Confused about How to Pick Best Luxury Backpack? 6 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Best Luxury Brand Backpack (2020) plus 8 Best Luxury Brand Fashion Inspiration Backpacks for Men and women

Confused about How to Pick Best Luxury Backpack? 6 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Best Luxury Brand Backpack (2020) plus 8 Best Luxury Brand Fashion Inspiration Backpacks for Men and women

A bag is a very important aspect of attire. The world of backpacks in enormous in this modern world. Nowadays, whether it is men or women, almost everyone prefers to carry a branded bag with them. And getting the right backpack is equally confusing like finding the right party dress. Here are the top backpack brands that provide comfort and fashion.

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Considering to Buy a Luxury Brand Pack? Here are Some Tips to Consider:

  • Your budget: When purchasing luxury brand backpacks, you need to look into your budget in terms of the amount of cash spent to acquire the bag of your choice and the money spent in the long run replacing your torn cheap backpack. Expensive is confused for quality. Therefore, you ought to look into other specifications of the pack. Some bags are relatively less costly, which are way better than the most expensive ones. You should buy an expensive high-quality backpack that is durable and more practical rather than buying a cheaper one that will have you buy a bag every other time. In the long run, expensive bags have proven to be affordable, mainly when the cost is based on the quality of the material used and not just the brand name.
  • Matching your Style: Designer packs come on kids, men, and women's designs, also unisex designs. The different gender designs are customized to suit what each gender would prefer. Depending on what you relate to, then you get to choose the best backpack for your taste. If the bag is a gift to a friend, you ought to understand that men feel weird using a brand or style primarily made for women. However, many women feel very comfortable using men designed products. So, consider the style and pattern while making your choice, also asking would not harm.
  • Function of the backpack: Designer backpacks can be versatile, but there are single-purpose bags as well. There are a variety of packs designed for users with various needs. I.e., Laptop bags, hiking bags, office, biking, urban, school, and fashion bags, among other designs. Each backpack is designed with a specific shape and specifications to suit its function. Like in the case of a school or laptop backpacks, which are normally square since they are designed to carry books, documents, or a laptop. Before purchasing the bag, you should consider looking into the function intended for the bag and choose the right pack.
  • Comfort: As the name suggests, you are most likely going to carry the bag! This makes comfort a very crucial matter to look into since making the wrong choice could even cause you health problems, especially with your back as a result of poor posture and strained backs. A good brand backpack should be padded at the end to give it a soft feel to prevent abrasion when carrying items with weird shapes. The bag should be s-shaped to ensure that they maintain the natural body curvature to avoid straining as well as evenly distributed straps to distribute the weight evenly. The straps should be padded as well to make sure that the pressure of the load carried in the bag does not hurt your shoulders.
  • Durability: You don't want to go back to the store every time you are travelling to look for a bag considering it’s a luxury backpack. You need to buy a durable backpack, one that gives you service for a long time before getting torn. This saves you money and time. Some brands have very stylish bags whose straps tear easily. This could render the bag useless since the catch in using a backpack is in the fact that you can carry it on your back and be able to use both of your arms during the trip or while commuting. Durability will mainly depend on the material used to make the bag and the weight that a certain pack can sustain. Leather bags have been known to be more durable due to the toughness of the material.
  • Material: Different luxury brands will use different materials to make their backpacks, depending on several factors such as durability, the function of the bag, and the need to waterproof the bag, amongst other factors. Most luxury brand backpacks are made using the Cordura, Ballistic Nylon, Kodra Nylon, and Ripstop materials. For the waterproofed backpacks, TPU-film Laminate, PU Coating, Durable Water Repellent, and PVC coating are used. Most of these materials used with branded backpacks consist of the ordinary materials interwoven in a special kind of weave. The weave is equipped with stronger, thick fibre at appropriate intervals to make the materials more resistant to wear and more durable with the unique weaving, ensuring that small tars do not spread throughout the entire backpack.

What are Some of the Luxury Brand Backpacks Do We Recommend?



Fendi is a famous brand that designs a variety of products ranging from accessories, toys, briefcases, clothes, and not to mention, backpacks that come in muted colours for men most of the time like in khaki, grey and black. Most of these backpacks are made of a leather material that is durable and premium. This makes the bags not only timeless but also very fashionable. Are you planning to get a sleek backpack you could use daily without getting tired of? Fendi is the best that we could recommend.

This brand sells both male and female designer bags with female backpacks customized with stunning colours like purple, red, and multi-coloured bags and a bit smaller. Women leather backpacks range from € 1,550 to € 1,750 or about INR 1,22,465 to INR 1,38,267 on the Fendi online website and men's designer bags range from € 1.350 to € 3.200 or about INR 1,06,663 to INR 2,52,832. The backpacks are also available in India where you can purchase from Far Fetch online store at prices ranging from $ 1,500 to $ 3,000 or about INR 1,06,849 to INR 2,13,699 depending on your budget.


Givenchy bags are usually inspired by seasonal prints that give the brand its bold graphics. This makes a perfect combination of sports luxe influences, timeless, and street style refined designs. Currently, the designs available include the Madonna, neo-baroque Rottweiler, the label’s signature Obsedia bags as well as Bambi graphic prints. Givenchy backpacks for men are a fusion of razor-sharp pieces of street ware that reinterpret sartorial elegance and masculinity codes with a more grown-up Givenchy being presented by Clare Waight Keller.

