Make An Impression with the Right Accessory: Know All About the Best Branded Bags in India (2020)

Make An Impression with the Right Accessory: Know All About the Best Branded Bags in India (2020)

Bags may serve an utilitarian purpose, but they also have the capacity to make or break a look! With branded bags, though a little more expensive, you are guaranteed a great look, good finish and convenient features. What's not to like? Find out the best branded bags in India and a selection of trending styles that will make you stand out.

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Why You Should Consider Branded Bags?

If you are hesitating to choose between saving some bucks or spending on branded bags, go for the latter. Because you are not only buying a quality product but also a durable one. So, if you weight different pros of buying branded bags against cheaper ones, branded bags come out on top on many categories.

Why Investing In Branded Bags Makes Sense

  • Durability:
    People generally think that spending extra money on branded bags is an extravagant thing to do. It can be tempting that with the price that you pay on the branded bags you can buy a couple of low-quality bags. But buying a branded bag is not about spending cash just for the label. It is the quality that you are spending on. Low-quality bags will not last long and wears out with frequent use. But, this is not the case with branded bags. You won’t have to worry about thread loosening or seams cracking for branded bags. They last for a long period of time. Even with frequent use, your bag will still look new.
  • Boosts Confidence:
    Outfits have a great influence on your mood. And just as wearing a good outfit can make your cheerful, carrying a high-quality bag can be a big boost to your confidence. You won’t want to feel uncomfortable with the bags that you are carrying while attending special occasions.

  • Enjoy Better Customer Service:
    With branded bags, the attention that you receive as a customer is unmatched by low-quality bags. With the extra money that you paid for the bags, you are not only getting good quality bags but some extra care too.

  • Enhances Your Style:
    Branded bags are a lot more versatile than low-quality bags, as such that they can be matched with a number of outfits. Furthermore, the aura of branded bags is not limited to them. Rather, such bags hold the capacity to increase the charm of the outfit that you are wearing.

  • Resale Value:
    Another great thing about buying branded bags is that they will have a great resale value. With branded bags, you are making an investment. With branded bags, more often than not, you will find someone ready to pay some price to buy your bags. So, if you are bored carrying the bag, cash it and invest it in another bag. The more exclusive the piece, the more resale value it will have.Furthermore, think of the number of low-quality bags that you will have to replace every 3-6 months and a branded bag which will last for a number of years. If you make a long-term cost analysis, then branded bags end up becoming more efficient.

Top Options For Branded Bags That's Add To Your Look

Lavie Horse Women's Handbag (Brown)


This brown bag is made from synthetic material. It has a zip closure which encloses one compartment and 5 pockets. It has a snakeskin patch on the face, round double handle and a sling which can be detached. In terms of its size, the bag is 30 centimetres in height, 33 centimetres in length and has a 13.5 centimetres width. You can buy Lavie Horse Women's Handbag for Rs.1,436 on Amazon.

Caprese Sienna Women's Satchel (Tan)


This satchel from Caprese is made from faux leather. The design is made unique by using the quilted pattern all over the exterior surface. For the ease of carrying the bag, it comes with adjustable and detachable sling handle. Also, the metallic chain handle makes the bag attractive and durable. The bag is 24 centimetres high, 31 centimetres long and 12 centimetres wide. Caprese Sienna Women's Satchel can be purchased for Rs.1,599 on Amazon.

Da Milano Women's Satchel (Black)


Da Milano Women's Satchel is made using leather. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and polyester jacquard lining. The bag encloses 3 compartments and 4 pockets. The bag is 6.985 centimetres in height, 25.4 centimetres in length and 15.24 centimetres wide. The bag comes with a lifetime warranty. But, it is highly recommended that the user keep this bag away from extreme heat and moisture. You can buy Da Milano Women's Satchel for Rs.6,500 on Amazon.

Hidesign Women Shoulder Bag (Blue)


This blue coloured bag is made from leather material. As Hidesign utilizes the method of vegetable tanning to their products, the process provides a soft glow to the bags. The bag comes with a one year warranty. The interior of the bag includes one compartment, one zip pocket and one quilted iPad pocket. The back has a slip pocket too. It has a height of 20 centimetres, a length of 30 centimetres and a width of 9 centimetres. You can buy Hidesign Women Shoulder Bag for Rs.4,039 at Amazon.

Baggit Women's Shoulder Bag (Brown)


Accompany Baggit Women's Shoulder Bag to any occasion to make your outfit and your persona shine in the group. This classy bag is made from synthetic material. The bag is 33.02 centimetres high, 38.1 centimetres long and 2.54 centimetres wide. However, make sure that you do not expose the bag to extreme heat. You can buy Baggit Women's Shoulder Bag for Rs.862 at Amazon.

Caro Cosa Women Tan Top Handle Bag

Caro Cosa Women Tan Top Handle Bag is made using Saffiano leather. The bag has a zipper closure and a satin lining. The zipper encloses big sleeve pocket, main compartment for large items and internal zipper pocket. It has a removable adjustable leather shoulder strap and a double leather handle. Its dimension includes 26 centimetres length, 18 centimetres height and 15 centimetres width. Caro Cosa Women Tan Top Handle Bag can be bought for Rs.9,952 on Caro Cosa.

