Pens are the Gift of Choice for Many Formal Occasions. Which Pen to Select, How to Present It & 10 Elegant Corporate Gift Pens to Give in 2019

Pens are the Gift of Choice for Many Formal Occasions. Which Pen to Select, How to Present It & 10 Elegant Corporate Gift Pens to Give in 2019

Bosses, mentors, teachers, and even fathers and uncles can all be given pens as gifts. It is one of those classics that is appreciated even today. But when one has to give pens in a corporate setup, which kind does one give? There are different kinds of pen and in this article, we bring you the various types to help you make a choice of a corporate pen gift. Read on to find out.

Why Pens are a Great Form of Corporate Gifts

As we humans are fond of writing, this passion never seems to fade. Ever since the invention of the fountain pen in the 19th century to the usage of a ballpoint pen, this obsession has not waned. Believe it or not, in this era of technological innovations, Pen remains a perfect gift.

There are a plethora of products that are available which can be used as gifts. There are chocolates, flowers, toiletries, jewellery, clothes, bags and many more which you can present. But there are often chances of repetition in presenting such gifts. But if you think of buying a unique gift that would remain forever with your colleague, then try choosing a pen.

A pen is an extension of a person, and this physical activity becomes more authentic when it is carried out by a good pen. Remember that the cold keys of the keyboard are not as charming as the sound of a pen on paper.

The ballpoints or the cheap pens are best for daily use and can never be given as a corporate gift. To achieve the sophistication and present that which you wish should be treasured, try looking for an exquisitely crafted pen.

If you want to purchase a gift for your colleagues, a classy pen is the most suitable one. Having an elegant and unique looking pen would surely change their demeanour of professionalism. Your colleague would surely look stylish with such a combination. The gift would further be a beautiful reminder of your respect and love.

Know Which Pen to Select and Present to Your Colleagues as a Corporate Gift

Giving gifts to colleagues and clients is tricky. Giving them something that is personal yet not inappropriate is the task but finding such things is tough. No wonder many people stick to boxes of sweets or chocolates, or boring pen drives and desktop stands. But there are other choices too. At this point, always remember the phrase that the pen is mightier than the sword. This simple quote can tackle your problem because choosing a pen for your colleagues can be the best gift possible.

Where Can You Find Such Pens? Rely on Various Online Platforms

The Internet, surely, is playing an essential role in our lives. With the advent of technology in our lives, we are relatively finding it easy to find anything anywhere with just a click. Same is the case with the gifts. Many people prefer to order things online for their loved ones instead of looking in the local shops. Ordering pens online in bulk can help you to procure great deals. Thus, you can save your money as well as time while gifting your colleague a beautiful pen.

Apart from the ease, the internet even provides a variety of products. It becomes difficult to search every shop in the market within a day but searching the internet is quite easy. The online platforms have become an essential part of our digital economy. These platforms cover a wide range of online activities including marketplaces, price comparison websites, application distribution website and even creative outlets. It is due to these platforms that one can compare the price of the products and search for the best quality corporate gift possible.

Though pens can be easily found in the local stationery store, when you are looking for certain unique pens which you believe you would find in the local stores, the websites or the online platforms are the best options to look around. Various sites even provide you handcrafted or personalised pens. So, before searching for the gifts for your colleagues offline, try searching the web to find excellent and unique pens, to gift such a present to reminiscence your workdays.

Look For Something Unique - Pens That Will Elevate The Status of Your Colleagues

While thinking of a present for someone, we often tend to consider the personality of the person. There is some lingering question every time in our minds. Will the person like the gift? Is it proper gifting I am doing? Will this gift make the receiver happy? Will the gift act as a keepsake of our memories? These questions make us think about some unique gifts that would surely help achieve our motives.

Similarly, try looking for the pens that would elevate the status of your colleagues. Look for a pen that is not only unique in their design but works smoothly. Thus, before buying a gift, set criteria as to which type of pen would be best for your colleague. Do remember that gifting a normal ballpoint pen would never work as a keepsake as they aren't sophisticated and cannot be refilled as well. First, make preferences and then the judgement.

Branded pens become a simple gesture to showcase your affection towards a person, and thus it is essential to look for the pens that are sturdy with a promise of longevity. The pens should be able to reflect the personality of your colleague and should be such that it can provide a different aura to your colleague.

The 10 Best Pens to Give as Corporate Gifts

It is possible to find a best-suited pen for your colleague but to make your decisions fast and accurate, we are providing you with a list of branded, unique and sophisticated, yet sturdy pens that you can easily choose from without being in a hassle to look for them everywhere. This compiled list would surely try to mend your confusion.

