Can't Find the Right Equipment for Your Favorite Sport? Check out these Expert Tips on How to Select a Badminton Racket 2020

Can't Find the Right Equipment for Your Favorite Sport? Check out these Expert Tips on How to Select a Badminton Racket 2020

Do you want to take the next step towards a healthier lifestyle but don't know where to start? Badminton is a great way to burn calories, stay fit, and have a fun time. But often, people choose the wrong rackets and hence, leave the game before even starting! Check out these useful tips on selecting Badminton rackets specially curated for fitness enthusiasts.

Badminton is Increasing in Popularity

Badminton is a global game and, of late, it is also gaining popularity in this country. It is second to cricket in popularity. It is mainly due to the several laurels that our national team has brought home over the last few years. Several academies are coming up throughout the country and have several youngsters taking up the sport. Moreover, we are also getting more and more conscious of our health and fitness levels. People are taking to sports more, and badminton has been an attraction for most of us.

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Badminton Racket

Weight of the Racket

The weight of the racket is dependent on the level of your game. It is an essential criterion while selecting a badminton racket. Beginners must use a lighter racket, weighing around 85 - 89 grams as it will help them grasp the game and serve and smash faster. It will help the novices learn the finer points of the game more quickly. Also, if you are predominantly a doubles player and starting to learn the nuances of the game, the ideal weight of the racket would be between 80 – 84 grams.

Balance of the Racket

The selection of the balance depends on whether you are singles or a doubles player. A lot depends on your game too. A head-heavy racket is one whose head is heavier. It helps to provide more power when smashing. It also helps the player to play to the full potential from the back of the court. However, the player must be skilled enough to use this racket. A racket with a lighter head is ideal for playing near the nets. As it can be manoeuvred easily, it is suitable for doubles players. An even balanced one is where the weight is balanced evenly across the racket.

Material Used

Rackets are made from three types of materials, viz. steel, aluminium, and graphite. Steel rackets are the strongest ones, and novices may find it uncomfortable while playing. The graphite ones are of the ideal weight. They are flexible to use and very easy to handle. While players may find it to be comfortable, they are expensive too. The ones made of aluminium are lighter than the steel ones but are not so flexible as the ones made from graphite.

The Tension of the String

The tension of the string can be gauged by pressing it with your hands. If the sunken depth is 1 mm, it is the ideal tension for most players. If you want to have more power into your play, you can have a racket of higher tension. You must also note that the temperature of the location can also affect the tension levels. Those living near the tropics must use a racket of higher tension.

You can also choose the tension based on your style of play. If you prefer to hit hard, you can choose a racket with higher tension. As a player, you can have more control and precision over your shot. Beginners can use a racket with lower tension.

The Size of the Grip

The grip of the racket is the personal preference of the player. It is suggested that you buy a racket with a smaller grip. The grip can be increased later according to requirement. But it is cumbersome to get it reduced. It is suggested that kids do not use too thick grips as they would be using their arms to generate power when they were young. As a result, they will find it difficult to generate power with their fingers when they play as an adult.

The Type of Grip

Players must choose the type of grip according to their needs. They are usually of two types, synthetic and towel. The towel grip absorbs the sweat and is softer. On the flip side, these grips lead to the accumulation of germs and are very unhygienic. Also, it becomes flimsy over time and requires changing the racquet too often. Synthetic grips are not messy like the towel grips. However, novices may find it a tad uneasy as it does not absorb the sweat.

The Flexibility of the Shaft

The speed of your arm must be the deciding factor for the flexibility of the shaft for your chosen racket. Manufacturers categorise the shaft as flexible, medium and stiff, though there be slight variations too. The swing speed of the player is essential if they wish to reap the benefits of a stiff shaft. If you have a slower wrist speed, you must choose a racket with a flexible shaft. It is the reason that beginners prefer a flexible shaft, while the more seasoned ones want a stiffer one. Those who have reasonable experience in the game, but with lesser arm speed can choose a medium-stiff racket.

The Budget

If you are a beginner or a player with intermediate skills, you must always keep the budget at the back of your mind. It is crucial when you are choosing a badminton racket as the price difference to a great extent. A badminton racket can cost starting from sub Rs. 1,000 levels to even above Rs. 15,000. Apart from deciding on the various factors also mentioned in this article, you must also filter the budget that you have when you are researching online.

Maintenance of the Racket is Important

Like any other sport, you must take proper care of your badminton racket as well. You must follow these useful tips for caring for your racket.

  • The racket must not be packed directly in your backpack.
  • It must always be placed in a proper badminton racket bag after playing that you must have received one with your racket.
  • There could be issues with the string of the racket, and it may affect your game. The string tension of the racket must be maintained at all times.
  • The grips may also come off, and you must have it replaced every three to four months.
  • Also, check if the grommets are broken and must be replaced.
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Time to Up Your Badminton Skills with These Tips to Select Badminton Racket 2020

"Right equipment leads to the perfect game." If your rackets are not properly selected, you may not enjoy playing badminton for very long. So, invest a little time in selecting the ideal racket for yourself with these useful tips. You can play include this game in your workout list for losing weight. You will be able to exercise along with the game, this means one arrow two targets.