Believe It or Not, You Don't Need an Oven to Bake a Cake(2020): Here is an Easy Pressure Cooker Cake Recipe that can be Made at Home on Special Occasions or to Satisfy Midnight Cravings.

Believe It or Not, You Don't Need an Oven to Bake a Cake(2020): Here is an Easy Pressure Cooker Cake Recipe that can be Made at Home on Special Occasions or to Satisfy Midnight Cravings.

If you are bored of having your regular snacks and cookies with coffee we have got an exotic and easy solution. However, most cake recipes require you to bake the cake in an oven or a convection microwave. But what if we told you that you can also make a delicious cake in a pressure cooker? Keep reading to discover easy pressure cooker recipes that are perfect for a beginner.

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Popular Types of Cakes You Can Try at Home

Chiffon Cake

Being first made in the 1940s, the chiffon cake is a rather recent creation. It was invented in America by a great chef who later sold the recipe for this type of cake to General Mills. The recipe soon became quite famous because of its great taste which is a great blend of the taste of the sponge cake and the oil cake. To make this type of cake, one needs some vegetable oil and baking powder.

However, the eggs in this type of cake a separated with the whites being beaten to softness before they are mixed into better. Because of this, the cake is extremely tender with an extremely lovely flavour like that of the oil cake, except with a light texture like that of the sponge cake. Furthermore, these cakes can either be baked in tube pans like the angel food cakes or are layered with frostings and fillings.

Upside Down Cake

This is among the best cakes right now. Not is it only interesting to cook but does not take much effort and is delicious? This simple yet amazing cake is so-called because of the way it is baked; the topping is placed at the bottom of the cake and once it is cooked, the chef is to de-pan the cake, hence serving it as right-side up.

Even though the cake was first given the name 'upside-down cake' in the 1800s, this type of cakes was made even before that. However, at first, these were only made with fruit and cherries, and the award-winning pineapple upside-down cake originated in 1901.

Pound Cake

Being like butter cakes, the pound cakes are also extremely simple yet rich. These are so-called because a pound cake includes one pound weight of each of its constituents; one pound sugar, one pound butter, one pound flour, and one pound eggs. While in some recipes the eggs are separated and the whites and added to the better, others make use of leaveners.

These cakes, moreover, have a very light flavour and are either served plain or with a simple topping. In addition to that, this type of cake is usually baked in a loaf, and its flavours include coffee, sour cream, and fruit crumbs.

Easiest Cake Recipes that Can Be Cooked in Cooker

Carrot Cake Recipe

To make the amazing carrot cake in a cooker, you will need cooking spray, three eggs, 2/3 of a cup sugar, one cup all-purpose flour, half cup half-and-half, 1/4 of cup canola oil, one teaspoon baking powder, one teaspoon vanilla extract, one teaspoon ground cinnamon, half teaspoon ground nutmeg, one cup packed shredded carrots, half cup chopped pecans, two cups of water, four ounces cream cheese, half cup unsalted butter, half cup confectioners' sugar, half teaspoon vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt.

To make the cake, first, spray a six-inch pan and beat eggs and sugar in a bowl until smooth. Afterward, add the flour, oil, half-and-half, baking powder, cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg, and mix well till a fluffy mixture is formed before adding in the pecans and carrots. Now, pour this in the pan and cover with foil before pouring water into the inner pot and placing trivet over it and place the pan over it.

Next, lock the lin and cook for about forty minutes before letting the pressure out for ten minutes and venting the cooker. After this, cool the cake a bit before spreading a topping of your choice over it.

Rava Cake Recipe

This is one of the best recipes if you have never baked a cake in a cooker before as the recipe is extremely straightforward and will take no more than five minutes of preparation time and an hour of cooking time. To make the Indian-style Rava Cake Recipe, you will need about two cups of Rava, one teaspoon of baking soda, one cup of milk, about one and a half cups of sugar, one and a half tablespoons of ghee, one cup of curd, and one teaspoon vanilla extract.

To make the recipe, first, preheat the cooker by placing a stand inside it and putting on the lid without the gasket. Also, do not put n the whistle and heat it on high heat for ten to fifteen minutes. Now, combine the sugar, ghee, and milk in a mixer until they form a smooth mixture. Once a smooth mixture has been formed, pour it into a bowl and add the curd before mixing again.

After this, add in the Rava, the vanilla extract, and the baking soda before mixing all of them well till a fine mix has been formed. Next, pour it into a greased pan and place that into the preheated cooker to cook for an hour.

Pound Cake Recipe

This is another simple yet yummy cake recipe that your family and friends will surely like. To make the Pound Cake Recipe, you are going to need to get one cup butter, two cups of sugar, four eggs, one teaspoon vanilla extract, one teaspoon lemon juice, three cups of flour, half teaspoon baking soda, half teaspoon baking powder, 3/4 teaspoon salt, and one cup buttermilk.

To make the great recipe, you will first need to cream the butter and the sugar with the lemon and vanilla extract very light in a bowl. Now, beat in the eggs one by one and, in another bowl, sift the baking soda, salt, baking powder, and flour together. Next, combine the cream mix and the buttermilk into all the dry ingredients while alternating between the two.

Afterward, pour this batter in a greased pan and cover it with a foil. Once done with this, add some water to the cooker and a trivet before placing the pan over it. After closing its lid, cook it on high pressure for about one and a half-hour. Next, release the pressure for a few minutes before opening the cooker to release the steam. When you are done with this, let the cake cool a bit and eat immediately or it may harden.

A Little Complex Cake Recipes that Can Be Cooked in Cooker

Eggless Choco Lava Cake Recipe

If you have been baking cakes in a cooker for some time, you can move onto the complex ones like this. For this one, you will need two teaspoons of butter, four tablespoons of cocoa powder, half a cup all-purpose flour, half a cup powdered sugar, 3/4 of cup milk, 104 grams of dairy milk, and half a teaspoon of baking powder.

