Thank Your Teacher with a Gift on Your Graduation: 10 Thoughtful Graduation Gifts for Your Favourite Teacher (2019)

Thank Your Teacher with a Gift on Your Graduation: 10 Thoughtful Graduation Gifts for Your Favourite Teacher (2019)

Is your graduation day close by, and you are unable to figure out what to gift your favourite teacher for them to remember you by? Here is an article which will solve that problem for you with tips and recommendations.

Why Give a Graduation Gift to Your Favourite Teacher

Teachers are the Curators of Our Lives

It is not an exaggeration to say that a great teacher can change a student’s life. There are endless stories about how teachers have shaped the lives of their students.

Being the most influential role models for students, teachers are responsible for more than just academic enrichment. The best of the teachers committed themselves to their students’ well-being both inside and outside the classroom. They virtually affect every aspect of our lives, teaching us the important life lessons that help us succeed beyond term papers and standardised tests.

Most of us in our college days were influenced by some or other teachers, we wanted to be like them, think like them. So knowingly or unknowingly our teachers have influenced our overall personalities.

We Shall Forever Remain Indebted to our Teachers

To tell you the truth, whether one likes it or not, students are forever indebted to their teachers. Our ancient scriptures have placed teachers above gods. But, in the changing era the role of teachers has also changed considerably. Nowadays, teachers have become a facilitator, motivator and work with the students. They are no longer just a philosopher and guide but have acquired the role of a friend and at times a confidante and counsellor as well.

Remember the teacher who empathises with and understands you and helps you to adjust better, and by teacher we don’t mean your academic teacher only - whoever leads you to be constructive, positive and hardy to face and fight all adversity and excel in life, is a true Guru.

How to Select Gifts for Your Teacher on Graduation Day

So, the graduation day is coming and you want to gift something to your teacher as a token of your gratitude towards him. As you know, teachers may be friendly to you, but they are actually not your friends. So, while selecting gifts for them you must keep in mind not to select anything which is demeaning to their respected positions. So, while selecting a gift for teachers on graduation day avoid wines, vulgar items, cash, clothes and especially mugs, although there is nothing bad in gifting mugs, but most of the teachers say they already have plenty of mug gifts in their home which lay useless. Here are some tips to select best gift for teachers on graduation day.

  • Teachers are clearly not in their profession for the money. They are fond of your respect and appreciation. Your gift should always reflect that.

  • Best gifts are those which have a personal touch. So always go for personalised items.

  • Always go for the quality items, not necessarily too costly, but it must be durable and stylish.

  • Teachers love collective gifts. By collective contribution you can always gift valuable items.

To help you out, we have picked 10 best gifts for teachers of graduation day, which we are sure your teachers will appreciate.

10 Best Gifts for Your Favourite Teacher on Graduation Day

Desk Plant : Lucky Bamboo

There are so many good reasons to gift a desk plant to your teacher. Not only do our potted friends add a bit of nature and look nice in a school setting, but they’re also a great stress reliever. Not to mention, they purify the air in a very natural way.

However, you have to be a little careful while selecting good plants for gifting. Obviously, you not only have to select indoor plants which look great, but also such plants which need less maintenance. This Lucky Bamboo Plant is the best way to express your thankfulness to your favourite teacher. Lucky bamboo has required low maintenance with minimum care. This plant is considered to bring luck, prosperity and health.

This pack of two-layer Lucky bamboo with one Eco-friendly Plantable Pen and one Standard greeting card is available on at Rs.226 only.

Desk Organiser


Wooden Desk Organisers are classic gift items for the teachers. A desk organiser can not only help your teacher in making their desk organised but also keep them remembering you.

This wooden desk manager is made of elegant wood with an attached calendar and a small watch. With the words "World's Coolest Teacher" engraved, it not only looks stylish but also serves as a trophy of appreciations and gratitude towards your teacher. The spacious compartment of this desk manager can hold several types of equipment, cards and pens at one place and they look beautiful. So help them make their workspace stylish with this collection by ordering it on Amazon at Rs.599 only.



Perhaps your teacher introduced you to an author who just released a new book, or maybe you read a story that reminded you of something your teacher said in class. Books can be great gifts for teachers because there are tons of opportunities to make them personal.

We have selected this great book titled "Today I Made a Difference: A Collection of Inspirational Stories from America's Top Educators" written by Joseph W Underwood, who is a renowned educator, inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame in 2007 and selected as a top 50 finalist in the Global Teacher Prize in 2018.

With a collection of stories from some of the top educators, this book is a celebration of teachers’ work, and motivation for them to continue. Every story in this book celebrates a different obstacle they overcame, the power and know-how needed to triumph, and the reward granted upon beating the odds. It’s the perfect gift for any teacher, to inspire and motivate those people who make the biggest difference in everyone’s life. This book is available on Amazon at Rs.575 only.

