10 Unusual Gifts for Christmas that are Sure to Bring a Smile on Your Recepient's Face (2020)

10 Unusual Gifts for Christmas that are Sure to Bring a Smile on Your Recepient's Face (2020)

You can't merely gift "anything" to your family and friends every year! If you want to get out this cycle of giving the same, old gifts to your loved ones on Christmas, this post is meant for you! Find below 10 unusual gifts for Christmas you can directly order online.

Tips for Choosing the Best Christmas Gifts for Your Family Members or Friends

Make a List And a Budget

If you create a list of the gifts to buy, you will get a better understanding of how much money you'll ultimately spend on the gifts. However, bear in mind that you might encounter unanticipated purchases and price fluctuations. For this, you might also want to set an upper and lower budget limit.

This list of items that we've enumerated below will allow you to easily estimate the cost of each gift item. The prices are fixed so you won't have to worry about the fluctuating prices! If you are a disciplined individual, you might already have the anticipated sum at hand. You will easily be able to buy all these items. If you're not, don't worry and take a deep breath. For such instances, estimate the sum that you can practically spend on gifts without shattering your necessary expenses.

This is your final Christmas budget. One important point here is that if you're paying through your credit card, avoid placing impulsive purchases on your list that you know you won't be able to pay later. You can always buy meaningful gifts without spending massive amounts.

Opt for Online Shopping

Instead of setting extensive and exhaustive voyages to the stores, opt for online shopping. Most stores have a website; some even allow you to confirm a gift's availability in a store near you. This is a very practical tip to save your time, energy and expenses on travelling across a town to explore a particular item. Also, you won't be restricted by the opening and closing time of a store this way. Online shopping can be conducted at any hour of the day.

Christmas shopping can take a toll on individuals, especially with the eleventh hour rush in stores. To avoid this hassle, simply opt for online shopping. During your online shopping, don't forget to take notes of the delivery charges, return policies, and items left in stock.

Look Out for Deals

Last but not least, look out for deals. Usually, Christmas deals start to pop up many weeks before the special day. This is because stores compete to entice people with a plethora of deals. For this, try to save flyers instead of discarding them and match the prices of items in these printed flyers. For instance, many companies offer hefty discounts to bring in customers around Christmas. Therefore, take advantage of these great offers without disturbing your budget.

However, also bear in mind that shopping for Christmas gifts before the eleventh hour helps you stay organized and well-planned. Keep searching for gifts, but if you find the ideal gift for your loved one don't just cross your fingers and wait for a deal to pop up for it might get out of stock!

For online shopping, don't forget to keep track of reimbursement and exchange policies. You might want to know that if you've bought an item in November, can it be refunded by the end of December or not?

10 Unusual Gifts for Christmas

Santa Foil Balloon

Source winni.in

Why Santa Foil Balloons as a gift? Balloons make perfect surprises for young and adults alike. For kids, bouncing around a foil balloon and not letting it touch the ground can also be an excellent game. For adults, it'll serve as an excellent backdrop to their house. This Santa Foil Balloon will illuminate their Christmas parties as well.

Specifications: This product is helium inflated, with a size of 22 inches/27 inches. It is perfect for the event of Christmas. To avoid balloons from popping, tie them to an anchor for almost 6 hours before releasing. Helium is toxic and can cause asphyxiation, so do not breathe or inhale it. Balloons can cause power failure if they get caught in between electrical lines, so you must not release the helium balloons outside.

You can buy these balloons for Rs. 769 from winni.in.

Christmas Stocking

Source winni.in

Why Christmas stocking as a gift? Christmas and stockings go well together. There's something incredibly special about hanging these stockings on the mantel and adding the impeccable little gifts to each stocking. To many, hanging stockings is a core tradition of Christmas. Therefore, gift these stockings to someone who can surprise their young ones with little gifts in these stockings.

Specifications: These stockings have a stylish appearance and are incredibly comfortable. 2 pieces of stockings come with each order. Do not store these stockings in high temperatures. Also, check the expiry date before consumption.

You can buy this product for Rs. 400 from winni.in.

Santa Earrings

Source bigsmall.in

Why Santa Earrings as a gift? Christmas is all about happiness and doing extra, so why not gift these to your female friends spice up your distinctive look with these quirky earrings. The best feature about a gift such as earrings is that you won't have to worry about the size for your loved one. Also, earrings are a timeless piece of jewellery that never goes out of trend.

Specification: These Santa earrings are made up of polymer. These are hand-made and are an ideal accessory to spice up any Christmas outfit. Their dimension is 3 x 1 cm. Also, each package includes one pair of Santa Earrings.

You can buy these lovely earrings from bigsmall.in for Rs. 399.

Deadpool Christmas Poster With Frame

Source bigsmall.in

Why Deadpool Christmas poster with frame as a gift? If your friend is a Deadpool fan, they're absolutely going to love this gift. In this specific photo frame, Deadpool has slipped on a Santa hat. He'll be wishing your loved one a happy Christmas in his signature wiseacre style. Gifts such as framed posters are a stress-free and straightforward gift for your superhero fan friends.

Specifications: It's a framed A4 sized poster. Its dimension is 32.5 x 24 cm. This classic item comes enclosed in a 1-inch black frame with an acrylic front and a neutral-density wooden back. It's already equipped with a mounted wall. All that your loved one will need to instantly transform their setting is to unpack the frame and hang it.

You can buy this for Rs. 599 from bigsmall.in.

Santa LED Pen

Why Santa LED Pen as a gift? This pen is an all-in-one product. For Christmas, it has a body of red and a Santa face printed on the top. For day to day use, it serves as a practical gift for writers. It's a high-quality pen that ensures smooth handwriting. It is also ideal for your friends who like to write in dimly lighted settings since the pen inculcates LED light. It lights up the surrounding region promptly and radiates a Christmassy feel.