Peperone Women's Charlayne Synthetic Handbag


A small mettle handle and a large sling accompany the blue coloured Peperone Women's Charlayne Synthetic Handbag. The sling is detachable as per your ease. It is manufactured from synthetic material. Made from durable material, this bag is sure to up your style game. The bag is 22 centimetres high, 34 centimetres long and 14 centimetres wide. You can buy Peperone Women's Charlayne Synthetic Handbag for Rs.1,595 on Amazon.

Ladida Women's Tote Bag (Red)


This red coloured tote bag is made from faux leather. The zip closure in the bag encloses one main compartment and four pockets. Ladida is known to create quality vegan leather products and the Ladida Women's Tote Bag is one of them, which provides you with a chic and gorgeous look. The bag is 14 inches high and 14 inches long. Ladida Women's Tote Bag is available for purchase for Rs.421 on Amazon.

ESBEDA Black Solid Pu Synthetic Material Handbag


The black handbag from Esbeda is manufactured using Pu Synthetic material on the outside and polyester on the inside. It has 2 main compartments with zip closure and 3 pockets, which include one zip pocket, one non-zip mobile pocket and one zip pocket on the back. However, the bag doesn’t have a shoulder strap. It comes with a 6-month warranty. You can buy ESBEDA Black Solid Pu Synthetic Material Handbag for Rs.1,482 on Amazon.

Vintage Canvas Crossbody Travel Office Business Messenger Bag


The moss green messenger bag by The House Of Tara is made in heavyweight oil/wax cotton canvas. The bag has two side pockets and the main pocket which can be accessed by a flap and has a metallic zip closure on it. The flap also encloses two front patch pockets. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap. Its dimension includes 13.25 inches width, 11 inches height and 4.5 inches length. Whether for your day to day requirement or for travel purposes, you can trust this durable bag. You can buy the Vintage Canvas Crossbody Travel Office Business Messenger Bag for Rs. 1,349 on Amazon.

Know All About The Best Bag Brands in India


Founded by Nina Lekhi in 1990, Baggit is one of the famous handbag brands in India. One of the reputed luxury brands in the industry, they are famous for producing high-quality handbags at affordable prices. The designs of bags from Baggit are innovative with features such as faux leather, canvas and other materials that provide interesting and eye-catching looks to their bags. Some of the reasons that many people prefer Baggit for luxury handbags are affordable prices, chic design, abstract prints and the availability of bags in different sizes. Other products manufactured by the company include caps, wallets, multi-utility pouches and belts and other related products. Baggit has retail outlets in more than 61 cities in India. You can also easily find their products in e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong and Myntra.


Established in 2010, this lifestyle brand specializes in handbags and shoes for women that fits to all the occasion. Luxury handbags such as clutches, totes, slings, baguettes hobos, among many others are available from the brand, addressing the needs of growing demand from its customer since its establishment. Lavie handbags redefine your outfits and enhance them, as such that you are hard to be not noticed. Mark your style with one of the Lavie luxury handbags, whether for everyday uses or for special occasions. The brand works through many retail stores which include Bagzone stores, Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons, Lifestyle and Central, among others. Online platforms where Lavie’s products are available are the company’s, Amazon, Myntra Jabong, and Flipkart.


Caprese is one of the major brands in the market for ladies’ handbags. It is a part of one of the leading companies in the luggage industry, VIP Industries, which holds 52 % of the market share. Available in more than 800 points of sale in India, the glamorous handbags manufactured by Caprese can truly bring more charm to your favourite outfits. Whether a casual meeting with friends or a big business event, taking a Caprese handbag can add real appeal to your persona. You can find out the company’s product in the company-owned stores, franchisee stores, multi-brand dealers and department store chains such as Lifestyle, Pantaloons, Central and Shoppers Stop.

Da Milano

With more than six decades of experience in manufacturing leather goods, Da Milano is a brand you can count on with closed eyes. Style is not the only thing favoured by the company in manufacturing handbags but the ease of carrying them is equally considered. The different style handbags, which are sturdy in nature, offered by the company include baguettes, slings and bucket bags, among many others. As the company keeps on expanding its market territory, the company takes determined measure to create bags considering the latest trends, designs and demands in the market. You will always find the bags that suit your personality and in the colour that you want from the brand.


Founded by Dilip Kapur in 1978, Hidesign journey began from a two-man workshop. But now it has gone to become one of the most renowned brands in India. However, it is not only India that covers Hidesign’s market share. The brand’s market territory include the UK, the US, and some European countries, with plans of more expansion in India and abroad. The company has more than 84 exclusive retail outlets and a distribution network across 23 countries. The luxury handbags manufactured by Hidesign are not only stylish but they are made from very high-quality materials. You can expect Hidesign’s bag to be highly durable and sturdy. You can find messenger bag, clutch, sling, among some of the types of bags from the company.


Ladida is known for using synthetic leather and faux leather to manufacture bags and discarding the use of animal leather. For this reason, it is considered as one of the most ethical handbags brands. The company was founded in 2001 and has seen its presence grow over the years due to the quality of the material used by the company to manufacture bags and the affordable price range. If you are someone looking to turn to ethical options, without compromising the quality and design of the bags, you should check out the bags by Ladida. The brand has messenger bag, bucket, satchel, hobo, and sling bag. You can find Ladida’s handbags on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, Paytm and many other retailers.

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Look Bags That Match Your Lifestyle

With the incredible range of options available in the market, it can get confusing to pick out the right bags. Going by how the bag looks alone is not enough. You also need to see if the bag is convenient to your needs. Number of compartments, length of the strap, safety features, durability - these are just some of the aspects that you must check out even if you are buying a branded bag in India.