.

Try a Sensual Massage and Shower Together

If you want to give a sensual anniversary gift to your husband, then you can start by booking a couple massage session for the day. The couple massage will help you both in relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. After the relaxing massage, you can take a shower together where you can caress and feel each other in the most intimate manner. The relaxing massage and showering session will intensify the innermost feelings of couples. You can book a couple massage session in your massage parlor online, otherwise, to keep the intimacy level high, you can ask for home service. Where the masseuse can come to your home and you can enjoy the massage in the peaceful ambiance of your home.

Spice Up Your Relationship By Making Out

To add intimate 5th wedding anniversary touch to your anniversary celebrations, you can relive your dating days. When you use to make out with each other for hours and leave all the burdens of the world behind. So, be carefree and enjoy each other by making out under the stars like two lovesick teenagers. This will add the undefined spark and charm to your relationship that is sufficient to fuel your relationship rest of the year.

Book an Intimate Couple Photo Shoot

If you and your husband are comfortable with taking intimate pictures, then as a 5-year anniversary gift for husband, you can book an intimate photo shoot. There are plenty of photographers who offer boudoir photography and you can inquire about a couple shoot. But this is something you may have to discuss with your husband first to check if he is comfortable with it. When done well, these pictures can showcase the rawest desire for each other. This photo shoot will obviously be intimate and meant only for you and your husband’s eyes. You can tease him with the pictures later, perhaps give him another gift featuring them as an additional and naughty 5th wedding anniversary gift.

Intimate Dinner for Two

To keep your 5-year anniversary gift for husband simple and intimate, cook a delicious dinner for your husband at home and enjoy each other’s company. If you take the dinner plan outside to a restaurant, you can’t enjoy the same level of solitude as there are plenty of other people also present around you. So, to keep the level of intimacy maintained, cook your husband’s favorite meal at home and serve the meal in a stylish way, or order in instead of going to a restaurant. And after dinner take time to appreciate each other and then, you can celebrate an anniversary like two adults in the bedroom to seal the final deal.

Add Surprise Twists in Your Sex Life

So, if you really looking for sensual anniversary gifts for husband, then you can spice up your bedroom moves a little bit. Well, you two have been now married for the five years, so you both are somehow familiar with each other’s bedroom tricks. So, totally surprise your husband by trying something different in bed. You can do something which you two haven’t ever tried in your sex life like a new sex position or trying sex toys etc. You have nowadays plenty of things available to add a twist to your intimate life.

Do Something New with Your Husband

To bring back some passion and adventure in your life, you can try out giving passionate wedding anniversary gifts on your fifth anniversary. Like, you can pick out the activity which you both have been wanting to try but never got time for it. You can try a hot air balloon ride, skiing, skydiving, rock climbing etc activities. Just think it as the right time to explore new experiences as a couple. Sometimes while doing something new, you might find a new hope in your relationship.

Intimating and Passionate 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband

While trying to add freshness in your five year marriage, give a shot to new experiences and some passionate or sensual wedding anniversary gifts. With the help of the below gift ideas for husband, you can add some extra sensuality and passion to your anniversary. If you want to make your 5th wedding anniversary memorable for both of you, then you have to pick up the following gift items for your husband immediately.

Shunga Chocolate Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil

This sweet and flavored, sensual oil is something which you can’t miss when ordering anniversary gifts for your husband. When this chocolate oil is massaged on your husband’s body, then your little touch or blow will send your husband’s senses hyper-wired and send him to the level of intimacy that he can’t imagine. You can take some time to massage this oil on your husband’s body and don’t forget to make the whole massage seductive. As for the rest, leave it to the oil to work its magic. You can order this sensually charged oil from the thatspersonal.com for around ₹1,399. This is going to be a worthwhile investment for you and your husband.

Spice Unwrap Me Black and Red Bra Set

For a passionate wedding anniversary gift, you cannot find anything more sensual than yourself for your husband on your 5th wedding anniversary. So, you can gift wrap yourself in sexy lingerie and present yourself to your husband. This nylon and elastane bra and panty set includes an underwire halter bra with front bow and a matching lace crotched thong with side ribbon ties. Your husband will definitely have the best time of his life while unwrapping you from this sexy red number. This wrap for you can be ordered from thatspersonal.com for ₹1,464.

That's Personal Horny Gift Set

That's Personal is one of the few sites in India which sells sensual anniversary gifts for husband or wife. So, this site has created this horny gift set that you can order on the occasion of your 5th wedding anniversary gift for husband. In this gift set, you will get a Spencer's 'Honk If You're Horny' & DND Ring for Sex Bell. It is a gag gift which is sure to bring a honk of laughter into your bedroom. So, now your husband, just have to honk whenever he is in a frisky mood and you will get the idea that you have to get ready for some action. Overall this gift set is very kinky and quirky and will add some fun in the bedroom. Buy it here for ₹1,224 only.

