How to Throw An Amazing Farewell Party for Boss Plus 10 Sweet Gifts for Boss When He's Leaving to Show Him Your Respect (2020)

How to Throw An Amazing Farewell Party for Boss Plus 10 Sweet Gifts for Boss When He's Leaving to Show Him Your Respect (2020)

Giving farewell to a person who has your respect and has mentored you is hard. The gifts you choose should reflect the emotion and that makes it so difficult!. Do not worry! Our team has put together the best gifts that you can consider giving to your boss on his farewell. Thank your boss with these gifts and he is sure to appreciate your gifts.

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How to Throw A Cool Farewell Party for A Boss?

If your mentor or your boss is leaving work, then this must be the right moment for you and your colleagues. You have learned so many new things from your boss and have always appreciated your boss’s work ethics. So, this is going to be a bittersweet moment for you when the person who trained you and made you competent in your job is leaving you. However, this also means that you will have a new boss from whom you can learn new things. So, as the person who has been there for you when you need any kind of assistance during work, he/she deserves a farewell party. If you are looking for swell ideas to throw a cool farewell party for your boss, then we have a few ideas for you.

Make It Personal

You should make a farewell party for your boss a bit personal and sentimental. You can send the email to all your colleagues about giving testimonials about the work experience with your boss. You can even ask people from outside your immediate group to offer their testimonies. The testimonies need to be short and personal which can be read out to your boss quickly at the party. You can even create a guessing game out of it.

Decide on a Theme

Themed farewell parties are always very cool and fun to be part of. Moreover, deciding the theme makes the whole process of organizing the party a lot easier. Make sure to pick a theme which represents your boss’s personality. For example, if your boss is moving to a better job, then make the theme about all the accomplishments of your boss. However, if your boss is retiring, then you should arrange the party around the travel theme, a reminder for your boss to travel the world after retirement. Whatever, the purpose of your boss’s leave, try to reflect it in the theme of the party.

Send out Invites in Advance

The most important things about a party are the invites. You don’t have to invite people from the office only, you can invite from outside the office as well. Like, you can invite your boss’s family and close friends to the party. This will make the party fun as well as thoughtful. Creating handmade invites and sending them out will make the invite personal and remarkable. Otherwise, you can call the person to invite or can invite via social media portals. However, creating personal invites is a good idea.

Involve Other Team Members in the Planning

Just because you are organizing the farewell party for your boss, doesn’t mean you have to pay for the whole party. You can ask your whole team to pitch in for the party. Just send invites to your all colleagues and ask them to pitch in for the party expenses. Otherwise, you can ask them to contribute to the party. Like, ask people to bring the decoration, food, drinks, and even request them to contribute to setting up the party. It doesn't have to be just this way. People can pitch in any way they want.

Don’t Do Anything Which Your Boss Won’t Like

If your boss has a certain taste or liking consider it before organizing a farewell party for your boss. Suppose, if your boss doesn’t like alcoholic drinks or loud music, then consider the same when arranging your party. The whole purpose of the party is to make your boss feel happy and contented. So try to avoid all that stuff that isn't to his liking. To know the likes and dislikes of your boss, you can ask the family and friends of your boss about his preference in food, drink or music.

Reminisce on Fond Memories

The farewell party should be used as the opportunity to reminisce the old memories with your boss and colleagues. This highly depends upon the time spent by the employees with the boss. So to share the old memories you should preferably ask the employees who have spent more time with the boss. The best way to reminisce the old memories would be creating slideshows of old work pictures and stories. The slide show doesn’t need to be long, but make it meaningful. There are plenty of different tools online available to make a sentimental slid show of old memories.

Think Carefully About Gifts

No farewell party is complete without a gift. A memorable gift would make the occasion more memorable and a cherry on the top. You can send an unnamed gift to the boss and ask him to guess who purchased that particular gift. This could be a nice farewell party game. Moreover, if you want to give something expensive to your boss, you can adopt the old method of contribution. You all can pitch in to buy something precious for your boss.

10 Amazing Farewell Gifts for Boss to Show Your Respect and Admiration

Well, if you are looking for the perfect farewell gifts for your boss who is leaving your office for good, we some options for you. You can order the exact gift from the list or you can take inspiration from the list and order something similar for your boss. The gift selection for the boss needs to be done with care as your reputation and relationship with the boss depends upon it. It is better to be cautious.

