Want to Set Up Your Own Gym in the Backyard at Home? Here's the Best Outdoor Gym Equipment You Need to Start With (2020)!

Want to Set Up Your Own Gym in the Backyard at Home? Here's the Best Outdoor Gym Equipment You Need to Start With (2020)!

Few fitness freaks want to enjoy the outdoor environment while working out, but in the comfort of their privacy. For such people, many outdoor gym pieces of equipment can be used for exercising in the lawn, backyard, or perhaps the terrace. We have listed a few such outdoor gym pieces of equipment for home, which are portable and can be kept in the corner of your house without taking much space.

Benefits of Outdoor Gym Equipment

The morning sunlight is not severe and provides you critical vitamin D without burning your skin. More space in the open-air gym means you move your body more freely, which increases flexibility and endurance. Also, working out in a natural environment releases more happy hormones, thus decreasing your stress and helps you relax. An outdoor gym saves your gym membership cost, and you contribute towards a green environment as these pieces of equipment don’t use any electricity.

Not only for the physical well being, but outdoor sports activity provides a great benefit to your mental well being by stimulating stress-relieving hormones like serotonin and increased flow of blood in all body parts along with extra oxygen. You’ll find no excuse not to get up early, as the indoor activities can be done as per your convenience, but for outdoor exercise, the only appropriate time is early morning. It also improves your social life as you are more likely to meet like-minded people in the morning who are interested in sports and fitness. The small positive conversations in the morning build a strong foundation for new relations and a fruitful day.

Outdoor Gym Equipment Manufacturers in India

If you are considering installing an outdoor gym in your society or the community park, then few manufacturers in India can help you set up an eco-friendly outdoor gym within your budget.


Vadodara based ‘Atlas Gymnasium Equipments’ was launched in the year 1990, and since then, they are producing quality gym equipment. They specialise in providing durable and innovative products as per the customer requirements, and this is the reason that they have supplied to well-known organizsations like Gujarat Refinery, Ambuja Cement, G.S.F.C, O.N.G.C, Indian Army, Indian Air Force, five-star hotels and to various police departments. They have also designed health clubs for hotels across India and have helped various health clubs to enhance their already existing machines.

They have outdoor gym equipments like wall mounted chinning (for chest, shoulder and upper body part), seated calf (for toning calf and thigh muscles), incline and decline bench, flat bench (for chest and upper body parts), big walker (treadmill without motor) and sit up bench (for reducing belly fat), etc. They can be contacted at atlasgymequip.com.


Source vingym.in

Vinex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1957 and under the brand name of Vinex. They have been manufacturing sports and related equipment like playground equipment, track, and field equipment, football and rugby equipment, football goal post, basketball equipment, and gymnastic equipment, to name a few among a vast range of sports articles manufactured by them.

They manufacture Outdoor Gym & Fitness Equipment under the brand name of Vingym and have multiple options for kids and adults. Vingym has proudly delivered sports products to coveted events as 11th IAAF World Junior Championship, Beijing, China; Commonwealth Games 2006, Melbourne, Australia; 15th Asian Games 2006, Doha, Qatar, and Commonwealth Games 2010, Delhi, India to name a few. They have a wide range of outdoor gym equipment like horse rider station, sit-up and push-up bench, chest press chair, arm, and leg strengthener and arm and shoulder wheel, etc.

Royal Sports

Royal Sports was established in 2007 in Meerut, U.P., and they manufacture and import domestic as well as commercial fitness equipment. With experience in this field, they expanded to more products and became an ISO certified company producing sports goods, and outdoor gym equipment. They provide after-sales service to ensure that the customers are getting the quality they have been promised. They have a range of sturdy and durable outdoor fitness pieces of equipment that are designed to strengthen different body parts.

Some of their outdoor fitness products are body shaper, cross walker, leg press, air walker, seated push chest press, air swing, waist twister, parallel bars and pull and pushchair, etc. You can check their website to check the full range of equipment and contact them at outdoorgymmanufacturer.in.

Khalsa Sports

Source khalsa.co.in

With an experience of more than 40 years and ISO 9001 – 2000 certification, Khalsa Gymnastic Works is a large scale manufacturer of quality sports equipment in Meerut. They manufacture a wide range of sports-related equipment for games like athletics, gymnastics, boxing, handball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, and children park equipment, etc. They are supplying to local as well as international customers to health clubs, societies, hotels, and gyms, etc.

Their outdoor gym equipment range includes outdoor open multi gym, air walker, pull chair, leg press, chest press, butterfly, elliptical cross trainer, bony rider, rowing machine, triple twister, sit and stand twister, star picker, bicycle, arm extension, and arm wheel, etc. You can check their website khalsa.co.in for more details.


Founded in the year 1992 in Nagpur, REPLAY (A Brand of Raj Equipment (India) Pvt. Ltd.) is a global marketplace that provides innovative and durable sports-related equipment. They have quality outdoor types of equipment like outdoor palm wheel (Rs. 25,000/unit), outdoor shoulder wheel (Rs. 19,583/unit), outdoor multi twister (Rs. 26,000/unit), outdoor mini ski and waist twister (Rs. 31,250/unit), outdoor 3 level chin-up (Rs.32,667/unit), outdoor push-up and dip station (Rs. 18000/unit), outdoor treadmill (Rs. 32,083/piece), outdoor inversion machine (Rs. 44,000/piece) outdoor palm wheel with canopy (Rs. 53,334/unit) and outdoor double abs shaper (Rs. 30,834/piece) among their wide range of outdoor gym pieces of equipment. They can be contacted at rajequipment.in.

