Monsoons in India Always Have Their Own Story to Narrate(2020): Here are Some of the Most Scrumptious Snacks for Monsoon Evening that Can Make Your Rains Truly Special Again.

Monsoons in India Always Have Their Own Story to Narrate(2020): Here are Some of the Most Scrumptious Snacks for Monsoon Evening that Can Make Your Rains Truly Special Again.

Monsoons are a breath of fresh air, a sigh of relief after a sweltering heat wave and a craving for the crunchy. You might have a flash of a list of menus in your mind which your mom makes and serves on a plate, which you grab and finish within seconds! Samosas are very common during this time. Check out for some good evening snacks that you can munch on anytime on a rainy day.

Enjoying Monsoon with Scrumptious Snacks!

Monsoon does not only mean heavy rain. It is a beautiful season of the year, of course, if you do not have to rush for any work outside. You can enjoy the daily moment at home or somewhere cosy while having delicious snacks and enjoying your favourite group. Snacks can change according to the season, and in monsoon, we crave chilli, something spicy and mouthwatering. There is always a magical spell in the raindrops, and we can not deny the smell of sinful snacks in those rainy evenings.

What India Eats in Monsoon as Snacks

The first thing we can remember on a rainy day is a cup of brewing ginger tea with spices. The rain-drenched surroundings remind us of the things we love along with some tasty piping-hot snacks with the tea. India has a lot of flavour diversities in its culinary catalogue. It is better to have foods that fortify immunity in this time of year. Black pepper, long pepper, ginger, fenugreek, coriander, and lots of veggies are some of the things that can be used in making snacks which make them tasty, and they have many health benefits too.

Dietary Mistakes During Monsoon Season

It is not recommended to just think about what to exclude from your food chart, instead focus on what can ensure good health during monsoon. A balanced diet and the right choice of seasonal veggies during the rainy season can keep your body and mind healthy. Wash the green vegetables before using them. Washing them thoroughly and cooking them properly in high heat is essential. Eating meat and seafood during monsoon season is not a good idea as the fish and other organisms breed during this time and there it’s not ethical to consume them. The water-borne diseases also increase, and chances of food poisoning are too high during the rainy season. No matter how much you urge to take delicious street foods, you should refrain from eating outside.

What to Eat as Snacks during Monsoon

During monsoon, your diet should be full of fruits, vegetables, and fluids. Plenty of soups, ‘Kadha’, broths will rehydrate you, and they can also be a part of snacks. Vegetables like seasonal Indian squash, gourds, etc. can be used as snacks for a healthy option. Spices like turmeric should be in the snacks and homemade foods as its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties.

Best Monsoon Evening Snacks: Have Them with Piping Hot Tea or Coffee

Music, hot coffee or tea and appetizing snacks are the combinations to die for on a drenched evening. On those days, you must allow yourself to break your diet and enjoy some sinful snacks.

Aloo Paneer Tikki

Aloo Paneer Tikki is a delicious street food recipe which is ideal as monsoon snacks. It is no secret that ‘Tikki’ is rooted in the North Indian tradition the same as other foods like Dahi Vada and samosas. Indian cuisine has a variety of flavours as the tastes differ from region to region. The herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables are different in various places during the monsoon season, and the tradition and culture vary too.

Aloo Paneer Tikki recipe is such an amazingly delicious snack which can be a favourite for anyone once you make it. The raindrops and spicy Tikki snacks will make the best combination. For making this dish, you might have to spend an hour, including preparation and making of it. The ingredients you will need are cottage cheese, boiled and mashed potatoes, refined flour, chopped green chillies, salt, red chile powder, gram flour, breadcrumbs, thin strips of red capsicum, and oil to fry. Mix the mashed potatoes, green chillies, and salt in a bowl. Cut the cottage cheese into thin slices, mix and whisk flour, gram flour, water, and salt in another bowl for a batter. Mix dried fresh bread crumbs and after making sandwiches of cottage cheese and potato mix inside it, roll them in flour and breadcrumbs. Fry until golden brown and serve with slices of red capsicum.

Vada Pav

If you are in Mumbai, the first thing you will hear and see is the street foods, and in them, Vada Pav will probably be in every alternate shop. It is a traditional Maharashtrian fast food. This vegetarian dish is like a deep-fried potato dumpling. For its immense popularity, it is now served in the food stalls and restaurants across the country. A fun fact is that it is also known as ‘Bombay Burger’ for its burger-like shape.

To make this special monsoon dish you will need potatoes, garlic cloves, green chillies, Haldi, salt, imli, gur and khajoor, besan, sweet imli chutney, and pav. Boil the potatoes and mash them. Grind green chillies and masalas separately. Heat frying oil in a pan and add curry leaves, hing or asafoetida, ground masala, salt, turmeric and mashed potato. Add coriander leaves and cook for a few minutes. Give the shape of vada and make a batter of besan and salt, dip and fry them. Serve with chutneys and masala tea on rainy evenings.

Corn Bhel

Bhel is a classic Indian bhel puri recipe adored by everyone. Generally puffed rice is used to make bhel puri everywhere, but you can go for a more healthy option by mixing corn flakes instead of puffed rice. This corn chaat is super easy to make and can be a delicious snack in the monsoon evening for all family members. Sweet corns are a pleasant addition in any dish, and making the with tangy and spicy ingredients makes it exciting and mouth-watering. For making fresh corn bhel chaat, you will need boiled sweet corn, chopped onion, chaat masala, lemon juice, raw mangoes, chilli powder, crushed papadi, chopped coriander, sev and salt. Use the boiled corn and add chopped onions, tomato, pomegranate if you have green chutney, and all other ingredients together. Add salt and baked papdis at last and serve.


