Important Occasion Up-Coming? Try BP-Guide's Recommendations of Best Gourmet Food Gifts by Mail in 2019

Important Occasion Up-Coming? Try BP-Guide's Recommendations of Best Gourmet Food Gifts by Mail in 2019

Choosing the perfect gift for an occasion can be a daunting task. So, whether it is someone's birthday or holiday season, or your friend getting hitched, get amazing inspiration to send gourmet food gifts by mail with this carefully curated list.

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Food Gifts - A Great Gifting Idea

In this world of numerous gift options, food gifts always find a special place in our hearts. Here are the reasons why food gifts are a great gifting idea.

An Excuse to Bring People Together

Whether it's gourmet food gifts by mail or hand delivering something homemade, food is always the best excuse to bring people together. No matter how old are you, good food is always appreciated and, you would surely like to pause and take a bite of it. This serves as the best reason to prefer food gifts for celebrating special occasions in life even when you are miles away from each other.

A Thoughtful Gift

There is no doubt that food gifts are super thoughtful and clearly displays your care and concern for the recipient. You care about the choices and preference of the people and food is always seen as the symbol of happiness and celebration. Hence, it clearly incorporates the feeling of togetherness in people.

Gourmet Food Gifts Have a Good Shelf Life

Gourmet food gifts which are preferred by mail are generally dry ones in texture. This allows you to store them for a longer period of time. For example, if you are giving out dry fruits and special nuts to someone, then they can use these items on some other special occasion too. And they will surely remember you for this gift.

Perfect Conversation Starter

Choosing the best mail order food gifts will not only keep the recipient happy but will also serve as a great conversation starter. No matter whether you have sent something home cooked or store bought, the recipient will surely call you to thank for the gift and this will start a conversation between you two. You cannot ask for any other return gift than this.

10 Amazing Gourmet Food Gifts by Mail

The Gourmet Jar Mighty Happiness Box

The thing about ordering gourmet food gifts by mail is that you do not have to make any efforts and simply have to order the items. Thankfully, you get some amazing choices too, like this Gourmet Jar Mighty Happiness Box here.

These jars contain different types of condiments/table sauce in them which can be added to other food items, in order to increase their flavour.

Some of them are Orange Marmalade, Vanilla Honey, Mango Jalapeno, Honey Mustard and many others. Each of them has a shelf life of at least 8 months, so your recipient can enjoy tasty and unique flavours for 8 months long. You have the option to customize the flavours which can be chosen from 25 boxes available. This Mighty Jar of Happiness is available for purchase on for Rs. 900

Mini Nut Butter Gift Box

The thing about gourmet food items is that they are exclusive and add spark to your regular food. This is why we picked this set of nut butters for your loved ones as a really nice gourmet food gift.

The set contains 3 mini nut butter jars which are packed together in a really nice black box. These butters are produced by Urban Moms.

Talking about the flavors, they are Herbed Almond Butter, Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and Oreo Peanut Butter each one available in a 100gm pack. What you will love more about this packaging is, that they provide a specially designed gift card which you can personalize with your own message on it. Knowing all of these facts, you would not want to miss out on this product, so buy it on for Rs. 985

Gourmet Seeds Hamper


Health and fitness have become an integral element of lifestyle these days and this is the reason that you should choose your gourmet food gifts by mail, keeping in mind their health effects. We have here, a gourmet seeds hamper for you. It contains variety of seeds, which are perfect for fitness conscious folks.

All of these products are manufactured by the brand Jewel Farmer and apart from being healthy, they are great in taste too.

Talking about the hamper, then it contains Roasted Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds in a pack of 250gms each. All of them are further packed together in a jute tray. You can buy this healthy seeds hamper on for Rs. 2,475.

Exclusive Gourmet Gift Pack

Here is an exclusive gourmet gift hamper for someone who loves to give special food gifts to their loved ones. And along with the fact that the items included are not so common, it is the premium quality which makes them different from other brands.

This one is a very special and exquisite palette which contains chips, chocolates and some other really nice snack and food items having an amazing taste.

In short, the pack contains Mediterranean chips, tortilla jalapenos, cranberry dark chocolate bar, oat and honey cookies and salted cashews . All of these are packed together in a nice medium sized tray. Not only the products, but you will also fall in love with the packaging too. You can further include a message note in it for personalization. This amazingly exclusive gift hamper is available for purchase on for Rs. 1,588

Goodwyn Health Green Tea Box


If you want to give out some unique food gifts by mail, then you should consider something which is good for health. Owing to the recent trend and craze for green tea, we have picked a special Green Tea Box as the recommendation here.

Offered by Goodwyn, this Health Green Tea Box contains 6 different types of green teas which are recommended for different times and moods of the day.

