10 Incredible Golf Gift Ideas for the Husband Who Always Has the Next Tee Off on His Mind

10 Incredible Golf Gift Ideas for the Husband Who Always Has the Next Tee Off on His Mind

When your husband's mind tends to stray to his favourite golf course even amid friends and family, and he looks longingly at his clubs waiting for his next tee off ever so often, saying he is an avid golfer would be something of an understatement. When giving gifts to such a man, nothing but the best and unique gifts golf gifts will do. BP Guide India directs you to the best golf gifts for him; we even have unique golf accessories and gift ideas for golfers who have everything. Read on to find out more.

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3 Ways to Buy Gifts That Will Impress the Golfer Husband

If you are looking for a special gift that will win your husband’s heart, then why not give him a personalised gift. Discover unique ways by which you can add on that personal touch to golf accessories for your husband. It could be customised markers, golf balls, tees, and golf club covers, or it could be other presents, like travel coffee mug or a duffel bag that he can show off the next times he goes out to play. You can easily customise the gifts by adding names, photos, monogram, witty golf quotes to create special golf gifts that he will cherish his entire life.

Give Him Something He Doesn't Already Have

There is nothing better than giving someone a gift that they always wanted. If you know that your husband wants to get that latest digital caddie or a premium golf jacket, why not surprise him by giving him that item as a gift. We assure you that it would make him so happy that he will be at a loss for words. Not only will it make his day, it will also reinforce your love for him with an emotion that you care for him so much. He will make sure to take the item whenever he goes to play golf and would never stop telling his friends that how you gave him the gift and made his day.

Avoid Repeating the Same Type of Gift

The basic idea behind giving someone a gift is to reassure that you still love and care about them. This is why it is important that we choose the right type of gift for someone. Giving someone the same kind of gift repeatedly can convey the wrong kind of message and can even change the course of a relationship. If you are planning to give the same golf set that you gave last year as a gift to your husband, then this time we suggest you give something else. If you give the same golf set to your husband again this year as a present, then he will not have much use for it and he would rather feel weird.

Always Order Early If You're Shopping Online

If you wish to order something online, then we suggest that you place the order as early as possible. This is even more crucial when you are ordering something from a different country. The reason we suggest you order your gift early is that it might take some time to reach you. We do not want you to suffer when your gift doesn’t arrive on the scheduled day, thus letting you miss out on something special. It could be a pretty embarrassing situation and your husband will get a point to laugh about forever that you forgot to get him a gift on that special anniversary.

Ten Best Golf Gift Ideas for Your Husband

A Pair of Great Golf Gloves

If your husband likes to play golfs for a long duration of time, then the New Improved Foot Joy WeatherSof Mens Golf Gloves Golf Glove would certainly mean a lot to him. Not only it would aid in his game, it would also protect his hands. It comes with FiberSof palm and back that provides a comfortable and consistent fit. The Premium Cabretta leather palm and thumb patch make it look attractive, while the netted, dual PowerNet mesh inserts make sure that the air flow in the gloves is consistent. It comes with a 3-Directional tab closure and a comfortable wrist elastic that makes sure that it fits well in the hands of the person. Buy these for about Rs.1,512 on Amazon.

Long Sleeve Rain Jacket

There is nothing better than a jacket that can wear all types of weather conditions. If your husband hates getting his jacket soaked in the rain then he will surely love this gift. The Zero Restriction Men's Rain Jacket is fully waterproof and ready for action. It is made with pure polyester that makes it fully water resistant. The fabric is soft and can easily be folded into a compact shape, and combines durability with ease of carrying. The jacket, along with being waterproof, is pretty lightweight and so aids in the performance of the game. Talking about the USP of the product, it comes with its patented motion-tuned technology that is known to provide extreme comfort and full freedom to swing in any direction. It also comes with an expansion back pleats. Buy it for about Rs.9,120 on Amazon.

Duffel Shoulder Weekender Bag

If your husband loves to golf and likes to spend a lot of time on the field then he would love this present. The S-ZONE Canvas PU Leather Trim Travel Duffel Shoulder Handbag is perfect when it comes to carrying all kinds of gears when going out for golf. It has a strong zipper closure that is sturdy and doesn’t easily wear out. Since the duffel bag is made with soft canvas and a world-class premium PU leather trim, it looks pretty nifty. The bag comes with a shoe compartment, is airline friendly and you can even use it as a carry-on. The bag also comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. The best part about the bag is that it is not only durable but also lightweight. It can be easily used daily and its shoe pouch can easily carry a pair of shoes. Buy it on amazon.com for about Rs.2,060.

Golf Pants

If you feel that your husband wears those set of pants every time he goes out for the golf outing, then you can surely gift him this Adidas Golf Men's Ultimate 3-Stripe Pant. The material of the pant is made with 94 per cent polyester and 6 per cent elastane. The fabric used to make this pant is a moisture-wicking stretch fabrication that allows for a range of motions when playing golf. The stretch waistband adds on the mobility and comfort. The silicone printed gripper makes sure that the shirts are always tucked in when he plays golf. The pant is waterproof and so is suitable for all kinds of weather. It is available on amazon.com for about Rs.4,300.

