Enjoy Your Monsoon Season to Its Fullest with Your Looks on Fleek! Follow This Guide to Learn to Choose Your Outfits in Accordance to the Weather in 2020!

Enjoy Your Monsoon Season to Its Fullest with Your Looks on Fleek! Follow This Guide to Learn to Choose Your Outfits in Accordance to the Weather in 2020!

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Monsoon is a season marked with abundance of rain, which means humid weather, sticky clothes, and makeup running all over your face! You can avoid all these hassles just by keeping a few tips in mind like the material of your dresses and the colours more suitable to that weather. You will also learn in this article important points to style these dresses with perfect accessories and appropriate cuts. You can always protect your entire look with raincoats and umbrellas. Learn to put this all together perfectly here:

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Look Your Best with Amazing Monsoon Outfits

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Do you like that pitter-patter monsoon season? Some enjoy the fresh rainy feels and the cool breeze, but others dislike it for many reasons. And one of the primary reasons to oppose this season is the need to change the wardrobe. However, if you also hate this season thinking that you won't be able to display your fashion statement, then you are wrong. Instead, you can ace the style game by choosing the right set of monsoon outfits.

While monsoon itself is beautiful, they demand a fashion outlook that complements its beauty. Floral prints, lively colours, and flowy dresses are in trend during this season. You need to have a choice in everything you wear, from tops to jeans (bottoms), and footwear, among others. That's where this guide will help you find the best monsoon outfits that you can get to fill your wardrobe with. However, before jumping to the list of the best monsoon clothes, let's understand how to make the perfect choice.

Buying the Right Monsoon Outfit - Tips You Should Follow

Select Right Fabric

You might have observed people wearing more of cotton and polyester clothing during monsoon. Ever wondered why that is so? First, let's talk about why people don't wear denim or silk. That's because those fabrics take a lot of time to dry up. And it is just not possible to not dry during this season, because you never know when a downpour may occurs. This makes cotton and polyester the perfect fabric choice for monsoon.

Select Flip Flops

Wearing heels in monsoons could be a complete nightmare. Either the water will damage your costly footwear, or you might slip and fall, causing injuries. In monsoon, wearing flip flops is the best choice to protect your feet and to walk around comfortably.

Don’t Wear Heavy Fabrics

Similar to what we mentioned about fabrics, heavy clothing like denim is a strict no during monsoons. While heavy apparels don't dry fast, lighter ones provide the required breathability to deal with the humid environment. Some of your go-to options can be mul, nylon, cotton, chiffon, and gabardine.

Besides, if you are even thinking of linens, heavy knits, or transparent fabrics, stop right there. Those shouldn't be on your mind for this season.

Choose Right Colours

Whether you are going out on a vacation or not, you must give your white and pastel outfits a break. Whatever it is, a dress, pair of jeans, or footwear, always go for dark colours in monsoon. The primary reason for this is because dark shades easily hide water or mud stain. Go for black, dark blue, or navy blue. And if you still miss a light shade, add one or two using accessories or layers of neon colour.

Weather Friendly Jewellery

You can't ignore this. You are already feeling heavier after getting wet in a downpour. And if you are wearing heavy jewellery, things aren't going to be easy. Thus, choosing the right jewellery for the season is also essential. Go for plastic jewellery over metal, because the latter may get rusted. Besides, wear dainty and minimal jewels to avoid being bogged down when wet. Whatever you choose, be sure not to over-accessorise. However, if you want to add some style statement to your outlook, a broad cuff with a bright neckpiece and small studs would work well.

Top 10 Monsoon Outfits for You

With all those tips in hand, you might have created a good idea of which monsoon outfits you would be buying. Let's have a look at these prechosen ten options for you.

Skater Dress

Wearing short dresses like a skater dress is always a go-to pick for the monsoon season. Such a dress comes as an excellent choice for many evening events, from cocktail parties to dinners, and more. And, this is a classy dress that every girl should own.

Although there are many skater dresses out there, but this one with a sweeping asymmetrical shoulder is simply breath taking. It adds a modern twist to a simple flaring dress. This mid-thigh Women's Ruffle Shoulder Skater Dress by Addyvero will make you stand out of the crowd with eye-catching charm. Available in multiple sizes, you can buy this dress from Amazon for Rs. 698 for small size to Rs. 704 for extra-large size.

Kurtas with Cropped Pants

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We understand that wearing ethnic clothing is more comfortable than wearing jeans. But it's not always possible to wear the same outfit unless you don't care about the occasion, people around, or anything else. However, you can always customise the ethnic clothing by adding crop pants to the look.

This not only makes you look different but also make you feel more comfortable and suitable for the weather. Adding a dark-coloured legging to a printed kurti can get you ready for any occasion just like that. Here's our pick for the same. The Itkal silk 3/4sleeve Kurti with a pant will feel comfortable and can be worn the whole day. You can buy this outfit for Rs. 1,399 from Amazon, where you will get a choice of sizes and colours.

Ballerinas & Flip-Flops

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Imagine walking on a road filled with the puddles of water and wearing heels. Now, add those pits and other decorations of Indian roads. Well, that just adds to the difficulty of walking straight and smooth. And when it's the monsoon season, reaching your destination without a fall would be the biggest challenge (or achievement, whatever you call it).

