Planning a Party Turning out to Be More Trouble Than You Imagined? Create Your Own Party Favour Bags Than Buying Expensive Ones from Market with the Help of Our List of Various Gift Options!

Planning a Party Turning out to Be More Trouble Than You Imagined? Create Your Own Party Favour Bags Than Buying Expensive Ones from Market with the Help of Our List of Various Gift Options!

Stop fretting over such little details as making suitable giveaways for your parties. It is easier than you imagine it to be. Just finalize a theme for your party and choose useful gifts according to it. Everything you need is easily available in the market and are just a click away from you. Read our extensive guide to choosing suitable and budget-friendly gift options before planning your next party!

How to Plan a Good Party?

Choose a Party Theme

Choosing a party theme makes everything more interesting. Everyone comes dressed up and the pictures also come out great. Hence, if you want to throw a great party, then decide on an interesting theme. Also, you cannot really plan a party without choosing a theme.

Even if you do not want to host a dress theme party, it is still a good idea to set a theme. You can do your decorations and the cake based on that. If you are planning your child's birthday party, then there are ample of different themes to choose from.

You can also opt for a colour theme. This one works for an adult party very well. Apart from that, you can opt for superheroes and cartoon themes for kids. Though do remember that if you are planning to host a dress theme party, then you should inform the recipients well in advance. They will need time to arrange the dress.

Consider the Purpose of the Party

Having a great party is all about spending some quality time with your friends and family. If you feel like hosting a party, then first decide upon the occasion you wish to celebrate. You could host a party because it is your birthday or because it is your anniversary.

However, if you feel like hosting a party without any purpose, then think of a proper reason for that. You could celebrate holidays during summers and Christmas vacations. Or you could host after-parties as well. After parties are usually thrown after a music concert or a similar event. You can also throw an after-party on a weekend after a clubbing spree.

You can also get creative with your parties. You can host a sports party where you can invite your friends to watch football or cricket leagues. Arrange a good screen with food and drinks. The reasons can be any. In fact, you can celebrate anything just to have fun with your friends.

Make a Checklist for the Party

If you want to host a successful party, then make sure to create a checklist. A checklist will help you stay updated with the arrangements of the party. Also, if you forget anything, you will be able to remember it with the help of the list.

It is important to understand that parties are all about bringing people together and making sure that they are having fun. Make sure to keep this one thing in mind and crafting your party and checklist around that. Just start by planning a rough draft of the party.

Understand the occasion and then decide the number of guests you want to invite. Make sure to write that down so that you do not forget anyone. After that, if you are hosting a house party then make a list of supplies needed. It is important to make a separate checklist for the food as well.

Plan Creative Invites for the Party

If you are hosting a birthday party or a Diwali party, then plan creative invites for them. There are a lot of different things that you can do with invites. If you are environment-friendly, then you can create digital invites. Create a video or a gif using various tools for the invite.

Apart from that, you can always send invites to your recipients. It is a good idea to send some handwritten invites. You can also get your invites made. However, this depends on your function and budget.

You can also look for some creative tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube. Try being creative with the invites. If you are hosting a theme party, then make sure that your invites are according to that theme only.

10 Party Favour Packs to Choose From


WP 24pcs Mini Smiley Magic Slinky Rainbow Toy for Kids


Mini Smiley Magic Plastic Slinky Rainbow Spring Colorful Funny Classic Toy for Kids Gift from is a wonderful party favour pack. They are colourful and attractive toys. The kids will love them for sure. They come in a perfect size which fits the party bag perfectly.

Each toy is 2 inches tall. This one goes with any theme and the kids will love it for sure. It is made out of high quality plastic. It is 100% safe and non toxic at the same time. The plastic is also BPA free, Phthalate and Lead Free.

It comes in a pack of 24 and thus, it is ideal to bulk buy as a party favour pack. Although, it is important to understand that the colours are assorted. Also, each toy has a different emoticon drawn on it. It is priced for Rs.249 for 24 pieces.

Syga 150 Pieces Small Party Favor Prizes for Kids

Syga 150 Pieces Small Party Favour Prizes For Kids from is the best option for party favours. If you are inviting a lot of guests, then this one will really be the best option for you. This is because the pack contains 150 different pieces of prizes.

The set includes mini tops, hand clappers, pirate eye patches, rainbow springs, disguise glasses, whistles, medals, eye finger puppets, emoji spring toys, pull back cars and even small toys. You can segregate all of these in different party favour bags.

All the pieces are made out of high-quality plastic material which is non-toxic and safe for kids. Every toy assortment is fun and thus, the kids will enjoy playing with it. The only thing is that you will not be able to maintain uniformity in giving gifts. The price of the whole set is Rs.824.12.

Asera Unicorn Pen Fancy Party Favours Favours Gifts


You can gift practical items in party favour bags as well. The most useful option for kids is a stationery item. If you are looking for a fancy party favour pack, then you can opt for Asera Unicorn Pen Fancy Pen Gel Pen for Kids Birthday Return Gifts Party Favours Take Away Gifts from

These are unicorn-shaped gel pens. They come in different colours and look wonderful. However, it is important to understand that these pens will be suitable for girls only. You will have to think of a different gift for boys. The ink colour is blue.

The pens come in a set of 12 and 24. You can order as per your requirement. The package dimensions are 22.6 x 17 x 5.6 cm. The pack of 12 is priced at Rs.289 and pack of 24 is priced at Rs.499.

Skylofts Chocozone Guddy Party Favor Bags Chocolate Pouches

If you are planning to give away chocolates as your party favour gift, then make sure to add them in a nice bag. Skylofts Chocozone Guddy Chocolate Pouches from is a wonderful choice. They are bright and colourful bags.