Pinsightz Golf Rangefinder

Be it wind, crappy eyesight, or rain - it can make scoping out a target pretty difficult. This gadget is perfect if your husband loves the game of golf to an extent that he takes everything about it seriously. He would surely appreciate this gift and would be forever grateful. This rangefinder has a tremendous accuracy (within 1 yard) with a maximum range of 600 meters. The advanced mode includes scan, ranging, flagpole, slope, horizontal distance measurements, vertical distance measurements, speed, fog etc. Being lightweight and water resistant it is set to see all kinds of conditions. It is available on Amazon for about Rs.10,040. The gadget comes with lifetime customer support from the US.

Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch

A dedicated golf watch can be serious help on the links. Your husband is bound to dance with joy after getting this gift, as it would make his game a whole lot more fun. Even though there are loads of GPS devices to choose from, Garmin’s is the most useful. Your husband would be able to easily load up any course on the watch, and it will show all kinds of information on it, like golfer’s distance from various positions of the course. It even comes with a round analyzer that can track shot distance with its auto recording for thorough analysis after the game. It can be even paired with Garmin TruSwing golf swing sensor that will help the golfer improve their swing consistency. Treat your man to this nifty gadget that comes with a price tag of about Rs.24,065 on Amazon.

Swingbyte 2 Golf Training Device

This is a perfect gift for your husband if he wants to analyze all the aspects of the game. This mobile golf swing analyzer can be paired with both Android and iOS devices and even tablets. The lightweight sensor can be easily attached to any kind of gold club and would be ready for action. The sensor transmits data immediately after the swing and the swing can be analyzed by seeing the key stats on the mobile device. A lot of metrics is captured by the sensor including club head speed, plane, path and various angles at the time of impact. The Swingbyte 2 Golf Training Device is touted as the most trusted mobile golf swing analyzer and comes with a mobile app -for iPhone and Android. This useful little gadget will set you back by about Rs.9,500. Buy it on amazon.com

IZZO Golf Mini Mouth Chipping Net

If your husband loves practicing golf in his leisure time, then he would surely appreciate this gift. Giving him this chipping net will help him practice all kinds of shut with the luxury of being anywhere. This quick pop-up assembly is 24 inch in diameter which makes it pretty easy to set up in no time. It can even be collapsed up to a 12.5 inch diameter which makes it easy to carry and store. You can set this chipping net both inside and outdoors. It also comes with two target pockets that can aid in sharpening aim and two sturdy ground stakes. The net is made with weatherproof material that protects it from unwanted wear and tear. It is available on Amazon for about Rs.1,215.

Callaway Hex Bite Golf Balls

Golf balls are always good gift options and they are always appreciated by the golfers. If your husband seems to lose his golf balls way too often then he will surely appreciate this gift. The Callaway Hex Bite Golf Balls serve as the perfect gift. The come with a core technology that improves spin separation that results in longer and straighter shots. They deliver consistent performance along with softer feel that results in improved ground cover. The high resiliency core is activated by driver’s shot that results in straighter and longer drives. The soft green grabbing cover is utilized by shots made around the green resulting in added short game bite. A dozen golf balls cost about Rs.1,375 on Amazon. A bigger pack of two dozen gold balls will cost Rs.2,407.

USGA On The Green Genuine Calfskin Leather Golf record

If your husband likes to boast about the game well played, then he would just love this gift. The USGA On The Green, Genuine Calfskin Leather, Golf record is a must-have for all serious golfers. The score book can easily record up to 56 rounds of the game and can also take notes of the play. It also comes with the US Golf Association's Rules of Golf summarised in brief. The traditional soft calfskin used on the record is one of the finest full grain leather that could be found in the world. The journal enclosed in it will surely be preserved for a lifetime, as it will grow more beautiful with its age. Buy it for about Rs.1,0942 from Amazon.

Surprise Your Husband With a Golf Themed Birthday Party

We all know how repetitive birthdays can be, as we tend to follow the same ritual every time. So why not this time you change the normal routine to something special, something surprising?

This time on your husband’s birthday why not throw a surprise golf themed birthday party (for your golf-obsessed husband) that will make his day even more special. You can do this in several ways: you can start the party by showing a video of your husband playing golf and celebrating his wins and loses, you can even involve your friends and family to share their experience when they played golf with him.

Before throwing the party in the evening you can plan the whole day with him doing a lot of tasks associated with golf. Like for brunch you can take him to his favorite golf club, spend some time on the links, and then have a fun brunch in the clubhouse.

The whole idea about this day is to make him feel like a royalty, so make sure that the entire day is pre-planned with lots of fun activities. Make all of his golf dreams come true. If you can pull it off, then you can set him up to meet his favorite golf player and play some shots with him, this would mean the world to him and would give him something to talk about for years to come. You can also dress like a pretty caddie or a pro golfer and make sure to use witty golf puns all day. The whole idea should be to make him feel special and appreciated.

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Pay Attention to Detail

When your partner is really passionate about something he will invest a lot of time and energy in it. To show him that you support his interests, you need to take some effort to learn about his passions too. Be it golf or any other interest, go beyond the superficial information and try to understand it at least till the point where he can have a fun conversation about it with you. This knowledge will also come in handy when it's time to buy a gift as you will know the specific things about the game that he really loves. Does he need gold balls, or a swing analyzer or a rangefinder?