Givenchy packs are available at different prices. That is, they range from $ 1,000 apiece to $ 4,000 or about INR 71,233 to INR 2,84,933 on their official page. In India, the products are available on, India's most trusted site for luxury brands. The Givenchy urban backpack goes for INR 88,894 while the Givenchy logo leather backpack goes for INR 1,03,360. To decide on what type to buy while in India, then visit the website.


Founded in the early 1900s, Prada is a fashion house based in Italy and of Italian origin that is known for its luxury products for both men and women. These products range from clothes, wallets, and not to mention backpacks which fall under the bags section. This brand is well aware of the different needs based on different genders; therefore, their products fulfil both needs. More so, the various types of backpacks made available by Prada give you the freedom to choose what best suits you.

There are various platforms from which anyone can access Prada luxury backpacks. Some of these platforms include online stores such as Amazon and Darveys. Also, the cost of these luxury backpacks ranges from INR 90,000 to INR 1,00,000 for example; the Prada Grey Quilted Large Backpack costs INR 98,950 at Darveys website.



Gucci is an Italian leather brand whose bags and other products are so outstanding and distinctive such that you’ll want to show off. Everyone ought to recognize the brand name of the bag you are carrying. Usually, the brand's designs feature a variety of outstanding features inspired by animal motifs and striking prints and bold colours that feature great branding, which is what Gucci is all about. However, there are other simpler designs available with some touch of branding that give you a chance to own your dream brand backpack at an affordable price without losing the sense of style and fashion. Besides Luxepolis, Gucci brands are also available on Amazon India. Flipkart and other stores offer the products at different prices. In Luxepolis, the Gucci print leather Backpack goes for INR 1,57,581. You can always visit the site to get your options on their variety of brand backpacks of your choice.


This Spanish fashion house designs bags and other products that are worth every penny of your investment as they produce gorgeous bags crafted for timeless aesthetics by their minimalist tones. Balenciaga backpacks are stylish and of high quality. In men's fashion, Balenciaga has its class due to the functionality of their backpacks that can withstand any manly or even feminine activities without wearing due to abrasion due to their construction that is practical and with no frills.

You can choose from a variety made using different brand materials. For example, Ripstop Balenciaga bags, Nylon backpacks, and nylon/polyester backpacks, among other choices available in their online stores as well as other platforms that sell authentic brand products such as at Luxepolis. The Balenciaga Everyday leather Backpack goes for INR 1,40,896 by the Runway Europa's Boutique. Therefore, based on your preference and budget, in the above stores, you will find a variety to choose from.


When considering any French fashion house, backpacks are not the first thing that comes to your mind, but hey, they do have incredible, high-end top-quality backpacks that are versatile and durable and very stylish. Balmain fashion house offers a wide range of must-get features such as sailor stripes, studs, camo, leather, denim, and mohair that leaves you with the choice to get your very best backpack and see the worth of your cash in the product.

The label offers different function packs that have a revolutionary theme that relies upon a mix of materials with a mission to design a protective armour all around the edges of the bags. These materials range from the vinyl nylons, military khaki, and the brilliant futuristic leathers designed into laptop bags, duffle, and messenger bags. They are available on the label's official site as well as India's Far Fetch site where the Balmain jacquard monogram backpack is available at $1,631 or about INR 1,16,196.

Alexander McQueen

Known for its luxury products, Alexander McQueen avails backpacks that are fashion-forward, very reliable and up to your street style game. If you are into finer things, then Alexander McQueen is the line to look for. This luxury brand provides a variety of backpacks for people to purchase, for example, the urban backpacks which go for € 890.00 or about INR 70,339 on their official website. Besides, the luxury backpacks produced by this brand are also available in India which makes them available for the Indian market.

Far Fetch is one of the stores that avail of this product in India. For example, the Alexander McQueen urban backpack goes for around $1,190 or about INR 84,778 while the Alexander McQueen logo tape backpack goes for around $1,690 or about INR 1,20,399. These two are just examples of what is available in this online store, therefore, for more of these luxury backpacks, visit the website.


Burberry is a luxury fashion line of British origin with its headquarters in London England. This luxury fashion house is mainly known for its luxury trench coats; however, it also provides other luxury products including fashion accessories such as bags and also cosmetics. Burberry luxury backpacks are mainly known for their good quality and exceptional designs for both men and women.
One can buy these backpacks from the Burberry official website, for example, the Burberry Medium Rucksack in Vintage Check Nylon which costs $1,590 or about INR 1,13,275. Specifically, in India, there are various platforms from which one can purchase these bags. One of the major platforms is a online store, which is known for their legit luxury brand products.

Important Things to Know before Buying a Luxury Brand Backpack

It is important to understand your needs and your comfort before buying any backpack. More so, luxury backpacks because they are very expensive and it would be a loss to purchase a backpack very expensively, than not being able to use them. However, need not worry because we have a list of some of the important things you should know before making the purchase. They include;

  • Your health; the backpack has a huge effect on your backbone, therefore, consider a luxury backpack that will not affect your backbone negatively.
  • Your need; sometimes people end up buying a bag just for the sake of the appearance, however, it is important to assess and understand why you need a luxury backpack and for what function to make use of your investment.
  • Versatility; sometimes it is important to consider to what extent will this luxury backpack serve you. Seek to buy one that will meet several needs instead of just one, for example; buy a backpack that will be used for your hiking, travelling, going out on weekends, and other needs.
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