Matching Undies

Source bonorganik.in

How about getting matching undies for a 5-year anniversary gift for husband? Yep, that’s would be very sexy as well as romantic to wear matching couple undies. You and your husband can have some laughs and moments of teasing while removing each other’s clothes. This is very a passionate wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband, it might seem small gift or gesture, but when you are in the middle of an erotic moment then this small gesture will leave a big impact. So, order the Oh La La, Matching Couple Boxers from bonorganik.com in different sizes for ₹899.

Sexting Card

Oh, yes, for little sensual anniversary gifts for husband, you can give him a sexting card filled with all your naughty thoughts. Well, there is no harm in stating your appetite for adult fun with the help of some naughty greeting cards. You can make your husband a little flustered with the naughty and kinky greeting cards on your 5th wedding anniversary, so that he looks forward to whatever you have in mind for him. Greeting Card Universe gives you numerous options for sexting cards to order from and make your husband little freaky.

Sexy Lingerie

Source www.amazon.in

To map out the intimate 5th wedding anniversary night, you must have to invest in some sexy lingerie. And, nothing can beat your sensuality in this sexy babydoll dress which has the perfect length to give your husband a tantalising peak. Your husband’s desires will get multiplied with this erotic black babydoll dress that you can order from the Amazon. For one night full of adventures, you have to pay the very small price of ₹299 only.

Edible Body Paint

Source www.amazon.in

For your 5-year anniversary gift for husband, you can cover yourself in the colorful, tasty and sensual edible paints. Especially, paint your most intimate body parts with the edible paint and serve yourself to your husband on the dining table. The edible body paint is very safe and doesn’t harm your body in anyway, just will make your anniversary night more exciting and romantic. Let your husband devour you on your anniversary with the help of Play Pens Edible Body Paints ( 4 Pack ) by Hott Products Unlimited. This is a pack of four pens filled with edible paint in different colours and flavours. Buy it from Amazon for Rs.4,199.

The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra

Well, your search for a passionate wedding anniversary gift can halt at the complete illustrated copy of the Kama Sutra. The book is the first complete translation to illustrate all 64 sexual postures and is composed by one of the worlds foremost scholars of the Kama Sutra. It has been illustrated with rare images from the extraordinary and rare art collection of Lance Dane. This erotic book can encourage your husband to try out something new on your 5th wedding anniversary. This sex-pedia can be ordered from mynextbook.in for ₹730.

Give Him a Sensuous Massage

The most sensual anniversary gifts for a husband would be giving a sensual massage to him with your hands. Ladies, while giving your husband massage, just don’t give him a message, no make it a whole seduction process. Like, keeping your moments slow, removing his clothes sensually, keep your hands light and please your husband as well as you can. If possible, play melodious music in the background and shut down all the sources of light and burn few aromatic candles to make the atmosphere erotic.

Cherry Flavoured Lubricant

Well, it’s not essential that you can use a lubricant only when you need it. No, to little spice up the situation and to add the flavor of sweet cherry into your sexual activities, you can order a flavored lubricant. Using lubricant is totally safe as it is created by the very trusted brand. So, for your intimate 5th wedding anniversary celebrations, you can order Durex Play Cheeky Cherry from purplle.com for ₹428.

Chocolate and Wine Can Spice Up Your Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Okay, so if you are looking to create ultimate intimate 5th wedding anniversary moment, then you have a very easy way to do so. You just have to order the finest bottle of wine and some delicious chocolate. While munching on the chocolates and taking a sip of the red richness of the wine, you and your husband can share some most romantic and intimate moments with each other. This is the most simple yet highly personal way to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary in the arms of your lovely husband. Moreover, you can easily order a bottle of wine and chocolates from any online gifting site such as bookmyshow.com, fnp.com, etc. So, ladies, just enhance the temperature of your relationship on your 5th wedding anniversary by adding the spice of intimacy and passion into it.

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Stepping out of your comfort zone can be very rewarding

Never having tried something is no reason to shy from it, on the contrary, exploring new things can open doors you never knew existed. If you've played it safe or coy in the five years of your marriage, it's all the more reason to try a spicier note. There'e no certain way to know how your husband will respond, but then you will never know till you try. So shrug off your inhibitions and dive right in, you will come out more confident and comfortable in your own skin, and perhaps your relationship will become a lot stronger.