Looking for Gym Equipment under ₹ 15,000? Check out the Best Fitness Equipment to Give You a Strong and Healthy Body Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket in 2020

Looking for Gym Equipment under ₹ 15,000? Check out the Best Fitness Equipment to Give You a Strong and Healthy Body Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket in 2020

One of the main reasons why some of you might be discouraged from buying fitness equipment for your home is the perception of their high price. You will, however, be surprised to know that you can get a complete cardio and strength workout with fitness equipment that costs less than ₹ 15,000.00! This BP Guide will take you through the best gym equipment under 15K available in the market, important factors to keep in mind while buying and great tips for maintenance, to keep your equipment running perfectly for years.

Purchasing Gym Equipment

Health is the ‘real’ wealth but we often forget that. In order to secure materialistic wealth and to maintain a societal status, we don’t give ourselves adequate time and attention to develop a strong body and a healthy mind. The good news is many people are nowadays becoming increasingly health conscious. Having a fit body is slowly becoming the primary goal of many people. Some people are even installing a customised gym right in their home to skip the tight schedule of commercial gym centres. If you are thinking of the same lately, then you have landed at the right page. Be it a fully equipped gym or an individual setting, we are going to guide you all through the journey in order to get the best deal and best fitness machines within your budget.

3 Things to Consider When Buying Gym Equipment

Flooded with numerous gym machines, the fitness equipment market is surely going to create extreme confusion particularly about what you need and what equipment is best to bring to your home. Since gym equipment takes a hefty toll on your pocket, you need to consider a few things before taking the final leap. We have summed up the top three primary factors that you should consider before ordering fitness equipment.

#1: Know the Variety of Gym Equipment

Before you invest in gym machines, it is mandatory to know the varieties and categories of that equipment. When you know about different machines and a little bit of their working mechanism, then only will you be able to decide which one to go for. Fitness equipment can be broadly categorised into two types – cardio machines and strength machines. Cardio machines are good to maintain or reduce the weight as they burn calories, while strength machines help you to develop muscles and stamina.

#2: Determine Availability of Space

Most gym equipment is bulky and therefore you have to be extra cautious while buying it. Before buying any fitness machine, asses your space meticulously. You should measure the area inch by inch to determine the actual space the machine needs to be installed. Also consider the space required for repairing and maintenance of the tools. Don’t stuff a small space with too much fitness equipment as this leaves no room for the users to access and use them properly.

#3: Look for Equipment with Warranty and Guarantee

When you are ready to pay an exorbitant amount to own a high-end fitness equipment, it is mandatory to enquire about the after-sales-service, maintenance and warranty. Check with the equipment suppliers and obtain written documents from them to ensure smooth and hassle-free services from their side. Also, don’t forget to ask the suppliers about the availability of replaceable parts.

Top 10 Gym Equipment You Can Buy in India Under 15K!

If you can’t afford that much time and effort to visit a number of gym equipment stores but don’t want to lose your chance to crack the best deal, we are presenting here 10 amazing fitness machines that you can order online, that too under the 15K mark.

#1: Reinforced Flat/Inclined Weights Bench

It is impossible to imagine a gym without a weights bench. This gym essential allows users to do a number of exercises targeting different muscles of the body. This Reinforced Flat/Inclined Weights Bench from Domyos is meant for strength workouts. You can do your bench presses on this bench and increase the difficulty level by adjusting the angles. This platform is ideal for both inclined and declined bench presses. This fitness tool also supports all levels of practice without any hiccup. You can bring home this Reinforced Flat/Inclined Weights Bench by paying just ₹ 10,999.00 on Decathlon.

#2: Powermax Fitness MFT-410 4-in-1 Multifunction Manual Treadmill with Jogger, Stepper, Twister & Push Up Bar Treadmill

When you are looking for something that takes cares of your health and wealth, you should think of investing in a manual treadmill. One of the best affordable manual treadmills you can spot online is the Powermax Fitness MFT-410 4-in-1 Multifunction Manual Treadmill. Flaunting a white and black exterior, this equipment offers three inclination levels. The maximum weight support capacity of the machine is 120 kg. This foldable treadmill is paired with an LED display that gives every detail of your workout. This wonderful treadmill can be ordered from Flipkart at a price of ₹ 12,499.00.

#3: KRX Ultimate 4 Feet Filled Black Punching Bag PU Leather with Chain (Heavy, 48)

Another essential gym equipment that every fitness enthusiast swears by is the hanging punching bag. If you are looking for an affordable one, here is the KRX Ultimate 4 Feet Filled Black Punching Bag. This black toned hanging bag comes with double stitching and reinforced heavy-duty d-shackles so that you can use it for years. Filled with recycled shredded textile material, this punching bag is not too harsh on your hands or legs. A high-grade polyester interior layer ensures durability while the PU exterior layer safeguards it from any liquid absorption. Priced at ₹ 1,899.00, this punching bag can be purchased from Flipkart online.

#4: Sporto 30 Kg Home Gym Set

A gym set with various weights and basic rods is an important thing to be included in any fitness set-up. The Sporto 30 Kg Home Gym Set is that one product which is designed to take care of all your fitness requirements. This set consists of a 5 ft straight rod, a 3 ft zigzag curl biceps and triceps rod, a pair of dumbbell rod bars, one skipping rope and two locks free. The plates of this set come in 4 x 5 kg and 4 x 2.5 kg format. Own this effective fitness set at just ₹ 2,090.00 when you order it online from ShopClues.

