Boyfriend Starting a New Job? Give Him A Boost With Good Luck Gifts for His First Day at Work (Updated 2019)

Boyfriend Starting a New Job? Give Him A Boost With Good Luck Gifts for His First Day at Work (Updated 2019)

Want to congratulate your man who's landed that dream new job? Show your support to your boyfriend with the perfect gift for his first day at the work. Exciting and nerve-wracking in equal measure, first days are fun but he can do with sweet gestures that get him pumped for the big day and serve him at work too. Here are the best gift ideas for boyfriend starting new job and gifts for boyfriend's first job.

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Why Give Gifts to Boyfriend When He is Starting a New Job?

Motivating Gifts Will Boost His Confidence

Your boyfriend has started his professional career, which is definitely something for which he must be congratulated. You are filled with pride on his success and want to buy an amazing gift for your boyfriend’s first job. Try to make it a unique combo of your best wishes and motivation for him to progress in his career. Small plants to brighten his desk such as a juniper bonsai will also add a calming effect to the work environment around him. If he not likely to have the time to care for them, go for desk organisers and charging stations which can be a wonderful and useful gift for any working person. Personalised stationary, photo frames and coffee mugs with inspirational messages are all cool office gifts that also serve as pick-me-ups during a stressful day at work.

Find Gifts That Express Your Love and Support

He will eventually settle down at the workplace, make friends and find his comfort zone, but the first few days at work can be unsettling. To show your support, love and care, plan some romantic activities which can excite him and also put him in a good mood to take on his new job with enthusiasm. The traditional ways of congratulating someone with flowers, balloons and cards never gets out of fashion. They still are an awesome expression of your joy over his success. Celebrate his first job with a small party with everyone he is close to. Place balloons and congratulatory banners everywhere. Make him a cake, whisk him away for a quick, refreshing holiday so he is rested and prepared for the new job.

He Will Appreciate Your Effort and Support

As a special surprise you can tuck the gift into the box he has prepared to take to work on the first day. Imagine his goofy grin to be reminded of your love and support through an unexpected gift in a strange new place. There is no doubt that you love him so much, but if you find it hard to express it, remember that writing letters or sending cards can be an easier way to say something to your sweetheart. Overcome your inhibitions and say ‘I love you and I am so proud of you’ while looking straight into his eyes for an extraordinary experience for both of you. It is as good today as was ages ago. He also will feel swept with emotions if you wish him face to face. If you want to say it in a new way, you can do it through cookies or a cake, anything to congratulate him and to wish him luck at the new job.

What Kind of Gifts Can You Give to Boyfriend Starting New Job

Buy Something He Can Use for Work


Things he can use at work don't just have to be things he will use at his desk but personal items too. He is now going to office daily so he probably has to get dressed in formal wear. Even if his workplace has a casual dress code, give him tings which will help him get ready for work in less time.

Give him something stylish plus useful such as AD and AV Men’s Casual Trousers which are available in under Rs.1,000. Choose trousers with cotton for comfort, though a small percentage of Lyrica makes the fabric more durable and comfortable. Such trousers are suitable for both casual and formal wear. You can also give him SYSKA SH966K Shaver Kit in black; it is an ideal gift idea for boyfriend starting new job. It can be purchased for Rs.3,089 on Amazon. It has a washable body and high speed motor which will make morning dressing a breeze It also has LED display and works for up to 70 minutes on one hour of charging.

Keep Functionality and Design in Mind

It’s very difficult to think about a gift to a corporate man which he can use to match his style and need both at the same time. But if you put a little thought into it, you can get plenty of interesting ideas. Now that he has a new job he can no longer throw on scruffy clothes and head to work, and to look sharp there are many accessories that he would need. So choose from those things which are useful and add a touch of elegance to his personality too. You can gift him an elegant watch with your name or message engraved on the inside, or you can give him a graceful wallet. If his work involves a lot of travel you can buy him a travel iron which can be a lifesaver for the travelling professional.

