Here are 10 Gifts with an Executive Allure That You Can Present to Male Bosses Yet Keep Things Formal (2019)

Here are 10 Gifts with an Executive Allure That You Can Present to Male Bosses Yet Keep Things Formal (2019)

Male bosses may not be that hard to please. Though this generalisation may be incorrect, it's obvious that most men like electronic gadgets, sports or even classic items, be it clothes, watches or other accessories. Picking one of the ideas mentioned, you can't go wrong, but to gift exemplarily, you should know your male boss well, and here are some versatile gift options that will work for male bosses.

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How to Go About Selecting Presents for Male Bosses

It is not easy to choose the perfect gift for someone. But when it comes to gifting something to your boss, it becomes a strenuous task. You don’t want to gift something which is exceptionally cheap and make a fool out of yourself. On the other hand, if you are spending too much on a gift for your boss, it will make you look like a flatterer.

So, are you confused about what to gift your boss? Your boss may be a tyrant in office, but he/she is also a human being. And every human being feels appreciated if someone acknowledges and appreciates them. In this post, we will highlight a few gifts that will be perfect for your boss.

Do Some Research on the Taste of Your Boss

Some are fortunate enough to have a lot of great bosses who are mentors, friends, and inspirations.Your gift, however, should reflect your particular relationship with your supervisor. And if you're close with your boss, you're probably familiar with what they want and what they're into.But if they're just the person who signs your checks that you sometimes see in the break-room, you might want to get something generic for them.

It is imperative to maintain a healthy relationship with your boss in your working environment so that the spirit of the place is always alive. Gifts are excellent ways to express thanks and greetings to your boss overtly.They carry an abundant message and silently reflect your thinking.

It is recommended that you choose something useful when selecting the presents, so the recipient, in the long run, will remember it. Nothing is more embarrassing than to get your boss a fresh, personalised wine bottle or a round of golf at the local range and realise that they don't even like these things.Try keeping things simple when it comes to your boss. And, as not everyone buys their boss 'gifts, I'm sure your boss will appreciate your thoughts.

Take Consultance from Fellow Collegues

If you know the culture of the office and your colleagues give the boss individual gifts, then take this into account.A reasonable boss would never penalise anybody just because he doesn't give a gift. Consider your workplace standard and give a gift, if you think it is right. But don't feel compelled. However, if your colleagues buy a group present for your boss and ask you to chip in, then you probably should. Of course, it goes against an idea of giving a boss freely, but the best thing to do is to follow your lead and contribute whatever you're comfortable in giving if that's how your department handles gifting the boss.

Do not gift him something individually because it might leave an unfavourable impression on the mind of your boss as well as colleagues. You must always chip in when it comes to group or collaborative gifting. It does not reflect well on your part, not being part of such cooperation. Though inadvertent, it may seem as though you don't want to be part of a big group.

Research Online for Best Deals and Prices

Keep your present simple, sincere and reasonably cost-effective and avoid giving personal items such as perfume or cologne. Also, it pressures the recipient to react in kind when you give them over the top gifts. You can instead research online for the best deals and prices for the gifts that you want to give to your boss. You can pick a gift from an extensive range of presents at fantastic prices and manage to get the best at a lower cost.

If you select a gift for your boss, you need to remember certain things. First of all, you and your boss have a professional, not a personal relationship. Be professional, therefore, when you present him gifts. Do not make your boss uncomfortable with things that are too personal or too costly.

A List of the 10 Best Gifts for Male Boss

In an office environment, it is imperative for you and your boss to maintain a compatible relationship. Depending on your relationship with him, you must figure out how to choose the gifts. However, it is advisable to look for sober and not too personal gifts. The primary goal is to thank your boss and greet him for their grace. The following is a list of the best gifts for a male boss.

A Tablet


Electronic gadgets like a tablet can never be an incorrect choice for your male boss because men usually love gadgets. Gadgets are often desired for their style quotient rather than its utility. Electronic gadgets are costly and therefore difficult for one person to afford. But you can go for this Micromax Canvas Tab P702 which is priced at Rs.6,608/-. The tablet is available on

It has a 7 inch HD IPS touchscreen and supports 4G calling. Its powerful 3000mAH lithium-polymer battery, can keep your tablet running for a longtime and hence this gift will surely take your boss by surprise. also possesing an amazing camera of 5 MP and a front camera with 2 MP this tablet works pretty well in taking pictures as well.

Items of Formal Clothing


One of the best gift options is to present ties. Smart, elegant silk ties are the perfect gift which you can present to your boss. The Vibhavari Men's Silk Cotton Tie, Pocket Square and Cufflinks Set, available on is one of the most elegant gifts which is suitable for office gifting. Every man has a soft corner for formal wear and accessories.

So, if you wish to gift your boss something meaningful, then this tie and cuff link set, priced at Rs.994, is the best of the lot! This tie is made up of the most suitable microfiber fabric that creates a perfect knot and comes with a beautifully crafted box which makes a perfect kit to gift.

