10 Foods That are Great to Give as Gifts, and Other Delicious Gift Ideas That'll Appeal to Everyone and Not Just Foodies (2019)

10 Foods That are Great to Give as Gifts, and Other Delicious Gift Ideas That'll Appeal to Everyone and Not Just Foodies (2019)

Like they say, the way to ones heart is paved through a filled belly, so, there is no doubt that food items are always the best option as a gift for someone. Choosing the best food item as a gift according to the preferences of a person also shows the value that they hold for you. We've compiled a list for you to choose the best gift for someone that you value and hold dear.

Should You Opt for Giving Food Items as Gifts?

Well, why shouldn’t you?

Giving food items as gifts, let’s just say that it will be one of the joyous chores in your life. Want to celebrate new babies? Or do you have a birthday bash? No matter, food items as gifts always make for the best gifts and will always bring a smile to the recipient.

Now, it’s not exactly necessary that you have to give only homemade food item gifts, no matter from where it is, it is the effort and the thought which counts. And you know what?! Food item gifts from a restaurant or a grocery store are just as welcome as a homemade food item gift provided you have put some thought into it and made it personal.

How Should You Give Someone a Food Item as a Gift?

So, you have planned to give food item gifts to your loved ones, that’s a good choice, as compared to giving the usual and boring knick knacks that they are not going to use.

If you are planning to give food item gifts to your loved ones, there are a few things that you should take note of, you should start by considering what type of food item gift that you should give, and whether, it will suit the taste of the person.

After that, you should decide what type of food item gift that you should go for, ready made or homemade; and then, followed by the way of how and what food gifts you want to give to your loved ones.

Always Stick to the Classics

A box of chocolates or sweets, or even a cake, do you know why they are considered classics for food gifts?

That’s because not only these food gifts are comforting, but they can feed a crowd, plus, they can be frozen as and when needed. When it comes to giving food gifts to your loved ones, don’t invent a new recipe for them, instead go for the classics, and you will win their hearts.

Taking Note of the Dietary Needs

No matter what food you want to give as a gift to your loved ones, know beforehand as to whether their diet has changed, after all, not everyone’s diet is the same; while some new mothers will avoid dairy items while nursing babies or some friends may even be undergoing chemo and may want to avoid certain foods.

It may seem arbitrary, but when giving food gifts, you should take note of such things and try to meet their dietary needs.

Use Food Grade Containers

Under no condition should you give food gifts in either a container or pan, that you know you will need later on, the best way to tackle this issue is to go for mason jars, good quality plastic containers or cute baskets that you can buy online.

You should make clear to your recipient , loved ones or not, that they won’t have to return the container or pan to you.

Labelling it with Love

It is not necessary that you need to wrap the food gifts with a whole set of crafting supplies, instead, you can make use of simple kraft paper (brown or white, any color will do), and consider wrapping the food gifts, if possible.

And then, to add a touch of personalisation, you can add a handwritten note or gift tag. The choice is yours. Even simply wrapping a food gift with cellophane and adding a tag or a note will work wonders.

Refridgerating the Food Beforehand

If you are planning to gift food gifts to your loved ones and if it’s something that needs to be frozen beforehand, then do so, how would you like it if someone gave you a box of melted chocolates? Same in the case of your loved ones.

Be it a box of chocolates, cake or even sweets, they can be frozen, so, before you decide to give them to your loved ones, consider keeping them in the refrigerator, and only take out of the fridge when it’s the exact time for you to give them, and not earlier.

Think of Suitability

When gifting food items to your loved ones, don’t simply give them what you think will be good for them – instead, what you should do is to take care of their routine.

Are you going to a birthday bash? If you are thinking of giving a cake, then, stop right there, get to know beforehand as to whether a cake had already been ordered or not? It most probably will, then, why waste your money on another cake? Instead, you can opt for a box of chocolates or even sweets.

Be practical, not all food gifts are suitable for all occasions.

Don't Show Up Empty-Handed

No matter what you finally decide upon, you shouldn’t cancel on bringing food gifts to your loved ones, and under no condition, should you show up empty-handed.

Pick a box of chocolates or even a box of sweets or truffles, but whatever it is, show up and be there with your loved ones. You should remember that whatever food gifts you bring to your loved ones, the gift itself doesn’t matter, it’s the time and effort that you made on your part to be present with them on the special occasion.

10 Food Gifts Ideas that you can Come Up with for People who Love to Eat and can Include Everyone in Your List

Forest Tea Party - Hamper

Source teatrunk.in

Exclusively brought to you by ‘Tea Trunk’, this product ‘Forest Tea Party Hamper’ is a gift box of three loose leaf tea.

Consists of three 100g tins of loose tea, one set consists of ‘Kesar Pista Green Tea’, the second one is of ‘Sacred Spice Green Tea’ and the last has the ‘Tumeric Green Tea’.

While the Kesar Pista Green Tea has the flavor of buttery pistachio with saffron, the Sacred Spice Green Tea consists of green tea that is combined with basil and cardamom. And the Tumeric Green Tea, as the name suggests is green tea that is combined with turmeric, and is inspired by an Ayurvedic recipe.