Check Online Stores to Find Exciting Gift Ideas

Are you in a fix and cannot think of any great gift ideas which may surprise and excite him? Visit online gift stores and e-commerce portals. There you will find the solution of every problem of yours. A great variety of ideas are there to suit every occasion, gender, age, aptitude, style and of course budget, too. Amazon is very much renowned for cool gift ideas and reliable item deliveries but there are many more websites you can try. You can even look for out-of-the-box and unique gift ideas from Pinterest and blogs.

10 Useful Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Starting a New Job

Laptop Bag


Your office going man will most likely be working on his laptop and may have to carry it to his office every day. Buy him a nice laptop bag to keep his laptop safe in it. Lenovo Laptop backpack Bag can be bought from Amazon at Rs.970. It comes in a beautiful black colour and weighs only 660 gm. A laptop bag can be in different designs like backpack, briefcase, messenger bag and shoulder bag, but the most easy to carry style is the backpack as it comfortably distributes the weight across the back. This bag has double padded shoulder straps for extra comfort. It has space to accommodate a laptop of 15.6 inch, making it suitable to keep laptops of many sizes, as well as plenty of room for his other personal items.

Classic Silk Tie

A tie not only gives a professional look to a man but also makes him look prepared to take up any new venture. A tie can completely change the look of a person, instantly making him look more elegant. He may not need it often but every man must have a few good ties in his wardrobe. Buy him a nice tie in a dark colour that he can wear for different types of events. You can purchase a good one from Amazon for Rs.2,3780. Extra Long Silk Necktie is available in a wide range of 17 beautiful colours and in lengths of 63 and 70 inch.

If that's too expensive for you, then consider silk ties from brands like Raymond or Satya Paul who offer ties in a wide range, from sober to quirky. Their prices range from Rs. 1,500 upwards.

Travel Mug


Travel mugs are very useful not just for when travelling but also to use in the office everyday. Although a little on the higher side, this InstaCuppa travel mug from Amazon for Rs.1,099 is a wonderful gift to present to your boyfriend on staring his first job. It has an easy to grip handle and thumb rest. It even has a cup holder at the bottom to enable it to sit well inside cup holders in cars. The lid has a slide opening which prevents unwanted, accidental spills. It is safe to use in the dishwasher and has shatter resistance. The high quality mug is made of stainless steel with double insulation which keeps hot and cold drinks hotter and colder for a long time. This best boyfriend ever mug will look great on his office table.

Bluetooth Headphone


If your boyfriend is fond of music or he can’t focus with noise or disturbance, buy him JBL Bluetooth headphones with a mic. Sleek, light weight superior quality, he can use it during his commute to work and in his leisure time to relax. He may not use them in direct relation to work but these will be a nice treat; after all the effort he has put into looking for a job, he surely deserves a treat! Buy them from Amazon for Rs.2,249

A Pair of Sunglasses


As he has to go out every day, perhaps using public transport, or even on his bike or inside a car, he will be regularly exposed to harmful UV rays. To protect his eyes from damage, buy him Fastrack Aviator Sunglasses from Amazon for Rs.1,799. The glasses comes tinted in a choice of several colours like crystal green, crystal grey gradient, G-15 polarized etc. You can choose according to his personality and the shape of his face.

Personalised Picture Frame

Personalised gifts are something that can be remembered for long and are appreciated very much because they are one of their kind. They also allow you to express your love and thoughtfulness in a wonderful way. Giving him a personalised photo frame will be a wonderful idea as it will always remind him of you. He can keep it on his desk at work or at home. You can buy this Personalised Engraved Photo Frame on Amazon at Rs.4,419. It can be custom engraving with a message of your choice and measures 5 x 7 inch with a glass cover over the photograph.

Yet another choice is gifting a plaque with an encouraging/motivating message. Check out plaques at which come with different sorts of messages. The Invictus Plaque contains powerful poem that seeks to give courage to a warrior. Order it for Rs. 1,000 on the site.


