10 Elegant Business Gifts to Laud Your Associates, Business Partners and Clients, and to Foster Stronger Alliances in 2019

10 Elegant Business Gifts to Laud Your Associates, Business Partners and Clients, and to Foster Stronger Alliances in 2019

Complimenting your associates and clients, through gifts is one reason to give corporate gifts. There are so many other reasons such as the need to build stronger relations. Besides the reasons, there are benefits of giving business gifts. Business gifts can promote a brand as well as create an atmosphere of benevolence. Having been a tradition undertaken over the ages, here are ways and gift ideas to improve the entire Business-Gift Giving activity.

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Business Gifts - An Important Tradition in the Corporate World

The very idea of gifting sounds endearing, comforting, loving and emphatic. A person generally invests in gifts for parents, siblings, teachers, friends, loved ones and business clients. In this article, we will throw light on 'Business Gifts'. Large or small business houses have always given special attention to their business gifts. Today, with the growing demand, some companies have established themselves in the gifting industry specializing only in business gifts helping large and small business houses select suitable gifts for their clients, business partners and associates. Let us read below about the great potential business gifts possess and why should one invest in them.

Business Gifts Help You Make Better Relations with Your Clients

Business gifts help you make better relations with your clients. Your clients will appreciate your thoughtful gesture and will always remember your company and the association with you. Gifts given to clients also ensure that they will not forget you in the near future and will always approach you only for further business dealings and work requirements.

Business Gifts Spread an Aura of Goodwill

Business gifts spread an atmosphere of goodwill about your company. There is no one who does not appreciate a good gift be it a client or a friend. These help in creating a good impression about your company in the receiver’s mind. They will appreciate your thoughtful gesture for sure.

Business Gifts are Ideal for Promoting Your Brand

If you want to promote your brand, then a business gift is the best way to do so indirectly as the receiver might display your thoughtful gift on his work space and always remember you and your company. It is also quite beneficial for indirect promoting as the receiver might recommend your brand to his friends and colleagues.

They Show Your Gratitude to Clients and Associates

You can show your gratitude to your clients by sending them a gift. If a company in the past has agreed for business dealings with you and if their help has in turn helped you grow, then a gift is definitely a great way to show your deep felt gratitude. They are a great way to say ‘thank you’ to your clients for letting you develop business with them.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Selecting Business Gifts

Do Not Gift Anything That is Personal

While gifting business clients, always remember that you should refrain from gifting items which are too personal. Items like perfumes, clothes and accessories get too personal as anyone would prefer buying them as per their choice. Gifting personal items to your client dicomforts them as they get obligated to use the products even if they do not like them. Moreover, you do not know your client on a personal level and hence cannot decide on his clothes, perfumes and accessories.

Do Not Give Very Expensive Gifts

Gifting very expensive gifts to your clients is a big no-no. It may come across as a rude gesture and some may even take it as a bribe which would spoil your relationship with them. It is best to give low budgeted thoughtful gifts which will please your clients and bring a smile on their faces.

Do Not Make your Gifts Promotional

Do not make your gifts highly promotional as it may end up in the waste paper basket. Nobody wants to display an item on their work desk bearing another company's name in big and bold letters. You can obviously get your name or your company's name engraved but make sure they are very small.

10 Great Corporate Gifting Ideas for Business Gifts

Here we have shortlisted some enchanting and incredible gifting ideas for business gifts. These business gifts have been selected from various ecommerce sites in India which will enable you to shop online and avail quick delivery.

Table Clocks

Table clocks are an ideal business gift and also one of the most sought after ones because of their high level of usefulness. It can be easily displayed on the work desk and everyone needs a table clock in the office. We have selected this ideal table clock from Pepperfry.com. This Gold Finish Iron Table Clock by Cocovey has a lovely dull gold hue. The shape and the style of this table clock is very elegant and appealing. It is priced at Rs.2,939.

This vintage clock boasts of retro vibes and yet is quite suitable for modern decor. It is an ideal desk decor product that will enhance your office decor and enrich your interiors along with being highly useful. It requires minimal maintenance. The desk clock has an elegant compass printed in the centre. Gift this clock to your business clients if you want to impress them and cast a good impression.

Pens with your Company Name

Source www.igp.com

This Golden Silver Personalized Pen Set will set new gifting standards for your clients along with thoroughly impressing them. IGP.com provides this awesome option of engraving your company name or your personal name on this stylish pen. They take bulk orders too. This makes a great gifting item for your clients, colleagues and business partners. Priced at Rs.650, this pen is an ideal gift for one and all. You need to upload your company name in a digital image and send it across on the website. They will design the name in the best font possible and engrave it on this stylish pen. On one of the pen, the name will be printed in grey while on the other one, it will be printed in silver.

Card Holder

Source www.amazon.in

Gift this Hidekraft Leather Brown Card Holder available on Amazon.in to your business associates and clients. This one is not only a very useful gift but also a very thoughtful gesture. We all need a lot of cards on daily basis right from our driving license to our bank debit and credit cards. Keeping all these important cards lose results in some of important cards getting lost. This very useful card holder enables you to hold all your important cards securely in a single place.