This gift box is priced at Rs.2,899.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies (Pack of 4)

Brought to you by the brand ‘CupCake Noggins’ by Leela Thomas, this peanut butter chocolate brownies come in a set of four and is made from a pure traditional American recipe from pure dairy and cocoa.

Combined with the ingredients, flour, butter, sugar, eggs, peanuts, and cocoa, this set of brownies is entirely handmade and hence, are free of artificial colorants and preservatives.

This set of brownies can be found exclusively on QTrove and is priced at Rs.360.

Rose Fondant Cake Chocolate

Source www.fnp.com

Exclusively found on FernsnPetals, the Rose Fondant Chocolate Cake comes in two versions , 4kg and 5kg, with the former priced at Rs.6,249 and the latter at Rs.7,549.

Both versions feature a round chocolate cake that is covered with a layer of white fondant and a bunch of roses on one side of the cake. The best part about this chocolate cake is that you can have it sent to your recipient's address by providing the Pincode and the delivery date.

Plus the chocolate cake is customizable too, the cake can either be eggless or be made with egg depending on you, and what’s more, you can put your message on the top of the cake if you so want.

Gift - 4 Pack (75g each) + Ceramic Pour Over

Brought to you exclusively by Blue Tokai, this product features a gift pack of 4 boxes of coffee.

Weighing 75g each, each of the four boxes comes with numerous options, you can choose what flavor of coffee you want to be included in the gift pack. The options are many, French Roast, Vienna Roast, M.S. Estate Organic, to name a few.

As if that is not enough, you will also get a ‘Ceramic Pour Over ‘ and Filter Papers (Hario) that comes in a pack of 100. That said, the filter papers come in two options for you to choose, bleached and unbleached.

This gift pack of 4 boxes of coffee is priced at Rs.2,770.

Sweets Gift Box - 16 Piece Mix Mithai

Priced at Rs.1,600 and can be found exclusively on Berfila, this gift box, as the name suggests a box of sweets (16, to be exact), each one different than the other, and ranges from Shahi Caramel Laddoo, Bubblegum Barfi, Pista Lauj, Saffron Coconut Fudge, to name a few.

No matter what the occasion is, be it Birthday, Diwali, or New Year, this box of sweets is sure to win the hearts of your loved ones.

The best part about this box of sweets is that it can either be ordered online or through the phone number of the website, and within 12 hours, it will be delivered to your address.

Rasgulla Gift Box (Medium Size)

Source www.berfila.com

Have a special occasion coming up? How about giving them a box of rasgullas?

Brought to you exclusively by Berfila, this gift box features rasgullas, that you can gift to your loved ones, it will make for a sweet gift on any occasion. This box of rasgullas is medium-sized, and hence, it also has a large box.

This medium-sized box of rasgullas is priced at Rs.540 and can be ordered on the website or through the mentioned phone number.

Sofie's Skinny Sweets ( Fennel & Nut Delights)

This product features a gift box of sweets, with the main ingredients as fennel and nuts.

Entirely handmade, and hence, containing no preservatives and colorants, this sweet can help you to lower and stabilize the blood sugar levels, and hence, it will also keep you full for longer, and thus, aiding you in weight management.

Priced at Rs.349, this gift box of fennel and nut sweets can be found exclusively on QTrove and is brought to you by Sarrah Kapasi under the brand ‘Dalive’.

Nama Chocolate Mix | Ganache Chocolate Mix

Brought to you exclusively by Berfila and priced at Rs.749, this product features a box of chocolates, named ‘Nama Chocolate’.

Originally Japanese style chocolate, this chocolate is given an Indian twist, and added to that, is pure mouth-melting chocolate – gifting this box of chocolates to your loved ones will surely leave them spell-bound.

The best part is that the box of chocolates features four different flavors.

Special Mango Fruit Cream Cake

Source www.fnp.com

Why go for the same chocolate cake when you can opt for something much more exotic?

Enter, Special Mango Fruit Cream Cake.

Can be found exclusively on FernsnPetals, this cake features a mango flavor, not usually seen in cakes. Having a round shape that measures 6 inches in diameter, this mango-flavored cake comes in three versions that you can savor, half kg for Rs.849, 1 kg for Rs.1,649, and 2 kg for Rs.2,499.

The best part about this mango-flavored cake is that when delivered to you, it will be garnished with freshly cut mangoes. What’s more, this cake can be made with eggs or eggless, as per your choice, plus, you can also add your message on the cake if you want.

Rocher Love

Priced at Rs.3,999, this product features a bunch of 50 chocolates , Rocher Love, that is arranged in the form of a pineapple.

No matter what your occasion is, this gift will practically leave them speechless when gifted to your loved ones. Each of the chocolates features a filling of sugar crackles that is further coated with a layer of pure mouth-melting chocolate.

Want to know more, this gift can be sent to any address on the very same day that it is ordered. Pretty cool, right?

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Melt Their Hearts with these Food Items as Gifts

Food items as gift options are perfect not just for a foodie but for all. Delight their taste buds with carefully curated food items that match their tastes perfectly. And when we are at it, check out our other articles which would help you to come up with the best additions to your food gift if you want to shower a person, perhaps, a special person, with a lot of gifts.