Coolest Return Gift Ideas for Your 3 Year Old's Birthday Party and Loads of Tips on Throwing an Awesome Party!

Coolest Return Gift Ideas for Your 3 Year Old's Birthday Party and Loads of Tips on Throwing an Awesome Party!

Want to give return gifts that are more than just small toys to your little guests? You have come to the right place. We not only have great gift ideas but also tips to arrange your party. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide on arranging a birthday party and tons of ideas for return gifts.

Hosting the Coolest Birthday Party for Your 3-Year-Old!

Hosting a kickass birthday party for your 3-year-old child is not a cakewalk; a lot of work and thought process goes behind one. Selecting the venue to choosing the menu and picking out fun return gifts for your child’s friends; There are a lot of things you need to check-off from your list. So, we tried to help you out by compiling this article which could be your sure-shot guide to hosting a birthday party for your baby girl or boy!

Tips to Make Your 3 Year Old's Birthday Party Memorable!

Okay, so, the biggest thing that you are probably aiming at is to make this party fun and memorable for your child and everyone in attendance because at the end it is the memories that count. Taking care of some of the main things could help shape up the best birthday party for your child. So, here are the top 3 tips that could make the party memorable.

Opt for Fun Venues With Enough Space to Run Around

The party is going to be attended by small, energetic and full-of-life kids who don’t really give two hoots about how classy or upscale the place is; all they need is a space large enough to run and prance about. Select a venue that is big enough for kids to just enjoy on their own while having some kind of fun element to it as well; for example, a lot of fast food places offer space for birthday parties and they have attractive décor complete with colours and everything. They also, sometimes, have the mascot come in and interact with the kids!

Choose a Theme for the Birthday Party

A themed party really works wonders in turning around a party, especially, when it comes to kids. See what is in trend among kids at the moment and plan a party with a theme that runs around it. For example, if you are throwing a party for your 3-year-old girl and if she is a Mickey Mouse fan, you could have the place decorated on that theme. You could even give all the kids little hairbands with mouse-ears made on them to make them blend in with the theme. Think harder, almost all party elements can be blended into any theme; from the cake to the decorations to even the return gifts.

Select Fun Birthday Return Gifts for Kids

The birthday return gift is one of the most important things that make your child’s party memorable. The return gifts are what the little kids are going to take home and it is what will stay with them for a long time. Select the best and out-of-the-box kind of return gifts that kids would just fall in love with. You could even get return gifts that match your party’s theme, like, picking out pencil sets with the Mickey Mouse character printed on them!

How to Select the Perfect Return Gift for Kids?

Selecting the perfect return gifs for kids is something that could rattle you up because there is a vast number of choices and varieties and what not. It is extremely difficult to pick one out of the lot of hundreds of options. There are so many return gift ideas for 3 year olds these days. However, there is a key; whatever return gift you pick should be in line with the following.

Go for Something That is Fun and Includes Learning

The perfect birthday return gifts for kids will give them hours of fun and will also have some kind of a learning element to them. It could be anything; from getting to learn new things to using the return gifts in building something and putting their creative minds to use, the options are endless. Pick the gift that is the perfect combination of fun and learning.

Keep the Age-Group in Mind

Don’t forget the age of the children; You don’t want to gift them something that they would not be able to use for another year or so because the charm of the gift (and the party) would have literally run out till then. Pick something that is perfect for their age and they could use for some more time to come.

Top 10 Return Gift Ideas for 3 Year Olds

So, we took the next big step in solving this return gift conundrum. We did a bit of research and found the top 10 return gift ideas for 3-year-olds that are trending and are a big hit. You could choose one of these for your child’s birthday party or something similar.

Fun Art Set


This never goes out of style. Stationery sets is one of things that is not just useful but could also be made really fun with cartoon themes, colours, designs and what not. The Skykidz Fun Art Set from Amazon is apt for the occasion; it has a variety of colours from water based to crayons to even pastels. With 51 pieces in total, it also has a scale, pencil, sketch pens and several other things. At a price of Rs.150 this set could be the best birthday return gifts for kids!

Buddyz Pig Coin Bank

Teaching kids the essential art of saving money can be simplified by giving them this cute little piggy bank from FirstCry that comes in different colours (the standard pink and the more pop-kind orange). It has an opening on the top for coins to be inserted and once full, you can simply remove all the coins so that kids can use it again. It is a very nice and thoughtful gift which would go a long way forward and at a price of just Rs.88.20, it is a bargain and an apt return gift for 3 year old kids.

Einstein Box


This gift from Amazon India (at Rs.599), called the Einstein Box, is like a package of 2 educational yet fun books and 3 creative activities that have been specially designed for 3-year-old kids. The activities include a fork painting kit, a puzzle and even a plant growing kit while the books are filled with stickers and colours to make them fun for the kids. This kit is ideal as it is a mix of fun and learning along with something for the kids to do for a long time.