Outdoor Gym Equipment for Home

4-Wheel Ab Roller With Knee Mat And Floor Wedge

Source amazon.in

Perfect for abdominal workout, this four-wheel ab roller comes with a knee mat that protects your knees and provides comfort. At the same time, you exercise, and the floor wedge allows you to stop the roller at a designated point so that you can quickly return to the starting point. The four wheels are textured, which offers better balance and are non-skid, have a firm grip, thus allowing stability and control while you are in motion. Now you can burn unwanted belly fat at the comfort of your home with this ab roller, which is available on amazon.in for Rs. 997 and comes with 180 days warranty.

Heavy PU Punch Bag

Source amazon.in

Hang it in the patio or backyard, fill it with sand, and your own punching bag is ready. Punching and kicking on this bag is not only an entertaining way to engage you in physical activity but is also an effective stress buster. Made of high-quality PU fabric, this punching bag is lightweight and durable. The material can absorb shock, thus protects you from any accidental injury.

The heavy PU punch bag is useful for practicing kickboxing, taekwondo, and karate, or simply boxing and kicking as a part of your fitness regime. The punching bag comes with a robust hanging chain, and the 6 feet tall kit can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs. 1,299.

Nivia Aerobic Stepper

Source flipkart.com

Nivia is a trusted and well-known brand for sports and physical activity-related accessories. The aerobic stepper by Nivia is a useful equipment for aerobics and general fitness exercise. The high-quality step board is an effective way to burn calories and tone your physique. The measurements are 67.5 cm in length, 28.5 cm in width, 10.5 cm in height, and you can do a complete cardiovascular workout on this stepper to build stamina, stability, and balance.

The material is sturdy, and the surface of the stepper is non – slippery to avoid any accident or injury. The stepper is especially useful for old age persons as they can do cardiovascular activities at the comfort of their home and as per their strength and stamina. The Nivia Aerobic Stepper can be purchased from Flipkart for Rs. 1,699.

Latex Pull Rope Tummy Trimmer, Waist Trimmer, Ab Exerciser

Source flipkart.com

The Latex Pull Rope Tummy Trimmer is an easy and safe way to reduce belly fat and tone your body. The rope is made of high-quality latex and has handles covered with high-density foam, which ensures a firm grip by reducing friction and protects your hands when pressure is exerted on the rope. The two primary latex tubes are sturdy and flexible, which allows safe and smooth movements. The ab exerciser provides strength to body parts like arms, abdomen, legs, thighs, torso, and hips as most of the body parts are actively involved while exercising with this tummy trimmer. The lightweight and portable exerciser is available for Rs. 499 on Flipkart.

Digital Cordless Skipping Rope

Source paytmmall.com

Relive your childhood memories and try skipping one more time. Not only it’s a fun way to do exercise, but you don’t need any costly, cumbersome and space-consuming machines. Just grab the skipping rope and get set go in your lawn or balcony. The premium-quality digital skipping rope automatically keeps counts of the number of skips and helps you track your performance over time. This digital cordless skipping rope can be purchased from Paytmmall for Rs. 319.

Yoga Mat

Source paytmmall.com

A light and comfortable yoga mat allows you to do hands-free exercise and yoga asanas in a relaxed manner as you can easily carry a yoga mat to your garden or roof and do exercise in the fresh air. The beautiful floral design embossed blue color yoga mat is 6 mm thick, and the padded mat provides the required cushioning to your knees and feet while performing yoga exercises. The Strauss yoga mat can be owned from Paytmmall for Rs. 650.

Xtreme Ab Rocker Gym For Home And Outdoor

Source shopclues.com

The extreme ab rocker is a compact and lightweight machine that allows you to do multiple exercises at home and is helpful to reduce belly fat and tone the muscles of arms, back, shoulder, and thighs. The firm rubber bands create resistance while pulling the handles, thus strengthening your muscles. The Xtreme Ab rocker comes with a carry case and manual exercise guide and is available on shopclues.com for Rs. 599.

Fitness Aid Adjustable Muscle Strengthening Chest Expander

Source shopclues.com

The fitness aid adjustable muscle strengthening and chest expander has five detachable resistance tubes, which can be attached to two grips on both sides. The resistance level can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of tubes, and this fitness device is beneficial to strengthen the arm, shoulder, chest, and back muscles. This outdoor gym equipment for home can be purchased from shopclues.com for Rs. 290.

Portable Foot, Hand, Arm, Leg Exercise Pedaling Machine

Source amazon.in

This portable machine can be used not only outdoors, but even while you are watching TV or working on your computer. This mini pedaling machine has an LCD display so that you can keep track of your daily improvement and an adjustment button, which can be used to increase or decrease the resistance of the pedal as per your power and strength. The machine can be used for leg muscles by pedaling by foot and for arms and shoulder muscles by using hands to paddle it. The portable cycle exerciser can be ordered from amazon.in for Rs. 1,690.

Fitness Tracker Band

Source flipkart.com

A fitness tracker band lets you track and monitor your workout performance and health condition as well. The Mi Band 3 is water-resistant, has a 0.78” OLED touch screen, and this device monitors your heart rate, sleep tracking, step tracking, and has many more useful features. The Mi Band 3 fitness band can be purchased from Flipkart for Rs. 1,799.

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Outdoor Gyming Definitely has More Benefits Than Exercising Indoors!

Though indoor gym equipment is quite popular among fitness enthusiasts, yet outdoor gym equipment has its benefits, such as it gives you an opportunity to socialize with people in your neighbourhood. Doing exercise in open strengthens your immune system as you exhale more fresh air in the morning. As you get more space for fitness-related activities, your heart, lungs, and blood circulation get a good boost, hence reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well.