The amazing part is that they have beautiful designs drawn over them. Some of them have bunny shaped faces while others have cat shaped faces. This makes the bags look really attractive. Even kids will be attracted to them.

The product dimensions are 13.5 x 22 x 2 cm. They are made out of plastic and come in a pack of 50. You can add more chocolates and other gifts in these bags. They are priced for Rs.319.18.

Jiada Birthday Party Return Gifts Pack of 12 Fun Magic Kaleidoscopes


Jiada Birthday Party Return Gifts Pack of 12 Fun Magic Kaleidoscopes from is a fun gift option. The package includes 12 kaleidoscopes. They are colourful and pretty. Each of them has cartoon characters drawn on them.

The best part is that you can gift this one to boys and girls both. It is an optical toy in tube that produces symmetrical patterns with bits of coloured glasses. These patterns are reflected by mirrors. The kids will surely have fun playing with them.

The dimensions of each kaleidoscope is 6.5-inch x 1.6-inch x 6.5 inch. It is a very unique and creative gift. You can always add some chocolates in your party favour bag with this kaleidoscope. It is priced for Rs.699.

Party Propz Jungle Theme Thank You Tags Pack of 12

If you are looking to buy party favour packs, then look for small things. This Party Propz Jungle Theme Thank You Tags from is an innovative option. They are thank you tags for your guests. They come in a pack of 12.

The dimensions of the tags are 15 x 10 x 1 cm. They are made out of paper. The best part about these tags is that they are colourful and contain animals drawn on them. Kids usually love animals. Also, if you are hosting a wildlife theme party, then these will be perfect for that.

A simple thank you with the gift will bring a smile on anyone's face. These little things will make your gift stand out completely. The pack is priced for Rs.228.26. You can order the packs as per your requirement.

Parteet Birthday Party Return Gifts - Pack of 6 Dairies with Ball Pen for Kids


It is a good idea to give meaningful gifts to the kids as well. Parteet Birthday Party Return Gifts from is one such option. It includes diaries with a pen. You can introduce the idea of journaling to the kids.

Although, this gift will be more suitable for teenagers as compared to small children. A lot of teenagers bottle their feeling inside them. Instead, they can write to them in this fancy diary. Hence, before gifting them, just introduce them to the concept of journaling.

One package includes 6 diaries. The diaries come printed with different cartoon characters. Some of them are suitable for girls while some of them are suitable for boys. The package dimensions are 16.5 x 14.6 x 4.8 cm. It is priced for Rs.249.

Mini Karate Toy Figurines Variety Pack of 100


If you are hosting a superhero theme birthday party, then look for an appropriate gift. Mini karate toy figurines from is one such gifting option. These are mini figurine toys in a pack of 100. They are imported specially from the UK and the USA.

These are ninja toy figurines and are perfect to add to your party favour bags. You can gift each child one or two figurines. It completely depends on the number of guests you are inviting. They come in a variety of colours and poses. Even the characters are different. If your child is into Ninja superheroes, then this will the appropriate gift for his friends.

The figures are approximate of one inch each. The brand offers a 30 days return policy with a 100% refund. Apart from that, they ship for free to India. The complete set is priced for Rs.3,640.

Parteet Birthday Cartoon Printed Embossed Plastic Mugs

Parteet Birthday Party Return Gifts Cartoon Printed Embossed Mugs for Kids from is a wonderful party favour pack option. It comes in a pack of 6. If you are inviting a lesser number of people, then this pack will work well for you.

Each mug can hold up till 300 ml of liquid. This is the perfect milk mug for kids. The mugs are made of high-quality plastic. Different cartoon characters are embossed on the mugs. Also, they come in different colours.

The cartoon is what makes it attractive. They are embossed with silicon. The mugs also have a side handle, which offers a firm grip. The dimensions of the mug are 10 x 8 cm. It is priced for Rs.849.

The Family Of The Animals Toy Erasers

You can choose to gift these cute items in your party favour packs. The Family of the Animals Toy Erasers from can become a favourite among little kids. The figurines are made out of rubber and are crafted in different shapes of animals.

They are fun to use and children will surely love them. One pack contains 6 to 7 fancy rubbers. Hence, you can combine one piece of eraser with other gifts and add them to your party favour bag. You can also gift one whole pack to one child. The choice is totally yours.

These erasers are even fun to play with, as they have a 3D look. The pack contains figurines of animals like giraffe, panda, monkey, hippopotamus and more. All of them come in bright and attractive colours. It is priced just for Rs.55

Bonus Tip: Things To Add in a Party Favour Bag

There are a lot of things that you can add in a party favour bag. However, it is important to understand the age group of children. Based on that, you can design a party favour bag of your liking. However, some things can be added in these bags irrespective of the age group.

One thing that your party favour bag should contain is a snack item like candies and chocolates. All kids usually love them. Then you can add a useful gift like a book. If the age group is small, then add colouring books and if they are big, then add story books.

Apart from that, adding stationery is always a good idea. It is something that is going to come in handy for the kids. You can also add some craft supplies. This will fuel the creativity of the kids. In the end, do add a thank you note as well.

From our editorial team

Avoid Gifts with Potential Allergens!

Whether you are making gift bags for kids, teenagers or adults, candies or chocolates are a compulsion. Everyone loves a good snack. But make sure to add something that does not have any ingredient that might cause an allergic reaction like peanuts or nuts. They can also cause choking hazards in small kids. For the same reason, it is advised not to add play-doh or slime in favour bags of very small kids, as they can ingest it accidentally.