#5: Dr Trust USA Fitness NBR Thick Yoga Exercise Mat 309

Understanding the demand of every fitness lover, Dr Trust has designed something that allows users to have excellent grip and support against the floor, and it is called the Dr Trust USA Fitness NBR Thick Yoga Exercise Mat 309. This double-sided exercise mat gives you the opportunity to customise your fitness experience with just a flip. This 12 mm thick exercise mat is known for its high rebound capacity and thus it supports yoga postures perfectly. This easy-to-clean and lightweight mat can be rolled up and carried anywhere you want. Visit Dr Trust now and order this gym essential at a price of ₹ 1,499.00.

#6: Ella Upright Bike

One of the greatest ways to boost your cardiovascular health is working out on bikes. Cycling has always been considered as an effective measure to keep coronary heart diseases at bay. The Ella Upright Bike understands your fitness requirements and that is why it is designed to match every level of exercise. Its manual magnetic drive system allows the user to play with 8 different resistance levels to enhance endurance. The display of the bike shows the distance, speed, time and calories. You can also adjust the handle position and the height of the seat to match your stature. You can purchase this gym machine online at only ₹ 11,900.00 from Fitness World.

#7: Weight Plate 25 Kg

A good exercise regime should include both cardiovascular and weight training components. A weight plate is therefore very essential while designing an effective weight training schedule. If you are looking for heavy weight plates, then take a look at the Cosco weight plate of 25 kg. This plate showcases an ergonomic design which you can hold in your hand or can fit with a gym rod. These rubber weight plates come with metal inserts of 50 mm diameter. The Cosco 25 kg Weight Plate is also available in a 30 mm variant. If you buy the plate from Cosco, you can own it by paying only ₹ 6,300.00.

#8: Cougar Vinyl Kettlebell

Kettlebell is the coolest gym equipment and it can do wonders when you use this small tool to develop your muscles, enhance stamina or shed weight. Kettlebells are basically free weights which come with a modified design to offer better grip during exercise. The Cougar Vinyl Kettlebell is surely the one which is perfect to fit your budget and to boost your fitness experience. You have to choose your weight before ordering these vibrant kettlebells online from Sports Uncle. The 2 kg variant will cost you nearly ₹ 725.00.

#9: Weight Training Dips Station 900

Nothing can be better than a dip station to do all those circuits and body-weight exercises with a single tool. The Domyos Weight Training Dips Station 900 is an ultimate equipment that weight training enthusiasts can’t live without. This equipment can even hold up to 150 kg extra weight if you are willing to push your endurance a level higher. This training station features a footrest so that it fits every height and stature. The high quality gripping cover of the handles ensures secure and firm grip during workout. This Domyos dip station is fitted with an adjustable backrest which makes the workout even better without straining your muscles. This useful gym equipment requires just 1 square metre of area to be installed. Covered under 2 years of manufacturing warranty, this dip station is available with a price tag of ₹ 12,999.00 on Decathlon.

#10: Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Moving Handles & Adjustable Cushioned Seat (Multi-Colour)

For a full body workout, the Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle is surely one of the best bikes available in the market. The maximum weight support of this hardy bike is 100 kg. When you work out on this bike, it strengthens your lower body along with increasing the endurance of your upper body. The LCD display helps you keep a track of the distance, speed and calories. The belt-drive resistance guarantees better pedalling techniques and quick momentum-based recovery. This exercise bike also features an ergonomically designed seat backed by a long adjustable seat cushion. Handlebars of the bike are covered with high-density foam to spare you from back stiffness, strains and muscle aches during workout sessions. This portable bike can also fit any tight space. By paying ₹ 6,790.00, you can buy this air bike from Amazon.

3 Important Tips on Gym Equipment Maintenance

Just as you take care of your body to get better results, you also need to take care of your fitness equipment to gain better results from them. We are here listing down 3 handy maintenance tips to keep the fitness equipment functional for years.

#1: Wipe the Equipment with Washcloth or Gym Wipes

Not all gym equipment is meant to be cleaned with cleansing sprays, particularly the cardio training machines. It is best to keep gym wipes handy. Gym wipes are great to keep benches, treadmills and Pilates reformers hygienic and fresh. These wipes are easy to use and don’t force you to shell out hefty sums. We will recommend you to keep the gym wipes beside every machine so that no one needs to search hard to get one. Even if not after every use, remember to clean all your equipment at regular intervals, say every two weeks for sure, so that dust does not settle on them.

#2: Certain Equipment Need Regular Servicing

Every fitness equipment comes with a lucid maintenance recommendation guide. You must go through the guidelines to understand how often a maintenance schedule should be fixed to minimise the daily wear and tear. Well-maintained fitness equipment not just makes workout precise and effective, but also reduces the chances of an accident due to poor maintenance. It is best to contact the dealer or an authorised service provider to do a maintenance drive at your gym. It best to avoid cleaning or repairing the equipment if you are not confident to do so.

#3: Lubricate Treadmills and Similar Equipment

One of the easiest ways to keep treadmills and similar gym equipment (like bicycles, elliptical, etc.) functional, is lubricating them regularly. You can choose to lubricate them with oil or silicon lubricants available in the market. Don’t forget to go through the manual before oiling any equipment at your gym or home. You can choose a weekly, monthly or quarterly oiling schedule depending on the type of fitness gadgets you own.

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You Don't Need to Spend a Bomb on Gym Equipment

Contrary to the popular notion, you don't need to spend a bomb on getting high-quality gym equipment. There is a wide variety of extremely versatile fitness equipment available in the market for less than 15K. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which gym equipment is aptly suited for your exercise requirements and also fits into your budget. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.