The box pack contains peppermint tea, Tulsi green tea, Jasmine green tea, Kashmiri Kahwa tea, Pure Green tea and Chamomile tea. The package contains total 60 tea bags in them, 10 of each flavour. You can enjoy a different type of tea for different needs and they are 100% organic too. You can order this amazing green tea box online on for Rs. 346

Local Gourmet Favorites Hamper

Sometimes you do not even know what kind of products should be there in your pantry and kitchen. In fact, in this case, local items are the ones which are needed the most but we often bail out on them because of the exclusive products.

If your dear ones are also going through this dilemma then you need to gift them this local gourmet favourite hamper. It comprises of some of the most popular local food items which are often ignored the most.
The box here contains Gluten free veggie pasta, flavoured oil, flavoured green tea, infused honey twigs, flavoured dark chocolate bar, flavoured instant coffee, set of mini preserves gift box and flavoured nut butter. The box surely has a lot of amazing items and hence, make sure that you give this to someone close in your life. You can order this gift pack on for Rs. 4,000

The Gourmet Cooking Hamper

Cooking is an art and when you are making something special, you need exclusive products. For this, you got to choose the gourmet food gifts by mail so that your loved ones can also prepare something special in their kitchen.

This one here is a gourmet cooking hamper comprised of kitchen essentials to make gourmet food items.
They all come packed in a basket and the products are Pasta Sauce, Penne Pasta, Sea Salts, Flavored Honey, Organic Olive Oil, Mustards and Whole Green Olives. All of them are used in gourmet cooking so that your loved ones can create various recipes using them. You will love the packaging of these products too. This special gourmet cooking hamper/basket is available for purchase on for Rs. 3,500

Sugarfree Nutberry and Figberry Pack


Special occasions in India require special gifts and this is why you cannot give out random gourmet food items on such days. For example, festivals require sweets and hence we have picked special gourmet sweets for you.

These are sugar-free Nutberry and Figberry which are packed nicely in two boxes separately. Offered by the popular brand Chappan Bhog, these sweets are delicious in taste and as they are sugar-free, you won’t have to worry about the diabetic condition of your loved ones too.

Each box is having 120gm of sweets in it and their shelf life is 30 days. Apart from the figs and nuts, these people have also incorporated dry fruits in them to enhance the flavours. You can buy these boxes on for Rs. 700

Premium Gourmet Gift Hamper

Looking for the best gourmet food gifts for extremely special people in your life? You might want to take a look at this super extensive food gift hamper here. Although this gourmet food gift is specially created for clients and partners you can gift them to others too.

This gift hampers here is quite elaborated and very exclusive, not only in quality but in taste also. The exoticism and packaging will surely leave you mesmerized.

The package contains Preserve cherry, Italian sauce, spread hazelnut cocoa, coated almonds, Mediterranean chips, Pista, grape juice, sour cream N onion, dark chocolate, Turron and chocolate creamy milk. As some of the products in it has a short shelf life, so they must be finished timely. You can buy this special hamper on for Rs. 4,185

Fit and Healthy Gourmet Hamper

Our last suggestion for the gourmet food gifts is a Fit and Healthy Gourmet Hamper. We have already recommended healthy gourmet products earlier in this list but this one here is mini and perfect for small occasions in life.

The hamper comes in the form of a small oval cane basket which has some really nice products packed up in it. The basket contains nuts, organic green tea, omega seeds, quinoa, flavoured honey and flax seeds in it. All of these items can be consumed on a daily basis and are really good for health too. Make sure to leave a personal note with this basket. You can order this gourmet health basket online on for Rs. 3,500

Expert Tips for Planning Food Gifts


So, you know about various food gift basket and amazing hampers for the gourmet food items. It is always great to pack several gifts together rather than giving out just one. But this tip alone is not enough for planning your next gourmet food gift. This is why we have compiled several important tips for you, which are mentioned below.

Watch Out for Any Allergies

If you are giving this gourmet food gift to one of your close pals or close relatives then you must ask about any of the food allergies they have. You would not want to give them something that they can’t consume ever.

This is why it is always recommended to take care of the food allergies of the people you are giving out these gifts to. In case of general perspective, try to pick regular gourmet food gift items and not something exclusive, just to be on the safer side.

Consider Opinions and Preferences

It is really important for you to know what your recipients like. As gourmet food gifts are really personal, you must take care of the choices of the people you are giving out these gifts to.

You just need to take the broader perspective into consideration like savory or dessert, dry or wet items etc. It will give you a general idea and will help you better, to select the food gift.

Prefer Dry Food Gifts

If you are planning to send gourmet food gifts by mail, then you should always go for the dry food gifts. Dry food items tend to last longer than usual and this is why your friends can consume them whenever they want. Wet items are more likely to get ruined in the transit only and you would not want to take that risk at all.

Match with the Theme/Occasion

If you are planning the gourmet food gifts for a really special occasion then you must adhere to the theme of the occasion. For example, birthdays must have something special while holidays should have some heavy and sweet food gifts. For the Indian festivals, you can always prefer the sweet boxes as they are most fail-safe food gift you can think of.

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