Zephyr Memory Skills

Zephyr Memory Skills is the ideal game to be introduced to kids at the age of 3 years and above. It is a game that can be played over and over again as it comes with 20 different challenging combinations along with a fun way of covering the images with pegs to pique the interest of the kids. You could buy this from Flipkart at just Rs.319 as return gifts for your child’s birthday party and help promote memory and analytical thinking skills in kids.

Coogam Metal Wire Puzzle Set of 16

For older kids in the party, this gift is a great option. You must have also played for hours with these entangled pieces of metal, not just do they make for enjoyable playing time but are also interesting brain teasers that develop problem solving and critical thinking skills in kids. You could get a pack of 16 of these individually packed piece of metal puzzle from Amazon at just Rs.400; it makes for one of the most affordable birthday return gifts for kids on this list and something that they are sure to spend a lot of time with!

Slime Balls


From Amazon at Rs.270 for a pack of 12, this is basically a slime kit will make for a fun weekend activity with kids. Children would love getting their hands dirty safely with this activity. creating the different designs. This is a really nice idea for birthday return gifts that are also DIY projects!

Wooden Blocks Toppling Tower


Available at Amazon this box of 54 Pcs Blocks in 6 Different color and 2 Dice blocks is the ideal return gift for 3-year-old. The wooden pieces are save and its a good game and a fun activity for kids. You could pick this as return gifts for your child’s birthday party as well because priced at just Rs.369 for a box, it is a nice bargain.

Penguin Soft Toy


Soft toys are an instant hit with any and every kid. You can get this penguin soft toy from Paytm Mall at just Rs.299 each and it would make for a fun, loveable return gift for kids. It is crafted using non-toxic and soft fabric material to make it huggable, something that the kids can play with for a long time. It can also be washed easily at home which will end up saving considerable time for the mother in sorting out the kid’s toys. If you are throwing your child a themed birthday party, then you could find a soft toy that matches the theme.

Spiderman Projector Watch


Projector watches are ‘the’ thing among kids these days. This Spiderman projector watch from Amazon is made of a durable quality and has a lens that can project 24 different images of the cartoon character on a wall or on any other plain surface. Pick this out if your child is a Spiderman fan or you can even look for other watches that have other different cartoon characters like Barbie, Ben 10 and more. At Rs.195 each, this watch could surely make any child fall in love with it!

Connect 4 - Compact Board Game


At some point in your life, you must have enjoyed this game. This makes for an interesting game that can be played among kids or even between kids and parents. It helps in the development of the brain and cognitive abilities of the child. The best part about this game from Amazon(priced at Rs.251) is that it is made in a compact manner so that kids can even carry it while travelling and it can be played literally anytime, anywhere. It makes for an ideal return gift for 3-year-old.

Bonus Gift Idea: Go for Return Gift Hampers!

Are you confused what birthday return gifts to choose? Not able to select between two favourite return gifts? Here is the ideal solution – go for return gift hampers. You could get one online or from a shop, or, better yet, you could even create one yourself. Here are some ideas to make hampers as return gifts for kids birthday party.

Tips for Making Gift Hampers

  • Think of how you want to give your hamper, like, in a bag or a basket or a box. There are endless options. One of the easiest and most affordable ways is to get paper bags with cartoon characters printed on them.
  • Decide on how many gifts you want to put in the bag. You could also correlate it with your party’s theme, for example, maybe you could put three gifts + one in the bag to celebrate the 3rd birthday of your child.
  • The key to making a nice hamper is to add a few small things to the hamper with one main return gift. You could add pieces of toffees and chocolates or you could add scented erasers or pencils. There are a variety of such little toys that you can find almost anywhere which would make for ideal inclusions in the hamper.
  • To make the hamper more special, you can add a small handwritten note (think of your party’s theme, again) in the bag, basket or box as well. Maybe a small note to say thank you for coming to the party or something similar.
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Get Help, Don't Try Doing it All Alone

Arranging a birthday party for your 3-year-old itself is a huge task. On the day of the party, you are left with another problem; You have a group of 3-year-olds running havoc, something which you cannot control. They are 3-year-olds; You cannot expect them to listen to you. They hardly listen to their parents. Get your family or other parents to chaperone the kids. Appoint someone who you trust or you would have to entertain them too. Arrange enough games and other activities to keep the kids occupied. Think the games are not working. Arrange an impromptu disco. Put some fun songs and make the kids dance to it. This will work. Trust us kids love to dance and will dance at any chance. Don't be hesitant to ask for help.