World’s Best Boss Photoframe

If you truly respect your boss and consider him/her as your mentor and role model, this beautiful photo frame is an ideal way of showing your respect. You can make a small photo collage with the special memories that you have created with your boss and insert it in here. The stylish engraving of World’s Best Boss will show your boss the respect him/her and will always remember the lessons offered by him or her. When your boss hangs this photo frame in the home, they will remember you as a respectful and hardworking employee. Win your boss’s heart with simple photo frame from for just ₹499.

Classy Passport Cover

If your boss is someone who travels a lot, then this passport cover is a great gifting option.This will be a very useful gift for anyone as this will makes it easy store and carry important documents. This Tommy Hilfiger
Men Navy Blue Textured Leather Passport Holder is made of high-quality genuine leather. You can also look for personalised options that are available on line. Check out this option for ₹2399.

A Keychain

The owl is considered as the symbol of wisdom and intelligence. So, you can gift your boss the auspicious owl keychain as your way of appreciating the wisdom and intelligence of your boss. Your boss is sure to feel proud, knowing that his wisdom has inspired someone like you. This is a stylish way to convey your message and share your thoughts with your wisdom owl for just ₹299 from the

Ganesh Pen Stand

If your boss has been around for sometime and is retiring, this Ganesh pen stand would be ideal. Well, not only elders but people from all age group believes in the almighty so shower some grace of Lord Ganesha in your boss’s life with this pen stand. The majestic figurine of Ganesh Ji sitting in front of the pen stand wearing an orange and green dress looks very stylish. This is a perfect corporate gift that you can ever imagine, as it has a pen stand which is very corporate whereas Ganesh Ji figurine makes it very diligent. You can order this spiritual as well as a corporate gift from for ₹608.

Clock Safe

Your boss has numerous important files and confidential information of the company which should be protected from the burglars. This unique clock safe would do the work perfectly. All the important stuff can be stored by your boss in this clock safe inside the office and nobody can ever guess that there something hidden. Your boss will truly get lots of benefits from this gift. You should definitely order the clock safe for your boss from the for ₹999.

Whiskey Stones

Well, if your boss enjoys his drink, then the chill liquor diluting whiskey stone is the best gift for your boss. Whiskey stone keeps the drink cool without even adding the taste of the ice cubes in the drink. Make your boss happy by giving the accessory to enjoy the drink in a better and stylish way. This sophisticated and elegant gift will look very stylish for your boss’s farewell party from for ₹499.

Lucky Bamboo


Bamboo is a lucky plant which brings good luck in the life of your boss. This is a beautiful indoor bamboo plant with the word boss engraved on it. This plant can be kept by your boss inside the office to bring positivity and happiness in your boss’s life. Make a good impression on your boss by gifting this two-layered lucky bamboo from the for mere ₹649.

Yellow Flowers


A beautiful assortment of yellow flowers is going to be a perfectly simple and elegant gift for your boss. The bouquet gets together a unique look from the yellow and white roses which is used to write the engraving BEST BOSS on the flower vase. The beautiful flowers can bring a smile on everyone’s face. So, to bring a smile on your boss’s face before leaving the office, you can order fresh yellow roses and Asiatic lilies arrangement from for ₹1299.

Engraved Pen

Gift your busy boss with an classy pen that has been engraved with his name. Useful yet personalised, this gift will be a great gift that communicates your regard for your boss. This pen available on is an elegant accessory for him to carry to work. Available on site for around Rs. 1,890. Since it is a little pricey you may buy in together with your team memebrs

Vintage Bicycle Handmade Handicraft Diary

If your boss likes to record notes, then you can gift the him an elegant diary or journal. The dairy is very finely crafted and is handmade. The diary consists of 54 high quality sheets with a clean matte finish. You can make this gift more special by writing a beautiful message or some famous quotes for your boss. You can also personalise it with his name and a charm. This is the most appropriate and simple gift for your boss which can be ordered from for the mere price of ₹ 899.

Buy Something Simple And Graceful for Your Boss

When you are looking for something to gift your boss on the occasion of the farewell, then you should always consider something simple and elegant for your boss. The gift is for your boss, so you have to get a simple gift as you don’t know your boss well enough to buy personal gifts. Moreover, don’t buy quirky and tacky gifts for your boss because the gift is for your superior, not for your friends. So, if you want to impress your boss with the gift, buy something simple and elegant.

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Simple Is The Key

Shopping for your boss can be difficult and risky. It can neither be too personal nor very indifferent. It should reflect your relationship with your boss. If you are close to your boss, then you would know what he would like. But if you aren't close to your boss, you would have to choose the gifts very carefully. But whatever the case it is, remember to keep things simple and elegant. That way it is not too risky and you do not run the danger of being too familiar and putting yourself in trouble.