With Thanksgiving Around the Corner, Food Is at the Forefront of the Mind.  Impress Everyone with These 10 Quirky and Unique Food Gifts (2019)!

With Thanksgiving Around the Corner, Food Is at the Forefront of the Mind. Impress Everyone with These 10 Quirky and Unique Food Gifts (2019)!

Are you wondering what gift can satisfy everyone? Be it family, or your colleagues at office? This article suggests 10 amazing and quirky food gifts that can impress anyone and everyone. Apart from that, we have also recommended some DIY dishes and their recipes that you can prepare on your own and gift your receivers!

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Food - an Evergreen Gifting Option

Often when it comes to gifting, people start scratching their heads. However easy and mundane it may seem, selecting the right gift for your receiver should be based on several factors such as:

Who you’re gifting to: This is the most important factor on which your selection of gift must depend. You can’t gift a personalised item with a personal photo to your corporate colleagues while personalising presents for your family and friends and relatives may just make their day.

Their Preferences: For your close ones, it’s easier to get gifts based on their preferences as being close, you may already know what they may prefer to have and what they might not. However, for your official relations, it would be confusing to decide on the most apposite gift.

Keeping these in mind, the best gifting options which can be presented to all people, official or unofficial are quirky food gifts. Food is an evergreen gifting option which is appreciated by everyone! Let us see some unique food gifts for your receivers.

Unique Food Gifts for all Occasions

We present you with some of the most unique and fantastic food gifts which can be given on any occasion.

Burger and Smoothies Recipes with Arrangements Hamper

The smoothness of Hershey’s syrups, tangy sauces of Veeba are enough to make anyone drool, and the welcome addition to this combination, Dalal’s Burger and Smoothies Recipes makes this the ideal blend for any occasion.

Hershey’s syrups in this combo come in two flavours, Strawberry and Chocolate, having a quantity of 200g each with a pack of 150g Hershey’s Spreads Cocoa with Almonds.

On the other hand, Veeba sauces come in a pack of 4 flavours - Sweet Chili (250g), Teriyaki Stir Fry (350g), Chipotle Southwest Dressing (300g), Olive Oil Mayonnaise (300g).

If your receiver is someone who loves to cook, then this recipe book Burgers and Smoothies by Tarla Dalal covers recipes for 12 burgers, 12 accompaniments and 24 smoothies including some unique and scrumptious delicacies like Masala French Fries and Anjeer Smoothie.

From giftstoindia24x7.com, you can buy this hamper for Rs.2,639.

Sweet Splendor

Chocolate is that sweet which tempts people of all ages. Our next item is going to be loved by all your receivers!

This Sweet Splendor is a gift hamper filled with flavours around the world. The contents of this combo include Belgian truffles, chocolate crisp cookies, lightly dusted truffles, Cashew Roca buttercrunch toffee, chocolate covered Bavarian pretzels, rich Godiva dark chocolate hot cocoa, Belgian chocolate twists, and dark truffle bowtie.

Bring a smile this gifting season with this chocolate gift hamper which is available at giftsnideas.com for Rs.5,365.

Tulsi Herbal Infusion Assorted Tea Box

Feeling lethargic? Tea is your answer. Something to wake you up in the morning? A cup of soothing tea is your way to go. Tea is considered to be much healthier than its counterpart, coffee, and has many health benefits such as providing antioxidants and many more.

Being one of the favourite beverages of people of India, gifting tea is actually an amazing idea, but you can’t just buy a sachet or pack from your nearby market and present it as a gift, can you?

We bring you a beautiful herbal tea box which is organic in nature and comes in a pack of 60 tea bags, 15 each of Tulsi Sweet Rose, Tulsi Sweet Lemon Original Tea, Tulsi Ginger Tea, and Tulsi Chai Masala Tea.

It comes packed in a box which can be packed and decorated for the person you’re gifting to and has a shelf life of 30 months. It’s best consumed without milk and can also be served as iced tea.

Get this Assorted Tea Box from fabindia.com for Rs.895.

