Still Using Foundation to Lighten the Skintone? Try these Foundation BB Creams Online 2020 which Nourish the Skin too

Still Using Foundation to Lighten the Skintone? Try these Foundation BB Creams Online 2020 which Nourish the Skin too

Gone are the days when foundation was the only go-to option for light make-up. Its the era of BB creams which are light as a feather and can be used on a daily basis. They also act as a moisturizer and a sunscreen. Try one of these BB creams and let your skin breathe!

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Answering all Your Queries Related to BB cream

The name BB stands for ‘Blemish Balm’ and is very famous among women all over the world. These products are considered to be an all in one product comprising of foundation, moisturizer, and a sunscreen. The first BB cream was invented in the 1960s by German dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek. It was originally a formulation to protect the skin after pills or surgery. It comprises of various formulations and was made popular by Koran cosmetic companies and gradually expanded all over the world. They are light and easy to wear and generally preferred over foundation making it suitable for everyday application. The cream is efficient in covering blemishes such as acne, dark spots, and wrinkles and also protects against the sun. Moreover, numerous companies are offering special additions by enhancing the properties of the formulation by offering varieties comprised of Vitamin C, skin whitening, and hyaluronic acid.

An extended variety of the BB cream is the CC cream that stands for ‘Color Correction’. It has advanced properties by providing a color-correcting mechanism and acts likes a mild foundation to take care of your beauty woes.

Can a BB Cream be Used as a Foundation?

You must be wondering whether a BB cream can be used as a foundation? Yes, it can be used. When compared to foundations, a BB cream is easier to apply and is equipped to provide sheer coverage for your skin. There are numerous varieties of formulations such as dry skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin. Based on your skin type, you can choose it accordingly. If you are not interested in layering your skin with a moisturizer, foundation, and powder, then the BB cream is your perfect bet as it is comprised of all the three product combinations. Finally, it can be applied daily to keep your makeup light and sweat-free.

Difference Between BB Cream and a Foundation

There are numerous differences between a BB cream and a foundation. Listed below are some of the key differences between them.

  • BB creams are lighter than foundation
  • Foundation provides maximum coverage for your face
  • BB cream offers a sheer coverage
  • Foundations are best for covering scars, blemishes, and dark spots
  • For easy makeup look, BB cream can be used
  • Foundation is best suitable for discolored skin

Best BB Creams Available in the Market

The cosmetics market is flooded with numerous BB creams catering to different skin types and skin shades. Some creams are available for oily skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin. In this article, we will see the best creams that are preferred by women.

BB Creams for Oily Skin

Oily skin is caused due to excess sebum production. A little amount of sebum creates a barrier on our skin and protects our skin. However, excess production can cause acne and pimples that leave one prone to breakouts. Women with oily skin have a shiny texture, breakouts due to excess oil, visible pores, and any makeup smudges or fades away gradually after application.

Oriflame Skin Dream BB Cream SPF 30

It consists of a 5-in-1 solution with sun protection and promises to take care of all your skin needs and delivers a flawless complexion. The BB cream is formulated with a breakthrough formula and promises to soother, nourish, and heal the skin from external components. The formulation comes in two shades – light and medium that is suitable for the Indian skin tone. Unlike the sunscreen, it does not leave a whitish cast on the skin and provides a sheer to medium coverage. It evens out the skin color and conceals light spots and small scars but the darker spots are not covered.

The cream has a creamy texture that is easily blendable with your fingers or a makeup brush. It moisturizes the skin thus eliminating the need to apply a moisturizer. Also, it consists of SPF 30 that is suitable for summers but you can apply an extra layer of sunscreen for extra protection. Finally, it promises to provide coverage of 5 to 6 hours and can be applied when required. However, they could release a few shades to cater to the skin needs of others as well. The cream skin dream cream can be purchased from Amazon at a price of Rs. 477 .

L'Oreal True Match BB Cream

A BB cream that promises to provide 360-degrees skin coverage and highlights your natural flawless skin tone. It introduces the ‘Skincare Revolution’ that assures to impart brightness, and retextures skin to make it look perfect from within. It comprises of key ingredients such as Adenosine, and Vitamin CG. Adenosine provides a good soothing and kin restorative agent that promises to remove wrinkles and energizes skin to make it smooth and supple. Vitamin CG is called ascorbyl glucoside, a form of Vitamin C and imparts antioxidant protection, anti-aging properties, brighten skin tone, and eliminates free radicals from the body.

The BB cream is available in three shades – light, medium, and dark. It has a creamy texture and can be easily blended into the skin. Also, it is suitable for dry skin and imparts moisturizing properties for the skin and it is suitable to be worn in both humid and non-humid areas. Finally, experience breathable skin that provides sheer to mask your blemishes. It is available at Foxy official website for Rs. 493.

Garnier Skin Naturals Instantly Perfect Skin Perfector BB Cream

Garnier skin naturals are comprised of BB cream with SPA. It promises to brighten and smoothen the skin. It is enriched with minerals, Vitamin C, and almond extracts. The minerals work in clarifying the dark spots and helps brighten the tone of your skin. Vitamin C is a potent vitamin that adds brightness to the skin, removes black spots, and pigmentation from the skin. It also clarifies the skin to impart a natural glow to the skin. Almond extract is beneficial for the skin and helps in sealing the skin moisture and strengthen the bonds of your skin to keep the wrinkles at the bay.

The formulation is lightweight and creamy that blends easily. The lightweight texture reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines around the eyes, and the mouth. It imparts a sheer coverage for your skin to make look light and even complexioned. Women with oily skin can prefer to use this cream that is perfect for everyday use. It is available at Flipkart for Rs. 999.