Samosa is India’s most loved monsoon snacks, and here are many shops and restaurants which are famous for their authentic samosa recipes. But making samosas at home is also not that complicated. You can quickly try it out at home and enjoy the delicacy.

For making samosas at home you will need refined flour, potatoes boiled and mashed, green peas, finely chopped green chillies, a group of coriander leaves, ginger paste, powder of chilli, chaat masala, cumin, and garam masala, a pinch of asafetida, carom seeds, salt and vegetable oil to fry the samosas. Saute all the vegetables and mashed potatoes in oil. Make the dough of flour with carom seeds and flatten it. Cut the flattened flour roti in half and put the mixture of potato inside it. Give a triangle shape and close the corners with little water. Fry the samosa in oil till golden brown and serve with pudina chutney.

Indian Momo

Momo is such a snack that is loved by people from any state or any age. These street dumplings are one of the first favourite food choices for kids nowadays. Originally from Tibet, these street foods are relished especially in north India. Vegetable momos are packed with healthy veggies like onion, carrot, garlic, and cabbage. It is also made with soya sauce, vinegar, and black pepper.

To make momo at home, you will need maida, baking powder, salt, veggies, and spices. Knead a stiff dough with maida, salt, baking powder, and water. Heat oil and add onion and garlic. Saute over high heat and add carrot and cabbage and a little salt to taste. Roll down the maida very thinly and cut in round shapes. Put the fillings inside and twist the seal. Steam for ten minutes and serve it hot with soy and chilli sauce.

Corn Cob

Corn is one of the healthiest foods and so much versatile too. You can make many easy dishes with corn. You can make the corn cob easily and have it alone or mix it with salads and snacks. Boil the corn in salt water and cook it for 5 minutes. Then drain the corn and brush it with melted butter and add little kosher salt, jeera powder, chilli powder, jeera powder, coriander leaves and lime juice. You can also add mayonnaise and grated cheddar cheese to make a different dressing.

Assorted Pakoras

Pakoras are popular snacks in India and can be found in a variety of recipes. It is served in many restaurants and sold by the street vendors too. In Indian parties, not only one kind but various kinds of assorted pakoras are highly famous. In the monsoon days, nothing feels better than having plenty of pakoras and masala chai. You can make both veg and non-veg pakoras separately or mix together for different choices. Paneer, potato, onion, capsicum in veg pakoras and chicken or other meat made in various ways like deep-fried, roasted or barbecued can be some best pakora choices in monsoon parties.

Mini Idli

Mini idlis are also called bullet idlis which are generally dipped into sambar and served. These are different from the traditional idli sizes as they are small and need unique idli stand. For making mini idlis, you will need idli rava, urad dal, salt, water and coconut oil to grease. Making this dish is relatively easy. You will have to soak the urad dal for a few hours and grind it with water and ferment it for a few more hours. Make idli as you do by steaming the batter. Pour the idlis in the sambar curry and serve hot.

Papdi Chaat

Papdi chaat is popular street food, and it is very much popular as a family snack. During monsoon season papri chaat with some hot beverage can make your day a happy one. To make papdi chaat healthy and nutritious use baked papdi instead of friend can make papdi chaat easily at home. All you need is papdi, curd, boiled chickpeas and potatoes, green mint and coriander chutney, tamarind and dates chutney, chopped coriander leaves, sev, chopped onion and tomato and salt. Mix all the ingredients together well one by one and serve with sev on the top.

Mushroom Sandwich

In the monsoon season try to keep healthy snacks once a week in your evening routine. Mushroom is one of the healthiest foods which can be made in different ways. It is rich in vitamin B, boosts immunity and has loads of antioxidants that builds a healthy immune system. It contains 17 amino acids needed for the body, and it is a great source of vegetarian protein. With mushrooms, you can make grilled sandwiches as monsoon evening snacks. Use bread, chopped onion, garlic, dried oregano, crushed black pepper, fresh herbs and salt.

Monsoon Season Snacks with Side Dishes

Windy weather, heavy downpour gives you a little time to explore your culinary skill by making snacks on those rainy evenings. Along with making foods, you can also try to make it more interesting with some easy decoration,

Salad Decoration with Snacks

Decorate your platter with mayo-radish salad by mixing shredded or thinly sliced baby radish, coriander leaves and chillies, mix with salt, white pepper powder, a few drops of lime juice and a spoonful of mayonnaise. It tastes great with corn snacks. You can also make a colourful and simple tomato-olive salad by using small pieces of tomatoes, olive, onions, basil leaves, vinegar and chaat masala.

Mango Salsa

Tangy and yummy mango salsa can be a relishing side dish with your snacks during monsoon season. To make fresh mango salsa, you can use ripe mangoes, red bell pepper, red onion, cilantro or coriander leaves, chile and slice them all together and mix with salt, lime juice and white pepper powder.

Aloo 65

A very unique appetizer with our main snacks can be the delicious potato 65, or in India, it is popularly known as aloo 65. You can make it easily at home by boiling potatoes and making pieces of it. Mix cornflour, chilli powder, coriander and cumin powder, garam masala powder, black pepper powder, ginger garlic paste, lemon juice and salt separately. Dip the pieces of boiled potatoes in the mixture and keep aside for a few minutes. Add oil in the pan and put curry leaves then fry the aloo mixture one by one till golden brown. Serve hot with tomato ketchup or homemade chutney.

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Have a Cup of Tea

Monsoon is here, and most of us will be happy with the very thought of the snacks that we can munch on with the rain in the evenings. A hot cup of tea with some good snacks too much on is the best way to enjoy the Monsoon rain. In fact, nothing can beat the goodness of being with the family over a cup of tea and enjoying the rain. So, whichever snack you choose, don’t miss out on a cup on kadak chai to make this rainy day setting complete.