Barbecue Rubs to Go: Grill Edition

Does your receiver love to barbeque? With these Barbeque Rubs by The Modern Gourmet, you can add a touch of barbeque grill to all your kitchen creations, veg or non-veg. The pack contains 5 different flavours: Mexican, Memphis, Cajun, Southwest, and Caribbean, all of which have distinct ingredients.

Get this pack of five unique BBQ rubs from ubuy.co.in for Rs.1,489.

Dry Fruit Strawberry 250Gms

Dry fruits are almost like an auspicious gifting option which are used to present on many festivities and occasions. Bring some uniqueness in how you gift dry fruits. This Dry Fruit Strawberry does precisely that for you.

This delicious treat is entirely homegrown and does not contain any outside dilutions to ruin the experience of rich dry fruits. It is made from the following dry fruits: Kaju, Pistachios, Badam and Kesar. Giftsnideas boasts of using Italian technology to extend its shelf life.

The pack comes with a net weight of 200g and can be bought for Rs.484 from giftsnidea.com.

Customised Chocolate Box

Source www.fnp.com

Have you ever received a personalised item with your name engraved upon it? If yes, we bet it brought a wide smile to your face! People love to receive personalised gifts with their names or some small messages written for them.

To fulfill this purpose, we bring you this chocolate box which can be customised to write your message or the receiver’s name, which is sure to make their day joyous! The only con about this chocolate box is that it can only be customised for 24 characters. The chocolates which are customised are completely healthy and edible in nature.

The box comes with the dimensions 26 x 19.5 x 3 cm (l x b x h) with the weight of the box being 300g. Get this box full of chocolates from Ferns n Petals for Rs.1,150.

Cuisinart Himalayan Salt Grilling Stone

This one is an entirely out-of-the-box item which may just appear a stone at first glance but is an instrumental and worthwhile grill-cooking accessory which enhances the taste your food significantly along with adding the essential mineral salts through your meals as well. The stone is also naturally antimicrobial in nature.

This Himalayan stone is developed by Cuisinart and come with the dimensions of 8 x 8 x 1.5 inches. It’s easy to use, and all you have to do is to place it on the hot grill after which it retains the heat for hours. Place your food over the stone, and you’re good to go. Once you’re done with the cooking and the stone is cool enough to handle, clean it up with a damp cloth. (Caution: Don’t soak it in water.)

According to Cuisinart, the more this stone is used, the better it gets. Get this thoughtful present for your near and dear ones from ubuy.co.in for Rs.1,923.

Rich Vanilla Fruit Cake

Source www.fnp.com

Vanilla is one flavor loved by almost all. And the cherry on top in this case, or should we say, cake, is fresh-cut fruits which are garnished as per their availability in different seasons. Sending this cake to someone’s party or any other occasion which you won’t be able to attend would be a very thoughtful gesture.

This cake comes in 3 different sizes of 1/2 kg for Rs.750, 1 kg for Rs.1,250 and 1.5 kg for Rs.1,550. Candles and knife are also included with the package. Get this creamy, fruity cake from fnp.com.

Fit for a King Hamper

What makes out next gift hamper unique is that it’s almost a perfect combination of healthy and sweet snacks. With fresh fruits and healthy snacks, it is viable for almost every occasion, especially for your office culture. The items included in these gifts are various fruits, chocolates, cookies, biscuits, and crackers.

Get this gift basket for Rs. 2,958 from giftsnideas.com.

Mini Tea Kit

For all of your tea-loving friends, colleagues, or whomever you’re getting a gift for, this Mini Kit Tea can prove to be one excellent option.

What better way to start you start your day with than healthy organic green tea which energises you for the day and is also very beneficial for your health.

This hamper comes in a handcrafted wooden crate which includes organic green tea, flavoured honey, cookies, flavoured jam, and chocolates. Get this mini tea basket for Rs.4,172 from giftsnideas.com.

DIY Food Gift Options

Gifts with a personal touch always make their way to the receiver’s heart, and what better way to add that personal touch than to make it with your own hands? Here are two mouth-watering DIY food gifting options.