Specifications: This Santa LED pen is made up of plastic. It is highly durable. Each pen measures 11 inches. Also, 4 pens come with each pack.

You can buy one pack of these pens for Rs. 325 from christmastreeshops.in.

Antler Shaped Multipurpose Jewellery Organizer

Source bigsmall.in

Why Antler Shaped Multipurpose Jewelry Organizer as a gift? Jewellery organizers are usually very mundane. However, this particular organizer is an exotic piece that is utterly multifunctional. It is optimal for hanging keys, bracelets, glasses on the antlers of a deer. By placing it on a white ceramic tray, you increase both the look and space for this jewellery organizer.

Specifications: It is made up of ABS plastic that is utterly durable. Its dimensions are 25 x 22.5 x 15.5 cm. It is an ideal gift to bring happiness on the face of your daughter, wife, sister, or your girlfriend.

You can buy this jewellery organizer for Rs. 599 from bigsmall.in.

Sanitarium Wishes

Why Sanitarium Wishes as a gift? An elegant Santa plant terrarium makes for a perfect gift. We've all seen rusty plant holders on the floors on houses, but a plant terrarium? It's sporadic.

The receiver can either put an original plant or an artificial one in the Sanitarium Wishes. It's also an ideal Christmas gift for your friends who love gardening. Terrariums provide a way to arrange your succulents and other low-maintenance plants optimally.

Specifications: The plant height is 5 inches approximately. It comes in a Gola Vase and 8'' Christmas Cap. The vase has a height of 8 inches. It is optimal for outdoor settings.

You can buy this sanitarium for Rs. 799 from floweraura.com.

Santa Candles

Why Santa Candles as a gift? If you are having difficulty in choosing the right gift for your loved ones, go for these cute candles. Santa Candles can be placed in unique candle holders to change the way light radiates altogether. If used alone, these candles can be utilized on a day to day basis to illuminate any setting.

Specifications: These multi-coloured Santa candles made up of wax and glaze are ideal to light up the Christmas. The candle is made of premium wax and is safe and non-toxic. Each package includes six 3'' Santa Shaped Tea light Candles.

You can buy these candles for Rs. 399 from floweraura.com.

Santa Table Runner

Source amazon.in

Why Christmas Table Runner as a gift? Christmas is all about sharing happy moments, eating together, and spending time with your loved ones. This table runner will help make the table setting much easier for your loved ones. It's not only practical but an eye-catching accessory. The quirky mats that come along with the table runner highlight Santa on their corners. They'll enhance the zest of Christmas dinners on this special day, for your loved ones.

Specification: Each package includes one table runner and four table mats. The dimensions of the table runner are 12 x 48 inches. It is made up of durable leather rite. The dimensions of table mats are 12 x 18 inches. They are made up of canvas fabric. Both of these items inculcate digital patterns.

You can buy this product for Rs. 1,099 from Amazon.

Santa Claus-Tumbling In Parachute

Source geekmonkey.in

Why "Santa Claus Tumbling In Parachute" as a gift? This attractive decorative piece makes for a perfect gift for augmenting the appetite of Christmas to any setting. Your loved ones can use it either as a decoration or as a plush toy. For use as a decoration, they can enhance their house's appearance by hanging it at the entryway. It's a welcoming accessory. For kids, it's a funky item to play with in light of the Christmassy feel.

Specification: This Santa Claus jiggling in parachute has a plastic, velvet, and fluff body. It has a soft-touch feeling and is a fantastic gift on Christmas for your kids. Each package includes one Santa and one parachute. It is powered with batteries of the size 2AA (Not included).

You can buy this product for Rs. 999 from geekmonkey.in.

Easy & Effective Gift Wrapping Techniques

Rainbow Bows

Utilize these bow fastening directions to envelop your presents superbly. Binding ribbon bows seems extremely easy and straightforward to do, but once you get at it, it becomes one of the most challenging tasks ever. But fret not; when you grasp the correct way of tying a ribbon, it seems extremely simple. Mentioned below are the steps one has to follow to tie a ribbon perfectly.

  • Step 1: Take a little ring of ribbon in both hands.
  • Step 2: Knot in an uncomplicated overhand bow exactly how you used to tie the laces of your shoes when you used to be a child.
  • Step 3: After step 2, if the knot is not facing you, turn it in a way that it faces you. Now, even it up a little. That's it!

Multicolour Twine Knots

It is a lot of fun to assemble attractive multicolour twine bows as a DIY project. For this, you'll need to place your gift box on a plane surface. Now, surround it with twine in such a way that it creates a self-tightening knot. This knot should be at the centre of the box's surface. Take the twine all the way to the other surface and repeat this for the bottom surface of the box. After the box is safely secured with two self –tightening knots, repeat the same for different coloured twins on the same box. It creates an exotic look for your gift!

Fold with Furoshiki

For your loved ones, a traditional linen diary helps in writing menus or recipes, etc. You can wrap these diaries or notebooks using Furoshiki style.

How to do so: Join them up shibori-way; Put wrapped towels at the top of the journal. And then wrap it all up in another towel. Then fold the bottom as well as the top corners of the sheet in the shape of a bow. Move the package upside down, make the edges snug, and tie them. That's about it! You'll have a remarkable wrap using furoshiki.

From our editorial team

Always Look for Well-thought & Meaningful Gifts!

Go through the websites we've mentioned above, make notes, match the prices, and add these items on your list to allow yourself some time before going for the purchase. In the long run, your gift will be well-thought and more meaningful, since you've had enough to think over these gifts instead of buying them instantly at a local store.