To make the cake, first, preheat the cooker on a medium flame for ten minutes with the stand in it, the lid on, but the gasket and whistle off. Afterward, add the maida, cocoa powder, sugar, and baking powder to a sieve and sift well. Now, add the milk and mix before adding the chocolate and stirring till it melts.

Next, pour in the butter, mix, and fill a pan with this pattern before covering with foil. Now, for the baking part, put the pan into the cooker and bake the cake on medium to high flame for about twelve minutes. Once done, take it out and let it cool down for two to three minutes and serve warm.

Hummingbird Cake Recipe

For a creamy cake, give this one a try. To make it, you will need two cups of plain flour, one cup of brown sugar, half a cup desiccated coconut, one teaspoon baking powder, one teaspoon ground cinnamon, half teaspoon bicarbonate of soda, three eggs, 3/4 cups olive oil, 440g crushed pineapple, one cup mashed banana, 3/4 cups pecans, four cups water, and caramel sauce.

To make it, first, grease a cake pan and line with baking paper. Now, whish flour, coconut, sugar, cinnamon, baking powder, a pinch of salt, and bicarb. Next, add oil, egg, pineapple, and banana, and stir before adding in pecans. Pour this batter into the pan and place a trivet in a cooker before adding some water to the cooker.

Afterward, put the pan on it and cook on low flame for about three and a half hours. Once the cake has cooked, bring it out and let it cool a bit before adding a topping of your choice and drizzled caramel over it. For the topping, you are suggested to try the peppermint frosting though a cream cheese icing is better.

Flourless Espresso Chocolate Cake Recipe

For this amazing Flourless Espresso Chocolate Cake Recipe with a nice a coffee-like flavour, you will need one cup unsalted cubed butter, sixteen ounces of chopped dark chocolate, two tablespoons of espresso powder, two tablespoons of sugar, one pinch of salt, six large eggs, some cocoa powder for dusting, and some fresh raspberries.

For the recipe, line a pan with parchment and spray and set aside. Now, melt the butter and chocolate chips in a microwave and stir until smooth before stirring in the espresso powder, salt, and sugar. Next, cool it before, in another bowl, placing the eggs and whipping at medium speed for five minutes and slowly folding them into the chocolate mixture in batches.

After this, pour it into the prepared pan and fill a little bit of the cooker with water. Afterward, put on the trivet and then the pan before baking the cake for about thirty-five minutes. Once done, let the pressure out for ten minutes before opening the lid, taking out the cake, and letting it cool off for a couple of minutes and serving warm.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

For the last one, here is an amazing award-winning pineapple upside-down cake. For this one, you will need one teaspoon ghee, two tablespoons of sugar, six pineapple round slices, three tablespoons pineapple puree, eleven cherries, one and a half cup maida, one teaspoon baking powder, half teaspoon baking soda, half cup butter, 1/4 cup milk, one cup powdered sugar, and two large eggs.

To make the cake, first, grease the pan with ghee and sprinkle two tablespoons of sugar. Now, spread the pineapple slices on top and put the cherries in the middle and sides. Next, beat the eggs in a bowl and add the salt and sugar before mixing well. After this, add the oil and then the milk and pineapple puree and stir well.

Afterward, sift the maida with baking powder and baking soda before adding this to the pan slowly. Once done, preheat the oven for ten minutes and put some water, a trivet, and the pan over it. Close it with a lid but not the gasket or whistle and bake the cake on low flame. Cook it for forty-five minutes before letting out the pressure and then open the lid before taking out the pan and letting the cake cool down for fifteen minutes.

Best Homemade Cake Toppings

Chocolate Frosting Recipe

Chocolate frosting is a great topping for birthday cakes as it is extremely tasty and easy to make. For this particular recipe, you will need one cup of softened butter, half cup sifted cocoa powder, five cups powdered sugar, one teaspoon vanilla, and four tablespoons milk.

To make the recipe, you will first need to, in a large bowl, whip together the butter and the cocoa powder till the paste becomes smooth. Then, add in the vanilla and powdered sugar before stirring well and slowly streaming in the milk. Now, scrape off the sides and whip till the smooth, the light, and the fluffy frosting is formed. You can use this to either top twenty-four cupcakes or an eight-inch round cake. To make it thinner, add milk, and, to make it thicker, add more sugar.

Mocha Frosting Recipe

Mocha frosting is another great topping for a cake. To make this, you are going to need half a cup of heavy cream, one teaspoon of instant coffee granules, one cup of semisweet chocolate chips, and one and a half cup of confectioners sugar.

To make the amazing mocha frosting, you will first need to add coffee granules and the heavy cream into a saucepan. Now, over medium heat, stir them while stirring till the coffee dissolves completely before adding the chocolate chips and continuing till a smooth paste is formed. Once done with this, you are to remove the mixture from heat and whisk the confectioner's sugar into it. Lastly, once a smooth paste is formed, chill it further if wanted and top the cake with it.

Peppermint Frosting Recipe

In case you want to impress your family or friends with a different type of cake topping that also tastes great, do tried the Peppermint Frosting Recipe. For this one, you are going to need to get about ten unwarped peppermint hard candies, half a cup softened butter, one teaspoon vanilla extract, 1/4 of a cup cold water, and four cups of confectioners sugar.

To make this particular recipe, you are going to need to first add the candies into a food processor. Now, at high speed, crush the candies till a fine powder is formed. Next, pour the powder into a bowl and add the vanilla and butter. After mixing well, pour in the cold water and sugar slowly while also blending the ingredients well together. You will be able to make two cups of the frosting from this which is perfect for an eight or nine-inch cake.

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