Chestnut Truffles

These mouth-watering chocolate and chestnut truffles are sure to make the ones who receive them very satisfied! Here’s the recipe to make them:

• 90 ml double cream
• 200g, very finely chopped dark chocolate
• 2 tablespoon chestnut purée
• 4 tablespoon cocoa nibs

For Brittle:
• 100g golden caster sugar
• 50g toasted hazelnuts

How to make:
• Heat the cream till its boiling point.
• After putting the chocolate in a large bowl, mix the cream in and keep stirring until the chocolate melts.
• For if there’s still any chocolate left that is not melted, make it all melt by putting the bowl over boiling water and wait till the chocolate is all smooth and glossy.
• For the brittle, turn the sugar into a golden, liquid caramel by heating it in a heavy-based pan. Use tipping instead of stirring to melt the sugar.
• After distributing the hazelnuts evenly, give it a good stir while adding a pinch of salt.
• Pour it all out using a lined baking sheet allowing it to cool.
• After breaking it into pieces, start tipping it into a blender and blitz and do it till you get a sand-like texture.
• Make the truffle mix into small balls, work quickly, and keep the mix cool. Put half of them in the brittle and the other half in the chopped cocoa nibs. Freeze until ready to serve.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza

This one’s one unique and scrumptious idea which is going to be loved by all. With the combination of both crispy and chewy, the only thing you’ll have to worry about it is people asking for more. Let us see the recipe for this delicious dessert by olivemagazine.com.

• 85g softened unsalted butter
• 75g caster sugar
• 75g light brown muscovado sugar
• 1 egg
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
• 175g self-rising flour
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 100g chocolate chips
• 100g fudge chunks
• A handful of mini marshmallows
• 2 tablespoons salted caramel sauce
• 25g melted dark chocolate

How to Prepare:
• Make the butter light and fluffy by beating it. Add egg and vanilla extract, continue beating and mix them well.
• Add flour and salt and keep stirring. Add half the chocolate chips and half the fudge chunks. Put the dough in the fridge to firm it up.
• Take the baking paper and circle the dough on it. After covering it with another same sized baking paper, roll it out to about 25-30 cm in diameter.
• Stash the pizza with the baking paper, on a 30 cm round pizza tray or a large baking sheet. Freeze for 30 minutes.
• Put the oven at 180 degree Celsius and remove the top sheet of baking paper from the cookie.
• Bake for 10-15 minutes till it turns golden. Turn the oven off and remove the cookie.
• Spread marshmallows all over the cookie, put it into the oven for 1 minute right after you turned it off to melt the marshmallows a little.
• Spread over the remaining chocolate chips and fudge chunks evenly over the marshmallows.
• Make a small hole at the end of a sandwich bag or use disposable piping to spread over the caramel sauce evenly. Drizzle all over the melted chocolate too for more texture and flavour.

Bonus: Gifts for Your Foodie Friends

Quirky Personalised Chef Caricature

Source www.igp.com

Does your friend or the one at the receiving end love to cook and makes you delicious dishes from time-to-time? This Personalised Chef Caricature is the perfect way to show your appreciation and praise for that friend. Also, this would make a fantastic gift for your foodie friend who loves to eat too.

It’s made from acrylic material, and all you have to do is to upload the picture/text of your receiver, and you can personalise it. This Chef Caricature can be bought from India Gifts Portal for Rs.550.

Chocolate Making Kit

Source www.amazon.in

This is the perfect gift for your chocoholic friends who love to cook and bake. It comes with 3 molds for shaping chocolates. Along with gifting chocolates, gift this chocolate maker.

Your chocoholic friend would greatly appreciate it! This kit is available to buy from Amazon for Rs.2,370.

Rabbit RBT Aerator

For your friends who love to drink exquisite wines, this is the most pertinent gift you could give to them, hands down! This Aerator by Rabbit brings out the full flavour of your wine while offering a drip-free and oxygenating pour. It comes with an extended warranty of 10 years.

You can present this Aerator along with an exquisite wine bottle, and the combination would be perfect. Get this product from bloomingdales.com for Rs.2,251.

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