The Parker Pens - Vector or Arrow


The Parker pens are known for their most stylish and sophisticated designs. The use of quality, shape, material and colours in their pens make them unique; this is the reason for them being the prestigious pen makers over the decades. The two most important Parker pens for gifting are vector and arrow. The Parker vector pen is fat with a modelled barrel and section of stainless steel making it a chic style, while the Parker arrow is an evergreen pen with various histories. You can find the Parker vector on the for Rs. 570.


Cross is yet another fantastic pen brand, styling different and unique featured pens. Though they might be somewhat expensive gifting them to your colleagues, but it's worth it. You can look for the cross classic pens on, it is a pen with a multi-groove centre ring having a rich lacquer finish and it even comes with a self-serve box. Priced at $44.81, it is the best corporate gift.

Though Cross is an expensive brand, the pens it makes are a symbol of luxury which would surely suit the demeanour of your colleagues.

Mont Blanc

This is yet another world-famous pen company, providing different gorgeous pens. Now you can even buy Mont Blanc online here in India. There are various pens of this particular brand which you can choose. The range though can be from hundreds to several thousand; it is up to you which pen you prefer the most. If you are looking for a Mont Blanc, try searching the Ethos for the different range.

Choose according to the personality of the colleague as the Mont Blanc pens are uniquely designed with various specifications making it easy to identify the best fit pen for your colleagues.

Kingsman Fountain Pens

This pen is best known for its unique designs and acrylic barrel material. If you are thinking of gifting a pen to a colleague who is a diehard fan of the movie kingsman, this is the best gift you can present him. You can buy a kingsman secret service brass movie fountain pen at eBay
for a price of $35.99 or Rs. 2550.

The pen with its different specifications would surely look good in the pockets of your Colleague. The pen comes with a case as well making it a good looking gift.

Waterman Fountain Pens


This is a French made classic pen which packs the arctic cigar shape that is quite popular across the globe. The perfectly serviceable medium tip makes it useful for everyone. This pen is best for those with slightly larger hands. It comes with 23k gold plated stainless steel nib.

To bring out the Parisian style in the working of your colleague, try gifting him this pen which is available at for Rs. 5,011. The discreet golden gleam of its trim is a complementing element to its deep black lacquer, making this combination an exquisite gift for your colleague. Try purchasing it for your colleague as it surely is a perfect gift for them.

Pilot Capless

This is undoubtedly a superb pen for the ones wanting a delicate touch and who have an eye for the subtle details. It is known for its elegant writing style. Having a nib which is made up of Rhodium plated 18k gold, it is a wonderful pen to hold and write. It is even famous for the innovative edge that it provides to the industry of pens. The major highlight of this pen is the wooden barrel that makes it easy to handle. The pilot comes with a gift box along with cartridge refill. Try it online through to acquire the pilot capless for Rs. 10,395.

Ted Baker


This is a sophisticated pen which would surely bring a lot of joy to the receiver. It is known for its fashionable design and gold plated steel nib material. But the thing that makes everyone buy this pen is the rose gold plated steel barrel. Apart from the ultra-luxurious view, this pen is perfect for the ink flow, that is, it provides ease in writing as well. Though the writing is just a bonus, all it is about is the good looks and the gold plated barrel. You can check for this pen at The website allows you to but this pen at Rs. 7931 with free home delivery.

Cross Century

This is a legendary lightweight, a leak-proof pen which everyone finds attractive. The nib of this pen is gold plated and the barrel is a made of chrome and gold plated as well. The reasons that many of us prefer to gift this pen is due to its lightweight and the lifetime mechanical warranty. Though many cross pens can be bought, the century is undoubtedly an elite choice. If you are willing to buy a Cross Century pen for your colleagues, try looking at some online portal. You can surely buy it from there. is providing you with a range of cross-century pens with variation in their prices. Look for pens online because you get to browse through a lot of suitable options.

Bonus: Raid the Old Markets in Your City to Find Antique Pens

Are you not feeling confident about the above available list? If you think you still cannot make up your mind for the gift you want to present to your colleague, try searching for some antique pens. The antiques are always in fashion when it comes to gifts. No one can be dissatisfied with vintage items. Wandering in the local antique shops will surely provide you with the special pen that you are in search of. Though the wandering would consume time, the results would surely be satisfying. So, if everything fails, remember that the vintage pens are at your disposal and for sure they would redress to your demands, and this technique will come in handy to look for the unique pen you would not be able to find elsewhere.

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A pen is a classy gift

The article has shown us that there are pens and there are pens. These pens listed above are classy and exquisite. They look and feel so much like an ideal corporate gift, despite their size. Depending on your budget, you can find at least one that you would love to gift your colleagues. So, go on, gift it to your colleagues and gladden their hearts.