Greeting Card

Yes, teachers need some pampering too because they spend their time taking care of other people all day long. By far, the best gift a student can give a teacher is their emotions. Teachers love to see their students’ progress and growth, and the thing they treasure the most is emotions from their students thanking them and letting them know that they made a difference.

While snacks get eaten, candles burn down, and mugs get donated, the gratification and affirmation that comes from knowing they’ve made a difference in the lives of their students stay with teachers forever. Pair this with this amazing gift scroll available on Flipkart at Rs.899 to tell your favourite teacher what he/she means to you.

Photo Plaque

This personalised Photo Plaque could be another great gift for your teacher. You can get any good teachers quote engraved on natural wood along with your teacher's photo on this plaque.

The photo and message are engraved for life and your teacher will remember you every time he or she will look at this unique gift by students. The burned photo gives the brown colour which perfectly blends with the base. This comes with a metal rod as a stand and it can be used on a table top. This amazing gift is available on at Rs.749 only.

Laptop Bag


The digital revolution has changed the world in many ways and teachers are also not unaffected. Now along with all the papers and notebooks they have to take home, they also have to carry their laptops for various educational projects, for which they need a safe and trusty way to take their laptop back and forth every day. This laptop bag available on Amazon at Rs.1,190 may be a great gift for teachers who carry their laptops.

It is waterproof, shockproof, and comes with a shoulder strap when they want a messenger bag-type look. It also has additional four storage pockets for carrying portable mouse, cell phone, pens, documents, diaries and other stationery. We are sure your teacher will love this gift.

Personalised Wooden Pen


Pens are literally a representation of the teachers. A teacher is incomplete without a good pen. Even in this digital era, pens are the true companions of teachers. That’s what makes this personalised wooden pen so special. This is a classy gift with royal touch for the teachers which will give the stylish and smart look to their pocket and their desk.

It’s a complete handmade wooden pen which comes in Maple or Rosewood Pen Case as you choose. You can customise your personal message to whatever you would like for the pen case. You can order this beautiful pen on Etsy at Rs.1,124 only.

Teacher Tote Bags


Remember when we were kids, we always wondered from where teachers get those humongous tote bags they all seem to have. Let us disclose the secret: They get it from the people like you, reading lists like this. You know your teacher has to lug books and papers home every day, and a tote like this is the best way to do it.

What if you gift such a beautiful tote bag to your favourite teacher with some beautiful quotes expressing your thankfulness and gratitude for whatever they have done for you. It will definitely please them. It's not only stylish and spacious but it can express your true emotions also. This Tote Bag is available on Etsy at Rs.1,159 only.

Name Plates


Whenever we enter into the teachers' room the first thing we notice is their nameplates. These handmade three-dimensional wooden nameplates are completely one-of-a-kind. It’s not just a nameplate but a token of appreciation which your favourite teacher will love to boast about before his/her colleagues. It is a perfect gift for the selfless and dedicated teachers.

It is totally customisable with name of your teacher which will be cut into 3D characters using lasers along with their department engraved and a custom note on the back, with no character limit. Where you can engrave some good quotes or even just a message of how much you love them. It will be engraved with a handwritten font so it looks like a special message from you. This amazing nameplate is available on Etsy at Rs.2,387 only.

Classroom Rules Digital Poster

All these years, your teacher has guided you through the most important phase of your life. During these years, you must have known your teacher very well, and you’ll have a good idea of what their rules are. It would be a proper time to pass your experience with the new students, let them know what it meant to be the student of your favourite teacher. It's not necessary that the classroom rules only means those disciplinary do's and don'ts, but it can be those beautiful rules which made you a good person altogether. That's exactly what this classroom rules poster says.

This personalised poster print puts all the rules in one place so the new students can see them, with the teacher's name written across the top. This poster is amazing, it tells the story of your class to the new students in an amazing way. This poster comes in a size of 8" x 10" printed on heavyweight paper with matte ink. Your teacher will surely love this gift. You can order this poster on Amazon at Rs.1,054 only.

Bonus Idea : DIY Memory Jar With Notes

As we always tell you, the best gifts are those which have an emotional touch. A handmade gift is worth many expensive gifts bought from the market. We suggest making this memory Jar full of your handwritten notes about your experiences and the good things you learnt from your teacher.

You just need a mason jar, decorate it as you like. Fill it up with some useful items and your handwritten notes. You can also ask your classmates to write their own experiences. This memory jar will sit on the desk of your teacher quietly and when he has a rough day, it's there to remind him how great and lovely teacher he is. It will surely motivate him.

From our editorial team

Gratitude Through Gift and Care

There is no way to repay your favourite teacher for all they have done for you. But a gift can be a good start. Apart from that, you can stay in touch with your teacher after your graduation and meet them whenever you visit your school again to relive old memories. It is the intent to stay in touch that means the most to a teacher.