Gifting this leather card holder will impress your clients. Priced at Rs.555, this card holder has 14 card slots and one ID card slot. It comes in a gift box, making it ideal for gifting. The card holder boasts of superior quality stitching and craftsmanship.

Keychain with Your Company Name

Source www.amazon.in

How about gifting useful key chains to your clients bearing the name of your company? These gifts do not look like promotional gifts and yet do help to keep your presence alive in the recipients mind. Keychains are also highly useful for everyone. One can attach their car keys, home keys, office keys, store room keys and many such important keys to keychains. This Celestial Crystal Personalised 2D Laser Engraved Crystal Keychain (Round) is priced at Rs.549 only. You can email your high resolution company logo or name to Amazon.in to get it engraved on your crystal keychain. The keychain comes with an LED light which adds to its appeal factor.

Sticky Notes Holder

Source www.amazon.in

Everyone needs sticky notes to make important notes of things which they will need later. These sticky notes are small bits of paper which come in a booklet with a light adhesive behind them. You can easily tear these papers and stick them on your wall or desks to help you remember certain things later. You can gift this COI Note Pad/Memo Book with Sticky Notes & Clip Holder with Pen to your business colleagues. It comes with three different sizes of sticky note pads, a clip holder and a pen.

This desk organizer also has some loose paper sheets highly useful in the office. This all-in-one office gift will be of good use to your business clients. Priced at Rs.249 only, this one is ideal and it's available on Amazon.in.

Religious Symbols

Source www.amazon.in

These idols will be a wonderful choice for your business gifting purpose. These lovely silver plated Ganesha Musical Idols come well-packed in a velvet box. Crafted from premium quality aluminum, these idols are beautifully placed over a silver leaf. Available on Amazon.in, they are priced at Rs.1,080. They come with a 2 year warranty for silver polish too.

Diary or Organiser

Source www.amazon.in

Diaries, organizers and planners are one of the most essential office stationeries one requires in the office. Gift this COI Executive Corporate Undated Business Diary/Organizer Planner to your business collegues to impress them. This item can be got from Amazon.in, and is priced at Rs.999.

The organizer helps you keep your notes in an organized manner. The best part about this planner is that the pages are undated so that you can use them the way you want. It comes with an attractive interior including a business card holder and a pen, making this one an exciting gifting option.

Office Tea Bags Set

Source www.amazon.in

Office tea bags set is one of the most ideal gifting options preferred by large business houses. Everyone drops in to the office for business dealings and discussions. Offices always stock up on different tea flavors to serve clients. This office tea bags set from Octavius is a 6 flavored tea of black and green tea. With a total of 120 tea bags, this elegant gift box is priced at Rs.900 only. You just need to dip-in these tea bags in a cup of hot water to get your flavored tea ready. These Office Tea Bag Sets are available on Amazon.

Mobile Stand with Charging Hub

Source www.amazon.in

Buy this Mobile stand with charging hub to gift your clients and associates. Priced at Rs. 599, this gift pack is of utmost use in the office. Everyone needs a mobile stand with a charging hub and this all-in-one hub can be easily placed on the office desk. There are also 2 concealed LEDs which light up when the hub is in use. Get this one from Amazon.in.

Desk Organiser

Source www.amazon.in

A Desk Organizer does not only make your office desk look neat and tidy but also can contain all the necessary stationeries you require the most to do your work. Get this Crownlit All In One Wooden Desk Organizer (Wooden Brown) for business gifting purpose. It is priced at Rs.390 only and comes with a concealed clock to help you keep track of time. The Desk Organizer is available on Amazon.in.

This smart wooden caddy looks lovely when displayed on your desks. It is engineered from 100% wood and is also well-polished. The wooden calendar is one of the most distinguished features of this desk organizer. All the dates and the days are included in the pack.

Pay Attention to the Packaging

Another important factor while choosing business gifts is that you need to pay special attention to the packaging. Ensure that your gift looks appealing and presentable from the cover. Gifting items in a very ordinary or a extra-jazzy outer covering reduces the impact and the excitement. Make it as sober and elegant as possible. Keep in mind that it is a business gift and it needs not have a showy gift wrapper or a very dressy box. The 'From' card should be neatly stuck on the cover to let the recipient know about the giver. Keeping secrets in business gifts is not a good idea!

Select your business gift from any of the amazing options listed above. You can also take inspiration from the ones mentioned here and select your own from similar sites.

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Your Gifts Must Appeal to Business Partners and Clients

Having been a tradition undertaken for years, there are do's and don'ts you should take heed of, especially the don'ts. Some of them such as not giving personal or overly expensive gifts have been discussed. It would also be shrewd to present the gift in a dignified and professional manner. Note that the packaging is to also be done in a professional manner and in a corporate stand-point.