But you want to stay stylish. Don't you? Here's a pick for you to get the best out of your monsoon looks. You can always go for Ballerinas and Flip Flops to make your life comfortable and easy. Casual Flip Flop Soft Lightweight Slippers Heels from Spiffysparrow are a perfect match for the purpose. Made of a faux leather sole, the footwear features slip-on closure and a trendy western embellishment. Durability and comfortable fit are other plus points of this wear. The product is affordable as well and goes with almost every dress, and you can buy it from Amazon for Rs. 299.

Crocs or Rain Boots

If flip flops don't entice you, maybe you would feel better splashing some water in a pair of rain boots. Alternatively, open toe crocs are also another preferred choice for the monsoon season. In addition to being trendy, plastic, and durable, these types of footwear serve as your best mates during the rainy season. And another plus point of buying crocs or rain boots is that they are easy to clean and maintain, as well.

The pair of Crocband Perforated Slingback Clogs is a beautiful add-on to your wardrobe. The pink-coloured footwear comes in with a crostile upper and a rubber sole. Plus, you have a wide range of size options to choose from for a perfect fit to your feet when buying. The Slingback Clogs are available on Ajio for Rs. 2,995.

Trendy Rain Coats

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If you love rains, you would love to get wet in the downpour. But that's not always pleasant, especially when you are out for some work or a party, with makeup applied. In any such situation, raincoats can be your life saviours. Although wearing a raincoat will protect your dress and you but what about style? Don't worry. There are some trendy ones that you can wear to make a style statement.

So, you have decided to wear a raincoat, and that too, in style. Here's a pick for you. The eco-friendly and non-toxic EVA raincoat not only protects your outfit but also takes care of the environment. Available in multiple colour options, this raincoat comes with a string hood that you can tighten down to keep your head and body dry. Besides, lightweight and portability allow you to carry it to your office, school, on a trip, or everywhere else in a bag. Starting Rs. 369, the raincoat comes in multiple price options that you can buy from Amazon.

Shorts & Capri’s

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Who doesn't like to wear shorts or capris? But if you are fond of wearing Denim capris, you need to think once again. During the monsoon season, getting wet is a hassle in itself, and with these types of shorts, you will likely get a skin rash. Besides, capris can help keep your bottom wear clean of water puddles and other monsoon dirt.

And if you are in search of something simple yet wearable outside the boundaries of your home, here's a perfect pick for you. Regular fit capris from Uzarus are a comfort fit for women with two side pockets and cotton fabric. You can get your favourite colour from Amazon for Rs. 399 each. However, it is suggested to avoid bleach cleaning, dry cleaning, tumble dry, or cool iron for the best results.

Maxi Dresses

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Maxi dresses are always comfortable to wear, easy to carry, and very lightweight. They are never out of trend, so you can always choose one to buy. Besides, a maxi dress can never go wrong if you want to go on a day out with friends or get-togethers with family at night. At first thought, a maxi dress might seem like a night suit to your mind. But that's not so. You can get numerous style-focused outfits as well, like this Maxi dress by IQRA Fashion.

The dress is available in a relaxed fit and features a "fit and flare" style in a maxi length. Also, you can choose from many colour options available when you decide to buy from Amazon. The cost ranges from Rs. 420 to Rs. 499, depending on what size you select.

Jump Suits Or Rompers

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This is a category of monsoon outfits that almost everyone wears and recommends. While both rompers and jumpsuits are onesies, there's a difference between the two. Rompers are short in length, whereas the jumpsuits are long. And they serve as life saviours in humid weather. Besides, both are perfect wear for casual events as well.

And if you are willing to buy one, here's one suggestion for you. The floral romper jumpsuit from Voxati is excellent wear for lunch with friends. Get yours from Amazon today for Rs. 495 to Rs. 595, where the price varies with size.

Skirts Or Wrap Arounds

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A big yes for these in the monsoon season. Skirts and wraps are the same, with the only difference being that the latter is open on one side, and you need to tie them around your waist. And you can get the size as per your comfort level, occasion, or any other thing you would be considering before buying one. A wide range of variety is available, ranging from micro skirts to knee length and even the floor.

If short size suits you, the wraparound mini skirt from Pezzava is a great pick. With a length of 16 inches, the dress is considered the best match to a waist size of 34 inches. However, the wraparound can be worn over a 38-inch waist, as well. The block print with a 100% cotton fabric makes it a perfect style for the monsoon season. Get it today from Amazon for Rs. 249.

Fancy Windcheater

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So, by now, you have a massive list of monsoon outfits to choose from. However, a single downpour can wash away the charm of any clothing. That's where wearing a windcheater comes in as a perfect recommendation. While a basic one would only save your clothes, getting a fancy one will help you maintain your look. And today, you can find a wide variety of windcheaters available in the market. You can easily find a beautiful and classy one to add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

The Scott International I-Dry Windcheater is one such product for you. Made of micro-polyester, this windcheater is available in black and a regular fit. This windcheater is like casual sportswear in appearance with a collar and a zipper. You can buy this fancy windcheater from Amazon for Rs. 577.

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