BB Creams for Dry Skin

Women with dry skin have a minimal epidermal function. Moreover, due to the absence of the protection layer, they are prone to skin damage easily. Dry skin feels tight and is easily irritable. Secondly, the skin is flaky, small pores, and the makeup cannot be applied easily on the skin due to the absence of moisture. Here is a list of the best BB creams that are perfect for dry skin beauties.

Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream SPF 30

A multi-faceted cream that targets skin blemishes and lightens your skin. It consists of patented Pond’s white beauty™ technology that combines both the properties of a BB cream and a fairness cream. The patented GenWhite™ formula has dual action properties of imparting skin lightening and shields the skin. This eliminates the need to use two different screens when you have the power of one. Add the BB cream to your daily regime to obtain instant natural coverage that light on the skin.

Women with dry skin can use this cream as it moisturizes the skin and does not clog the skin. It eliminates the dark spots from the skin and evens the skin tone. Moreover, it comprises of SPF 30 with PA++ that efficiently protects the skin from harmful rays of the sun and also protects from Ultra Violet A, Ultra Violet B rays and visible light. It provides flawless coverage that is perfect for Indian skin. The formulation is enriched with Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, and Allantoin. Firstly, Allantoin is a moisturizer that treats dry skin and soothes irritated skin. Secondly, Vitamin B3 consists of niacinamide that induces the skin to produce keratin to increase its elasticity and eliminate wrinkles. Finally, Vitamin E is an antioxidant that reduces skin damage.

The cream is available at Nykaa for Rs. 410.

Natio Pure Mineral Skin Perfecting Bb Cream SPF 15

A lightweight cream that is a combination of both foundation and moisturizer. The cream imparts a dewy finish on the skin without making it look oily or greasy. It is a 7-in-1 beauty balm that is nourished with plant oils, botanical extracts, sun protection fillers, and is pigmented for skin coverage. It is available in three shades – fair, medium, and tan. Additionally, jojoba, Shea butter, sweet orange, ylang-ylang, lavender, green tea, and chamomile.

It is more of a moisturizer when compared to a BB cream. It easily blends able and makes your face glow. It is best suitable for both dry and combination skin. A tiny amount of cream is sufficient for providing entire coverage. The BB cream from Natio has a lightweight formulation that is worth your money and should be included in your daily beauty ritual. It is available at Nykaa for Rs. 1,060.

BB Creams for Sensitive Skin

Women with sensitive skin must take the utmost care of their skin as it is prone to infections. Any product that is used on the skin has to be dermatologically tested and applied to a small area to see whether it is acceptable by your skin. It is essential to check the product labels to see if you are allergic to any of the chemical ingredients. Moreover, it is good to stay away from products that are heavily scented to avoid skin irritations.

The Body Shop Tinted BB cream

The BB cream from The Body Shop is perfect for women with sensitive skin. It is lightweight and provides even coverage. The skin stays supple and hydrated for extended periods and also imparts a luminous finish. It easily blends into the skin and is sweat resistant making it ideal for daily wear. Moreover, the cream is enriched with organic aloe vera exclusively sourced from Mexico.

Additionally, it offers to protect against the harmful rays of the sun and is 100 percent vegan. The cream is available in five shades and comes in sleek packaging. The formulation comprises microbeads that enable even coverage of the pigment and can be applied with your fingers or a makeup brush. Available at Myntra, the cream is priced at Rs. 1,595.

Burt's Bees BB Cream with SPF 15

A lightweight foundation that is hydrating and is beneficial for the skin. It is clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also enriched with SPF 15 to protect your skin. The cream is fortified with moisturizing properties that firms, conceals, and smoothens your skin by providing ample hydration.

The tinted moisturizer comes in three shades that highlight the natural tone of your skin. Moreover, it made from 98.9% natural ingredients such as Noni extracts. According to various studies, Noni extract is a powerful antioxidant that eliminates free radicals and protects your skin from environmental damage. It is available at Amazon for a price of Rs. 2,300.

L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream - Anti-Redness

L’Oreal takes the honor of launching a BB cream exclusively for sensitive skin. It comprises four beautifying actions such as hydration, correction, perfection, and neutralization. The cream is formulated with beautifying beads that contain color pigments that eliminate redness and irritation from your skin. The moisturizer in the products provides ample hydration for your skin and smoothens it.

Moreover, it boasts of color correcting features that ensure that the skin color is even without any patches. Finally, the neutralization provides eliminates the occurrence of irritation on your skin after product application. This protects your skin from chemicals and environmental pollutants. The cream is available at Amazon for Rs. 3,793.

Tips to Apply BB Cream to Obtain Flawless Skin

BB creams have occupied a prominent place in a women’s makeup routine. Here are a few tips to apply BB cream for a flawless look.

  • Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser
  • Apply a gentle moisturizer if your skin is very dry
  • Apply primer to your skin. If your BB cream has primer then you can skip this procedure.
  • If you need extra protection from the sun, you can apply sunscreen lotion.
  • Choose the right shade of BB cream for your skin tone.
  • Take a dollop of cream and gently blend it into your skin using your fingers. You can also use a beauty blender for even application.
  • Allow the product to sink into your skin.
  • Fix the makeup with a compact powder to ensure it stays for a longer time.
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Say Goodbye to all Your Skin Woes with these Best BB Creams 2020

These BB creams which we have selected are made of natural ingredients and while taking care of the skin problems, they help in lightening the skin tone and smoothening the skin. So, take your pick according to your skin type - Oily, Dry, or Sensitive.