Coffee Machine


Every time your boss needs a caffeine hit, don't make him walk into the kitchen. Gift him a coffee machine. Coffee is considered as a staple drink in the corporate culture. The Philips HD7431/20 700-Watt Coffee Maker with a capacity of 6L and brewing time of 10 mins, is the perfect gift which you can gift your boss. Priced at just Rs.1,979/-, this coffee maker will surely provide your boss with the perfect start to the day. You can get the Coffee Machine from The looks and feature which this machine provides such as easy cleaning and dishwasing safe, is surely worth every penny!

Customised Notepads and Journals

The custom notepad or journal works as your male boss' best gifts.Where the first few pages can be filled with a few relevant farewell quotations and the rest can be used as they wish. It is the perfect gift for personal planning, journaling, etc. with the regular 18 x 13.5 cm size. They can even keep records, plan specific ideas or plan travels. This particular notebook is made of pure bamboo hardcover which makes it unique. You can purchase this at for Rs.799.

A Calendar or a Do to List / A Performance Planner


This calendar or a performance planner helps ambitious professionals to think strategically, prioritise like a pro, achieve their objectives more quickly and get more focused, happier and more productive. It makes a great gift to your male boss. This 2 in 1 to do list and performance planner is available at at the cost of Rs.1,587.

It's a high-performance planner and a journal based on the most extensive study of high-performance productivity growth and positive thinking and habits to win the day. It includes morning mindset journal prompts and evening scorecards, weekly habit assessments, monthly project planning etc. In the end, the planner teaches the reader the personal and professional habits which have proven their long - term success in every facet of their lives and their work.

A Wristwatch


A wristwatch defines a person’s personality. For a office goers formal clothing and wristwatches is a must. A wristwatch not only makes it easy to track keep a track of time, but it makes a person look complete. Therefore, if you are thinking what to gift your boss, then there is no better gift than a wristwatch. Available on and priced at Rs.1,745, the Titan Karishma Analog Black Dial Men's Watch -NK1639SM02 will surely make your boss droll over the elegance.

Something Related to His Favorite Sport


Someone who loves to watch sports, but doesn't have the time to play the game, qualifies for a fan. If your boss is cricket fanatic, then you might consider of gifting him with a Indian Cricket Team jersey. Priced at Rs.449, this gift will surely make your boss appreciate your choice. This Jersey is can be purchased from

Anti Theft Backpack


The backpacks have been designed ergonomically to reduce back and neck stress, and are therefore best to use every day. If your boss is exceptionally professional, give him a backpack that supports the modern trend. The new range of anti-theft backpacks will surely give him a lot of utility. These bags have dedicated laptop section, hidden compartments and so on. Moreover, these bags provide USB charging points.

The Fur Jaden Grey Anti Theft Casual Waterproof Backpack Bag with USB Charging Point is the best gift if you are looking to present your boss with something smart and useful. Get it from where it's priced at just Rs.999, this bag will surely make your boss happy.

Leadership Book


What better than gifting knowledge? Your boss is also a human being, and he/she requires to upgrade their knowledge to become a better leader. So, why not gift them something that will help them in their career? If you think this is a valid point, then don't waste your money on fancy gifts, rather gift your boss with knowledge.

Gifting your boss with books on leadership will showcase your intellectual outlook. Gift your boss with “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action”, and we assure you that this gift will never fail to impress him. Available on, it is priced at Rs.1,595.

Cuff Links


A cufflink is mostly recognised as a formal and semi-formal alternative to buttons. As long as you have a long sleeved shirt, you can wear cufflinks in almost every outfit. In practice, most men wear cufflinks with formal attire and in a formal social gathering.

Gift your boss today with the elegant Tied Ribbons Stone Studded Silver Men's Cufflinks and impress him. These cufflinks sport yellow studded stones and will complement any shirt colour. Priced at just Rs.499, this cufflinks comes with a nice box and tied with ribbons which makes it perfect to gift and will surely make your boss happy. You can get this cufflinks from

Additional Tip: Find Out What Your Boss is Interested in and Make Your Selection Accordingly

Gifts reflect your innermost feelings, and they communicate to the recipient with unbounded messages. Nothing can expand the smile on your boss' face on a special occasion, than a small gift which will serve as a symbol of your consideration. For festivities, formal events or birthdays; it can be a troubling affair to choose gifts for the male boss often. But you can quickly get him the perfect gift if you know the taste and interests of your boss. Then you can get a wide range of gift options for a male boss. It is imperative to maintain a cooperative relationship between you and your boss in a business environment.

Homemade products usually are considered the best as gifts. You pass on your message abundantly, conveying simultaneous thanks and greetings. Some of his preferred cookies can be baked and presented in a beautiful decorative basket. You have to choose gifts according to your relationship with your boss. However, it is advisable to look for not too personal gifts. The main aim is to thank your boss for his kindness. Small or large gifts should bear this message overtly.

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Official Male Boss Gifts With An Overt Message Of Appreciation And Gratitude

Male boss gifts should generally express how the employees feel about him. For a jovial and outspoken boss, gifts that lively him up are best, while for the boss whose all macho and masculine, gifts with a strict administrative perspective are best. The bottom line is to give as per the boss' personality. Make sure to also understand and know his interests and preferences as this is an added advantage when gifting. Finally, whether you like him or not, make sure to chip in, in gifting, no matter how small your contribution.