Elegant Pen Set

Ball point pens score over fountain pens because they are easy to use hence a lot more popular. But when it comes to elegance and class, not even the best gel pens can match a fountain pen. Your boyfriend needs stationary at work so why not give him a beautiful fountain pen? A classy pen is sure to draw admiration, not only from him, but from people at work as well.

If you're worried that ink from the fountain pen will make a mess in his bag or the inconvenience of refilling it means he will never really use it, give him the Classic Pen Set with Six Pens and Sixty Refills in Storage Case. It can be purchased from Amazon for Rs.2,583 only. Out of this pretty collection of fine writing intrruments, one is a fountain pen with an irididium nib. The pens are made of stainless steel and are packed beautifully in a storage case. Sixty refills will allow these pens to write for years without any hassle.

Looking for a simple gift, check out this gift box from Parker that contains two elegant gold roller pens and a cardholder. Priced at Rs. 917, this will be a super useful addition to his working life. Order it


Good Luck Survival Kit


The Jemsideas Novelty Good Luck Survival Kit In a Can, is an awesome gift for boyfriend’s first job. It measures approximately 10 x 6 cm and comes in five beautiful colours like blue, black, pink, purple and red. This can contains many items like clover, horseshoe, paperclips, gloves, toothpicks, star, marker pen, compass, candle, and elastic bands, a smiley face badge, a watch, tea bags, a sponge and a pen. It is delivered gift wrapped with a card explaining each item too. For example, toothpick is to pick only good from everything comes to his way and elastic band to remind him to be flexible in all his decisions. Each and every item has such adorable cute explanations which will bring a smile on his face. It can be purchased for about Rs.1,211 on Etsy.

Use this idea to make your own little goody bag for your boyfriend to wish him luck on his first day at work. You can include a few edible treats, office stationary, an inspirational message, coffee mug and other little gifts.

Portable Charger


For those who use their phone very frequently, phone chargers are a must. If he doesn't have one, then consider this popular model from Mi for Rs.899 on Amazon. With 10000mAH, iIt is perfect for those who forget to charge their phone and if you find him short on phone battery most of the times, gift him this portable charger. Now he can charge his phone no matter where he is. It can charge two devices simultaneously and has USB charging port for smart phones, tablets and other devices. It will save him from missing any important calls or conversation from his peers and boss, and even from you.

USB Flash Drive


A USB Flash Drive is a very useful thing for an office going man, or anybody really. He can preserve his work on different assignments, research on a variety of projects and presentations or reports to be submitted to the office. It will definitely help him in getting motivated to do something never done before. Go and grab this Dual ScanDisk Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive, 32 GB from Amazon for Rs.529. The dual feature means he can use it on his phone, laptop or tablet without breaking into a sweat worrying about transferring files. He can keep all his files safe in a small USB drive to share with anyone at any time.

The Right Gifts Can Be a Source of Motivation to Your Boyfriend


It is a general conception that buying gift for men is comparatively easier than women. But every single individual has his own personality. Some enjoy tickets to their favourite show or dining out, some like shirt or tie, but some enjoy surprise gifts hidden in unexpected places while others yet like to celebrate in a big way with everyone close to them. But the most important thing related to any gift is your emotions and even more important is that it should be according to the event. Present him a gift that can motivate and help him to do better in his professional life. It would be great if it is useful during his daily office routine or while getting ready to go to office or even if it peps him up when he needs motivation to power through difficult situations.

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Put Yourself In His Shoes

A new job is always so exciting. It means months of hard work, either hunting for the very first job or finding a better opportunity, have finally been rewarded. There is also apprehension if you can meet the requirements of the job and excel at it. A lot may also be riding on this job, money but also plans for the future. Think about what your boyfriend needs most. Does he need work related things, formal clothes, some motivation or just some inspiration? You know him well enough to put yourself in his shoes and come up with the perfect gift to help him get a flying start to his career.